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Brainless in Seattle (1) Recap

A coyote sneaks a young woman, Annie Wallace, into Seattle. He assures her that it will be okay. They come in past a group of Peacemakers executing people near the gate, and the coyote pays off the guard on duty. Once they're in Seattle, the coyote has Annie climb out of the sewers to the city above.

The next day, Ravi and Olivia are going to a crime scene and spot a poster about "Human vs. Zombie Night" at the Scratching Post. Clive is waiting for them and explains that the victim was shot through the heart. All they've got is the bullet embedded in a nearby wall, and most of the victim's brain is missing. All Olivia has to work with are the pieces that were blown out of the skull.

At the morgue, Olivia wonders why the kill was clean but the brain theft was messy. Clive comes in and says that they've discovered that Annie was living in Kansas until three days ago. She transferred $5,00 into an untraceable account, and Clive figures that she paid someone to smuggle her into Seattle. There's a number that Annie texted repeatedly, and the number belongs to Allan Fox.

Olivia eats what there is of the brain and then she and Clive go to talk to Allan. Olivia immediately falls in love with her thanks to the brain's influence, until Clive snaps her out of it. Allan explains that he and Annie met online a month ago and Annie was rom-com obsessed. Olivia smiles sympathetically as Allan talks about Bridget Jones' Diary, and starts finishing his sentences. Clive points out that Allan and Annie were planning their lives together even though they met ago, but Allan told Annie not to come to Seattle. Allan explains that she thought it was romantic but the city is really dangerous, and asks where Annie is. Clive finally tells him that Annie is dead, and Allan screams in grief.

Olivia talks to Allan privately and says that she understands. She suggests that Allan might meet someone new and strokes his face, claiming that there was a bug. Olivia invites him to meet her at the Scratching Post, but Allan would rather mourn by himself. She says that Annie would want him to find someone new, but Allan figures that she'd want him to wait a day. Clive tells him to stay in Seattle and Allan quickly leaves. He tells Olivia to focus and figures that Allan is the killer. Clive says that they need to find the coyote in case he saw the killer, but it won't be easy. Oliva offer to get hold of someone who knows coyotes.

Major tells Chase that there's been an accidental scratching. Jordan scratched a human and now the family is suing Jordan with Fillmore Graves as a co-defendant. There's a video of Jordan in uniform scratching him, and Chase tells Major to keep it under wraps.

Chase meets with the Peacekeepers and shows them a flyer he found on a windshield. It's from the Darwin Project, offering zombies money in return for an escape from Seattle and possible experimentation. Chase wants them snuffed out, and one Peacekeeper says that they need to focus on their brain shortage problem. Fewer humans than expected are donating their brains, and the brains they get are going missing. They only have four to six months of brains, and then they'll have massive starvation on their hands. One of the Peacekeepers, Guerra, warns Chase that the 10,000 zombies they made will come for Chase if he can't feed them.

Later, Chase comes to see Blaine at his office. Chase says that it smells of decay, and says that he has something for Blaine. He wants Blaine to find Renegade because the coyote is turning humans into zombies at maximum rates. Renegade is threatening the food supply, and if Blaine brings Chase Renegade then he'll leave Chase in peace.

A brain dealer, Dalton, visits Don E at the Scratching Post kitchen with a choice section of brains. Don E demands some free samples and tries some mime brain. Dalton has some rom-com brain but claims that it's not from Annie. Don E takes it and pays Dalton less than top dollar until Dalton tosses in an architect's brain. Blaine comes in and asks Dalton what he knows of Renegade. Dalton confirms that Renegade is a woman and her customers live, so they don't meet. The dealer says that he overheard a new zombie at another restaurant, La Dome, saying that a woman scratched him and saved his life. Dalton agrees to see what he can find out, and Blaine warns him to never go to La Dome before them.

Ravi arrives at the apartment and Peyton says that Olivia wants her to go with her to the Scratching Post. She wants Ravi to wingman her, and Ravi says that he was responding to Peyton's "emergency" text. Ravi tries to go, but Olivia grabs the door and insists that he come. Olivia comes out and assumes that Ravi is coming with them, and offers to do a makeover. Peyton agrees so that she'll have someone with her. Major comes in and interrupts them, and Olivia says that she's met someone who may be the love of her life. He figure out that she's on zombie brain and points out that they're on a fight, and goes to make himself a burrito.

At the club, a woman motions Ravi over to dance with her despite Peyton's objections. Olivia gushes over Allan and suggests that they go on a double date with Peyton and Derek. Ravi keeps dancing and refuses to come over when Peyton mouths for him to join them. Olivia keeps talking about Allan and Peyton keeps drinking. She points out that Allan is human, and Olivia insists that human-zombie relationships can work. Olivia says that she thought Peyton and Ravi had true love, and Peyton insists that they didn't. She suggests that they dance but Olivia refuses in case she misses Allan.

Olivia goes off on her own and wonders if Allan is just a murder suspect that isn't into her. Peyton and Ravi come over and say that they requested Olivia's favorite song. Olivia figure that she's the biggest loser, and Peyton has Ravi demonstrate that he is. The song comes on and they drag Olivia out on the dance floor. They all dance and when Olivia goes back to the bar, she sees dale kissing a man before leading him off. Olivia bumps into another man, Tim, and falls immediately in love with him. They introduce themselves and confirm that they're both zombies, and Tim kisses Olivia. Peyton and Ravi spot Olivia and Tim kissing, and look away.

The next morning, Olivia wakes up in bed and screams. Peyton runs in and Olivia explains that Tim wrote his number on her hand and it smeared off. She doesn't know how to contact him, and Peyton says that if it's true love they'll meet again. Peyton admits that she had a fun time, and Olivia tells her friend that Dale was cheating on Clive.

At the station, Olivia figures that telling Clive about Dale will break his heart. Dale is with Clive, and Olivia talks about how the cartoon Dale was dead weight. Once Dale excuses herself, Olivia that she's had no luck finding Renegade. Clive has learned that Allan is a gun instructor on weekends, and Olivia barely remembers him. A female officer, Michelle, goes by, and Olivia asks Clive if he thinks Michelle is pretty. Olivia wants to introduce Clive to Michelle and they go over. Clive wonders why Olivia is trying to set him up with Michelle, and Olivia denies it.

Olivia and Clive come over and Olivia starts playing up Clive. Cavanaugh is training Michelle and says that they're busy, and Olivia loudly asks how his wife is when she notices him putting her hand on Michelle's shoulder. Olivia has a vision of the coyote telling Annie that she can handle things. She tells Clive about her vision and meets with Jimmy to have him do a sketch of the coyote. Olivia goes on about trying to set Clive up with Michelle, and Jimmy manages to complete the sketch. It turns out that Olivia has been describing Tim so that she can kiss it. They then go to work on the coyote sketch.

That night at home, Olivia is watching a movie when she gets a call. It's Renegade, who is at her door. Olivia lets her in and explains why they need her help, and shows her the sketch. Renegade confirms that his name is Bruce Holtz, and he runs with a crew that bring people in over the wall and then kill them for their wallets and their bank accounts. She says that she wishes Annie had found her instead and starts to go. Olivia asks how she can find Bruce, and Renegade warns her that Bruce's crew work on the dark web. As Renegade goes out the door, she gets a vision of Annie fighting Bruce next to an incinerator.

Dalton brings a man, Anthony, to Blaine's office and then leaves. Blaine confirms that Anthony was scratched by Renegade and asks for more information about her. Anthon says that he swore not to reveal anything about her and owes her his life, and Blaine tells him that it's in his best interests to speak up. Blaine takes out the sixteen syringes of antidote, and tells Anthony that he can stay a zombie and do it the easy way, or they'll turn him into a human and do it the hard way. Anthony still refuses to talk.

A few minutes later, Blaine kills Anthony, removes his brain, and sits down to eat it and learn what he knows about Renegade.

The next day, Olivia and Clive go back to the crime scene. The ballistic reports confirms that Allan wasn't Annie's killer. Clive spots a nearby building with incinerator chimneys. They go in and find the incinerator. When they open it, they find a dozen skeletons inside and realize that they're dealing with a serial killer.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 13, 2018

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