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A Dark Knight: Reunion Recap

Bruce opens the case holding his vigilante costume and takes out the mask... and then tosses it in the fireplace.

The next day, Ivy goes into a bar and sees a man eating a sandwich. She stares at him and he stares at her, and Ivy asks about Harvey. The bartender Donnie says that Harvey is out sick, and Ivy says that Donnie and the customers are the message. She takes out a flower and blows its pollen on tem.

Lee and Sofia meet, and Sofia assures lee that she'll always be her sister. Lee figures that she's there for something else, and Sofia explains that the Narrows hasn't bent its knee to her yet. She wants 30% of all legal and illegal income coming out of the Narrows. Lee warns that it's impossible but Sofia tells her that she'll find a way.

Bruce meets with Alfred at a diner and suggests that they go a fundraiser. Alfred asks what he really wants from him. Bruce asks him for his help figuring out what he's doing, and Alfred refuses. Bruce insists that he's changed, but Alfred tells him to show him and he might reconsider. When Bruce asks how, Alfred tells him to figure it out. Bruce asks him as a friend, and Alfred says that he's not his friend and Bruce fired him. He tells the waitress that Bruce will pay for the tea and leaves.

Edward goes through his medicine as Riddler tells him that he hopes Lee will figure something out with Sofia. When Edward takes his pills, Riddler warns him that they won't keep him. Edward checks his mail and finds a letter from Oswald asking for forgiveness so they can be friends. Riddler asks him what has two eyes but can't see, and Edward is stumped.

The police arrive at the bar and Lucius checks the plant-infested bodies. Jim arrives and Lucius says that Ivy must have increased the toxicity of her plants with the Lazarus water. When Jim points out that Harvey killed Ivy's father, they go to Harvey's apartment and find him sleeping on the couch. Jim wakes him up and says that Ivy attacked Harvey's bar and it's bad. Harvey reminds Jim that he killed Ivy's father to save Jim, and Jim says that he's not putting it on him. The TV runs a video of Ivy saying that plants love them and they kill them in return. She says that everyone she's known has hurt or betrayed her, and she has the power to do something about it. Ivy tells the viewers that she's giving the city back to the plants starting with the people who hurt her. Jim and Harvey figure that she's going to kill everyone in Gotham starting with Harvey.

Jim reviews the tape and sees a sign for Sully's Eatery in the background. He suggests that Harvey go to the precinct, but Harvey refuses to hide like a coward. Jim suggests that they work together, but Harvey insists that he'll do it alone.

Edward meets with Lee and suggests that Sofia's bid is for power. Lee figures that Sofia wants to punish her but doesn't know what, and Edward tells her that she has to understand Sofia's motivations to fight her. He then meets with the children of the Narrows and says that whoever finds out why Sofia is targeting Lee will get a set of encyclopedia and $20.

The police break into the townhouse that Ivy took over. She's not there, but dozens of empty plant pots are. They search the place for clues to where Ivy is going. Selina comes in through the window and talks to Jim privately. He says that they could have saved lives if Selina told him where Ivy is, and Ivy points out that he couldn't stop Ivy from hypnotizing his cops. Jim tells Selina to contact him if Ivy tries to contact her. Harvey calls and says that he has a lead, and Jim leaves.

When Jim arrives at a warehouse, Harvey tells him that there's a bar nearby where Ivy was hiring muscle. Ivy steps out and the enraptured Harvey draws his gun and tells Jim to drop his gun.

Riddler warns Edward that he's getting stronger and will soon be out. He says that he will Lee and Edward can't stop him, and Edward seizes on the idea of killing himself to stop Riddler.

Jim drops his gun and Ivy sys that Harvey wasn't there when she tested her plants. Then Harvey found her and she realized that she could make him deliver his partner. Jim tries to get through to Harvey, who says that he likes the sweet surrender. Ivy says that she has to go and kill people, and tells Harvey to kill Jim and shoot himself after she leaves. Once she goes, Jim asks Harvey if Ivy's hair is more auburn or scarlet. Distracted, Harvey considers the question and Jim runs off into the warehouse.

Harvey goes after Jim and says that he wants to talk about Jim stealing his job. He insists that he earned the job and Jim took it, and him gut-shooting an officer was a mistake. Jim points out that Harvey didn't have the courage to face her because he's a coward, and knocks Harvey out.

At Sirens, Selina comes in and finds Bruce sitting by himself. He says that he wanted to see her and says that something happened, and he needs to talk someone. Selina realizes that Alfred wanted nothing to do with Bruce, and tells Bruce that she needs to find Ivy and stop her rather than deal with Bruce's problems. She advises him to apologize and leaves.

Edward tells lee that his spies reported that Jim and Sofia were having an affair until Jim ended it. Lee figures that it's a power play and failed, so Sofia is going over her. She suggests that she gives Sofia power over at Jim, making sure that the people of the Narrows are safe. Edward stares at her, and then says that he has to leave

Jim takes Harvey to the precinct and wakes him up, and asks him if Ivy said anything. Harvey remembers Ivy saying that she was targeting rich people, and they start making calls. Cortes reports that Wayne is having a fundraiser, and Jim figures Ivy is going there. He tells Harvey that they need him there, but Harvey doesn't trust himself. Jim asks him to stay and man the phones, and Harvey admits that he spent too long putting what happened between them on Jim. He says that he only has himself to blame, and Jim tells him that he'll call.

At the fundraiser, Bruce takes the stage and starts to give a speech. He sees Alfred come in, and talks about how his parents spent their lives helping people and he was proud of them. Bruce explains that he survived because someone kept him going, and he's been a father to him. He hopes that Alfred can see that and give him another chance, thanks the audience, and meets with Alfred. Alfred says that he can't help Bruce until he accepts who he really is. He tells Bruce that his heart feels pain and is Bruce's strength, and Bruce has to accept that on his own. Bruce says that he was stupid for reaching out and leaves.

Ivy takes the stage and introduces herself, and tells everyone to stay seated. The thugs she hired come in and lock the doors.

Edward prepares to hang himself, and Riddler says that it's crazy. Riddler finally tells Edward that he wins but Edward says that he still has to do it. His counterpart says that there's a way to save Lee without killing himself or killing both of them. Edward stops and says that he's listening.

Ivy walks through the audience and points out the crimson flowers on each table. She approaches one man and blows the pollen in his face.

Jim and his men arrive and find Bruce, just as the people at the fundraiser start screaming. The officers prepare to break down the door.

The man dies as plants erupt from him, and Ivy says that she's going to turn the room into the garden. As Alfred comes after her, one of the thugs knocks him unconscious. Jim and his men burst in and order everyone to surrender, and ivy tells the thugs to kill everyone. They open fire and the police take cover before returning fire while Ivy walks off. Jim goes after her, and Bruce watches from the door. He sees one hug dead on the ground wearing a mask.

Alfred wakes up and finds a hug preparing to shoot him. The lights go out and Bruce takes out the thug, and tells Alfred that he's getting him out. Alfred tells him that people need Bruce's help and that's who he is. After a moment, Bruce goes off into the room and Alfred gets up.

Bruce takes out one of the thugs, and Jim comes up and mistakes Bruce for one of Ivy's men. He shoots Bruce in the chest, but Bruce is wearing the thug's bulletproof vest and runs off. Jim chases him to the roof but Bruce has disappeared.

Ivy goes back to the townhouse and takes out a small bag. Selina turns on the lights and points out that Ivy has always been a survivor. Ivy reveals that the bag holds the last of the Lazarus Water, and Selina tells her that she's not going to kill more people. Her former friend asks if Selina is going to tell her that she's not the person she is, and Ivy takes out her whip and says that they're past words. She enwraps Ivy's wrist, pulling the vial out of her hand.

When Ivy attacks Selina, Selina dodges her attack. Ivy warns that her scratch is fatal and there's no antidote, and Selina jumps out of the way. She gets the vial and contemplates dropping it. Ivy agrees to let her leave if she hands over the vial, but Selina isn't interested and starts to crush the vial under her foot. Her former friend asks how Selina can side with the people who hurt them, and insists that every person in the city is guilty. Selina crushes the vial and Ivy grabs her by the throat and says that she's going to die. Selina tells her to look down, and Ivy realizes that Selina is holding a knife to her stomach. Ivy wonders what they do now, and Selina reminds her that they used to be friends. She says that it isn't what she wants and drops the knife, and Ivy tells her not to get in her way again before walking off.

Lee arranges a meeting with Sofia and says that she can give Sofia information on crimes that Jim has committed. She figures that Sofia can't use the information she has on Jim, and advises Lee to take her deal. Sofia has her man take out a hidden gun and kill Lee's bodyguard, and Sofia says that Lee's people planted the gun. Sampson comes out and Sofia tells Lee that he'll be running the Narrows. She then takes out a hammer and shatters Lee's hand, and then tells her men to toss Lee out on the streets and let the Narrows see her queen.

As the police secure the fundraiser building, Jim gets a call summoning him to the hospital. He goes there and a nurse says that Lee wouldn't tell them who crushed her hand. Jim figures that she doesn't have to.

Edward voluntarily commits himself to Arkham, and the administrator leaves him alone. Riddler appears and Edward says that he hates it but it will keep Lee safe. His counterpart repeats his riddle, and Oswald comes in and says that he knew he would come. Oswald says that he's talking to Riddler, not Edward, and Riddler tells Edward to read the first word of each sentence in the letter. It says "Please bring Ed to Arkham so I can set you free." The answer to the riddle is Edward himself, and Edward insists that Oswald is wrong. Oswald says that he sees Riddler, and says his name for the first time. Edward begs him not to do it, but Oswald tells Riddler that he needs him. After a moment, Edward sets down the pen and says that they should get to work.

At the manor, Alfred tends to Bruce's injuries and asks why he ran from Jim. Bruce admits that he couldn't, and says that he's going to help people. If that means accepting the good and bad in himself, then he does because that's what his parents would have wanted. Alfred says that he's proud of him and Bruce offers to drive him back to Gotham. The older man says that he's home and leaves.

When Jim returns to the station, Harvey congratulates him and admits that he's a screw-up. Jim tells him that he screwed up bad and he needs Harvey's help to make it right. He explains that Sofia hired Pyg, and he knew and covered it up. Now he's going to take Sofia down.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 16, 2018

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