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A Dark Knight: A Beautiful Darkness Recap

Ivy and Selina go to the Charles townhouse and ring the bell. When Cindy Charles answers the door, Ivy entrances her with her perfume and then goes inside. She uses her perfume on husband Roland and his two children as well, and orders them all to freeze. Selina takes Cindy necklace and goes to check out the rest of the house. Ivy tells Roland that she knows who he works for and tortures plants in the name of science. She sees a WayneTech case on a table and opens it up briefly, and then scratches Roland on his neck. He turns green and convulses, and Selina comes back to see him dying. Ivy says that she gave Roland what he deserves and walks away, and after a moment Selina goes with him as plants grow out of Roland's mouth.

The next day at the station, Chaz Carmichael is locked up and tells Jim that his boss is Sofia and she won't be happy that he's in there. He says that Sofia told him to have Jim call her if he got arrested, but Jim grabs him through the bars and chokes him briefly.

Jim is then called to the Charles house and Lucius explains who Roland is and that he didn't know him at WayneTech. he explains that the plant causes psychedelic hallucinations while the plants consume the body. Cindy has described the two intrudes, and Jim realizes that one is Selina. Jim wonders if the case had anything to do with Roland's work at WayneTech, and Lucius gets an idea but says nothing. Once Jim leaves, Lucius calls Bruce and leaves a message saying him that someone killed Roland and they may have a problem.

At Ivy's stolen home, Ivy goes through the papers and discovers that Roland asked for access to a top-secret biotech experiment, Project M. Selina is upset that Ivy killed a man, and she says that Roland had it coming. Ivy figures that Bruce knows what's going on with Project M. Selina has second thoughts and tells Ivy to leave her alone, and walks out. Disappointed, Ivy tells herself that "they" don't need Selina.

At the manor, Bruce wakes up with a hangover and finds Ivy in his study with him. He recognizes her from the club, and Ivy says that she's there to speak for the plants. She asks about Project M, and he realizes that it's Ivy as she kisses him. Entranced, Bruce says that she's beautiful and Ivy orders him to answer her questions.

At Arkham, Oswald is eating in the mess room and Jerome throws a joker playing card at him. He then comes over and sits down, and says that he's always been a fan. Jerome complains that Oswald has moped for six weeks, and Oswald explains that he can't escape because Sofia is holding someone important to him captive and she'll kill him if he escapes. Bored, Jerome says that Dietrich bored him last and he boosted the electricity in his shock therapy. Oswald merely says that it's sad, and Jerome says that he's going to find the "real" Oswald and bring him out, and then they'll have fun together.

Once Bruce finishes describing Project M, Ivy says it wasn't what she was expecting. He apologizes for killing plants, and says that she's going to make him suffer. Ivy nicks him and tells him that it will be slow and painful, but it's what he deserves. Gasping, Bruce collapses and Ivy says that she won't be there to see him bloom.

After Ivy leaves, Bruce hallucinates finding himself tied up by vines in his kitchen. Ra's is there and says that he's there to do some light pruning. He finds a knife and cuts off Bruce's face, The faceless Bruce asks what's happening to him, and Ra's tells him that he's dying.

Jim goes to Barbara's office and says that he's looking for Selina. Barbara says that she hasn't seen him, and Sofia steps out of the shadows and asks Barbara to give them a moment. Once Barbara leaves, Sofia assures Jim that she kept their arrangement secret. She tells Jim to release Chaz, and Jim reminds her that wasn't their deal. Sofia says that their deal is whatever she says, but Jim figures that she's bluffing. Selina comes in and Jim goes down to confront her. When Jim calls to Selina, she runs out the back.

Jerome's men grab Oswald and drag him off to where Jerome and his group of lunatic followers are holding court. Jerome says that he's going to "cure" Oswald of his mopiness and tells him to make them laugh. He has his men dress Oswald as a clown and tells him to dress. Oswald tells them to leave him alone, and an exasperated Jerome says that he's trapped in a prison and he's offering him the key. The prisoners poke at his feet with sticks, and Oswald lunges at Jerome. One of Jerome's men knocks him down, and Jerome kicks Oswald in the face and says that they'll try again the next day. he walks off as the prisoners kick Oswald.

Selina runs to the edge of a rooftop and prepares to jump. Jim grabs her and says that he knows Selina was in the Charles house. She tells him that the other woman was Ivy and she can use plants to hypnotize people and kill them. Selina explains about Ivy's obsession with Project M, and Jim realizes that Lucius lied.

At the GCPD lab, Lucius is working on Roland's corpse when Ivy comes in. Lucius secretly turns on the tape recorder as Ivy asks him about Project M. He tries to deny knowing anything, but Ivy knows from Bruce that Lucius knows the existence. Ivy uses her perfume on him and first has him tell her that she's beautiful.

Bruce hallucinates walking around the plant enshrouded manor. Selina, Jim, and Barbara are there along with other guests, and Barbara points out "their" Bruce hosting the party. The other Bruce is talking to Lee and laughing. Bruce grabs his counterpart and demands to know where Ra's is. He demands his face back, and Fake Bruce shoves him. Bruce's clothing collapses and Fake Bruce's butler Harvey comes over with a chicken and asks if everything is okay.

Jim takes Selina to the station and discovers that all of the officers are under Ivy's spell. When Jim says that Ivy is a psycho, the officers take offense and Jim quickly excuses himself.

Oswald is sitting in his cell when a guard comes in and tells him that he has a visitor. It's Edward, who admits that he's there to gloat. Oswald says that he's not a moron like Edward, and Edward tells him that he has friends and a purpose. His former friend figures that there's something else, and tells Edward that he will get out and wipe the smile off of his face with a chainsaw. Edward points out that Oswald is alone and leaves. Oswald notices that Edward has left a piece of paper behind with a riddle on it. It talks about brilliance being locked away, and Oswald realizes that Riddler is still inside of Edward and is going to help him escape.

Jim goes to the morgue and finds the tape recorder. He plays it back and hears Lucius describe a secret biotech lab. As he and Selina starts to go, Harper and two officers come in and say that they didn't like the way Jim was talking about Ivy. Jim and Selina try to convince Harper that they love Ivy, but it doesn't go well and they run.

Oswald is sleeping when two of Jerome's men put a hood on him and take him to the main room. Jerome tells him to make him laugh or else, and puts a noose around Oswald's neck. However, when Jerome removes the hood, he discovers that his prisoner. Oswald comes in and tries to electrocute Jerome but fails, killing Dietrich instead. He grabs a spork but Jerome says that he's still boring and tells his followers to lobotomize Oswald. Oswald says that he's a prison and performs a mime act, entertaining Jerome. Jerome tries to stab him but hits the wall and can't get through. Improvising, Oswald opens the door to let Jerome in, and then knees him in the groin and beats him. Jerome laughs, saying that he'd cure him, and Oswald hits him again.

Fake Bruce entertains his guests with jokes. Jim directs his attention to Gotham and says that "he" will find him eventually. Jim disappears and Alfred swings in through the window and says that he's a special agent. He calls for extraction and a helicopter lifts them both out.

Ivy and Lucius go to the WayneTech biolab and find a bottle filled with green liquid. Lucius explains that it's also known as Lazarus water, and it stimulates cellular growth. She tells Lucius that she's going to use it to make miracles happen.

In the hallucination, Alfred takes Bruce to an alley and says that he as a mission to bring Bruce to a caped figure in the shadows. Bruce realizes that he's in Crime Alley where his parents were killed, and the figure says that it's where he was born. He then drops down on Bruce.

As Ivy and Lucius leave, Jim arrives and aims his gun at them. Ivy puts her sharpened fingernails to Lucius' neck and tells Jim to drop his gun or she'll kill Lucius. Jim does so and Ivy says that if Jim comes after her then Bruce will die. She puts the vial of antidote in Lucius' pocket and says that if he hurries, he can still save Bruce. Ivy walks off and when Lucius refuses to hand over the antidote, Jim punches him and breaks Ivy's spell, and they head to the manor.

The hallucinating Bruce wakes up in a cave and hears someone moving in the darkness. The figure appears and says that he is the one that Bruce cannot kill or escape. Bruce realizes that it's him, and the figure turns into a swarm of bats. They advance on Bruce... and he wakes up and recovers as Jim gives him the antidote.

Once Bruce has fully recovered, Jim tells him that what Bruce went through wasn't real. Bruce says that he saw who he really is, and he's not lucky to have the knowledge. Jim tells him that he sees his own darkness, and Bruce has people who care for him. He advises the boy to trust them, and says that he'll check up on Bruce the next day. As Jim goes, Bruce tells him that he saw him with a mustache. Bruce then calls Alfred and leaves a message saying that he needs his help.

Jim returns to the station and finds everyone back to normal. they admit that they're embarrassed, and Jim tells them that he wants an APB on Ivy. Sofia calls Jim and says that he was right about her enjoying being the queen of Gotham. She figures that she has other ways to hurt Jim and hangs up. Sofia then meets with her sister-in-law Lee.

Oswald is writing his cell when Jerome comes in and says that Oswald gave him what he needed. When Oswald figures that Jerome is planning something. Jerome admits that he's planning something and needs the craziest people possible... like Oswald. They both laugh hysterically at the idea and Jerome says that when they're done, Gotham will be the asylum. Oswald tells Jerome that he doesn't expect to be there long, and Jerome says that he'll come around eventually. Once he leaves, Oswald puts the envelope he's writing to Riddler in the outgoing mail.

At the townhouse she stole, Ivy is mixing her blood with the Lazarus water to grow a flower. The owners come home and tell Ivy to get out. She blows the pollen from the flower onto the couple, killing them instantly and causing plants to burst from their chests.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 10, 2018

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