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The War to End All Wars Recap

At St. Mihiel, France, in 1918, a soldier calls for Captain Albright. He finally locates Albright ling on the ground, and goes to get the truck. Albright grabs a folder with a cell phone from a nearby corpse, and brings up the Rittenhouse logo.

In the modern day at Mason Industries, Wyatt and Rufus prepare to leave. Lucy isn't there, and Wyatt tries to call her again. At the Preston house, the phone lies on the floor and rings. As he calls, Wyatt sees a flashing light on a propane tanks. He yells a warning to Rufus as the bomb explodes.

Six Weeks Later

In a beachfront bunker, a cut and bleeding Wyatt showers. Afterward, he smashes the mirror with his first as he looks at his reflection. Jiya comes in and apologizes for seeing him naked, and quickly excuses himself. Once he dresses Wyatt goes to the outside door but discovers that it's locked. He goes to where the lifeboat is kept and finds Rufus working on it. Wyatt finally gets Rufus' attention and takes the grinder and mask that Rufus is working with. He goes to the door and starts cutting it open, and Rufus warns that the door is an inch thick. Rufus says that it won't help for Wyatt to get out to look for Lucy if they're wanted.

Denise opens the doors from the outside and says that she has trust issues with Wyatt. She says that they're still looking for Lucy, and points out that Rittenhouse blew up mason Industries and are more dangerous than ever. When Wyatt starts to go anyway, Denise tells him that she has two guards stationed outside with orders to shoot. She reminds them that the bunker is off-the-grid and the only way they're leaving is via the Lifeboat. Wyatt storms off and Rufus tells Denise that the Lifeboat is about ready.

Back in the main room, the team activates the Lifeboat but after a moment, it shuts down. Rufus admits that he may have miscalculated, and Jiya assures him that they'll try again. He tells her to take a break before she gets another headache, but Jiya insists that she's fine. Connor comes in and says that he may have found the cause of the malfunction. Rufus tells him that he's not helping and walks off. Connor walks off as well as Wyatt comes in, and Denise points out that Connor is grieving like all of them. Wyatt says that he's not mourning Lucy because Rittenhouse wants her, and as soon as he gets out then he's going to find her.

Lucy is getting dressed and glances at an article about the explosion at Mason industries. Carol comes in and says that the trip is important for both of them, and Lucy assures her that she's ready.

The Mothership arrives in 1918 and Lucy, Carol, and Emma come out with an armed Rittenhouse guard, Mac. Carol takes in the new setting and asks if Lucy is ready, and Lucy says that they should go and change history.

The women make their way to a cottage and Carol says that they're waiting for Nicholas Keens. She refuses to divulge more information, and Lucy and Emma bicker about how Lucy inherited her position in Rittenhouse. Carol finally tells them to stop, and tells Lucy that the trip is her chance to get answered. Once Lucy does, all of her questions will be answered. A soldier approaches the cottage and when Carol and Lucy come out, he says that his friend needs help. Carol tells him that's why he's there.

Rufus fixes the problem and Jiya confirms that the Mothership is in 1918 near St. Mihiel. Wyatt says that they've got to go because the nearby battle was a bloodbath. Jiya confirms that the Mothership landed two days ago, and Denise insists on going with Wyatt and Rufus. She warns that they need to stop Rittenhouse no matter what, but Wyatt refuses to occupy the third suit so that they can bring Lucy home.

Emma and Carol work on their delirious patient, Nicholas, while the soldier Edward asks if they're Americans. Carol claims that their volunteer nurses, and tells Lucy to get Edward outside. As Lucy leads him out, Edward says that he's from Michigan. Carol takes out a defibrillator and tells Lucy to get Edward out. When he refuses, Emma shoots him in the leg. She says that she thought Lucy should take care of it and gives Edward's rifle to him. Emma tells Lucy that they have to protect the mission, and after a moment Lucy takes the rifle, apologizes to Edward, and shoots him dead. Emma warns that she needs an x-ray to remove the shrapnel in Nicholas' body. Carol asks if Lucy is okay, and Lucy says that she's fine. She suggests that they get an x-ray machine there.

Later, Lucy, Carol, and Mac go to a nearby field hospital. Lucy asks Carol if she's going to have to shoot innocent people, and Carol admits that Emma isn't convinced that Lucy has embraced Rittenhouse. The women tell Mac that there should be a "petite Curie" portable x-ray machine at the local field hospital. They find Irene Curie and say that they need someone who can use the machine to operate on a soldier. Irene goes to get her mother, Marie, and Lucy warns Carol that if Marie gets hurt then it could endanger history. Carol insists that it's important.

Marie comes out with the chief surgeon, who complains that he's not going to let an adulteress go off on her own. Irene points out that the surgeon is having an affair of his own, and he storms off. Marie says that she has an injured soldier to tend to and will show Lucy how to operate the machine. Lucy says that she needs water and goes to a nearby tent over Carol's objections. Once she's alone, Lucy goes to a weapon tent and loads up several grenades. Wyatt grabs her as she leaves, and Lucy is astonished that he's alive and Rufus is with him. She hugs them and says that they have to go, and Carol is part of Rittenhouse. Lucy explains that they should take care of the Mothership and gives them directions, and admits that she wasn't planning on going home. Carol calls to Lucy and Lucy tells the men that she'll see them there and goes outside. She joins Carol and Marie and they go off together as Mac glances back at the tent. Rufus figures that Wyatt is happy that Lucy is alive, and Wyatt abruptly says that they need their historian.

At the bunker, Connor is looking at video of the explosion. Jiya comes over and asks for his help getting the systems online. Connor admits that he doesn't have the skills to help them anymore, and becoming rich and powerful made him useless. Jiya suddenly passes out and when she wakes up, Connor points that it's the second spell that she's had. She refuses to let him comfort her and says that they have to prevent the apocalypse.

At the cottage, Marie assures Carol and Lucy that her equipment is safe. Irene explains that her mother was injured in a car accident and they didn't realize she was alive. Marie says that there's something wrong with the machine, and sends Irene to check the battery. Lucy goes with her.

Wyatt and Rufus walk through the field hospital camp and Rufus admits that he's not thrilled that they're chasing Rittenhouse through time again. His teammate points out that they've got it pretty good, and they find a truck to steal. As they hotwire it, Captain Albright and his men arrest them. Wyatt insists that they're volunteers, and Albright takes them to a tent. Mac is waiting and Rufus realizes that it's a trap. They fight and Rufus hits Mac with a lamp, setting him on fire. Wyatt stabs him to death and finds Albright's cell phone.

Irene adjusts the cables running from the truck battery to the x-ray machine, and walks Lucy through the procedure to make the connections. They talk about their mothers and how neither one thought they were good enough. Irene insists that Marie didn't drag her there, and she can't imagine having fun with lab work when she could be of service. Marie, Carol, and Emma come out and Marie complains that the image is still blurry. She figures that there's some kind of interference, and Emma tells them that the x-ray is good enough. Carol thanks them for their help and goes inside with Emma, and Lucy bids them goodbye.

Wyatt and Rufus drive to the cottage, and Wyatt points out that his family thinks that he's dead and Jiya is having headaches. He tells Wyatt to admit that he loves Lucy, but Wyatt says nothing. They wonder how long Albright has been there to get the soldiers' trust.

In the cottage, Emma reports that Nicholas is stable. She and Carol go into the next room to talk about the next steps, and Lucy goes into Nicholas' room. She picks up a pillow and prepares to smother him, and Carol comes in and says that she hoped Emma was wrong. Lucy says that if she hadn't killed Edward, Emma would have. Carol insists that she had no say in blowing up the Lifeboat and Lucy's friends, and she brought Lucy because she wants them to be close again. Lucy points out that she's been lying to her her entire time, and Carol insists that she's still the same person and everything that she's done she's done for Lucy. She warns that if Lucy tries something similar, she won't be able to protect her. Emma comes in and asks if Nicholas is ready, and Carol tells Lucy that he's coming home with them.

Wyatt finds scanned manuscripts on the phone for what Rittenhouse could do with a time machine... written in 1910. Using a time machine, they'd own the world and wouldn't have to control it. The truck runs out of gas.

Lucy, Carol, and Emma take Nicholas to the Mothership. Marie and Irene are there, tracking down the interference. Emma prepares to show them, and Lucy asks carol how she could hurt them. Marie asks them to spare Irene, and Carol orders Emma to put the gun down. Emma prepares to shoot anyway, and Lucy throws herself between Emma and the Curies. Carol tells Emma to put the gun down, and Emma says that she was ordered to kill Lucy if Carol couldn't do it. Emma shows her that she found the grenade that Lucy brought to blow up the Mothership, and warns Carol that she can't protect Lucy anymore.

Wyatt and Rufus arrive and threaten to shoot Nicholas. He says that they can leave with Nicholas if they hand Lucy over. After a moment, Emma releases Lucy. Lucy asks Carol to come along with them, saying that she'd forgive her if she joined the right side of history. Her mother says that it's bigger than both of them. Emma tells Lucy that she took a few trips in the Mothership to make sure that Lucy's sister Amy never comes back. Carol and Emma then leave in the Mothership.

The team returns to the bunker in the Lifeboat and Lucy comes out first. She goes to the room prepared for her and Wyatt admits that it wasn't what she was expecting. Lucy says that she wasn't expecting to come home at all, and explains that she killed someone. She admits that she chose to do it to prove that she was loyal to Rittenhouse, and she did it because she thought she was the only one left. Lucy explains that she would have sacrificed herself to stop Rittenhouse, and then Wyatt showed up. She wonders if she could have stopped them if he hadn't come, and Wyatt tells her that Emma would have killed her. Lucy admits that she's not sure if Carol would have stopped Emma, and breaks into tears at the thought of having lost everything. Wyatt hugs her and says that she hasn't lost him. As they start to kiss, Jiya comes in and says that they're going to want to see something.

When Wyatt and Lucy go to the control room, Connor says that the Mothership has visited ten destinations in the last six weeks. Carol didn't tell Lucy about the trip, and Rufus explains that the notes talk about "pressure points" in history. Wyatt figures that Rittenhouse planted agents throughout history, all waiting to be activated. When Lucy mentions that they were working in Nicholas, Wyatt says that Nicholas wrote the Rittenhouse manifesto.

Nicholas wakes up and Carol tells him that he's with Rittenhouse in 2018. She says that he was right about time travel and everything he wrote about has come to pass. Now they have things to write about. Carol tells Nicholas that she's his granddaughter.

Connor and Jiya go over the manifesto, and Denise figures that there's someone who can figure it out. She takes it to a cell in the bunker and tells the imprisoned Garcia that they need to talk. He demands to talk to Lucy.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 12, 2018

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