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After Midnight Recap

Clifford Richter goes down to dinner and greets his wife and daughter. He then goes out to his van and prepares to drive off, and three of Terror's henchman inject with him with a purple serum. They then set up devices to bathe him in purple light.

Clifford's wife addresses the press, saying that her husband--now VLM--was once a normal man and has a name. Superian takes over and has trouble with Clifford's name, and assures the press that they're working on a solution, and say that Clifford is a man rather than a mountain and they shouldn't kill him.

Dot and Arthur run to rescue Tick and Overkill. Tick smashes out of a mausoleum, and he and Arthur hug. Overkill staggers out and insists that he's fine, and tells Dot not to touch him. Meanwhile, Tick returns Moth's glove and says that it's kept him going. Overkill figures that Terror has gone underground again, and complains that Tick and Arthur messed up their shot at Terror as his robotic hand twitches. Arthur insists that Misha told him that Terror plans to kill Superian, and tells a surprised Overkill that Misha is still alive.

Overkill calls Dangerboat and tells it to run a sat search for Misha leaving the area. He then says that Terror let Arthur let him go and they have to figure out why. Arthur realizes that Lint let him go on Terror's orders. Dangerboat reports that there's no sign of Misha, and Overkill tells the others that they're useless to him.

Dot goes after Overkill and says that all they can do is wait for Terror to strike. He tells her that she and Arthur are in over their head, but Dot tells him that it's their fight and she can find things out. Overkill tells her that they need surveillance and action, and advises her against trying anything. He then gets in to his Uber drive and they take off.

Arthur tells Tick that they need to find Superian and warn him that Terror has a way to kill him. Dot comes over and asks what they do now, and Arthur tells her to get to someplace safe while they go back to his apartment to get some things. He hugs Dot and thanks her for coming for him, and Tick hugs her as well. Once they leave, Dot realizes that she still has Overkill's gun.

At Arthur's apartment, Arthur packs his things and tells thing that Terror could come there and kill him since he knows Arthur's name. He finds Walter's message on the voice mail, and Walter eventually says that he's going to Midnight's book reading. Arthur realizes that since Midnight is Superian's friend, Midnight could warn him once they tell Midnight what happened. As they go, they find Tinfoil Kevin out on the street. He says that he's keeping track of who goes in and out, and refuses to take money for his services. As they walk off, someone in a car follows them.

Lint calls in the Pyramid Gang members and explains that she killed Ramses. She says that she has everything that Ramses had, including his money, and promises to electrocute them if they go for their guns. Otherwise they can stay with her and get a signing bonus. The leader refuses her offer and Lint burns off his Pyramid tattoo with an electric bolt.

Arthur and Tick go to the reading, and two women in the audience see Tick and recognize him from Instagram. They ask for his autograph, and Walter motions them over. The heroes join him over and Walter says that Midnight's book is interesting. Moth whispers to him to let him hear Midnight, and Midnight continues reading. When the dog finishes, everyone applauds and the speaker begins the Q&A before the book signing. Walter finally admits that he doesn't have a ticket for the signing.

Tick goes up to the podium and asks Midnight a question about his book. Arthur takes the mic and says that he has important information that needs to reach Superian. The book agent Rochelle calls security and has them take Arthur away. When Arthur realizes that the Flag Five had their eyes and hands burned off on the day they were killed, he gets an idea. Walter follows Tick and Arthur out, and Arthur says that he needs to talk to someone and tells them to stay there. As he goes, he tells Walter that Walter isn't his father.

On Dangerboat, Overkill repairs his damaged left robot hand. Arthur arrives and Dangerboat admits that he let Arthur aboard because he's Arthur. Arthur has worked out that Overkill is Midnight's former partner Straight Shooter. Dangerboat tells Overkill that it's not healthy to keep things bottled up, and opens the panel revealing the Straight Shooter equipment. Overkill says that he and Midnight aren't on good terms, and he was going to pay Terror back for what he did but Arthur screwed it up. Arthur says that they have to stop something terrible from happening, and they need Overkill's help rather than his thirst for revenge. Overkill isn't interested, insisting that he works alone, and Arthur leaves.

Tick continues reading Midnight's book when Arthur return s and apologizes to Walter about his earlier comment. Walter says that Tick explained everything, and hugs a surprised Arthur. Once Walter leaves, Arthur admits that he doesn't have a plan. Overkill comes in and says that he came because wouldn't shut up about what Arthur said.

Overkill, Arthur, and Tick break into Midnight's hotel room and find him doing a photo shot. Midnight sees the intruders and Overkill tells the dog that they have to talk. Arthur insists that Superian is in danger, and Tick questions Midnight about his book. Overkill wonders why Midnight is cashing in on the Flag Five, and Arthur explains that they need Midnight to warn Superian that Terror is still alive. Midnight points out that Overkill used to be the kid tagging along with the Flag Five, and tells Arthur that Overkill was only there as a sidekick. They argue about who was the sidekick, and Midnight bites Overkill. They fight and Tick finally comes back and separates them as the photographer snaps everything.

Dot is practicing shooting at the range. She misses the target until she focuses and misses... but not as much.

The news runs the photos of Midnight and Overkill, while Arthur, Tick and Overkill watch from Dangerboat. Overkill figures that Midnight will call Superian because deep down he's a good dog. He then reluctantly thanks Tick for saving his life at the cemetery and says that it belongs to Tick. Tick makes him promise to not kill anyone again, and Overkill insists that anger and revenge keep him pushing ahead. He figures that Arthur understands, pointing out that he's been hunting Terror 15 years after the villain killed his family. Overkill says that they can crash there, figuring nobody is after them.

Outside Dangerboat, an android pulls up in the car that has been following Tick and Arthur.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 4, 2018

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