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The End of the Beginning (Of the Start of the Dawn of the Age of Superheroes) Recap

The City's residents watch on the news as VLM approaches the city and the news tells everyone that it's too late to watch. The news caster calls on Superian, begging him to show up, and he wakes up and flies off.

Tick punches VLM's toe, bringing him to a stop. VLM stares down at him and Tick beats up the toe, while Arthur flies up and tells VLM that the Catalyzer will shrink him back to normal size or blow them up. Either way, they'll save Superian's life, and Arthur activates the Catalyzer. Nothing happens, and Arthur realizes that it's a countdown situation. They both wait as the timer counts down from 30. Superian flies up and tells Arthur that he's saving his life.

Dot drives Overkill away from the radio station, and Overkill tells her to drive to BTC. He explains that he went into cardiac arrest eight months ago, and he's only talking because of his indomitable will and military drugs.

Terror is thrilled to hear the news report that Superian has arrived. He prepares to trigger VLM and then go live with the gloat.'

Arthur tells Superian to leave while he can, but the dazed Superian insists that he has to stop VLM. The Catalyzer activates and Terror wonders what's going on.

Dot pulls over and tries to revive Overkill.

Tick asks Destiny to do what it should. VLM shrinks down to normal size, and a furious Terror complains that he's going off-script and flies into a fury.

Arthur wakes up on the ground and Tick finds him. Tick explains that Arthur prevailed.

The army finds Superian and congratulates him. He has no idea what happened and asks how everybody is doing.

Tick and Arthur find the former VLM, now back to his normal Clifford Richter size. He goes to the military to get some point, and Arthur tells Tick that they should leave. Dot calls him on the helmet and says that she and Overkill know why Terror is hiding. She admits that she infiltrates and tells Arthur to focus. Dot warns that Terror won't stay long, and Arthur says that he's on his way.

Hannity and the goons are packing up Terror's office, and he talks about the secret ingredient he's been putting in it: his urine. Lint arrives and demands an explanation. Terror admits that his plan is falling apart and Arthur must have found Mischa. Lint asks what they do next, and Terror suggests that they find Overkill and get him to try and off Terror. He knows Lint has been weird since he came back, and Lint says that she's realized that Terror doesn't have a vision and none of it makes sense. She suggests that they rob things that make sense and tries to kill him. The bracelets shut down her power as Terror always intended, and Terror says that they're going to attack Arthur's mother. Terror's flying T-Ship--the giant T in the BTC building logo--soon flies off.

Dangerboat contacts Arthur and says that he's very brace. Arthur and Tick are heading for BTC, and Dangerboat tells him that Terror has launched his T-Ship and is heading for the memorial. Arthur realizes that Terror is going for his mother and flies there. Once Dangerboat signs off, he declares his love for Arthur.

The T-Ship flies over the City, and Lint realizes that Terror has been controlling her all along.

Walter and Joan go out on the street, and Joan says that she wanted Arthur to have a normal life. her second husband suggests that Arthur is supposed to have a special life and Joan agrees. The T-Ship approaches and the people run in fear. Tick and Arthur arrive nearby and see Terror's goons taking Walter and Joan away. Tick leaps up at the ship and knocks it over, and the T-Ship takes evasive maneuvers. Arthur uses his hand tasers on the goons.

Terror and Lint realize that they Tick is on the ship. Tick is ripping apart the hull to get in.

Walter suddenly cuts loose and beats up the goons holding him. Between him and Arthur, they defeat the goons. Walter removes his hood and feigns ignorance, suggesting the goons turned on each over. Arthur embraces Joan, who says that she likes the outfit.

Terror orders his goons to shake Tick off. Tick holds on, and Terror heads to the escape pod only for Lint to shut it in his face. She gives him the finger and escapes, and Terror admits that she got him good.

Arthur tells everyone to get to cover as the T-Ship comes down. He spots one stunned bystander and pulls him out of the way just as the T-Ship crashes where the man was standing. Arthur calls to Tick, and Terror breaks out of the ruins and complains that Arthur ruined his life. He tells Arthur that his life is a joke, and he's the only one making the musical comedy of life work. Arthur insists that it was all Destiny and Terror is just a senile old man. He tells Terror that he is has nothing, and Terror takes out a gun.

Tick steps out and says that the bullets won't pierce Arthur's heart. Terror aims his gun at Arthurs face, and Arthur tells him that he's already won. Superian is alive and everyone knows that Terror is alive. Tick promises that he'll take Terror apart. Terror insists that he was trying to take the world back, just as Superian arrives and freezes him with his super-breath. He thanks Arthur and Tick for the assist.

As Tick and Arthur leave, Tick tells Arthur that he did more than expose Terror to the world. They watch as the man Arthur rescued reunites with his friend. Nearby, Dot hugs Joan as Overkill and Walter watch, and Arthur waves to Dot. Everyone takes their photo with Superian, and a disgusted Overkill watches. Dot comes over and Overkill complains that he was robbed of his vengeance. She says that eventually Terror will escape and Overkill will have another shot at him. He reluctantly thanks her.

Arthur and Tick look at the Flag Five memorial, and Arthur reads the inscription that they fight for freedom rather than heroism. Midnight tells them that the inscription was plagiarized, and asks how Tick's quest for life is going. The dog recognizes Arthur and congratulates him, and they shake. Midnight warns him to tread carefully now that he's in the public eye and runs off.

As Tick and Arthur walk away, Arthur wonders what to do with his feeling of accomplishment. He wonders what Midnight meant, and Tick assures him that they'll find out. Above, an AEGIS drone secretly watches them for a moment before flying off to join a group of others.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 11, 2018

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