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Sacrifice Zone Recap

Izzy crouches in her ramshackle hiding place and someone pounds on the door and finally breaks through.

In the Upstairs, Joseph asks Alice how she's doing. She says that her head feels clear and her mind is on her side. Joseph says that they made a promise that they have to fulfill to a higher power, so they don't lose their dreaming, and Alice asks if it's beautiful. Joseph says that it's so beautiful that it will make her eyes bleed, and she'll see it before the offering of the little angel. They promised her to the Pestilent God and have to deliver her by that night, or it will be dangerous to all of them. Joseph asks if she understands, and Alice smiles.

In the Downstairs, Zoe alternately walks and runs through the woods, looking up at the trees.

Joseph and his family walk down the stairs and into the forest.

At Louise's house, Luke opens and closes the hedge trimmers as nearby, the heads of the various Peaches sit on the shelves. Louise tells Luke that maybe they should just go, but he refuses to give up. When Louise says that they can't win, Luke takes out his gun and asks if she's going to help them or not. Someone knocks at the front door and Louise says that she wasn't expecting someone.

Luke and Louise go upstairs and the same person pounds harder on the door. Luke looks out the door window but can't see anyone. When they open the door, they find Diane and Izzy crouching on the porch. Diane refuses to come inside but tells Louise to keep Izzy safe when they come. Louise says that they will and takes the girl to the bathroom to wash off the plaster. Zoe runs in looking for Izzy and hugs the girl, and Izzy says that she hid like Zoe told her to. Louise asks where Alice is, and Zoe tells her that she stayed.

Luke, Louise, and Zoe barricade the house, and Zoe says that there's a thing in the Summer House that gives them everything they have... and it wants Izzy. Zoe tells them that the Peaches are scared of what the Pestilent God will do them, and that they're coming for Izzy. Louise says that they'll make the Peaches pay for what they owe, and Zoe goes to start the car. As she goes outside, she finds Alice standing on the porch. Zoe asks where the Peaches are, and Alice asks if Zoe is going to let her in. Zoe refuses, and Alice says that she knows Izzy is in the house and Zoe can either hand the girl after her or they'll take her. She tells Zoe to let her take care of her and then they won't have to worry about anything bad again. Zoe suggests that they drive off together, but Alice repeats her demands for the girl. Her sister realizes that she's one of them, and Alice says that she would rather live in a world with no pain. Zoe goes back into the house and locks the door.

A stranger walks up and says that he's looking for Alice Woods. He says that he and Alice were old friends in college, and Alice says that she didn't have friends in college. Alice realizes that he's Dave from Collection, and Dave says that she owes them $90,000 with interest. He tells her that she has to pay up, and Alice jumps on him and bites out his throat.

In the house, Zoe is closing the inside doors when Allice pounds on the door and yells that Zoe can't keep running from her. Zoe looks out the window and sees the Peach children coming, and runs downstairs and warns the others that the family is coming. Louise and Luke break down the boards over the bootleg tunnel.

Joseph and Smart Mouth come to the doors and they fall over. They look around the house and Joseph sees Izzy's board about the disappearances. There are pictures of the Joseph's girls, and he abruptly walks away.

The group enters the bootleg tunnel and Louise admits that she doesn't know where they go. They run through the tunnel and find the other end boarded up. Luke starts pulling them down.

Joseph looks at the bodies of his four relatives and their heads nearby. Smart Mouth comes over and puts one hand soothingly on Joseph's shoulder and cries. Joseph gives him a handkerchief to daub the blood from his face, and then takes it back and stuffs it in his mouth. His face changes to show his true age.

Zoe and Luke break down the boards but something moves in the tunnel behind them, making an eerie noise. Zoe tells the others to go on head, and the aged Joseph and smart Mouth appear out of the darkness. Joseph talks through Smart Mouth, asking Louise if she's going to shoot him. She fire but the bullets have no effect, and Joseph tells them to give her the child. Zoe tells Izzy to run through to the other side. Louise asks Joseph if he remembers his brother, and the Peach children on the other side grab Izzy as Louise fires until she runs out of bullets.

Edie starts a fire in the remains of the family chapel, and moans as labor pains hit her.

Joseph says that they're god is generous and gives them children, and holds the universe in his cloak. However, he is hungry and demands offerings, and the Peaches must deliver what they promise.

Joseph carries Izzy and Smart Mouse carries Robert's head, and their relatives follow them through the woods to their old chapel. Diane watches from the shadows.

Louise, Luke, Zoe, and Diane go to the park.

Joseph removes the veil from Izzy and daubs her with white plaster. Alice helps him and asks if it will hurt Izzy, and Joseph says that the God feeds gently. He promises that she'll see the God, but she should close her eyes first because his presence can be overpowering.

Zoe and the others arrive at the chapel and watch from the shadows. Joseph and the others cover their eyes with their hands, and the stairs appear with the red door at the top. Alice lowers her hands and looks over at Izzy, and the door opens. The Peaches lower their hands as well, and Zoe tells the others that it's now or never. She goes off and after a moment, Louise follows her.

As the door opens further, Zoe steps out and asks how often they have to feed it. She tells Alice that it eats children, and Joseph realizes that Izzy has gone.

Diane carries Izzy off through the forest.

Alice asks Zoe what she did, and Joseph tells Smart Mouth to get Izzy and bring her back. Luke goes after him, and Joseph goes to the altar and curses. He tells Zoe that she killed Alice, then turns back to the stairs as the God makes his entrance.

Smart Mouth catches up to Diane and knocks her to the groan. Diane tells Izzy to run as Smart Mouth advances on her. Luke grabs him from behind and crushes his skull.

Edie lies in the forest, screaming as she gives birth.

Luke continues beating smart Mouth's head in, saying that he's sick.

The God comes down the stairs and Jacob goes to greet him. He stares at the God as he opens his cloak, revealing the universe within. Evelina and the other Peaches explode, raining down on Joseph. Joseph tells the God that he's a sick fuck, and then he explodes as well.

Alice, covered in blood, looks up and stares at the corpses around her. Zoey tries to go to her, but Louise stops her. Meanwhile, Alice sees Nora sitting on the stairs and calls to her. Zoey yells at Alice to stop, but Alice goes to her smiling mother and takes her extended hands. They look at each other and Nora's face disappears, revealing the God's universe.

Alice remembers saying that anything is better than going insane. Her life flashes before her as she remembers Joseph telling her that her mind is fragile.

The God closes his cloak and he retreats, leaving Alice lying on the ground. As the stairs disappear, Zoe runs to Alice and begs her to wake up.

In the summer House, Grandpa Peach sits at the dinner table alone and talks to no one.

An eerie shrieking emerges from behind the red door.

One Year Later

In a mental hospital, Nora and Alice sit together and Nora takes Alice's hands. Alice stares off into space and Nora says that she wasn't herself. She smiles and says that now they're together.

At Louise's house, Zoe wakes up and takes her pills. She then goes downstairs and has dinner with Louise, Luke, and Izzy. Louise smiles proudly at Zoe and they eat.

In the park, the Pestilent God walks across the field.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 15, 2018

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