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Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder Recap

At the police station, the officers gather and Bill comes in. The captain is coordinating Black Lightning's arrest, and he tells Bill to take MLK Street. Everyone heads out, figuring that they've got the vigilante.

In the alley, Black Lightning gets to his feet despite the pain in his head. He hears the police sirens and discovers that his powers aren't working. Gambi pulls up and fights Black Lightning unconscious on the ground. He gets Black Lightning into his car and drives away, and the vigilante tells Gambi that Tobias is in Freeland. Gambi tells his friend to breathe, and calls Lynn to tell her that Jefferson is in bad shape.

Joey limps into Tobias' apartment and tells him that Black Lightning attacked him. He says that something is wrong with Black Lightning's head, and Tobias chokes Joey and asks why he didn't finish the vigilante. Joey explains that Black Lightning took his gun, but Joey tipped their guy in the police department. Syonide reports that Tori is under protection, and Tobias drops Joey to the floor and tells him that The 100 threatened him. He orders Joey to make sure that they have a crew in lockup to kill Black Lightning once the police bring him in.

Bill and the other officers return to the station, and Bill tells the captain that Black Lightning escaped in an unmarked van. He asks where the captain got the tip about Black Lightning, and the captain says that he didn't say. The captain gets a call and steps aside to take it.

At Gambi's, Lynn checks Jeff while he tells her and Gambi that he couldn't miss the chance to go after Joey. Lynn tells him that her MRI scan shows nothing unusual, and his powers turbo-charged his healing. She complains that Jeff is pulling her back into his situation, and she hates living with the fear that someone will find him dead. Lynn doesn't care that Jeff wants to find his father's killer, and tells him that seeing him injured is too much before walking out.

The next day, Anissa leaves the school and joins a protest around the Garfield school statue. They spray the statue with spray paint from water guns, and the police arrive and arrest them. The crowd yells in protest as one officer slams Anissa down to the sidewalk.

Lynn's research assistant Dr. Xxx shows her weird brain scans of Green Light addicts and points out that their brains are lit up from the drug. She recognizes them from Jeff's MRI scans, and after Xxx leaves she compares the two scans. Meanwhile, Xxx watches from the hallway and makes a phone call.

Jeff and Jennifer pick up Anissa after she gets out on bail. Jennifer notices that Jeff is in pain and figures that he's been working out too far. Disappointed, Jeff walks out and his daughters follow him. He reminds Anissa that she broke the law and it only takes one cop to see her as a black woman and shoot her. Jeff tells Anissa that he loves her and doesn't want to lose her from something she walked away from, and Anissa quietly leaves.

Later at home, Anissa works out how her super-strength works and realizes that Alvin was doing the story on the same thing. Jennifer comes in and Anissa quickly shuts her laptop. Anissa agrees to check over Jennifer's pre-calc, and says that it's perfect. She wonders if Jennifer is all right, and Jennifer finally admits that she was looking forward to having a boyfriend and with Khalil, that can't happen the way she saw it. All she can see for their future is her helping him. Anissa assures her that she has a hard choice to make.

At the shop, Gambi has Black Lightning draw in electrical energy and release it. Jeff wonders if Lynn is right about his powers being a drug, and Gambi assures him that it's just endorphins. The tailor says that Jeff's brain can pick up electricity, and admits that he doesn't know what went wrong. The suit keeps Jeff from blowing out his electrical system, and the resistance was set too high. Jeff tells his friend that he's going to put Tobias in a grave. Gambi warns that he's talking about murder, but Jeff insists that ridding Freeland of Tobias is justice. He wonders why Gambi doesn't want him to catch Tobias, and Gambi tells him that The 100 had nine years to get strong while Jeff was retired. Unimpressed, Jeff says that he's going to find Tobias and take him out.

When Lynn arrives at her hospital lab the next morning, she finds Gambi waiting for her. He warns that Jeff is going to kill the man who murdered his father, and is worried that is a line that Jeff can't come back from. Lynn says that Jeff is complicated, and Gambi figures that she's the only one who can save Jeff from himself. Angry, Lynn tells Gambi to leave her out of it and turns away.

Jeff is in his office and gets a text from Bill saying that no one is talking about Tobias. When he gets an idea, Jeff calls up a video on albinos. The doctor says that albinos suffer from a variety of illnesses due to their condition.

At school, Jennifer discovers that Mary has put up a video of her saying that Jennifer talks white and thinks that she's better than everyone else.

Anissa stops by Lynn's lab and asks if Lynn will be coming by for dinner. Lynn says that it might not have been meant to be, and Anissa tells her mother that Lynn didn't like coming in second to Jeff trying to save the world. She then shows Lynn the research that Alvin put together, and Lynn realizes that her daughter is holding something back. She makes Anissa promise to tell her when she can, and Anissa agrees. Lynn says that she'll take a look at it when she can and Anissa leaves.

That night, Black Lightning goes to a doctor's office building.

Gambi is looking at photos of Jeff as a child when a security alert goes off. He sees Black Lightning entering a building and calls him on the radio, warning that Jeff needs to keep the difference between him and Tobias. Black Lightning terminates the connection, and Gambi goes to his computer.

Black Lightning breaks into the office and asks the doctor, Mayfield, if he has Tobias as a patient. Mayfield says that Tobias knows where his children go to school and begs Black Lightning not to help him. Black Lightning says that he's going to help him, and Mayfield explains that he gets a call to stay open for Tobias. Mayfield refuses to call Tobias, and Black Lightning says that he can help Mayfield and his family. If Mayfield doesn't accept his help then eventually Tobias will kill him. The vigilante hands over a burner phone and tells Mayfield to call him if he changes his mind.

The next day at school, Kara approaches Jeff and shows him a video of Anissa's head on a dancing white girl's body. She says that she's around if Jeff needs anything, and Jeff thanks her and walks off. He looks for Jennifer and finds her in the exercise room. Jeff tells her that after slavery, when one black person gets ahead another one lashes out. He says that black is everything under the sun, and Jennifer tells him that lots of people jumped on Mary and said that black people need to stop with the light/dark hair and skin comments. Jeff figures that it's the Khalil comments that bothered her, and says that the pain might reveal what Khalil is like when things don't go his way. He advises Jennifer to listen and be honest with herself about what she hears. Jeff tells his daughter to give Khalil some space, but Jennifer figures that she needs to talk to him.

White nationalists have gathered around the statue and the news talks about one nationalist who drove his car into a crowd and killed a girl, Katie Smith. Kara and Anissa are watching the news, and Kara says that she wishes there was something they could do to stop the madness.

Jennifer tells Khalil that he's been avoiding her, and suggests that they take a break. Khalil says that if it wasn't for Jennifer, he wouldn’t have gone to the march and been crippled. He tells Jennifer that she has everything and he's got nothing even though he's played by the rules and stayed clean. Khalil lashes out at God for taking his legs, and Jennifer tells him that she'll pray for him. Furious, he orders her out.

Outside, Jeff is waiting for Jennifer to come out. Mayfield calls and tells Jeff that he made the call to redo a test. Jeff promises that he'll be there, and quickly hangs up as Jennifer arrives. She admits that Jeff was right about giving Khalil space and asks her father to take her home.

That night, Katie's family and friends have gathered around the statue. Anissa, wearing her costume, walks up and stamps her foot down, shattering the statue. Everyone falls down from the shock waves, and Anissa runs to her car. She calls Lynn, who explains that she's testing the data that Anissa gave her earlier. Anissa says that she needs to show her the real reason that she needs the research, and Lynn tells her that she'll let her in when she gets there. Lynn hangs up and gets a call from Gambi. He asks Lynn to get involved before Jeff kills a man.

Black Lightning lands on a rooftop and remembers watching as a child as Tobias and his men stuffed Alvin's pages down his throat, choking him to death. Tobias, Syonide, and Joey pull up to the doctor's office and Black Lightning summons electricity to kill them. Gambi calls and puts Lynn through and she warns him that he'll shred his soul if he murders. She explains that she's been talking with Anissa and realized that she was mad that she wasn't first in Jeff's life. Lynn accepts who Jeff is, and reminds him that he's a hero rather than a murderer.

Someone breaks into the lab and Black Lightning hears the sound over the phone. He tells Lynn to hide and he's coming.

The costumed Anissa--Thunder--enters the lab and finds an unconscious security guard. Two robbers have tied Lynn up, and one of them shoots at Thunder. The bullets bounce off of her and she knocks him down and then takes down the other man. Both robbers run out, and Thunder unties Lynn. Black Lightning comes in and fires a blast at Thunder, assuming that she robbed the place. Thunder shrugs off the lightning blasts and knocks Black Lightning through an internal window. The two of them fight and Black Lightning finally knocks his opponent out. He rolls her over and realizes that it's Anissa.

Gambi picks the family up and Lynn confirms that Anissa has a concussion but no broken bones. Lynn explains that Anissa has powers and breaks into tears.

Tobias is driving down the street and tells Khalil that he's made the right decision. Khalil doesn't know what he can do, and Tobias assures him that he'll walk again. Syonide assures Khalil that he'll know strength.

Gambi visits Lady Eve, bypassing her security. She says that if he had gone into business with her after she left the Agency, he'd be rich. Gambi reminds her that the Pierce family is supposed to be off-limit, but Lady Eve tells her that Lynn's research isn't. She sent the robbers to get the files and didn't know that Lynn would be there. Gambi claims that he doesn't know anything about Thunder, and Lady Eve reminds him that he made promises. The tailor says that he could have outed Tobias but didn't, and Lady Eve warns that if Tobias' dirty laundry comes out then so does Gambi's. Gambi pulls back his coat, revealing his gun, and walks out.

At their home, Lynn and Jeff wait for Thunder to wake up. When she does, she sees Jeff in his Black Lightning costume and realizes who he is.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 28, 2018

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