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Collision Course Recap

Oliver talks to Kimberly about Cayden's death. She says that an inmate killed Cayden during a prison transfer, and offers herself as a sacrificial goat for the man's death. Oliver says that he doesn't run things that way and tells her to keep doing what she's doing.

At a conference meeting, Oliver tells the city representatives that he doesn't know where the $70 million Cayden had is. Without money, the entire city will have to shut down. Oliver gives his word that they'll have the money back within 48 hours. Once Oliver leaves, Thea asks if he should have made the promise. Oliver points out that the accountant is coming back from Corto Maltese with the money, but he's not going to say anything until he has the money. He's more concerned about finding Cayden's associates before Dinah does. Dinah escorts the accountant Reimsdyk in, and they tell Oliver that Cayden's bank account is empty. Reimsdyk has put in a request for the withdrawal log, and Oliver warns that if they don't have the funds in 48 hours then the city will shut down.

Oliver returns home and finds Felicity and William making cookies. William says that they got sent home from school because of the budget. Oliver and Felicity talk privately and Oliver asks Felicity to hack the accounts and make it look official. She wonders if the same person who killed Cayden and took the money framed Oliver for Owen's murder.

At the Helix base, Curtis reports that Laurel and Dragon's trails have gone cold. He points out that he doesn’t feel good about Laurel being out for revenge. Before Dinah can respond, she gets a text from Reimsdyk about the missing money. Once she leaves, Rene tells Curtis that they should worry about the money first and then deal with Dinah.

Reimsdyk meets with Oliver and Dinah, and reports that the Corto Maltese bank sent the withdrawal logs and security footage. The footage shows a woman withdrawing the money in bearer bonds. Once Reimsdyk leaves, Dinah figures that Felicity had something to do with getting the logs. Oliver complains that Dinah inserted herself into the situation, and admits that he doesn't trust Dinah to do the right thing. He admits that he doesn't have the most credibility in the world when telling people not to murder, but points out that they need money. Dinah insists that Laurel will never hand over the money, and figures that Oliver will never do what is necessary to get the money back. Oliver says that he'll never let Dinah cross the line, and she warns him that he'd better be able to deliver on his threat.

Quentin keeps Laurel at a cabin outside the city. He's stitched up her gunshot wound, and says that she's somewhere that no one can find her.

The next day, Oliver, Thea, and Quentin review the footage and figure that the woman is Laurel. Quentin claims that Laurel knocked him and Dinah out with her sonic cry and then escaped. He then tells Oliver that Laurel started following him and he tried to make a connection with her. Oliver notes that there was a photo of Quentin and their Laurel in Laurel's go-bag, and Quentin suggests that Laurel might try to find him. Thea and Oliver agree and tell him that if Laurel does show up, he should stall long enough for Oliver and Diggle to get there. Thea offers to go with Quentin, but he says that he'll handle it on his own.

That night, the Outsiders go to the spot where Laurel was wounded and uses his T-Spheres to create a hologrammaitic replication of her position on the night. They discover that she was unconscious and dragged away, and Black Canary says that Oliver will do anything to get the money. Wild Dog wonders if they should also be desperate, but Canary figures they can torture Laurel for the money. Terrific asks if she's talking about torture, and Canary accuses him of going soft. Meanwhile, Wild Dog finds tire tracks and they check the area for more evidence.

Quentin brings Laurel hot and sour soup and tries to show her a photo of him and his daughters. Laurel says that there's nothing inside of her to change, and he points out that she didn't kill Quentin and hesitated to kill Vince. Quentin admits that she's does unspeakable things and asks her why. He figures it was because she grew up without a father and spent her life looking for one. Quentin says that Cayden was killed, and says that she can leave anytime. However, he figures that it's been a long time since she had a chance to decide what her life should be, and he's giving her the time and space to do so. As Laurel glares at him, Quentin says that she has to decide what she's going to do. She says that she really likes the soup and asks him to tell her more about his Laurel.

Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity go to the alley and realize that someone cleaned the pace up. They find a bloody footprint and Felicity discovers that someone took her. The trio figures that the Outsiders took her.

At the Helix base, Curtis is unable to find a match for the tire tracks they discovered. Green Arrow, Spartan, and Felicity barge in and demand to know where Canary is. Rene asks where Arrow was when Vince needed saving, and Felicity confirms that there are no heat signatures. Curtis angrily tells her not to hack them, and Felicity admits that she did. Arrow insists that they needed to know if one of them broke their trust, and one of them did. Dinah says that if Rene looked like Laurel, Arrow would forgive her. Curtis wonders if they're going to physically fight, and Rene figures that Arrow wants to fight because it's always how he solves his problems. He says that Arrow is a thug, not a hero, and he's going to feel ashamed when William figures it out. Arrow turns away and Rene shoves him. Spartan shoots the overhead piping so he and Felicity can escape, and Rene figures that was their plan so they could search the base. As Arrow leaves with the others, Dinah says that they'll kill Laurel when they find her and Arrow's team if they get in the way.

Once the Outsiders recover, Rene resets the perimeter alarms. He tells Curtis that he borrowed one of Curtis' audio chips on Arrow so that if they find Laurel, they can be there.

At the bunker, Felicity points out that they have nothing. Diggle points out that they further enraged their teammates, but Oliver insists the money is first. He says that they're going to find Laurel because they have to.

Thea goes to the cabin and admits that she followed Quentin there to see what he's lying about. Laurel is sleeping, and Thea asks Quentin why he didn't tell her. He insists that he did the right thing and is getting through to her, and tells Thea to go before Laurel wakes up. Thea warns that the city is dying without the money, and Quentin insists that he's the only person who can get through to Laurel. Laurel is listening in and advises him to call Oliver.

Oliver gets a call from Thea, who says that she's with Quentin and Laurel. She explains what Quentin has been doing, and Laurel says that she'll tell them everything once they help her get out of the country. Oliver refuses to deal but Laurel says that she needs help getting Dinah. He reluctantly agrees and has Thea text him the address.

The Outsiders listen in and are furious that Oliver is taking Laurel at her word. Curtis admits that he can track the bug and they suit up.

Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity are driving to the cabin and spot the Outsiders following them. Diggle manages to lose the others and Felicity realizes that Oliver is bugged. She removes it and Diggle toss it out the window. The Outsiders soon find the bug on the street and Canary crushes it with her heel

Team Arrow arrives at the cabin and Laurel says that they won't get the money until she gets out of the country. Quentin insists that Laurel needs their protection, and offers to go with her so they can start their new life together. Laurel doesn't believe her, figuring that it was about the money, and Quentin says that he was focused on her rather than the money. He figures that if she'd had a chance not to be a criminal, she wouldn't have become one. Quentin promises to leave if Laurel wants him to, and Laurel agrees. Oliver warns that Laurel will kill Quentin, but Quentin says that he trusts Laurel enough not to do so. After a moment, Oliver agrees to trust Laurel if Quentin does.

Terrific tells his teammates that he knows a way to find them but it will hurt Diggle physically. Canary tells him to do whatever it takes and Terrific agrees.

Felicity sets up Quentin and Laurel's new identity papers, and Diggle suddenly clutches at his arm in pain. Felicity confirms that Curtis activated it remotely to track their location, and it will be a while before he regains full functionality. She warns Oliver that they don’t have much time, and Oliver says that he'll fight his old team to protect Laurel.

The Outsiders drive toward the cabin, and Terrific warns that the others know they're coming. Canary tells her teammates that if they hold back then they'll get hurt.

Oliver prepares a sonic dampener arrow, and Diggle tells him that best-case Laurel escapes punishment and they've hurt people who used to be their friends. He wonders if they're doing it if the person they're after didn't look like Laurel. Diggle says that they may cross a line they can't cross, and Oliver agrees but notes that they crossed it first.

As Quentin and Laurel leave, Laurel thanks Arrow for helping her. He says that he's doing it for the money and he doesn't want to see her again. The Outsiders arrive and Felicity angrily snaps at Curtis for hurting Diggle. Terrific warns that they'll hurt the city if they let Laurel go, and Spartan admits that it's not a perfect outcome but at least the city gets its money. Black Canary doesn't want to discuss it and Arrow tells the others to stand down.

The Outsiders attack and arrow takes Wild Dog down. Quentin, Laurel, and Thea head for the car, and Arrow shoots at Terrific. The T-Spheres deflect the arrows so he shoots an exploding arrow at Terrific's feet. When Wild Dog opens fire, Felicity leaps in the way and takes a bullet to the shoulder.

Quentin takes Laurel to the car but she collapses from her wound. Canary catches up to them and Quentin begs her not to kill Laurel. She beats him unconscious and advances on Laurel.

Arrow takes down Terrific while Wild Dog fights Spartan. Arrow knocks Wild dog down, and tells him to stay down, but Wild Dog attacks him until Arrow kicks him into a tree. Felicity and Thea help Spartan up, and they go to join Quentin.

Canary hits Laurel with her staff and grabs her by the head, and Laurel says that she's sorry for killing Vince. Terrific arrives and tells his teammate that she can't kill no matter what. Canary insists that she has to get justice for Vince, and Terrific says that she sounds just like Oliver. He doesn't want to start acting like Oliver, and Canary finally lets Laurel go. Laurel turns and uses her scream to knock both of them down, and then runs off.

Arrow and Diggle arrive, and Arrow shoots the sonic dampener around Canary's neck. Wild Dog joins his teammates and tells Terrific not to be soft, and then collapses from his reopened gun wound. Terrific goes to him and says that they need to get him to a hospital.

Later at the bunker, Oliver tells Diggle and Felicity that Laurel's trail has gone gold. Felicity is working on Diggle's chip, and Diggle points out that they hurt them back. Quentin suggests that they go to the hospital to check on Rene, and insists that Laurel is going to call. Oliver says that she won't, and tells the others that she's not like the Laurel that they lost. He tells the others that they should go and check on Rene, and to tell him that he's sorry. Once Oliver walks away, Thea tells Quentin that he believed in his daughter, and she's his daughter in the eyes of her father.

At the hospital, Dinah and Curtis wait outside as the doctors work on Rene. Curtis assures Dinah that Rene won't let Oliver take him down, and that as soon as Rene is in the clear they'll get justice for Vince. Dinah thanks him for saying that, and admits that killing Laurel wouldn't have been justice.

The next day, Oliver prepares to tell the city reps the truth. He tells Quentin and Thea that he's going to make it up to the city, and goes in. Oliver tells them that the money has not been recovered and he can't keep his promise. He admits that he has failed the city. Hill is watching the news, and DA Armand visits her. Armand tells Hill that he's found something that can bury Oliver but will need all of the SCPD resources. Hill smiles and says that she sees while Dragon likes him.

Dr. Schwartz tells Dinah and Curtis that Rene's lung has collapsed and he's going to be transferred to facility out of the city. Diggle and Felicity arrive and ask how Rene is doing, and Curtis tells them to leave. When Felicity objects, Felicity tells her that they're done with the three of them. No cooperation and no communication. Diggle leaves and after a moment, Felicity follows him.

That night, Laurel finds a city worker and claims that she was kidnapped two years ago. When the worker asks who she is, Laurel gives her name.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 2, 2018

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