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Equinox: The Book of Fate Recap

At Gambi's workshop, Lynn checks Anissa for any residual damage after her fight with Black Lightning. She confirms that Anissa's concussion is healing, and discovers that her broken ribs are healing at an accelerated rate. Lynn tells Anissa that she should retire, but Anissa insists that her powers are a blessing. She says that she and Jeff can put an end to The 100, and that Linn can't understand what she's going on.

Upstairs, Gambi tells Jeff that high-tech robbers hit the hospital and Lynn was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He tells Jeff that there's no way he could have known that he was fighting his daughter, and Jeff demands to know why Gambi didn't tell him that Tobias was back in Freeland. Jeff doesn't believe Gambi's denials, and Gambi says that he didn't tell Jeff in order to protect him... from himself. The tailor says that he didn't want Jeff to do something that he'd regret for the rest of his life, and asks Jeff to trust him. Jeff tells him that he doesn't trust him and walks away.

Tobias spars with a fighter to hone his skills, and beats the man unconscious. He then tells Joey to find someone worth his time, and the fighter gets back up and renews his attack. The fighter puts up a better fight but Tobias still knocks him out again. Tobias figures that the fighter is hyped up on something and checks his bag, and discovers that he's taking Green Light.

The next day, Jeff and Lynn go to the station and Lynn works with a sketch artist to identify the thieves. Bill comes over and runs through possible motives for the robbery. He then asks Jeff if the robbers might have been working for The 100 and were sending Jeff a message. Bill figures that Jeff is a figure of hope and advises him to watch his back, and the sketch artist finishes his work.

Soon Lady Eve gives the sketch to two of her men and says that the work requires a delicate touch. As they leave, Lady Eve texts Gambi and says that the cleaners are on the way.

As Jeff and Lynn leave the station, Jeff worries that someone figure out that he's Blake Lightning and tried to take her. Lynn doesn't believe it, and says that Anissa brought in Alvin's research right before the robbery. Neither one of them is sure that it's just a coincidence.

Tobias tells Tori that Green Light is too addictive and it's killing too many people. He tells Syonide to arrange a meeting between him and Lady Eve. Tori is surprised that Tobias going to talk to her, and Tobias tells his sister that he isn't going to talk.

Outside the station, Jeff blames himself for Anissa's powers. Lynn says that they need to get Anissa to the hospital to run some tests. Jeff says that they're going back to Gambi's so Lynn can hide there. Until they can test her, they have to protect Anissa from herself and convince her that using her powers takes more than it gives. Lynn wonders if Jennifer has powers and says that they have to test her as well, and they hug.

At school, Darius and Jeff talk to a student, telling him to control his anger. Jeff gets a call and steps out into the hallway to take it. It's Bill, who is calling Black Lightning. He asks if there's someone in Freeland with superpowers, and says that there students reported a woman destroying a statue with a stomp. Jeff tells Bill that he'll let him know if he hears anything, and asks Bill to find another way to track Joey down. He explains that he's after Tobias and says that he hasn't aged in 30 years, and hangs up.

Anissa comes to Jeff's office and says that she's ready to hit the streets and take down Green Light drug dens. Jeff tells her that he knows she destroyed the statue and she can't lose her head, and Anissa asks him to train her. Her father refuses, saying that she's not ready, and Anissa tells him that he's not ready. Jeff asks where she got his father's research, and Anissa explains that she got it from David and discovers that Alvin was doing research on missing kids and enhanced powers. Her father says that it was reckless giving the information to Lynn, and tells Anissa to warn David without using her powers.

Lady Eve is working in her mortuary when Gambi comes in and says that they need to talk. He warns that Tobias is a problem and his head's gotten too big. Tobias has been strutting around the city like he owns it and is going to open a night club. The crime lord could get caught by the police or Black Lightning... and talk. Lady Eve admits that Tobias has been getting cocky recently, but taking him out could disrupt the city. She offers Gambi Joey and hopes that Tobias will get the hint. Gambi agrees and Lady Eve gives Gambi a small box. He carefully takes it with a handkerchief-wrapped hand and leaves.

Anissa and Jennifer have breakfast and Jennifer realizes that something is going on between Anissa and Jeff. She points out that they're not talking, and Anissa insists that she and Jeff are cool. Jennifer doesn't believe them, and points out that they're ignoring her. Jeff says that Anissa was upset with him because he blew off a follow-up brain scan he had with Lynn. Anissa excuses herself and Jennifer asks Jeff if he's going to have the scan done. He says that Lynn was called out of town but he'll do it when she gets back.

At Gambi's Anissa leaves a message for David to call her. Lynn is there and says that she picked some things up for her so she could be comfortable. Anissa apologizes for what she said earlier, and Lynn says that she's just concerned about Anissa's lie. She admits that she and Jeff broke up because of Black Lightning, and asks when the last time Anissa did anything with anyone outside of her family. Anissa insists that she can finally help Freeland and is willing to sacrifice her life so that other people can have theirs.

Anissa goes to David's office and knocks at the door, but gets no answer. His office is empty, and a staffer comes over and says that David was hit by a car and killed a few days ago.

Wearing a bandana over his face, Gambi goes to Tobias' club. Joey is in the back counting the money, and hears gunshots. He sends his men out to investigate, and Gambi takes them out. He throws one man through the door and tosses a flash grenade in to blind Joey. Joey fires wildly and when he runs out of bullets, Gambi comes in and shoots Joey down. As Joey dies, Gambi puts the box on his chest and leaves.

When Anissa returns home, she tells Jeff that David is dead and breaks into tears.

Lynn calls Jeff to the tailor store and warns Anissa that she's stubborn and will eventually go out. She wants Jeff to help her so Anissa won't get hurt. Gambi comes in with takeout and Jeff says that he's on his way out. He gets a call and says that he's on the way. When he hangs up, Jeff tells Lynn that it's nothing and leaves.

Tobias is sitting in his office drinking and listening to jazz. Tori tells him that Joey is dead, and one of Tobias' men found the box. She puts it on the desk, and Tobias opens it and reveals the contents. Tobias figures that it's a message, swears, and throws it across the room. Tori says that it's either Tobias or Lady Eve, and Tobias warns that if he kills Eve without the Shadow Board's permission, they'll kill him as well. His sister says that might not be the case.

Bill and his men are cleaning up the club when Bill gets a text from Black Lightning to meet on a nearby rooftop. The inspector goes there and Black Lightning steps out of the shadows. Bill tells him what happened to Joey, and he discovered that Joey's girlfriend got a lot of traffic tickets near a night club that's opening. They figure that they'll find Tobias there.

Lynn is watching a newscast about the two robbers being shot near Pax Institute trying to escape with high-end medical equipment. Gambi tells Lynn that he's glad she's safe, and Lynn figures that he cares about Jeff and the family. Because of that, she asks him a favor.

Black Lightning watches the club from a rooftop, and remembers watching as Tobias and his men killed his father.

At the shop, Gambi works on a suit for Anissa and assures Lynn that it will keep her daughter safe. Anissa enters the shop above and Gambi goes to greet her. As they wait for Lynn, Gambi gives Anissa an envelope with the plans of the suit. He assures her that it will be state-of-the-art so he can monitor her vitals. Lynn comes up and Gambi excuses himself, and Lynn says that she gets it. Anissa always stood up for others and now she wants to stand up for Freeland. Lynn tells her to be careful, and Anissa agrees.

Tobias and his people pull up to the side of the club and go in. He gives the signal to begin his plan.

Lady Eve and her two killers go down the stairs of her mortuary.

Black Lightning confronts Tobias and blasts him back. His bodyguards attack the vigilante while Tori and Syonide get Tobias up.

Two men open fire on Lady Eve and her killers, using electric blasters.

Syonide opens fire on Black Lightning, and he repels the bullets with a force field. A ricocheting bullet hits Tori in the back and Tobias' man drags him to the car. They drive off before Black Lightning can stop them, He finds tori and tells her to stay with him, but she dies from her wound.

Lady Eve uses one of her men as a shield. He goes down and she gets close enough to take the gun from one of her attackers and kill the other one. As she looks around, another killer emerges from a coffin and kills her.

Later, Jeff goes home and sits on the porch. In her bedroom, Anissa calls Grace and leaves a message saying that she was hoping they could get together. After she hangs up, Jeff comes in and says that he's a hypocrite. He explains that he's let his emotions get the better of him and a woman died. Jeff says that they're both going to make horrible mistakes, but without them, Freeland doesn't have a choice. He promises to teach his daughter whatever he knows. Anissa assures him that he's a great dad, great principal, and great hero. Jeff tells her to be better than him, and his phone rings. It's Bill, who tells him that he went too far and hangs up and then looks at Eve's electrocuted body.

The news is soon running news about Eve's death. The police are saying that the victims were electrocuted and Black Lightning is the primary suspect. Lala wakes up in a cheap motel room, and as he takes in the fact that he's alive, LaWanda comes in and asks if he believe in the Resurrection. She then turns into dust and drifts onto his body, forming a tattoo of her face on his chest.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 7, 2018

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