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Let Pinhead Sing! Recap

At a show at the Hollywood Bowl, dancers perform while the star, Axara, comes in. She takes the stage and starts singing... and a fireworks rocket shoots out of the crowd and hits Jill Murray, one of the backup dancers who is dressed just like Axara.

Lucifer meets with Linda and says that he's taking himself out of God's spotlight. He figures that there's better ways to spend his time, and Linda suggests that he's taking a step back because of the bomb scare with him and Chloe. She suggests that maybe it's good that Lucifer is quitting if God is targeting Chloe, and Lucifer admits that he should mellow out and stop provoking God.

Marcus is in his office playing guitar when Emma comes and offers him a compliment box to cheer him up. It has positive notes from everyone in the precinct house so that he can read them and cheer himself up. Emma reads several notes about his arms, and quickly leaves when she realizes that there's all theirs is. As Emma goes, she runs into Dan and says that he has to cheer Marcus up. Dan warns that Marcus isn't his fan, but Emma says that he's positive dude #1 and Dan agree to try.

At the arena, Chloe and Lucifer talk to Axara's manager, Rohan Donahue. Rohan explains that Axara and Jill decided to switch positions at the last minute, and tells Chloe that she'll have to ask Axara for details. Emma confirms that fireworks weren't part of Axara's show, and Lucifer figures the killer will keep trying. Axara's personal assistant Cece agrees with him, and Lucifer figures that he won't be able to take himself out of the spotlight but he can take Chloe out of it. She wonders what he's talking about and Lucifer says that she'll thank him later.

Lucifer and Chloe go to Axara's bodyguard and her bodyguard Bob leads them up. Bob isn't interested in chatting, but Lucifer insists on staying with him and goes on about how Bob is his new favorite. They go up and Axara is burning sage to "smudge her space". Cece brings Axara a smoothie and says that she had lots of enemies. Axara remembers her ex backup singer, Patrick, and when she fired him he said that he hopes she dies a painful death.

Linda goes to the house with a gift-wrapped axe for Maze. She calls through the door, saying that she doesn't want to lose her friend, and tells Maze that she lost Amenadiel. Maze listens from the other side as Linda says that no man is worth what they have. When Maze doesn't answer, Linda leaves the axe and walks away.

Chloe brings Patrick in and discovers that he's a crossdresser. Patrick brought his lawyer, Donovan McCann, who is also a crossdresser. Chloe says that they knew Patrick still had a backstage pass, giving him motive and access. Patrick admits that he hates Axara and he quit. Lucifer asks him what he desired, and Patrick says that he desired to be a better version of Axara. If she was dead then he couldn't compete with her. Patrick says that she was performing her act at a club, and says that there are a lot of obsessive wannabes.

Once they let Patrick go, Lucifer, Chloe, and Emma go over Axara's Twitter feed. She has lots of obsessed fans, and gives Emma a "World Greatest Forensic Scientist" T-Shirt. Emma cheerfully accepts it and says that there's a zillion suspects, and Lucifer claims that he's a fan. Chloe doesn't believe it, and Emma reports that the winner of Axara's recent online contest was Benny Parker. Benny won a VIP pass, and on Twitter he promised that he and Axara would be together forever.

Chloe and Lucifer go to Benny's place, and Lucifer says that one of the women at the precinct is going through a bad breakup and they're close. Chloe figures that Lucifer is keeping his distance to stay less afraid, and Lucifer insists that he's not afraid. They go to the front door and Benny doesn't answer the knock. Chloe discovers that the front door is unlocked, and they go in and find Benny's corpse on the floor. There's a bottle of pills in his hand and a photo of Axara lying nearby.

Back at the station, Emma and Chloe read a supposed suicide note written by Benny saying that he tarnished Axara's world with death so he killed himself. Everything points to benny as Jill's kill. Lucifer comes in and hands out Axara t-shirts and caps, and says that she gave them swag because they caught the killer. Chloe objects, but Lucifer says that she appealed to the police commissioner even though the case is technically still open.

Charlotte meets with Linda and talks about how she talked to a coworker with terrible breath. Linda is distracted and Charlotte asks what is going on. The therapist says that she's being paid to listen to Charlotte, but Charlotte points out that she's there to learn how to be less self-centered. When Linda explains that she's having problems with a friend, Charlotte offers to help mediate and Linda reluctantly accepts.

Emma tells Chloe that the autopsy shows that Benny died the day before the firework exploded. He's their first murder victim, and Axara is in danger. Lucifer declares the employee of the month and offers a toast to her.

At Lux, Dan talks to Marcus and suggests that talking about it might help. Dan says that he opened up and things are going better for him, and Marcus agrees to try. He talks about how life is a dark void of meaningless existence. Dan is surprised and shocked, and they drink together.

Cloe and Lucifer meet with Axara and tell her that Benny isn't the killer. Axara refuses to cancel her show, and Lucifer suggests that they let Axara sing. Axara tells them to both go, just as a gunshot rings out and hits Axara's nearby champagne bottle. Chloe throws herself on Axara to shield her, and Lucifer insists that he doesn't care.

The police clear the area and Lucifer dotes on Axara while the medic checks out Chloe. Chloe tells Axara that there's no show, but Axara insists that there is one and Lucifer agrees. Emma finds the gun and Lucifer suggests that Chloe go with her while Lucifer offers to bodyguard Axara at his penthouse. Axara agrees and leaves, and Chloe warns that if Axara is in danger then Lucifer's duties are revoked.

When Lucifer returns to the penthouse with groceries, he finds Axara rehearsing with a dancer atop his settee. He sends Bob downstairs and Axara asks Elton to accompany her on the piano. He plays and she sings... badly. Axara complains that the piano is out of tune, and an irritated Lucifer plays along to keep her in the spotlight. He makes her a smoothie and Axara complains that he's doing it wrong. Lucifer finally spills the smoothie on a disgusted Axara.

Chloe meets with Rohan and says that the gun they found is registered to him. They also found the insurance policy he took out on Axara. Rohan explains that all managers have policies like that, and he wouldn’t kill Axara for a one-time payout. Chloe doesn't believe him and puts him under arrest.

Charlotte meets with Linda and Maze in her office. Linda admits that she betrayed their friendship and all she can do is apologize. Maze insists that she didn't do anything and has nothing to apologize for, and Charlotte says that Maze has to let all of her feelings out or they'll fester. Linda points out that Maze called dibs on Amenadiel but doesn't like him, and Maze says that at least she doesn't pretend to be the good one. She tells Linda that she forgot the rule of hos before bros, and Linda points out that Maze slept with half of LA but begrudges her the one man she cares about. She reminds Linda that she gave up Amenadiel because she cares about their friendship, and Maze tells her to go to hell. Charlotte suggests that they take a breather, but Linda tells her that they're done and works out.

The next evening, Lucifer finds Axara on his bed. He tells him to get naked and says that she always has sex before a show. Lucifer refuses, but Axara pulls him down on the bed. He says that he's not in the mood, and Axara figures out that he doesn't like her. Axara says that everyone likes her and wonders why he wanted to be her bodyguard, and Lucifer explains that he's trying to take the focus off of his coworker. She realizes that he's talking about Lucifer, and asks why he's trying to convince himself that he doesn't like her. Lucifer explains that he's trying to convince his father, and is afraid he'll come after the things that he cares about. Axara figures that everyone is trying to take away what she cares about: music. She tells Lucifer that they can't let anything come between them and the things that they're passionate about. Lucifer reluctantly agrees and she suggests that they have a drink. When Lucifer turns back from the bar, he discovers that Axara has slipped out the window.

At the station, Emma tells Chloe that Benny's killer fed him the ingredients of Axara's smoothie. Chloe figures that the sleeping pills were blended into the smoothie and fed to Benny, and that Rohan isn't the killer.

Dan is discussing beards with Marcus when Amenadiel comes in. He comes over and Dan suggests that Amenadiel could pull Marcus out of his dark spot. Dan quickly leaves when he realizes that they know each other, and Amenadiel says that he's not going to let Marcus drag Lucifer into one of his schemes to remove the mark. Marcus immediately agrees, pointing out that he's done has worked so he's finished trying. Amenadiel is happy that he passed his test, but Marcus points out that he doesn't have his wings back. He wonders how Amenadiel is so positive when he's in a loop of endless suffering.

Axara goes to Lux and starts singing. Lucifer comes in and hears her, and she starts dancing around him as he tells her to go back upstairs. He ends up singing with her, fighting for the mic. Axara gets it but Lucifer gets his own mic and they sing a duet. The crowd cheers when they finish, and Axara tells Lucifer that no one is going to take away her spotlight.

Cece comes out with a knife and says that Lucifer was supposed to keep Axara safe. She points out that Axara won't stop and has kept going on more tours. Axara says that she hopes that it will never end, and Cece reminds her of high school when it was just the two of them and Axara would sing while Cece ate cookie dough. She says that she loves Axara, and Lucifer figures that Cece tried to force Axara out of the spotlight so she'd have her to herself.

Dan calls Chloe, who arrives and aims her gun at Cece. Chloe explains that Cece accessed Axara's social media and knew about the choreography switch. Cece says that she just wanted to scare Axara, and Chloe orders Cece to drop the knife. Lucifer tackles Cece and tells her that he understands that she just wanted Axara to be safe.

Chloe realizes that Cece's knife is in Lucifer's chest. He pulls it out and says that he wasn't worried about himself as Chloe tends to his wound. Meanwhile, Amenadiel tells Marcus that he has to have faith. Marcus realizes that he might be able to have what Lucifer has.

The next day at the station, Marcus ignores Dan and goes to Chloe's desk. He congratulates her on solving the case, and Chloe says that Axara sent her two VIP tickets to her show that night. Marcus asks who Chloe is going with and gets himself invited. Once Marcus leaves, Lucifer comes in and he says that he's back to the status quo. He realized that he can't control Chloe so there's no point in turning off the spotlight. Lucifer sees the tickets and asks when he can pick up Chloe, and Chloe admits that she and Marcus are going together. The Devil tells her to have fun and leaves.

That night, Axara sings on stage.

At the station, Lucifer watches as Marcus and Chloe leave together.

Maze unwraps Linda's present and breaks the axe over her knee.

Lucifer goes to Linda's office and says that he thinks he's made a horrible mistake.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 13, 2018

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