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Risky Bismuth Recap

Throughout the city, the citizens prepare for the Flag 5 Memorial service.

At Arthur's apartment, Superian lies unconscious. Arthur points out that Mischa mentioned that he had created a substance that could poison Superian, while Tick still insists that he's a robot. He suggests that they call Tick and Dot, but Arthur warns that if Terror learns that Superian is there, he'll send goons to kill them all.

Arthur goes to Tinfoil Kevin's workshop and TK reveals that he has put Mischa inside of a robot suit. Mischa can operate the suit from within, and Arthur tells TK that Superian is at his apartment and dying.

Lint tells her new gang that the team is going to get the device into place and set it all down. Frank points out that they're still calling them the Pyramid Gang, and wonders what their group identity is. he suggests that they would do better with a name, but Lint isn't interested. Derek comes in and wonders what happened to his face. Lint tells Derek that she runs the city now and advises him to go back to sleep, and he does.

Stosh calls Dot in and finds him talking to the Pyramid Gang and Lint. He advises her to go out in the hall so she doesn't hear anything, and Dot records the conversation as she leaves.

Arthur and TK bring Mischa to the apartment, and he realizes that the Bismuth is infecting Superian at a cellular level. Mischa says that Superian should be recovering away from VLM, and explains that he was born in a factory town. He decided to become a scientist and solve the world's hunger problem, and worked to create a growth ray. Mischa wandered the wilderness and was caught in an avalanche, which exposed a Big Bismuth deposit. Using it, Mischa completed his growth ray and Superian was there for his demonstration. Big Bismuth caused a violent explosion of energy and shrank Mischa. He was disbarred and notices that the temperature is rising. TK confirms that Superian is burning up with fever, and Mischa says that they have to get his temperature under control.

On Dangerboat, Dot plays back Stosh's conversation. Overkill insists that it's just thug chatter and tells Dot that her lead is a dud. He grabs her arm, and Dot tells him to let go of her and then leaves.

The group puts Superian in the tub and pours ice on him. Tick goes to get more ice and Arthur goes after him. to insist that he's not a robot. His friend isn't convinced and they go to get ice.

At BTC, Terror reviews his plans to relaunch. He tells the CEOs that he can't just summon a maniacal laugh, and complains about the clichés they're presenting. When he says that he doesn't want a cat, they give him a pig.

Lint and the gang go to the transmitter station and start breaking in. Terror calls Lint and asks for her opinion on his relaunch photos. She irritably says that it's bad, hangs up, and goes back to work. Dot pulls up across the street and goes into the transmitter station.

When Arthur and Tick return, Mischa explains that he became obsessed with his failure and kept reviewing the film of the accident. He realized that he had found Superian's Achilles' heel, and the government found out about Mischa's research and ordered him to develop a weapons program. However, Terror found out about it and took it all. However, Tick destroyed everything Terror took from his lab, including Big Bismuth. =

Dot runs through the transmitter station, avoiding the gang member as they take a large device up to the roof. She ducks into a room and tries to call out but discovers that she has no signal. Overkill comes up behind her and says that they're jamming her phone and his communication. He admits that he lied about the value of her intel so he came to check it out. Overkill explains that Terror is using the station transmitter for something and orders her to go down to the basement and cut the station power. her apologizes for grabbing her arm earlier and leaves.

TK comes out and says that Superian's fever is melting the paint in the bathroom. Mischa says that VLM is Terror's plan. Terror collected the fragments of Big Bismuth that they could fine, and injected it into a man so it would grow inside of him. Then they used the growth ray on VLM, enlarging him and the Big Bismuth inside of him, Tick slips away and Arthur goes after him.

Overkill takes out the gang members, knocking them out rather than killing them because of his promise to Dot.

Arthur finds Tick sitting outside. Tick says that he's not a robot and doesn't know who he is. He wonders what he is, and Arthur tells him that he knows Tick is doing the right thing. If Tick hadn't blown up the weapons then Superian would only be dead. Arthur assures Tick that no one knows who they are and they journey to find out. Tick figures that's him and they go back upstairs.

That night, Lint and the gang attach the device to the transmitted. Overkill steps out and Lint says that she invited him and knew Dot was a spy. She blasts Overkill but the grounding in the suit protects him. She invites him to come and kill her, and activates a gas barrage when Overkill comes at her. Dot cuts the power, and the lights around the transmitter go out. Lint is furious that Overkill brought a date to their showdown, and tells the gang members to find Dot. Overkill points out that there's no power, and Lint notes that she is the power. She grabs the cable and powers up the transmitter,.

the signal hits VLM and he turns toward the city.

Superian is watching a TV commercial that he made about industrial effluent. Tick and Arthur come in, and Mischa says that Superian is feeling better. Superian collapses when Tick tries to shake his hand, and Mischa figures that Tick is killing Superian. TK sees VLM on the TV, heading to the city. Mischa tells them that VLM arriving in the city is the final stage of Terror's plan.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 10, 2018

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