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The Collaborators Recap

At the Campbell home, Pete and Trudy entertain two couples from the neighborhood. Pete arranges to meet one of the women in the city with tickets to Hair for she and her husband.

In the elevator, Don witnesses Sylvia asking Arnold for money. Arnold joins Don in the elevator and comments that Don is lucky Megan has a job. Don and Arnold discuss dinner plans. Arnold exits while Don heads back upstairs under the pretense of getting cigarettes. Don knocks on the Rosens’ door. Sylvia answers in her robe. “I knew it would be you,” she says.

In a flashback, a young Dick Whitman and his pregnant mother, Abigail, meet Abigail’s sister, Ernestine, in a rooming house. Ernestine introduces Dick to Mack, who informs Dick that, “I’m the rooster around here.”

In bed together, Sylvia tells Don she feels bad going to dinner with Arnold and Megan. Don tells her that he doesn’t think about it and that they are both good company. Preparing to leave for work, Don hands Sylvia a few dollars and says, “You found it in the cookie jar.”

At CGC, Peggy’s secretary tells her that the creatives don’t like Peggy. When the creatives enter her office, Peggy immediately shoots down their Clearasil strategy, but then gives them a pep talk.

Pete enters his city apartment with Brenda, one of the female neighbors that he was talking to earlier with Trudy. The two kiss then head to the bed.

Heinz baked beans rep Raymond Geiger brings Timmy, a Heinz ketchup rep, to meet with SCDP even though Timmy is currently with DDB. After Timmy leaves, Raymond tells Don and Ken not to contact Timmy or his division. Don and Ken debate how to proceed.

In lingerie, Brenda strategizes their next tryst. Pete encourages her to “move it along a little.”

In the laundry room, Sylvia sees Megan fire the maid. Megan bursts into tears. They go upstairs. Megan confesses that she recently miscarried, and adds that she hasn’t told Don.

Peggy finds a bottle of feminine hygiene powder on her desk. She brings it to Ted, who says it’s “somebody’s idea of a joke.” “Of course, when you want them to be funny, they’re useless,” Peggy responds.

Joan rebuffs Herb Rennet from Jaguar then pours herself a drink in Don’s office.

In Pete’s office, Herb says he wants SCDP to ask for more local exposure from the Jaguar campaign.

Peggy calls Stan, who tells her about Raymond and Timmy. Peggy hangs up when Ted walks in then shares the Heinz story.

Megan tells Don, she’s not feeling well so she wants him to go to dinner with the Rosens without her.

Pete and Trudy hear screams for help outside their house. Brenda appears in the doorway with her face bloodied. A man shouts, “Hey, Campbell! She’s your problem now!”

Don joins Arnold and Sylvia at the restaurant. The three discuss war until Arnold receives a phone call.

Trudy tends to Brenda as Pete offers to contact her family. When Trudy leaves the room, Brenda says, “Take me to the city, I want to be with you.” Trudy returns and offers to drive Brenda to a hotel.

At the restaurant, Arnold excuses himself for work, but insists Don and Sylvia stay. Don and Sylvia bicker until Don snaps, “Now I understand. You want to feel shitty right up until the point where I take your dress off.” Later, the two embrace. Sylvia cautions against falling in love: “It won’t be so French anymore.”

Pete lies awake in bed. Trudy walks in. She turns off the light.

Megan tells Don about her miscarriage when he returns from dinner.

The next morning, Trudy confronts Pete about his infidelity and informs him “this is over.” Instead of divorce, however, Trudy says: “I’m drawing a fifty mile radius around this house, and if you so much as open your fly to urinate, I will destroy you.”

At CGC, Ted hands Peggy a Heinz ketchup brief. Peggy resists, saying she shouldn’t have shared confidential information. “This is how wars are won,” says Ted. “Your friend’s mistake was underestimating you.”

At the Jaguar meeting, Don halfheartedly pitches Herb’s new strategy. The Jaguar executives reject the idea. “That was the deftest self-immolation I’ve ever seen,” Roger says.

Later, Don knocks on the Rosens’ service door but Arnold is home.

In a flashback, Dick looks through a keyhole and watches Mack and his mother in bed.

Don stops outside his apartment door, sits down in the hallway, and leans against the wall.


Written by MichaelDeBoey on Oct 29, 2015

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