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The Real Deal Recap

A drone enters the chamber where the beacon exploded. There's a crack in reality. After a moment Lash steps out and destroys the drone.

Coulson and Melinda check on Fitz, who says that he's fine and blames himself for not paying attention to the beacon or suspecting it was a trap. He tells them that he sent a drone down, and the elevator stopped on Level 27. The elevator opened on a vast forest, and Fitz explains that it exists inside of the Lighthouse. He then shows them the video of the basement and the crack. He figures the three monoliths blowing up created the rift, and it leads to another dimension that is bleeding back into their world. Fitz warns that the end of the world might already have begun.

Jemma tends to Elena's severed arms, and Mack comes in. Once Jemma leaves, Elena assures Mack that she's not going to die, and that she'll get through it as long as she has him. Mack tells her that she's the only world he cares about and will take her out if she wants. Elena says that they have to stay and fight, and everything she heard in the future is happening faster than she expected.

Daisy and Deke look for medical supplies for Elena among the supplies. Deke talks about how in the future, his mother would give him an orange every year for his birthday. He asks Daisy if she had any birthday traditions, and she explains that she was raised in an orphanage. Deke apologizes for bringing it up and says that he thought they were having a moment. As she tells him that they weren't haaving a moment, a Kree soldier attacks Deke. He knocks Daisy aside and keeps coming after Deke, and Daisy recovers, grabs a gun, and shoots him. The warrior disintegrates into dust.

Fitz tells the team that their fears are coming to life. He figures that when the monoliths exploded, they opened a rift to what he considers a "fear dimension". Fitz figures that it can take their deepest fears and manifest them physically. Coulson wonders about the forest, and Deke says that it's horrifying. Fitz seals off the lower two-thirds of the Lighthouse, but warns that it's getting worse. He has a fix but warns that doing it could kill one of them. Fitz picks Deke, who immediately refuses. Undeterred, Fitz asks for Deke's belt buckle, explaining that it creates a gravity field. It has Gravitonium in it, and Fitz hoped to use it to seal the rift. Deke hands the buckle over, and Fitz tells the team that one of them is going to have to carry the device down and activate it. That person may be sucked into the other dimension or killed by a fear manifestation. Coulson says that he'll have to take the risk and leaves.

The others go after Coulson and suggest that they send Piper. Coulson insists that none of them are expendable, and Daisy says that he's putting himself at risk when he's telling her to do it. He says that she's needed to lead and inspire SHIELD in the future. Daisy insists that there is no SHIELD, but Coulson says that the symbol must continue no matter what. As he talks, he suddenly collapses and they call for Jemma.

Later, Coulson comes out and tells Deke to go upstairs and do the things on their list because he's the only one of them that doesn't exist. Deke agrees and Coulson tells him to get the good, and says that he'll be there when Deke gets back.

Coulson goes to the control room where the others are waiting. Jemma joins them and says that it's not good. She tells that necrotic tissue is branching out from the scarred area around Coulson's heart and left lung. The tissue appears to have been dead for several years, and there's no cure for it. Jemma figures that it's progressing at a rapid rate, and Melinda realizes that Coulson knew he was dying since Ghost Rider. Coulson didn't think he should tell them, and Ghost Rider burned through the alien technology keeping him alive. Daisy wonders how he could keep it from them, and points out that Tess was brought back from the dead. Coulson didn't want to go through all that again, and Daisy tells him that he doesn't get to just give up. She says that they deserved to know and storms off, and Jemma tells Coulson that at some point his heart will stop beating. Coulson goes to check on Daisy, and Melinda tells him that he put too much on her and should have told them.

Daisy is out in the hallway and tells Coulson that she can't do what he's asking of her. He says that she's always been capable of more than she imagined, but Daisy insists that she can't do it without him. Coulson tells her that she believes in herself and should, and Daisy says that there's nothing without him. she breaks into tears and Coulson hugs her.

Elena wakes up from a nightmare and tells Jemma not to dope her up. She needs to stay clear-headed to warn Mack. Jemma tells Elena that she should spare him the pain and then smothers Elena. Mack comes in and hits Jemma, knocking "her" face off and revealing a robot beneath. The others come in and Jemma shoots her counterpart dead, and then explains that the rift is expanding. Fitz figures that it's getting too dangerous and they have to seal the rift.

Deke goes into River's End and sees the military on patrol. In the sheriff's office, Hale meets with Wellins and asks to see any security footage that Wellins has. Meanwhile, Deke goes to a payphone and dials a number that Coulson gave him. An answering machine responds and says that Fiona is not available.

Wellins tells Hale that they couldn't find any physical evidence proving that Deke ever existed. Hale demands to have everything in Deke's cell dusted on the chance that they find something that will lead them to Daisy.

Melinda finds Coulson and Coulson says that he stepped back so she didn't waste her time on another lost cause. She insists that there must be a way out, but Coulson tells her that it's time to make room for Daisy. Coulson explains that they need fresh blood to lead the team, and says that just because he's made peace with dying doesn't mean he's in a hurry to do so. He asks Melinda to help him get into the gear Fitz made for him.

Coulson goes to the elevator and gets the device from Fitz. Fitz warns that he'll be facing not only his own fears but everyone else's. There's a .50 caliber gun so that Coulson can protect himself, and Fitz warns Coulson not to get close to the device when he triggers it. Coulson then makes Fitz promise to do what they discussed no matter what happened. When Fitz hesitates, Coulson tells him that symbols are important people need help. He enters the elevator and goes down.

The team monitors Coulson as he enters the basement. The video feed goes out, and Fitz tells the others that they have to wait.

Coulson makes his way toward the rift and realizes that he's lost contact with his teammates. He enters the main room and finds something wearing the form of Mike Peterson waiting for him. "Mike" says that it's time for him to tell Coulson what's really going on, and tells him to do whatever he wants. Coulson confirms that the air is good and removes his helmet, and Mike says that Coulson is there to face facts: that it's all in his head. Coulson is on the table, code blue, and has imagine everything that happened to him as part of SHIELD.

Daisy wants to go in, but the others refuse to endanger more lives. Melinda insists that Coulson will do it.

Coulson tries to ignore Mike and set up the device, but Mike says that none of it makes sense. His brain is being stimulated with electricity as they try to bring Coulson back from when Loki stabbed him. Coulson begins to remember being on the operating table with doctors operating on him, and Mike says that he's reliving mementoes of his life mixed with his dreams. Coulson figures that his fear is manifesting and it's harder to let go, and Mike says that he's done all of the things that he dreamed of a flying car, teaching history, having a family and a daughter he never had, and the chance to be a hero. Coulson insists that he's not trying to be a hero, and his mind is rejecting that he's an EMT standing over him.

The alarms go off and they realize that a Quinjet is coming in. A man requests permission to land, and they open the concealed hangar. Daisy and Mellinda go to greet it, and Deke comes out with Mike, Davis, and the other SHIELD agents.

Coulson's Mike says that Coulson is the real deal and the others are a reflection of who Coulson truly is. He points to the rift and notes that Coulson is preparing to walk into the light. "Mike" says that they should go together, and Coulson starts to walk toward the rift. However, he stops and says that he's not buying it. Mike grabs him and says that he'll take him himself... and then disintegrates as the real Mike appears and shoots him.

Lash steps out and Mike attacks it. Roaches appear and attack Mike, and Coulson opens fire on them. He triggers the device, and it seals the rift and pulls them toward it. Hive steps out, and Mike shoots it. Once the rift is closed, Cooulson asks Mike if he's real.

Coulson: symbols are important. Institutions are important. People needs things to believe in, fitz. Especially now. People need hope.

Candice tells Hale that Deke has no paperwork and asks if she wants them to continue investigating. Hale figures that it's a smokescreen and tells her assistant to pack it up.

Coulson, Fitz, and Deke take the elevator down, and Fitz says that the rift is secure for now but they'll need to come up with a permanent solution eventually. Deke takes credit for everything, and Coulson and Fitz ignore him. Fitz wonders what Coulson faced, and Coulson asks him if he's stalling since the elevator stopped a minute ago. He assures Fitz that it's going to be great and they step out onto the forest level. Mack is taking pictures, and Melinda and Daisy are the bridesmaids. Jemma is in a wedding dress, and Coulson performs the service. He says that they don't dare wait and everyone agrees.

Jemma reads her vows first, saying that she didn't realize when they met that they'd be together for life. Fitz admits that he doesn't know what to say, and words aren't enough. He says that Jemma is perfect and doesn't deserve her, and he's the luckiest man on any planet. Coulson calls for the rings and has the couple put them on each other.

Candice tells Hale that she thinks Deke is a LMD. She discovered that he's biologically linked to two people: Fitz and Jemma.

Coulson pronounces Jemma and Fitz husband and wife. Everyone applauds as they kiss, and Deke tells Mike that he doesn't know the bride or the groom.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 10, 2018

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