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Blue Bloody Recap

At a country club, Sandy Brinks is talking to her friend Maxine Lippman about the help. Sandy tees off and narrowly misses several caddies, and insults her caddie. The two women spot Judge Harris feeling up a woman and burst into laughter. A golf ball comes out of nowhere, hitting Sandy in the eye and killing her.

Clive, Liv, and Ravi arrive and Ravi says that it's a range ball. He declares it an accident, but Clive has the caddy say that he saw someone running away after the ball hit Sandy. They don't find anything in the weeds where the ball came from, but the caddy remembers hearing a splash. The police drain the nearby pond and find a "golfball gun". Clive tests it and takes out an officer a hundred yards away. He figures that they're now investigating a murder.

Back at the morgue, Liv has a martini with a brain garnish.

Angus is preaching to his new zombie congregation, talking about how they're all hungry. God provided for him in the well, and now he'll provide for them. Angus says that it's their world and God loves zombies. He preaches that he is God's divine vessel and says that it's time to take what is theirs and feed.

A street dealer is selling brain tubes. Russ Roche comes over and demands his cut, and the dealer reluctantly hands it over. When Russ points out that he's $200 light, the dealer claims that he doesn't know what happened. Russ stabs him in the chest, just as Angus and his congregation arrive and start stripping the humans of their brains. Russ sees the carnage and manages to escape, while Angus beats in the heads of the dealer and the humans in the alley. When the dealer offers money for his release, Angus says that God doesn't need his filthy money and wants a world ruled by the righteous undead. With that, he smashes in the dealer's head.

The next day, Clive and Dale drive to word. She asks if he wants to talk about it, and Clive assures her that it's fine. They kiss and Dale says that he's not fooling her, and then goes into work. Olivia gets into the back of Clive's car and tells him to stop staring at her and drive. He tells her to get into the front, and Olivia--channeling Sandy--looks for the button for the privacy divider. She finally gets into the front and sprays perfume on her to kill the smell, and tells him to drive so they can solve the murder.

Major has his new recruits Fisher and Jordan suit up. He explains that they won't get rifles for at least a week, and Jordan and Fisher start arguing. Major reminds them that only thing that can hurt them is a head shot, and knocks the unfastened helmet off of Jordan's head.

Clive and Olivia go to Sandy's house and find her chauffeur, Carlton Clerg, directing the movers. Clive says that they're investigating a murder and explains about the golfball gun. Carlton says that Sandy was well-loved, just as Olivia snaps at the movers. Next they talk to the gardener, who says that Sandy was feuding with her so for 30 years but he lives in Miami. Olivia complains about the gladiolas. Next they talk to the chef, who claims that Sandy had a generous spirit. Olivia gets into the rum and tries to heat it up in the microwave. Someone coughs and the chef checks on her son Alex, who is home sick. Olivia tells Alex to get his shoes off the sofa, and Clive notices that in a painting, Sandy is wearing a diamond necklace.

The chef directs them to Sandy's safe, and they call in Steve to open the electronic luck. He has a board with an illegal chip that can test all of the possible combinations. Clive tells him to get on with it, and then tells Olivia that everyone is lying. He points out that Olivia/Sandy is the most repulsive person he's ever met, and Olivia figures that they're lying because they're the help and that's what they do. Olivia figures that the killer took the jewels.

That night at home, Major tells Olivia that his new recruits handled themselves in the street. Olivia invites him to bed and tells him to work on being the strong silent type, and they make out.

The next morning, Major is making Brains Benedict for breakfast when Olivia comes in. She's already dressed and ready to go, and when Major opens the window, Olivia has a memory-flash of the staff practicing with the golfball gun. The gardener says that it's for gophers. Olivia says that she's going to the club, drinks from a flask, and hobbles off.

At the morgue, Clive asks Ravi for advice of a sexual nature. Ravi is glad to hear him out, and Clive explains that everything is great between him and Dale. However, they can't be intimate with each other because she's a zombie, and it's becoming a problem. He admits that they've tried mutual masturbation, but it's not enough. Olivia comes in and overhears Clive talking, and Clive ushers her out so he can talk to Ravi in private. He then asks Ravi if there's something that would temper his sex drive. Ravi offers to prescribe an anti-anxiety with decreased libido as a side effect. Clive figures that they should give it a try, and Ravi writes a prescription.

Clive goes out and asks Olivia if she has something to tell him. She finally says that she had a vision of Sandy's three servants practicing with the golfball gun. Clive figures that it's one of the three servants.

Angus goes down the street on a truck, hands out paper with the address of his church, and invites all zombies to join them. A young zombie girl follows the truck, and Angus goes over and she asks if he has brains for sale. Angus tells her that's not how God works, and gives her a piece of brains. He says that they're free and she should tell her friends that all are welcome, and then gets back on the truck and tosses brains to the other children.

In the bullpen, Clive tells Olivia that Sandy's lawyer confirmed that each of her servants received a million dollars in her will. The beneficiaries don't know about the money yet, but they both figure that if one of the servants knew then they would have had a motive. Olivia warns that the killer will pretend to be surprised, but Clive says that he's a professional.

Clive and Olivia talk to Carlton first and save that they found out Carlton was Sandy's gigolo. The chauffeur says that the first time it just kind of happened, and then Sandy threatened to tell Carlton's wife. Carlton insists that he didn't do it. Next, the pair confront the chef and say that they learned Alex needs an operation for a heart defect. The chef asked Sandy for a loan to sneak Alex out of the city. She says that Sandy would rather let Alex die than loan her $20,000. Finally, Clive tells the gardener that Sandy promised to write a recommendation to her alma mater to get the man's daughter in. She never sent it, and if the daughter had gotten in then she wouldn't have been turned into a zombie in Seattle. The gardener admits that Sandy was a terrible person, but insists that he didn't kill her.

As each suspect goes, Clive tells each of them that Sandy left them a million dollars. None of them believe it, and Clive privately admits to Olivia that he doesn't know who killed Sandy. Steve tells them that he cracked the safe and shows them what was inside. The necklace from the painting was there, and the will was there as well. If a servant had seen it then they would have had a motive. Steve tells then the combination, 0-8-3-0-1-0.

A man, Mace, goes up to a restaurant where Dead Enders are spraying a Z on the door. When the owner Al-Shabaz comes out, the Dead Ends grab him and ask if he's a zombie or a zombie lover. Major and his patrol arrive and Al-Shabaz says that they're harassing the customers. Mace says that they prefer to stay, and Al-Shabaz tells Major to shoot them. Major sends him inside, and Mace grabs Jordan's helmet and runs off. She tackles him and goes berserk, beating him. The other soldiers pull them away, and Mace realizes that Jordan scratched him. He begs one of his friends to kill him, and another Peacekeeper grabs him before he can shoot. Meanwhile, another Dead Ender gets video of the entire things and runs off.

Clive calls the chef back in and points out that the combination is Alex's date of birth. He figures that Sandy had the chef program the safe and saw the will. Clive has her write down her confession so she can get it all behind her, and she writes down an address. Once they take Alex there to a coyote, Renegade, she'll confess everything. Clive points out that the neighborhood has been locked down due to anti-zombie activity and warns that going there is a crime. The chef says that her ex-husband is expecting Alex, and Alex will die if they don't help him.

Outside, Clive tells Olivia that he can't do it and neither should Olivia. Olivia says that she doesn't plan to do it. Once she leaves, Dale comes over and suggests that they get a meal. They go to a hot dog cart and Dale shows Clive the anti-anxiety meds she found. She's read up on the side effects and knows about the decreased libido. Clive tells her that he loves her and everything is great except for the sex. Dale tells him that they'll figure something else out.

In the morgue, Olivia breaks into tears after Sandy's brain wear off, and says that Alex will die because of her. Ravi admits that she's been terrible but they'll make it right, and asks what they have to do. That night, they get Alex from his father and take him to the checkpoint via the morgue wagon. Major is in charge of the Peacekeepers manning the checkpoint, and he lets Ravi and Olivia through even though he figures that they're up to something.

Ravi drives to the address--a laundromat--and take Alex in. They approach one man, Stan, and ask if he's Renegade, and another armed man puts a gun to their head. The owner, Mama Leone, says that she's been expecting them and calls them over. She explains that she's Renegade and they'll get Alex to LA for his operation. Olivia offers her the money and Mama Leone says that they're not-for-profit and they need the cash to pay off the bribes. Stan leads Alex off, and Olivia and Mama Leone look after them.

Later, Olivia answers her door and finds Major there. She insists that they were saving a sick child, and Major points out that he could get arrested if they found out he helped human traffickers. Major suggests that she thank him, and Olivia sarcastically does so. He complains that she's holier-than-thou and thinks that she's the only good zombie, and Olivia tells him that the Major she knew would stand by a sick child. Major says that they can't sleep together if his life choices offend her, and Olivia agrees and orders her out.

At his church, Angus gives brains to his congregation and says that they shall ascend. He picks up his hammer and they call on him to feed them.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 6, 2018

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