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No Country for Old Dads Recap

The morning after they have sex, Sara and Ava relax in the mess room and have breakfast. Zara comes in and suggests that they go to Mt. St. Helens before she realizes that Ava is there. She realizes that Ava stayed the night, and Sarah wonders why there are so many dirty dishes when Ray usually washes them. Gideon doesn't know, and puts Gary on. He says that a bottle was delivered to them with a Palmer Tech phone inside of it. Gary plays the message of Ray saying that the Darhks have abducted him. He asks them not to come after him because Damien has threatened to kill him after taking him to a Grateful Dead concert.

Once Ray is done, Ray asks Damien, Nora, and Kuasa if they won't torture him since he did what they wanted. Kuasa advances on Ray with an electrical pod. After they get done torturing Ray, Nora tries to get the Totem to work. It doesn't, and Nora asks Kuasa why she can't access its power. Kuasa tells her that Nora needs to find a selfless reason to wield it. Damien has a piece of the Fire Totem, and Kuasa flinches back. She points out that it once killed her, and says that it would take a brilliant mind to fix it. The three villains look at Ray.

In the control room, Sara scans the records for Ray. Wally and Rip arrive and Wally compares notes with Sara about the last time that they met, at Barry and Iris' wedding. Rip apologizes to Sara and Ava for keeping them in the dark, and Nate and Mick return from a Grateful Dead concert where they were looking for Ray. Wally takes the pair of Jerry Garcia glasses that Mick stole, until Nate explains that they let their teammates take souvenirs.

Ray refuses to cooperate with the Darhks, and Damien threatens to kill Ray's mother in 1982. After a moment, Ray gives in.

At Upswitz HQ in 2018, Damien, Ray, and Nora teleport into the building and Damien telekinetically tosses Alan around and Nora tells Ray to use his former lab to get to work.

Sara tells Nate to hit the books while Gideon scans the anachronism map. Ava heads back to the Time Bureau to put their resources on the search, and Amaya suggests that she meditate with Zari and use her Totem to contact the Spirit Totem. Wally explains that he's been doing a lot of meditating, and Sara tells him to help.

Damien discusses how long to mourn his dead wife with Nora, and Alan tries to give him some advice. Nora complains that she's annoyed, and Damien snaps Alan's neck. Ray tells them that they have to go back to the Big Bang or invent cold fusion to power the Totem. Damien says that Bernhard Vogal developed cold fusion in 1962. Ray has never heard of him, and Damien tells him that there's a good reason that he hasn't. The oil companies hired him to assassinate Bernhard in East Berlin to make sure that no one ever found out about his discovery. Damien heads off to East Berlin 1962 to stop his younger self, and Nora insists on going with him. She suggests that she and Ray go back, pose as American agents, and convince Bernhard that they're to help him. Nora wants to take Ray because they need a peer to get Bernhard's trust, and Damien reluctantly agrees.

In 1962, Nora and Ray appear in the shower. Bernhard is on the toilet, and he says that he won't discuss cold fusion until he's reunited with his family. When he goes to get his daughter's gift, Ray tells him that an assassin is on the way.

Young Damien kills the two men guarding the building and goes inside.

Bernhard refuses to leave without the doll, and he realizes that they're not CIA. An agent barges in and Nora tries to use her magic on him. Nothing happens and he pins her to the wall until Ray knocks him out. Nora figures that the nanites are interfering with her powers. Bernhard goes for the doll as more agents come in.

Damien kills his way past more guards.

Ray and Nora tackle the guards and take them out.

Young Damien hears the fight.

As Ray and Nora take out the guards, Damien arrives and kills the others. Nora and Ray take Bernhard back into the bathroom and shut the door, and as Nora uses the Time Stone to time jump, Young Damien shoots through the door and hits it. Ray leads them out the window and they jump onto a passing truck which drives away as Young Damien watches.

Amaya, Zari, and Wally prepare to go on a vision quest. Wally explains that back in Central City, he helped Nate get over his "basic bitch" dumping him. Amaya says that she was the "basic bitch", and Wally quickly leaves.

When the truck stops, Ray says that they need to come up with a Plan B. Nora threatens to break Bernhard's fingers if he doesn't tell them the secret of cold fusion, but Bernhard says that he's already faced the pain of never seeing his family again. His daughter Greta let him keep the doll when Bernhard used all of his money to get her and his wife to freedom. Nora reluctantly stops and complains that they're stuck, and Damien will lord it over her that she failed. Ray figures that once they get Bernhard across the border, he'll talk. Nora figures that it's impossible without magic, but Ray insides that it's possible and tells Nora that it's time to show her she can handle herself. Nora asks Bernhard where they can get forged papers.

Bernhard takes them to the forger's address, but there's no one there. Ray finds a secret passageway leading to the forger's workshop, and they go to work making fake IDs. Nora steals a diplomatic car to get them across the border, and then captures a couple and brings them in so they can take their disguises.

Damien lies next to Alan's corpse and wonders if Nora is testing him. He wonders if Nora wants him more involved, and decides to take action rather than wallow in doubt. Damien arrives in 1962 and finds the shards of the Time Stone, and vows to find Nora.

At the checkpoint, Bernhard, Ray, and Nora drive up. Ray warns that he's a terrible liar, and the guard stops them and asks for their papers. He wonders why they were in East Berlin, and Ray rambles about the opera until Nora interrupts and says that they made a long night of it. When the guard says that he needs to check with his supervisor, Nora says that her husband is an important man and starts to call the supervisor over. The guard hastily lets them through, while Young Damien draws a bead on the car. Before he can shoot, Damien telekinetically throws the guard into the air. Young Damien opens fire, and Nora realizes that her version of her father is there. Damien gets in and says that he's saving them, tells them to strap in, and orders Bernhard to floor it.

Bernhard drives back to the forger's home and Nora insists that she can handle herself. She complains that she's the only one taking things seriously, and Damien points out that that they're going to take Bernhard back to 2018 and torture him. Nora warns that it won't work because Bernhard values his family more than himself, and Damien realizes that Ray is having a good influence on her. He starts to magically choke Ray, and Nora complains that Damien is a man-child. She yells at Damien to leave her alone and walks out, and Damien lets Ray go.

Ava returns to Waverider and says that Bennett is refusing any meeting with Rip. Sara is busy throwing knives at a photo of Damien, and Rip watches as she and Ava kiss.

In the vision quest, Amaya and Zari find themselves in a twisted mist-covered forest. Amaya realizes that something is wrong.

Young Damien confronts Nora and asks if she was expecting someone else.

Damien talks to Ray and Bernhard about losing his daughter. Ray finally says that if he cares about Nora, then he shouldn't let her be a conduit for a primordial evil. He suggests that Damien tell Nora how he feels because she's trying to impress him. Damien figures that she knows how proud she is of him, but Ray says that she only knows what Damien tells him. Young Damien calls and tells Damien to meet him so that he can exchange Nora for Bernhard.

Before he leaves, Damien ties up Ray and explains about the exchange. Damien blames himself, and Ray tells him that together they can save Nora if Damien gives him his Atom suit back. Unimpressed, Damien takes Bernhard with him.

Young Damien ties Nora to a wheelchair and explains that he's going to kill him.

Amaya and Zari walk through the dreamscape, and Amaya says that she can feel her Totem but it's different. Zari's Totem glows, and the Ancestor Woman appears. She says that the longer the Dahrks have the Totem, the more it's corrupted. The Woman tells Amaya that she must get Kuasa back, and soon Amaya will need her. The first Totem bearers imprisoned a great evil, Mallus. He can't enter the real world, but time doesn't exist in the timescape. The more time is broken, the closer Mallus comes to breaking free. If the Legends don't stop the villains from creating Anachronisms, Mallus will go free.

A masked Damien arrives at the rendezvous with Bernhard. Young Damien steps out, shoots Bernhard, and throws Nora over the edge of the building. Damien telekinetically catches her, and Young Damien shoots at him. His older self magically stops the bullets, and Young Damien attacks him.

Ray sees his Atom suit where Damien left it, and manages to verbally activate it despite his gag. It refuses to acknowledge any further verbal commands.

Nora keeps dropping and rising as Damien tries to telekinetically hold her up while Young Damien beats him. Young Damien finally manages to garrote Damien.

Ray gets the gag off and orders the suit to fire blasters. When it fires at full strength and misses, ray orders it to lower the power and change its aim.

Nora tells Damien that he has to let her go or he'll die, and she can't lose him again. Damien yells that he loves her and lets her go, and she drops out of sight. After a moment she flies back up using the Totem, and Damien says that he won't die because he has something to live for. He levitates Young Damien up, and Nora kicks him.

The Ancestor Woman realizes that Nora has claimed the Totem's power and disappears.

Damien telekinetically paralyzes Young Damien and Nora knocks him unconscious. The East Berlin police arrive and the Darhks attack them. Atom arrives and a dying Bernhard says that everything atom needs to know about cold fusion is inside the doll. The hero insists that the planet needs Bernhard's mind, but Damien shoots Bernhard dead. Nora grabs Atom as he flies off and slams him onto the roof, and then rips out the suit's power pack. She realizes that the doll holds the secret of cold fusion, but Atom refuses to give it to her and aims his blasters at her. Nora figures that she won't shoot him, and Atom blasts a hole in the Berlin Wall.

Waverider shakes and Gideon says that something has caused an Anachronism in 1962. They realize that it's Ray, while the timestream starts ripping. Sara orders Waverider to 1962 and tells Wally that it's time to see how fast he is.

Once the timeship arrives, Kid Flash finds Atom and speeds away with him. Damien teleports away with Nora.

Wally and Ray return to Waverider and greet their teammates. Ray shows them the secret to cold fusion in the doll, and Wally grabbed the Fire Totem from Damien's pocket. Zari and Amaya come in and explain that the Spirit Totem has been corrupted and they learned why the Dahrks are destroying history. Rip suggests that Ava notify the Time Bureau. She calls Bennett and they explain what they've learned. Bennett doesn't care, just as Grodd beats him to death. Rip points out that Ava is now in command of the Time Bureau, and asks if he can return to work. A shocked Ava agrees.

Nate is working out when Ray comes in to thank him. Ray says that Nora is a real person beneath the villainy, and Nate wonders if Ray has the hots for her. Nate warns that Nora is bonkers, but Ray figures that there's hope for her.

Sara asks Wally if he's sticking around. Wally wants to go to the Time Bureau, and says that he's getting a vibe that the others hate him. The team leader says that's par for the course with the Legends, and figures that Wally would fit in. Rip and Ava ask Wally if he's ready to leave, and he tells them that he's going to stay. As Rip congratulates him, Ava says that they have business to tend to and Sara asks her to call her when she gets a chance. Once Sara and Wally leave, Rip realizes that Ava and Sara are involved. Once Ava goes through the portal, Rip tells Gideon to delete a file so Sara never finds out the truth about Ava.

Damien apologizes to Nora and admits that he lost the Fire Totem. He offers her hot chocolate--her favorite--and Nora says that she's glad that he let Mallus possess her. Damien assures his daughter that he's proud of her no matter what, and goes to get some brandy for the hot chocolate. Nora winces in sudden pain and her eyes turn red as she hears something growling in her head. Damien comes back and asks if everything is okay, and Nora tells him that she's fine.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 12, 2018

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