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My Dinner with Android Recap

On Dangerboat, Arthur wanders into the shower and he tries to turn it on. Dangerboat asks if he had a good night sleeping on Dangertable, and offers a water massage. Arthur accepts and Dangertable ads a loofah.

Overkill calls Midnight and discovers that he didn't call Superian to warn him about Terror. Tick is intrigued by Midnight's book, while Arthur comes in and discovers that his helmet is missing an antenna. As he dresses, Overkill hangs up and says that Superian isn't accepting their claim. Overkill suggests that they use Dot's help to find Terror's headquarters, and Arthur insists that she can't go with them on their missions because it's too dangerous. Arthur suggests that they go back to live at his apartment because of the close quarters and leaves with Tick.

At Brown Tingle Co., a representative is telling the board that they're set to have one of their best years ever. Music comes on his presentation, and Terror and his goons storm in. He announces that he founded the company and created Brown Tingle Formula and he's taking his rightful place as heard of the company. A goon cuts the CEO's throat and Terror tells the board that they're pushing a new product: him.

As they leave the dock, Arthur asks if Tick has noticed that Dangerboat is sometimes too familiar. A woman, Sonja, gets out of her car and says that she's a diplomat from the Urmanian Embassy. They're looking for Mischa, and an anonymous informant said that they were seen with him. Arthur denies it, and a killer humanoid robot named Bakkup gets out of the car. Tick is thrilled to confront Bakkup, and Sonja says that her partner is an old model. Sonja asks Arthur to call her if Mischa contacts him, and she and Bakkup drive off. Arthur figures that Arthur tipped off the Urmanians so that they'll kill Mischa, who knows about the plan to kill Superian. Mischa tries to call and Arthur figures that they need the missing antenna to find the signal. They head to the apartment where Tick knocked the antenna off the helmet.

As VRM wanders the land, Superian realizes that he's still growing. Special Agent Adams comes over and Superian asks if Terror is still dead. Adams assures him that there's been no change in status, and Superian realizes that he knows VRM.

Tick barges into Arthur's apartment and they discover that someone has cleaned the place up. Tinfoil Kevin is making eggs, and explains that he thought it would be easier to keep an eye on the apartment from the inside. Tick admires his reflection in a spoon, and Kevin holds up the antenna and says that he's been using it as a whisk. He cleans it off and expertly attaches it to the helmet, while Tick realizes that Bakkup reminds him of him. Arthur says that it's a machine and Tick has nothing in common with it.

Mischa reaches them via the helmet and says that he needs their help. He admits that he ran out of fear, but now his government believes that he defected to the West and wants to kill him. Arthur agrees to help him if he tells them everything about Terror's plot, and Mischa agrees.

Overkill has Dangerboat scan the city, figuring that Terror is still there. Dot arrives and Dangerboat lets her in. She gives Overkill his gun "Shakira" back, and realizes that she fired it 53 times. Dot admits that she took it to a gun range to learn how to shoot it, and says that she understands the dark belly of the city. Overkill gives her a gun better suited to her frame, and admits that Arthur wants her out but he pegged her for a badass.

Tick and Arthur go to an Urmanian shop and the owner Nabokov offers them a FLT: Face, Lettuce, and Tomato. Mischa calls to them and they realize that he's fixed his head but the rest of his body is still shrunken. Nabokov was Mischa's RA at science college, and Nabokov puts Mischa in a baby carriage. Mischa explains that when he escaped, he took the last scraps of Big Bismuth with hi.

Sonja and Bakkup arrives, and Nabokov yells an alarm. Arthur realizes that the card Sonja gave him was bugged, and tells Tick to hold them off while he gets Mischa out. Sonja and Bakkup barge into the store, and Tick confronts them. Sonja orders Tick to destroy Tick, and Tick catches its fist while Sonja goes in the back. Bakkup is impressed that Tick's strength matches its own.

Overkill shows Dot how to shoot but refuses to touch her to correct her form. She finally gives him permission to do so, and realizes that Dot is uncomfortable with human contact. Overkill tells her that he had a confusing incident with a woman and it's given him more trust issues.

Lint arrives at BTC and admires the improved decor. She tells him that the gang follows her now, and Terror figures that all the parts of his plan are coming together. Lint confirms that Terror broke Overkill's heart.

Arthur heads down the street with the baby carriage, and Mischa tells him that they need a new plan. Sonja arrives, and Arthur ducks into Goat's bodega. Goat assumes that he stole a baby, and Mischa insists that he's no baby. Sonja hears the screams and comes over to investigate.

Dangerboat is busy rapping when Arthur calls and says that he has land stuff. The AI says that Overkill is doing land stuff with Dot, and apologizes for making things awkward in the shower. He assures Arthur that he'd do nothing to jeopardize their future. Sonja enters the bodega and Arthur hangs up.

Tick and Bakkup trade blows and Bakkup mirrors his every move. The robot hesitates and Tick says that they shouldn't fight when they have too much in common. Bakkup stares at him and Tick tells it that it sees it as well. Nabokov speaks up and says that Tick is a later model.

Arthur goes out the back and finds Tinfoil Kevin there. Mischa figures that Kevin is a bear, and Tinfoil Kevin invites Arthur to join his club.

Sonja questions Goat, and Arthur goes past. The agent goes after him.

Adams tells Superian that thirteen years ago, VLM was on the volunteer emergency response team that showed up on the day that Superian killed Terror. VLM is the one who found Terror's teeth.

Tick and Bakkup sit down to talk, and Bakkup explains that Tick follows destiny the way that Bakkup follows his programming.

Arthur runs down the street until he comes to a dead-end. Sonja summons Bakkup, which punches Tick and goes to find her. Meanwhile, Arthur tries to hold Sonja off with a branch. She insists that Mischa is a fugitive and Arthur is thwarting a lawful operation. Arthur explains that Terror set the whole thing up and is counting on Sonja killing Mischa for him. Bakkup arrives and Sonja figures that Arthur is lying. Tick arrives and Sonja tells Bakkup to kill Mischa. He sets the baby carriage on fire, and Tick punches the robot's head off. Sonja says that she's happy to have completed her mission, takes a photo of the flaming baby carriage, and leaves. Arthur tells Tick that he left Mischa with Tinfoil Kevin and substituted a frozen turkey. As they go, Tick explains that he's an Urmanian robot but Tick doesn't believe hm.

Tick and Arthur go to the head of the giant robot where Tinfoil Kevin has his office. They go inside and Mischa says that he's dying because his head-to-body ratio is overstraining his body. Tinfoil Kevin says that he needs his tools and he left them at Arthur's apartment. They go back there and find Superian standing in the room. He rambles incoherently and collapses.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 4, 2018

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