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Amazing Grace Recap

In Memphis, 1950, Elvis Presley enters a pawnshop and tells the clerk that he's there to buy a guitar with the little money that he has. The clerk says that a boy picking his first guitar is a sacred moment and Elvis settles on one beaten-up clerk. After a moment, the clerk says that the guitar is cursed because it belonged to Robert Johnson, but Elvis convinces him to sell it. As Elvis takes it, the lights flicker briefly. Elvis strums the guitar and the lights flare and the guitars on the wall shake. The clerk nervously tells Elvis to take the guitar away for nothing, and Elvis gives him his name as he goes.

On Waverider, Zari shows Wally around the ship. Wally cleans the kitchen up at superspeed and Zari shows him his room with her. She realizes that someone beat her high scores, and Wally admits that he did it with his superspeed. Zari discovers that her game of Guitar Hero has turned into Trombone Hero.

Mick brings his rat Axl into the kitchen and is getting a sandwich. Ray comes in to get some brain food before he works on the fire totem, and Mick figures that Wally took the mayo. He complains that there's too much change on Waverider, and discovers that the name on Axl's food dish has changed to "Josh Groban". Mick and Ray have no idea who Josh Groban is.

Sara, Amaya, and Nate are on the bridge looking for anachronisms. Nate and Amaya keep flirting with each other, and Sara tells them to focus on the anachronisms so they stop Mallus from escaping. Nate's hair changes, and Mick and Zari come in and ask who has been messing with their stuffs. Gideon detects a time change in Memphis 1954 after a bout of hysteria. Rock never makes it out of Memphis, causing the changes. Sara discovers that Elvis was left standing after the hysteria and was taken to a mental hospital. They figure the Dahrks are responsible and they set out to check it out. Gideon reports that Elvis' uncle was a preacher and Elvis never missed a surface. Everyone waits for Sara to send them into the field with a little pizzazz and she obliges.

At the church in 1954, the Legends come in the back and everyone glares at them because they stand out. Elvis' uncle, Lucious, preaches that a sickness is coming over Memphis and he sees it in the church on Sundays: rock and roll. Lucious says that it's the devil's music and invites Elvis to play for them and encourage them all to attend the Heavenly Night of Hymns. Elvis' mother reminds her son to keep it godly, and he goes up. All the girls giggle over him as he goes to the front and picks up his guitar. Elvis performs "Onward, Christian Soldiers", and Nate is unhappy that Elvis is playing "grandma songs". Elvis starts to get into it, and Zari's amulet glows. She lifts up into the air and a woman says that Satan has hold of her. The tip of the guitar glows, and Lucious says that it's the act of Satan. Meanwhile, Mick finds Elvis' Elvis sandwich where he was sitting.

Outside, the Legends discuss what happens. They figure that since the guitar glowed and triggered Zari's amulet, the guitar contains an amulet and Elvis is a totem bearer. The team goes back to Waverider and work out that Elvis has the sixth totem. Mick suggests that it's a sandwich totem, but they figure that it's a music totem. Sara says that they have to get the guitar before he drives everyone in Memphis insane. Wally superspeeds off and gets the guitar, but Nate points out that if Elvis doesn't make his singing premiere then it will alter history. Sara suggests that they substitute a ringer guitar, and Nate takes Amaya with him to teach her what rock and roll is all about.

Nate takes Amaya to Beale Street with the ringer and tells her that it was the spirt of rock and roll. They tell Elvis that they found the guitar lying around and give it to him, and step back to listen to Elvis sing. Nate says that music is all about identity and they're going to find her music. Elvis begins with a song to his mama, but discovers that the guitar is out of tune. He quickly leaves the stage, and Amaya tells him not to go. Nate says that they're music managers and asks what happened. Elvis tells them that his guitar is more than a guitar and it isn't working right. He usually has his twin brother Jesse playing with him, but he passed away as a baby. The guitar let Elvis connected with his dead brother, and Amaya sympathizes. Elvis didn't feel Jesse on stage.

On Waverider, Sara and Ray try to remove the totem from the guitar. The temperature drops and an electromagnetic field disrupts the ship's circuits. The guitar floats into the air and a ghostly Jesse appears, holding it. Sara tries to grab the guitar but the ghost shoves her away and runs out with the guitar.

In the mess room, Mick is opening the seal on Elvis' sandwich when the guitar flies in and hits him in the head. As Zari arrives, Wally grabs the guitar as Ray and Sara run in. The ghost pulls on the guitar, trying to pull it out of Wally's grip.

Elvis tells Nate and Amaya that he never met Jesse but he's missed him all of his life. He figures the guitar is a curse and a blessing, and Jesse isn't happy if he's out there without him. Nate calls the team and tells them that the guitar is haunted and will try to get back to Elvis. When Sara gets Jesse's name, she yells to him, saying that they know Elvis.

The young Elvis says that he has a recording session the next day and needs the guitar. Nate promises that they'll get the guitar and Jesse back.

Sara checks with Constantine and discovers that the sixth totem is the Death Totem. As she says that they need to keep it at all times, Nate and Amaya come in and sys that they have to give the Totem back to Elvis. Amaya suggests that Zambesi suffered the same fate that Memphis will, and Nate explains that Jesse has to be there so Elvis can make history... literally. He tells the team that Elvis only needs the guitar to make his first song, and Sara agrees but tells Nate to stay with the guitar at all times.

The next time, Elvis goes to the studio and records his song as Nate and Amaya look on. Amaya says that it's just okay but doesn't think it was worth risking the most volatile of the Totems. Nate thought that it would be her magic moment, and Amaya points out that they have had plenty of moments. He tells her that they'll have a magic moment eventually and gives the thumbs-up to Elvis.

Elvis tells Nate and Amaya that they have to get down to the local radio station so it will play his record. Lucious comes in and says that he's heard Elvis is at the studio. He insists that no kid of his is going to play the devil's music, and grabs the recording from the studio manager. Lucious then calls in the sheriff and has him put all three of them in jail for the night. Nate insists that the record has to play, but Lucious isn't interested and walks out.

In the jailhouse, Elvis tells Lucious that he just tries to bring people together. Lucious says that he'll make an example of the record at the Heavenly Night of Hymns, and leaves. Elvis tells Nate and Amaya that he just wanted to make his mother proud, and Nate calls the team and tells them what happened. He wants the team to go back to the church, get the record, and make sure that it debuts that night.

As Wally and Zari go, Zari tells Wally that they need to do precise work to preserve the time line and can't rely on superspeed.

Mick tries to draw Axl out with the sandwich and takes a bit, but then gags on it. Axl is dead on the floor, and Ray comes in and says that it must have found something lethal. Ray offers to find Mick another rat, but he says that it'll be another change on the ship and walks away.

Elvis tries to come up with a new song, and Nate tells him that when they get out, Elvis will have to give up the guitar. He refuses, saying that there wasn't any music until he got the guitar. Nate tells him that music matters because it keeps alive long after they're gone.

Ray calls Mick and Sara into the study to hold a funeral ceremony for Axl. He says that they all need it, and Sara reluctantly agrees while pouring herself and Mick a drink. Ray eulogizes the rat and how they should embrace change, and talks about Axl tried to eat him the first time they met. He asks Sara to share a few words, and she does so rather than let Ray sing. Sara eulogizes Axl and Mick sheds a tear.

At the church, Zari and Wally ask to talk to Lucious. Zari says that Lucious needs to hear the record along with everyone, and Wally talks about how he didn't meet his father until late in life. He suggests that Lucious is afraid of losing Elvis and they might find something special. Wally says that a lot of young souls would be moved by Elvis' voice, and Lucious picks up the record and hands it over. Zari tells Wally to run to the radio, and he spins off.

Zari turns on the church radio, and Lucious is surprised to hear his nephew's voice. Throughout Memphis, people listen and start dancing. Gideon puts the music on the ship's intercom. The people in the church start dancing and Lucious is impressed. Wally returns and drags Zari out to dance.

At the cemetery outside of the church, ghosts rise from their graves. Zari and Wally go to the door and see the ghosts, and Zari suggests that they start singing hymns. A panicked Lucious runs off, and Zari figures that the song has the power of the Death Totem. A ghost comes through the door and Zari blats it away. More ghosts enter the church and attack the parishioners, and Zari tries to destroy them.

Mick prepares to incinerate Axl, but Axl's ghost comes out of the box. It grows and runs off.

Wally superspeeds around the church, taking out the ghosts, but Zari warns that it's not over.

At the jail, the imprisoned trio listens to Elvis on the radio. The sheriff deputy runs in, says the town has been overrun, and opens the cell door so he can lock himself in. A ghost comes in and Elvis plays the guitar, causing it to vanish. Amaya suggest that Elvis lead them back to the cemetery where they came from. They go there and find ghosts surrounding the place. Elvis tells Nate and Amaya not to be scared and steps up to one of the ghosts. He acknowledges it and it lets him pass.

The trio goes into the church and Lucious says that Elvis' song has let the devil into his church. Elvis tells him that music has power but it's not just rock and roll, and he'd like to prove it. Lucious tells him to go ahead, and Elvis goes up to the mic and invites the ghosts. He starts playing "Amazing Grace" and the ghosts drift in. One by one they disappear, and women steps up to join Elvis as his choir. Nate invites Amaya to dance and the other parishioners join in.

Mick prepares to destroy Axl's body, and its ghost comes in. When Mick offers it a sandwich, the rat comes over but hesitates and then disappears back into its body.

Jesse appears and Elvis tells him that it's goodbye but it won't be forever. He thanks his brother, and Jesse disappears. Meanwhile, Amaya tells Nate that they found their moment and the couple kisses.

Later at the recording studio, Elvis tells Nate that he realized that when he saw the ghosts, he figured that he should get all out life that he could. He removes the totem from the guitar and gives it to Nate, saying that it was fun but he doesn't want to raise the dead. Elvis assures Nate that Jesse isn't really gone, and what he taught Elvis will live on in his music. He figures that Nate isn't really a music manager, and Nate admits the truth but says that Elvis will be fine without the Totem. Elvis goes in to record another song.

Sara calls Nate in and jokingly admires his hair which is back to normal. The teammates arrive and Ray points out that they beat the Darhks to the Death Totem. Mick figures that time is running out for Dahrks, and Ray explains that he made an encrypted lock box for each Totem.

In the study, Amaya is trying to figure out a playlist. Nate arrives and realizes what Amaya is doing, and she says that it was time to teach him about her music. Amaya plays the music of Zambesi, and tells him that she loves him. He can't hear her because of the headphones, and sys that they've got time.

Late that night, the lockbox holding the Death Totem shakes.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 17, 2018

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