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Good Intentions Recap

Jack hears Sam and Dean outside his room, returning from a vampire hunt. The brothers say that they're glad that Jack is back. An alarm in Jack's room goes off and he runs out into the hallway as smoke fills the area. The Winchesters are behind a door, and Jack tries to blast it open. His energy recoils, knocking him back, and the brothers beg him to open the door.

Michael tells Zachariah that his mind games aren't working. Zachariah insists that they're close, and assures Michael that Jack is their ticket to the other side. Jack can open a rift big enough to march an army through, and they have to make him use it. Michael orders Zachariah to make Jack, and Zachariah says that he knows something that will break Jack.

Donatello is going over his notes, writing down information from the tablet. Voices whisper Enochian in his head, and Castiel knocks on the door. Donatello hides his notes as Castiel comes in with food for the scholar. Donatello explains that there's a power in the tablet that he's never seen, and asks the angel to tell the Winchesters that he's making progress. Once Castiel leaves, Donatello goes back to work.

In the kitchen, dean is eating bacon as Sam looks on. Castiel comes in and relays Donatello's message, and says that they should be looking for Lucifer. Dean assures him that they've gotten the word out for the Hunters to look for any signs of Lucifer. Meanwhile, he figures that Donatello will open the rift and then they'll rescue Jack and Mary.

Jack is standing on a shore looking out at the water. Castiel joins him and says that he wanted Jack to see the natural world before humans spoiled. The angel talks about how humans would destroy everything left to their own devices. Jack wonders why, and Castiel gives him a vision of human-caused disasters. He tells Jack that he has to help them because he has the power to save them all, and Castiel can teach them. Castiel tells Jack that Sam and Dean taught Jack to fear his powers, but Jack insists that it isn't true. He remembers that he was in the other world and that none of it is real. "Castiel" just smiles.

When Zachariah's mind game fades, Michael shoves Jack back and then slams Zachariah away as well. He says that now they'll do it his way and grabs Jack.

Donatello continues translating the tablet and the whispering in his head fades he runs down the hallway and tells the others that he finished the spell's translation. The Winchesters have most of the ingredients except for the hearts of Gog and Magog. Castiel has heard rumors of them, and Donatello explains that they were ancient warriors. Priests cast a spell to bind them in a timeless placeless place. He warns that the men are very dangerous, and Castiel and Dean say that they'll go to free them while Donatello and Sam will gather the other ingredients.

Michael tosses Jack into a cell and locks the door. Jack looks around and sees Mary. She says that she's seen Jack before, and he explains that Sam and Dean sent him. Jack introduces himself and Mary realizes that he's Kelly's son. She explains that she was there when Jack was born, and wonders how Jack is an adult. Jack says that he is six months old, and explains that he opened a door to the alternate universe. He doesn't know why Michael wants him to use his powers, and Mary explains that Michael is in her head as well and he plans to bring an army to their world with Jack opening the door. Jack insists that he won't do it, and Mary tells him that Michael will hurt her to force Jack to open the door. If Jack doesn't do what Michael wants then he'll kill him.

As Dean and Castiel heads out, Dean asks how Castiel is holding up after what he's been through. Castiel explains that he was dead and Jack brought him back. He points that he's done nothing to bring Jack back, and wonders if he was brought back to prepare for Michael's war on their world. Dean tells the angel that they'll do what they do, whatever it takes.

Sam and Donatello assemble the ingredients.

Dean and Castiel go to a field in the middle of nowhere and Castiel has brought an angel blade to kill the warriors. Castiel recites the spell to free the warriors, who come up behind them. Dean sees them and laughs because they're wearing loincloths. Castiel tells him to focus, and the warriors greet them in ancient Canaanite. They ask where the armies ae, and explain that whoever faces them must face them in combat. They argue about interrupting each other, and finally agree to kill Dean and Castiel. Gog draws his sword and attacks Dean, shattering his angel blade. Magog says that their blades were forged by a god, and dean fights Gog in hand-to-hand. Gog easily tosses Dean over his shoulder and comes at him,

Magog knocks Castiel down, and Dean manages to decapitate Gog with his own blade and then kills Magog before he can kill Castiel. When Castiel checks Magog's check, he discovers that he's made of rock and sand and isn't human... and don't have hearts.

Mary tells Jack to let Michael kill her. Jack refuses, insisting that he can save them both. However, he warns that his powers don't work right. Jack complains that his head hurts, and Mary tells him that she's had migraines ever since she arrived. She figures the place has wardings that give them headaches and messes up Jack's powers, and finds a window where her headache is minimal. Jack touches the cell bars and manages to burn through them,

In the bunker, Sam's phone rings. Donatello sees it but Sam doesn't, and turns the phone off and then attacks Sam.

Michael and Zachariah go to the cell and discover that Jack and Mary have escaped. The archangel tells Zachariah to find them and kill Mary in front of Jack, and warns Zachariah not to fail him again.

Jack and Mary cross the storm-ridden landscape and Mary sees figures up ahead. The two fugitives take cover, and two armed men walk by. They double back and train their guns on Jack and Mary, and one of them recognizes Mary, calling her Mary Campbell. He removes his scarf and reveals that he's Bobby. Mary says that her sons are Sam and Dean. Bobby explains that he knew Mary in their world, and Jack introduces himself. Mary says that he's a friend of the family, and Bobby tells them to come with him.

Dean and Castiel return to the bunker and find Sam holding an ice bag to his head. He explains that Donatello attacked him and takes Dean and Castiel to show him what happened.

Donatello is in a cell within a devil's trap, ranting and raving, and Sam explains that he managed to subdue Donatello and lock him up. Dean explains about how they Mag and Magog don't have hearts, and figures that the whole thing was a setup. Castiel figures that Donatello wanted them to kill him and Dean.

Bobby takes Mary and Jack to a camp of refugees. He explains that the angels dive-bombed a colony in San Antonio and killed the 400 residents. Mary warns that Michael will attack them, and Bobby says that they have protocols. He also tells Mary that his Mary saved his life several times so he's returning the favor.

Sam and Dean confront Donatello, who says that the Winchesters covet his power. Castiel watches on the cameras as Donatello says that he doesn't want to fight what is corrupting hm. He explains that he translated the entire tablet and saw the power of God, and he won't let the Winchesters take it from him. Sam insists that isn't true, but Donatello tells them that they're wasting their time. He casts a spell on Dean, choking him, and Castiel runs to the cell as Sam carries Dean out.

Jack makes shadow puppets for the camp children, and Bobby brings Mary some coffee with whiskey. He stares at her and then apologizes, saying that Mary looks just like his Mary. Bobby tells Mary that Mary Campbell was full of regret. She refused to make a demon deal, lost the love of her life, and never moved on. Sam and Dean were never born, and Mary explains that she made the deal and brought her sons a lot of pain. She explains that her sons stopped the war in her world, and Bobby tells her that she made the right choice. Bobby says that she did good by her sons, and Bobby refused to go with them. He's pretty much all the alternate reality has. Bobby asks what Jack is, and Mary explains that Jacks is a Nephilim. Horrified, Bobby wonders why Mary brought Jack into his camp. He tells Mary that he wants Jack gone, and Mary says that she'll go with him. Bobby says that they thought the angels were on their side, but each one turned on them and Jack will eventually.

Dean, Sam, and Castiel try to figure out what happened to Donatello. They try to work out what was different about Donatello, and Sam points out that he doesn't have a soul. Castiel warns that a human soul acts as a filter, inoculating a Prophet from the tablet, and warns that there's no way to fix Donatello. Sam tells Dean that Donatello's soul is gone, and Castiel suggests that they should kill Donatello. Once he dies, another Prophet comes into being and can finish the translation. Sam and Dean both disagree, and Sam says that they just need the spell. Sam goes to Donatello's cell and says that he's doing what he has to, locking the cell door.

The next day, Mary finds Jack and realizes that he really likes it there. She says that they can't stay and Jack realizes that it's because of him. Before Jack can respond, a siren goes off and Bobby warns that they have incoming. A fireball slams into the camp near Mary and Jack, and Mary tells Jack to run as Michael and his angels enter the camp.

Castiel figures that Donatello knows the right ingredients, and Donatello tells him that he's wasting his time. The angel removes his coat and says that he's going to strip the spell from Donatello's mind. Donatello warns that there's too much power in him and it could destroy them both. He starts to mutter a spell but Castiel gags him and begins probing his mind.

As Mary and Jack run out of the camp, Bobby confronts them and says that Jack must have used his powers. He gives Mary a gun and tells her to find the children and take them to a shelter. When Jack offers to help, Bobby tells him that he's done enough. Mary advises Jack to hide and then leaves with Bobby.

After Castiel is done, he leaves the cell and says that he knows what they have to do. The brothers check on Donatello, who is sitting unconscious in his chair.

Zachariah tells his angels to find Jack and kill the other humans.

Jack runs through the woods and hears children screaming.

Mary finds one of the girls that jack was entertaining. Zachariah arrives and Mary tells the girl to run. She turns to shoot him and he knocks her down. Mary refuses to tell him where Jack is, and Jack arrives and orders Zachariah to stop. He paralyzes Zachariah and lifts him into the air, and then vaporizes him as Bobby arrives. More fireballs come in and Jack detonates them safely above the camp.

As the survivors recover, Bobby thanks Jack. Jack says that he had to come back because Sam and Dean wouldn't have run. He warns Bobby that Michael's forces won't stop so he's going to kill Michael.

Sam and Dean return to the bunker and tell Castiel that they took Donatello to the hospital. He's alive but brain dead. Dean asks Castiel what's wrong with him, and Castiel insists that Donatello's soul is gone and he was working with Asmodeus. He says that some people just can't be saved, and Dean asks him what gives him the right. Castiel tells him that he took the right and if he hadn't, they would have sat around doing nothing. He did what soldiers do, and now they have the spell. Castiel explains that they need four ingredients: the grave of an archangel, a fruit from the Tree of Life, the Seal of Solomon, and the blood of a "most holy man". Once they're together, they can beat Lucifer and Michael. Castiel reminds Dean of what he said: "whatever it takes".

Written by Gadfly on Mar 2, 2018

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