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Infernal Guinea Pig Recap

Lucifer lectures Marcus on the story of Cain and Abel, complete with pictures. The Devil suggests that they change how Marcus' story begins so that he never kills Abel. He explains that he'll fly down to Hell, get Abel's soul, put it into an empty body, and then Marcus will have never killed his brother and he won't be cursed.

An enthusiastic Marcus goes over the bodies of corpses from the morgue, and Lucifer admits that he hasn't done it before. However, he figures that he can only put a soul in a body the instant after it's dead. Chloe comes in and says that there's been an explosion in a downtown high-rise. Marcus says that they should question a victim in critical condition, and tells Chloe that Lucifer is coming with him.

Chloe and Dan go to the bomb site, and Dan confirms that the bomb came by messenger and an assistant Bree Garland opened the package. The package was addressed to producer Alexa Lee, and the officers questions her. Alexa says that she was at home when the bomb went off, and she gets lots of hate mail. She tells them to check with Bree, and Chloe explains that Bree is in the ICU.

Marcus and Lucifer check Bree, and Lucifer says that she won't do because she's too young. He figures that they need someone at death's door, and goes over to an old man on the other side of the divider. The man is 97 years old and has no next of kin, and Marcus says to do it. Lucifer flies off to Hell, while nearby Bree flatlines. When the old man doesn't wake up, Lucifer returns, Bree wakes up and walks out. Marcus finally goes over and realizes that Bree has left. Lucifer figures that she died at the same moment as the old man and got Abel's soul. He tells Marcus that it doesn't matter because Marcus' curse is lifted. The mark is still there which means that Marcus is still cursed. Disgusted, he walks out.

Lucifer goes after Marcus and the two of them look for Abel. Marcus figures that removing his curse involves Abel and they have to find her, and advises Lucifer not to call in Chloe. Lucifer agrees and says that he knew a demon or two that tortured Abel while he was in Hell.

At the station, Chloe and Dan go over the hate mail from Alexa's enemies. They find one suspect who was upset about one of her movies, and whose handwriting matches the handwriting on the package. The writer said that she should read The Z Prophecy, and the officers discover that the author is Liam Wade. He wrote other conspiracy theory books, and has the same handwriting as the letters.

Charlotte meets with Linda and talks about how she's been trying to regain her memory of the missing months. Linda considers Charlotte's desire to want to "win", but would rather focus on what Charlotte can remember. Charlotte says that she doesn't want to, and Linda points out that it's about what she thinks she should do, not what Charlotte wants to do. The lawyer says that she figures Linda is trying to drive up her rate and leaves.

Lucifer and Marcus go to Maze, who remembers Abel as her first. They tortured him with Marcus killing him over and over through his Hell loop, in different times and places. Lucifer suggests that Abel may not know that he's actually alive, and Maze says that Abel is a lot like Lucifer and Marcus should just think of where Lucifer would go.

Abel walks down the streets and eyes the women. She goes over and offers to bless them with her seed. They look at her in disgust and go into a bar.

Chloe and Dan go to Liam's cabin in the woods,, and Chloe worries that Marcus swept in and grabbed Lucifer as his partner after she "trained" Lucifer. Dan assures her that Lucifer is still her partner. Chloe realizes that a sniper is training a laser sight on Dan's face. Liam calls over a loudspeaker, telling them to leave. When Chloe asks if he sent the note to Alexa, a camouflaged Liam steps out of the brush and is happy that people are listening to his message. Liam says that he wouldn't hurt her. He explains that they're all going to die if they don't act about the planet's blocked magma flows. No one believes, and Alexa's movie about magma blockage made a mockery out of a serious. Liam hated Alexa's movie, but it got him more followers. He figures that Alexa has a lot of enemies, and Chloe says that they'll need to search his property.

Abel goes to the bar and looks at the women. Amenadiel comes over and greets Abel, and says that he's there to take Abel back to Hell. The angel shows Abel a reflection of her own body, and Abel realizes that every time Marcus kills her and there's nothing he can do to avoid it. Abel figures that he can never escape, and Amenadiel says that he has a way out of him and takes out a gun.

Lucifer and Marcus check strip clubs and Marcus points out that they don't know what they're going to do if they find Abel. The Devil figures that to make things even, Abel has to kill Marcus. Marcus explains that his conscience is clear so he won't go to Hell, and he just won the fight. Lucifer spots two women going to the club and figures that Abel is there as well.

Dan shows Chloe the report confirming that there were no explosive compounds on Liam's property. Chloe has been checking Liam's theories, including one about the Bolivians. The explosive was made with fertilizer that is being used in Bolivia, and there are several Bolivian financiers on Alexa's projects. They're linked to the Bolivian drug cartel, and one of the contractors landed in LA that morning.

Amenadiel tells Abel that he knows that Abel can do it. A man comes in, and Abel grabs the gun and shoots him as he draws a gun. Marcus and Lucifer arrive as Abel slips away in the confusion. While Marcus checks the dead man, Amenadiel tells Lucifer that he's been following him ever since he learned of Lucifer's plans. The angel warns that it's dangerous to anger God, and warns that there are many things that God can take away from Lucifer. Lucifer insists that he's not going to cower before God, and Amenadiel says that he's not trying to prove himself to Lucifer. He walks off to find Abel, and Marcus tells Lucifer that the dead man is a Bolivian cartel hit man. He figures there's no keeping it from Chloe anymore, and Lucifer leaves him to explain to her.

When Marcus tells Chloe what's happening, she takes the news calmly. Lucifer wonders why, and Chloe says that she's not going to yell at her boss. She suggests that the cartel wanted Bree dead and knew that she would open the package for Bree. Marcus leaves Lucifer with Chloe while he goes to find Abel.

Chloe and Lucifer meet with Alexa and explain that Bree was the target and she left the hospital. Alexa wants the police to find her because she needs her assistant back. The producer has no idea what issues the cartel had with Bree. Alexa discovers that only Bree's fingerprint can open the file cabinet with the investment records.

When the partners go back to the station, Dan tells them that Bree was embezzling from Alexa to invest in the cartel. Chloe complains that Bree betrayed Alexa when Alexa gave her her start, and makes it about Marcus taking Lucifer from her.

At the penthouse, Maze tells Marcus that she's busy with a bounty. Marcus says that it's the opposite of what Amenadiel wants, and Maze immediately agrees. The demon figures that Abel will run to food or boobs, but admits that sometimes Abel did something she didn't see coming. Abel comes in via the elevator and shoots Marcus dead.

Marcus gets up as his gunshot wound heals, and realizes that the mark is still there. Abel collapses sobbing, begging Marcus to make it quick. He says that he needs Abel alive so he can help him die. Maze and Marcus explain about the Hell loop and how Abel is still alive.

Later, Marcus brings Abel to the precinct and tells Lucifer what happened. He figures that they'll think of something, and have to make sure the Bolivians don't kill him. Chloe and Charlotte come in, and Abel waives her legal rights. Charlotte warns her that it's a big decision, and Abel boasts about the size of his flock. Abel gets full immunity in return for his testimony, and Abel immediately agrees. Charlotte is surprised that he's giving up control, but Abel says that he'd do anything to avoid returning to Hell and Charlotte would do the same given the same choice. The lawyer stares at her, surprised, and Chloe leads Abel away. Marcus tells Lucifer that they can't let Abel spend too much time with Chloe or Chloe will figure something is wrong, and Lucifer tells him that he'll figure something out.

Amenadiel breaks into Chloe and Maze's house and sees Abel. It's actually a punching bag dressed up as Abel, and Maze steps out. She says that she's keeping him out of Lucifer's way and attacks him.

Lucifer and Chloe take Abel back to Alexa's office, and Dan calls to say that Alexa took all of Bree's things. Alexa rescheduled her class so she'd be out of the office when the bomb was there, and Dan figures that they tried to pay Bree off. He wonders why Alexa would send them to the place where they'd find proof of her crime.

Chloe realizes that it's a trap, just as Bree opens the cabinet with her thumbprint. There's a bomb inside, and Chloe holds Abel's thumb to the scanner so she doesn't set off the bomb. Marcus orders them out, but Chloe refuses to go. She figures that Bree was trying to do the right thing and won't leave her. Marcus tells Chloe that he can talk her through defusing the bomb, and Chloe agrees. He explains how to remove the blasting cap and toss it far as it can so it will go off harmlessly. Lucifer refuses to let him endanger Chloe, but Chloe says that she's choosing to be there. The Devil refuses to go, telling Chloe that he's her partner, and holds Bree in place while Chloe goes to work. Once Chloe removes the blasting cap, she tosses it across the room and it goes off harmlessly.

Maze threatens to throw Trixie's toy up Amenadiel's butt and expand it. He wonders why she cares when she dumped him, and Maze says that her anger is about the betrayal. Amenadiel insists that they were trying to protect her, and he invites her to hit him. Maze does and Amenadiel just stands there. She complains that it's no fun if he doesn't fight back, and he says her breaking Linda's heart was no fun, either. Disgusted, Maze says that he's ruining her payback and leaves.

When the police arrive, they get Alexa's fingerprint from the bomb. Alexa was using her movies to launder money for the cartel, and Bree was going to expose her. Chloe thanks Lucifer for helping her and walks off. Lucifer mutters to herself that she wouldn't have been in danger if he hadn't got her involved.

Charlotte goes back to Linda's and apologizes, and says that she should trust Linda. She figures that there's something much scarier than putting someone else in charge, and describes her repeated "dreams" of someone she represented and got off coming in and killing her family. Each time Charlotte just smiles, does nothing, and dies inside. Now she's trying to stay out whatever place it happened, but doesn't know if it will be enough. Linda tells her that it's a brave start.

That night, Abel thanks Marcus for saving her life. He points out that the mark is still there, and Abel realizes that Marcus has been in hell and still is. Abel refuses to shake hands with Marcus, pointing out that he has the face of his torturer. He walks off, and Lucifer comes over and says that he and Marcus need to dissolve their alliance because the risk is too late. He refuses to put Chloe in danger, and admits that breaking his word was hard and yet the easiest decision he's made. Marcus figures that Abel is the way that his curse ends and he has to stay alive... just as Abel gets run over by an ambulance.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 6, 2018

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