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The Curse of the Earth Totem Recap

In the Bahamas in 1717, Blackbeard and his men go to Grace Island with a chest. Blackbeard orders them to a spot and tells them to bury the treasure, and Blackbeard's woman Anne asks if Blackbeard plans to let his men know where the treasure is buried. Blackbeard puts an emerald around her neck, and it glows for a moment. Anne gasps and plants entwine her as she screams.

On Waverider, Ray shows the Legends a picture of Mallus from the ancient records, and says that the hunt for the six Totems has begun. He explains that the Fire Totem was last seen in Detroit in 2018, and they figure they have to go there to get it. Mick informs them that Sara is going to Star City on a date, and Amari figures that it's Ava. Sara comes in and Ray quickly covers the fact that they're looking for the Fire Totem. She says that she'll sit out the mission, claiming that she has business.

In Star City, Sara meets Ava at an expensive restaurant and assures her that she looks beautiful. They sit down and Ava says that they should try for a normal date, and Sara offers a toast to being two regular women on a first date.

In Detroit, Zari finds Amari looking at a photo of Mari. Amari admits that she would like to see her granddaughter but can't without disrupting the timeline. Mick, Ray, and Nate come and report that Damien took the Fire Totem. Nate tells the Legends that the Earth Totem is in 1717 aboard St. Lisette, so he figures that Blackbeard has it. Gideon tells them that the responsible thing would be to consult Sara, but the Legends decide to go without her.

Waverider arrives in 1717 and the Legends go to Nassau. A pirate asks if they're spies, and they draw their swords on him and say that they want to join Blackbeard's crew.

In China, Rip explains that he tracked Wally's MP3 and figures that Wally's heartbreak over Jesse is why he's there. He says that the world is at risk and Wally can't stay out of it, but Wally refuses and suggests that Nate help. Rip admits that his days of Legending are done and offers Wally a dress.

The pirate takes the Legends to a tavern, and Amari starts drinking. Mick asks what the matter is, and Amari says that she wants to change Kuasa's past and improve her future. He advises her to do it, but Amari wonders if she will change Mari's past. She figures that anything she could do could cause a disaster, and Mick tells her to take the night off because pirates only live for the moment. Amari says that she doesn't know how to act like a pirate, and he figures that she does.

Sara tells Ava about Laurel, and Ava admits that she read Sara's file. She asks Sara what's the most embarrassed she ever has been, and Sara describes how she was Peter Pan in her elementary school's play. Sara's cell phone rings but she ignores it until Ava tells her to answer it. It's Gideon, who tells Sara where the team is and what they're doing. One she hangs up, Sara tells Ava that everything is fine.

Mick announces that Amari is the Dread Pirate Jiwe, and whispers to his teammates that Amari needs to loosen up. Nate and Ray play along, and rumors soon spread among the pirates. One man says that she's more fearless than Blackbeard, just as Blackbeard comes in and demands to know who they're talking about. Amari finally realizes that everyone is staring at her, and Blackbeard comes over and Ray tells Amari to hit him. She does and Blackbeard, impressed, welcomes her to Nassau.

Ray and Nate go aboard Waverider, and Gideon reports that her systems are apparently disrupted by the Bermuda Triangle.

Amari tells Blackbeard that they seek the Totem. Blackbeard denies having it until Amari draws a knife on him. He agrees to tell Amari and Mick where it is for a prize. Lieutenant Maynard comes in, and Damien and Nora are among them and Nora draws a gun on Mick. Damien takes Amari's Totem and congratulates Maynard, who believes that Damien is an admiral. As they threaten each other, Damien says that he wants the Earth Totem and Blackbeard immediately agrees to draw him a map.

Rip and Wally drink and Wally shows Rip the boosted alcohol that Cisco made for him. He admits that all of his friends are geniuses and that's why he never fit on Team Flash. Rip explains that his prodigies conspired to put him in prison, and he wants to make it up to them after he asks for a favor.

In Star City, Gary is walking down the street. Wally speeds up, takes his courier and his phone, and speeds off after pantsing Gary. Rip is watching, and Wally joins him with the phone and the courier device. Rip tells him that they have to recover his duster from the Time Bureau's storage closet, and Wally gets it at superspeed.

Zari reports that they need to time-jump out before the ship's systems collapse entirely. Nate doesn't want to leave Amari and Mick, but Ray figures that they're having a ball with Blackbeard.

As the soldiers take Blackbeard, Mick, and Amari to be decapitated, Blackbeard tells Mick that the Totem is cursed and it will kill him. Amari apologizes to Mick, who tells her that she's more fearsome than a pirate queen with or without a Totem. Maynard passes sentence on Blackbeard, and Amari attacks the soldiers. Mick and Blackbeard join in, and Mick tosses Amari a sword so that she and Maynard can fight.

Gideon reports that there are multiple cannonballs heading toward them even though they're cloaked. Damien is commanding the men aboard the ship that is firing, and orders another volley.

Amari defeats Maynard and knocks him unconscious. She tells mick and Blackbeard to keep up, and the three of them leave.

Gideon jumps Waverider.

Ava is describing her 15th birthday party and sees Gary in the doorway. She excuses herself without mentioning him to Sara, and Sara hears Waverider outside. She looks out and sees the timeship, and asks for the check, and then calls the Legends. Ray reports that the cannonball didn't hit the time core, and she says that her date is over.

Gary says that a speedster stole his time courier, and Rip's coat is missing from the Time Bureau. Ava realizes that Rip was involved and goes back to discover that Sara has left.

In a Tokyo karaoke bar in 1992, Wally and Rip are singing their heartbreak out on stage.

The Legends tell Sara what happened, and Zari reports that they're not going anywhere. They tell her that Sara shouldn't give up on Ava, but Sara figures that she'll never have a normal life. She orders Zari to get the engine fixed so they can rescue their teammates.

In Nassau, Amari says that they need a ship to get to Grace Island. Blackbeard is reluctant to go after a cursed necklace, but Amari says that dying is better than dying a coward's death of old age. Blackbeard says that he promised to never go back there and runs off, and Amari figures that they only need his ship. Mick and Amari go back to the tavern, and tell Blackbeard's crew that they need them to go to Grace Island and get the treasure. The men agree to go for a crack at gold and glory.

Blackbeard comes in and accuses them of mutiny, and Amari draws her sword. He quickly agrees to join and share the spoils with them, and leads everyone in cheering Amari.

The crew soon set sail in Blackbeard's ship, Queen Anne's Revenge.

Nate and Ray tell Sara that that Damien, commanding the HMS Fortitude, attacked the Revenge. Gideon advises them not to time jump to 1717, just as Ava arrives via portal. She complains that Sara stood her up.

On Grace Island, Damien tells the British sailors to dig where Blackbeard directed.

Amari and the others arrive on Grace island, and Blackbeard tries to leave. Mick and Amari demand answers, and Blackbeard says that he gave the Totem to Anne. When she put it on, something dark and unholy took her over. He shot her in the head and buried her with the treasure, and figures that the necklace will raise her to protect the treasure.

As Nora reaches for the amulet, Anne comes back to life and grabs her.

Amari hears the sailors screaming and leads the pirates forward.

Sara tells Ava what happened, and Nate gets an idea. He takes her courier and tells Ray that they're heading to 1717, and Ray goes to get the Nanite pistol.

Anne controls the vines to attack he pirates, knocking Damien out. Blackbeard and the others arrive, and she grabs the pirates with vines. He goes for the treasure, just as Ray and Nate arrive. Meanwhile, Sara and Ava continue fighting. Sara says that she saw Gary, and Ava explains that she was coming back to the table to tell Sara that Rip broke into the bureau. When Sara says that she'll never be normal, Av says that she doesn't want her to and they kiss.

Blackbeard finds the open portal and leads the remaining pirates through. He claims the ship and says that Ava and Sara are theirs. Sara and Ava arm themselves and attack.

Amari confronts Anne and offers to let her break free of the curse. Damien breaks Anne's neck before she can respond, and the vines release Nora and the others. Nora joins her father and Amari attacks them.

Sara and Ava continue fighting the pirates.

Nora disarms Amari and prepares to kill her, but Nate and Ray arrive. When Nora is distracted, Amari grabs her but Nora starts to drain the life from her. Nate shoots Nora with the Nanite gun, and Damien runs to his daughter. Amari garbs the Totem from Anne's body, while Damien tells Nora that she'll be okay.

Sara and Ava knock out the pirates and Blackbeard invites them to join his crew. They're not interested.

Amari and the others return to Waverider, and she shows Blackbeard around. he thanks her for saving his life, and she tells him to make sure people know that she saved his life. She opens a portal and sends Blackbeard back to Nassau.

Nate is looking at the Earth Totem when Amari comes in. He promises her that they'll get the Spirit Totem back, and she says that it's freeing to not have it. Amari draws a sword on Nate and says that she learned from the pirates that they always focus on the problems ahead of them. She cuts off the button on Nate's shirt and asks if he yields, and they kiss.

In the mess room, Sara and Ava have rum floats. The pirate on the bottle changes to Amari, and Sara points it out to Ava. They drink to screwing things up for the better, and Ava admits that she'd rather fight pirates with Sara than sit in a restaurant. Sara agrees and Ava asks if she has a room on the ship. The two of them go off together.

Wally wakes a hungover Rip up and admits that he's been lonely. Rip tells him that the world needs Wally to return to action, and he knows that he can fit in with the Legends. He invites Wally to join him and Wally accepts.

Mick invites Ray to have a beer with him because everyone else is gone. Ray drinks up and finally says that the Nanite pistol is going to kill Nora. Since he's realized that, Ray feels guilty since he met her as a child. Ray points out that Mick has changed since they first met, and Mick is now a better person. He figures that Nora could be a better person as well.

In the Bahamas, Damien tells Nora to fight. Ray arrives and says that he has a cure for Nora. He offers it in return for Amari's Totem. Damien immediately gives him the Totem, and Ray administers the cure. Nora recovers and remembers Ray, and starts draining the life from him. Damien stops her, saying that Ray may be of value, and welcomes Nora back as she drops Ray to the ground.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 2, 2018

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