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Hammock + Balcony Recap

Somewhere in Tehran, Mac and Jack steal a hard drive from the secret police and as they escape, Jack gets stuck in a vent. Mac tells him to pee his pants to reduce the circumference of his waist. Jack refuses and they hear the secret police coming. Mac makes a crude block and tackle to pull Jack out, and Jack moans in pain.

When Jack gets home, he calls Jill to come over and dislocate his shoulder. She does so and Jack refuses to tell her how he got injured.

The team meets in the war room and Matty tells them that there's been no word of Murdoc since he killed Henry. Jack claims he injured his shoulder hurt practicing kenjitsu. Matty briefs them on Boris Mitrovic, a Serbian war criminal who has been wanted for two decades. Interpol tracked him down but lost him. Marko, Boris' right-hand man and son, was killed in the Interpol raid. Boris' other son Omar is the baby of the family and the apple of his daddy's eye, and they figure Omar knows where Boris is. Omar rejected the family business and throws lavish parties at the family's compound. Other agencies have sent people in but none of them got out. Omar is dating social media maven Mia McQueen. They're getting married and Mia is making Omar leave the compound to take her at Chateau Elon in French wine country for their honeymoon. The team will go undercover and get Omar to reveal where Boris is. Riley and Wilt will go in as newlyweds, and Mac will be married to Leanna, CIA agent on loan. Matty points out that Wilt was with Leanna in spy school,

Wilt waits out in the hallway until Leanna arrives. They nervously shake hands and pretend to not be involved. They worry that someone knows about their prohibited relationship, and Wilt figures that Matty is responsible. He says that Leanna will be with Mac, and Leanna figures that they'd better avoid each other in case Matty gets evidence of their relationship.

Jill supervises the two fake couples taking wedding photos. Riley tells Wilt that Leanna is amazing, and he suggests that Matty is trying to trick him into breaking the rules so she can fire him. Wilt assures Riley that he's cool with Leanna and Mac being together. Mac comes over and tells wilt that Leanna is fantastic. He realizes that something is wrong with Wilt, and doesn't believe him when he denies it. Riley calls Wilt over for their photos. He glances over at Leanna and Mac realizes that they're involved.

At the Chateau, the two couples check in and Mac talks to Wilt privately. He tells his friend that he isn't going to make a move on Leanna, and assures Wilt that she's incredible. Wilt insists that it's just an assignment and it'll be over.

Omar and Mia come in arguing, and Mac tells Wilt to call his phone. He goes over with Leanna and drops his phone in a nearby planted pot. Riley listens in as Mia and Omar argue about Omar cutting their trip from ten days to two, giving the agents that much time to find out where Omar is.

Omar and Mia sit at a table and drink wine. Riley tries to get onto Omar's phone without success, and Wilt goes over and asks the server if they have anything stronger. He orders two glasses of whiskey and talks about his club days. Leanna and Mac are listening in, and Leanna is amused to hear that Wilt had club days. Mac comes over and puts alcohol dehydrogenase to break down the alcohol in their bloodstreams so that none of them get drunk. Riley gives her phone to the server and tells her to play it. It has dance music on it, and the two couples start partying. Others join them, including Mia and Omar, and everyone drinks.

Jack has Jill bring him the blueprints for a house. He goes over them and points out that one wall looks different than the others. Jill confirms that it's part of a remodel, and Jack says that's where the safe is. Elwood arrives in response to Jack's message, and Jack says that he needs Elwood to open a safe. When Elwood says that those days are behind him, Jill demands an explanation. Jack explains that he needs help to break into Matty's safe. Elwood and Jill both object, and Jack reminds him that they owe him favors even though Jill doesn't. Jack didn't involve Mac because he doesn't want him to get into trouble, and Jack explains that he needs to see something in Matty's safe to assure the team's safety. Elwood and Jack reluctantly agree, and Jack figures that they need a plan.

The couples go wine stomping and start throwing grapes at each other. The men and women split up, and Mia asks to tag along with Riley and Leanna. Riley hacks Mia's phone, and Wilt tells Riley that he invited Omar and Mia to dinner so they have all night to get Omar's location.

The three couples have dinner and Mia says that they didn't get to have a wedding dinner. They clink their glasses and kiss, and Wilt watches as Mac and Leanna kiss. He awkwardly kisses Riley and the women go to the restroom. Mia admits that she hasn't met Omar's parents and his mother is dead. She explains that she and Omar have only been dating two months.

At the table, Mac has Omar confirm that he cut the honeymoon down from ten days to two. Omar says that he needs to keep his father happy, and Mac asks what Boris could do from Serbia. Before Omar can say where Boris is, the women come back and Mia tells Omar that they should go back to their room. They all agree to meet the next day and the couple leaves. Wilt is less than thrilled that they have to do it all again.

The next morning, Matty calls at 6 am and tells the team that Omar and Mia are up and about. She reminds the agents that they have 24 hours to get Boris' location. All of the agents have hangovers because of Mac's drug. Wilt and Riley go to Pilates class while Mac and Leanna go jogging with Omar. Mac suggests that Omar convince Boris to let him stick around longer, and Omar freezes up momentarily. He heads out with his two bodyguards and sends a text to Mia, who leaves without a word. Riley checks the call and realizes that Omar told her to stay away from their new "friends".

The agents gather back in one of their suites and call Matty. She wants to hear their plan, and Mac suggests that they find Omar when he's alone and interrogate him. Omar has a solo massage in 40 minutes, and Leanna says that she'll go in as Omar's female masseuse. Wilt wonders what will stop Omar from calling for his bodyguards, and how Leanna will get the information out of Omar during the 90-minute session. Mac sees a serving table and says that he can solve both problems with some stuff from housekeeping.

Elwood practices on the same model of safe that Matty has. Jill warns that she can't use an off-the-shelf laptop to hack Matty's security, and Jack says that she can use the Phoenix computers. He insists that they're the good guys and they're doing a good thing, but Jill and Elwood reluctantly bump fists with him.

Mac makes chloroform and explains that it was used as truth serum. Riley has convinced the concierge that she's Mia and canceled the massage so Leanna can come in. Wilt makes a disguise for Leanna and he talks about his past making movies. He hates that she's going in alone, and Leanna assures him that she'll be in touch via the comms.

Leanna goes in and the bodyguards let her pass after checking her suitcase. She puts towel soaked in chloroform under Omar's face, and then tries a "relaxation technique". Once Omar falls into a trance, Leanna has him talk about Mia. Omar says that Mia is the most important person in his world, and Leanna asks him about Boris. She suggests that his life would be better if he were free, and Omar says that he's more like Boris than she thinks. He admits that he killed his brother, not Interpol. Matty orders the agents to bring Omar out. Mac tells Leanna to knock Omar out and get him to the balcony.

Mac and Wilt take a laundry basket out below the window and lift a hammock up to her using a broom. She ties it off and Mac climbs up. Mia comes in and demands to know what's going on, and Leanna chloroforms her unconscious. The guards hear the commotion and try to open the locked door. Mac lowers Omar to Wilt, and the guards break in and discover Omar gone and Mia unconscious. They get to the balcony just in time to see Mac and the others escape, taking Omar away in the laundry basket.

As night falls, Riley pulls up in a stolen wine truck. The others load Omar into the back and Mac says that Matty is arranging exfil. He puts a nearby chain on the wheel of the bodyguards' vehicle, and when they try to follow they can't move.

Riley drives for an airstrip, and a dazed Omar manages to open the back of the truck and falls onto the road. He runs off and the agents chase after him into the forest.

Jack and Elwood go to Matty's house and Jill shuts down the security system from the Phoenix lab. Matty comes in and tells her to get a thermal sat view of France, and Jill has no choice to break off. Jack comes up with a new plan and breaks the window. He explains that they'll have to make it look like a robbery, grabs a poker, and starts smashing things to make it look real while Elwood works on the safe.

Jill brings up the thermal imaging and Matty passes on Omar's location to the agents. Wilt spots him and they chase, while Jill spots a lot of people ahead. Omar arrives at a house, and Wilt and Leanna tackle him. Boris and his men come out, guns drawn, and Omar tells Boris that Wilt and Leanna aren't friends.

The men take the two agents inside the house and beat them for information. Boris threatens Leanna with a knife and demands their names and agencies. They don't talk, and Boris says that they'll find out one way or another.

Mac and Riley arrive outside the house and the comms pick up Boris' voice. Jill identifies him, and Matty figures that Omar was using his honeymoon as a cover for a face-to-face with Boris. She orders Mac and Riley to stand down and a tac team will be there in thirty minutes. Mac says that if they wait then they'll lose two agents, tells Riley to stay there, and goes to the house.

While a guard beats Wilt, Boris makes sarma. Omar asks to kill the agents immediately, but Boris tells him to be patient. However, he figures that they only need one agent so Omar can kill the other. Before Omar can shoot, someone knocks at the door. It's Mac, and Omar confirms that he's working with their prisoners. He says that they have Mia and Omar can get her back if he's willing to deal. Boris refuses to deal, but Boris asks what Mac wants. Mac offers him Mia in return for Boris, wilt, and Leanna. Omar is shocked when Omar considers the offer, and Leanna points out that Omar gets the family business once he hands over Boris. She says that Omar killed his brother, and Boris demands the truth.

Omar admits that he killed his brother and is sick of never being good enough for Boris. Meanwhile, Mac tosses the chloroform in the fire. It explodes and knocks everyone out. When wilt wakes up, he's holding Leanna's hand. They're on a stretcher, and the tac team is taking away Boris, Omar, and the guards. Mac is already up, and Riley explains that they've been asleep for eight hours. Wilt was holding Leanna's hand the entire time, and Mac says that Matty told Wilt to call her immediately while arranging a car for Leanna to get to the airport. Once Mac and Riley leave, Wilt figures that they're busted and kisses Leanna.

Leanna leaves for the airport and Wilt takes Matty's call. She knows that Wilt and Leanna are together, and says that she knew about them before Riley found their Snapchats. She figures that the "goodbye forever" policy is dumb and they work better with people they care about, and tells Wilt to get home.

Matty arrives home and finds the place torn up. She calls 911 to report the break-in, but hangs up when she discovers someone broke into her safe and then tried to cover it up.

Jack goes to Macs place and asks how Mac's "marriage" went. He knows that Wilt and Leanna are involved, and shows Mac a photo of a document he found in Matty's safe. It's Matty's un-redacted personnel file and she knew Mac's father.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 3, 2018

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