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The Beginning of the End Recap

VLM follows the radio signal toward the City.

At the radio station, Dot tries to turn the power on without success. Two armed gang members come in and Dot quickly hides in a locker before they can see her. They look around and then leave

Arthur gets Superian a bucket in case he throws up, and Mischa explains that Tick was covered in particles of Big Bismuth when Tick blew up the wharf. Now that Tick is away, Superian's condition is improving but he can't go near VLM when the colossus is filled with Big Bismuth. Mischa explains that Terror plans to use the Big Bismuth in VLM's bloodstream as the payload to kill Superian. Terror had Mischa put a device in the moth suit to blow up VLM, and Mischa figures that Terror let Arthur escape so that he would trigger the explosion. The doctor says that he needs to work on the suit and takes Superian to bed.

Goat comes in and complains that his grandmother gave Tick all of his ice while he had the night off. The bodega owner sees Mischa carrying Superian to the bedroom and goes over to watch.

At Tinfoil Kevin's workshop, TK removes all of the Big Bismuth particles from Tick's costume.

Goat takes a photo of Superian to show to his friends, and Arthur takes his phone away and says that the world is in trouble so they have to keep Superian's condition a secret. Mischa says that they have to go back to TK's workshop.

After TK removes all the crystals from every inch of Tick, the others return and Mischa removes the Catalyzer device from the moth suit. Terror was going to activate the device remotely, blowing up VLM and killing Superian. Mischa figures that he can alter the Catalyzer to shrink VLM down to normal size.

Lint ties up Overkill and complains that she didn't call him when he arrived in town. She wonders if he even cares, and he admits that he stalked her until he realized she didn't know Terror was alive. Lint figures that there was more than that, and says that she and Straight Shooter had something special. Overkill says that she took advantage of him to get the codes to the Flag Five HQ. He tells her to just get to the torture, and she shocks him.

Dot leaves the generator room.

Ouma is watching the news about VLM when Arthur comes in. He tries to reassure her that there's nothing to worry about, and Ouma says that she tells Goat to be more like Arthur. Arthur tells her that's bad advice.

At BTC, Terror is practicing the drums while Hannity and Larry wait outside and wonder if the drumming means their new boss is in a good mood. Terror storms out and says that he's hearing two discordant notes in his plan, and his goons points out the TV news reporter asking where Superian is. Terror tells them to check with the Urmanians and discover if they've recaptured Mischa yet. The villain then says that he wants to know where all of Arthur's family is.

Dot hides as Imhotep and Dennis go by, talking about Overkill. She takes a gun from one of the fallen guards and goes to find Overkill.

Superian wakes up and Arthur tells him what's going on. The hero knows about Big Bismuth and says that it's "baggage". He admits that he wasn't sure if Terror was dead and just wanted it to be over with, so he didn't look too much into Terror's supposed death. Arthur wonders why he helps them, and Superian says that he wants to be a good person. Goat comes in and says that Mischa needs to see him. As Arthur goes, Superian tells him that the secret to Terror's plans is that they don't make any sense.

At the robot head, Mischa tells Arthur and Tick that he altered the Catalyzer. All they have to do is get it within a hundred feet of VLM's brain and it will theoretically shrink him to normal size. He admits that there is a 80% chance it could cause VLM to explode and kill Arthur. Tick offers to do it, but Arthur points out that he won't fit in the suit. Arthur puts on the suit and Mischa confirms that he's disabled Terror's remote trigger of the Catalyzer. Arthur checks the heads up and realizes that he has hand tasers.

Lint admits that Overkill looks good and figures that he doesn't find her attractive anymore. Overkill assures her that he does, but she's back working for Terror. He saw good in her, and Lint figures that wasn't what he was attracted to her. Overkill says that all that matters to him is killing Overkill, and Lint offers to make it happen. She admits that things haven't been great between them and she runs the city. If Overkill kills Terror then they both when, and Lint tells Overkill where Terror is. Dot climbs through the vents and hears them talking as Overkill refuses Lint's offer because he doesn't trust her. She goes back to torturing him and he tells her to give him more.

Walter is at the Flag Five memorial ceremony as Midnight makes the speech. Arthur calls and asks to speak to his mother, and Walter rambles on about breakfast. He finally says that his wife went to get something to eat and he's holding their place at the ceremony. Arthur realizes that he won't get to say goodbye to his mother, and tells Walter that the VLM is heading to the city so they have to find shelter while he stops VLM. Walter wishes him good luck and hangs up as the sirens go off. Midnight tells the audience that the authorities are asking them to clear the park because of the city-wide emergency. Joan returns and Walter tells her what Arthur said and there's something she needs to know about him.

Lint runs low on charge and tells Overkill that there's nothing left to do but finish him off. The sprinklers go off and Dot comes in, gun drawn. Lint can't fry Dot without frying herself. Dot frees Overkill and tells them to get some therapy, and then leaves with him.

Tick and Arthur arrive at the army barricade and Tick tells Arthur that he doesn't want him to go. Arthur figures that it's all happening for a reason, and he now believes that destiny is real and wants him to go... and Tick to let him. VLM approaches and the two heroes shake hands. Tick goes to delay VLM while Arthur soars into the sky.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 11, 2018

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