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The Last Heartbreak Recap


Marcus is at a bar looking at photos of crime scenes. A woman comes up and asks what he's doing, and he says that he's working a case. Marcus isn't interested in buying her a drink and the woman storms off. A waitress, Kay, comes over and says that she's looking forward to seeing him take an interest in one of the women. Marcus says that it isn't going to happen and tells Kay that duty calls when his partner Ray Dwight comes by to pick him up. Outside, Ray says that the Broken Hearts Killer struck again, killing two couples and leaving them with their hands together.


Marcus is in his office reading an article about the Broken Hearts Killer dying in prison when Chloe comes in and talks about the concert they went to the previous night. Lucifer and Ella are watching from the balcony, and Ella figures that they boned. Lucifer insists that Chloe is a grown woman, and Ella says that he's freaking out about it coming between her and Chloe. She suggests that he's afraid they'll spend all of their time together, and agrees with Lucifer that it's a flash in the pan. Ella says that what Lucifer and Chloe have is on another level.

Chloe thanks Marcus for coming and he asks when they can do it again. He suggests that they have a quiet dinner, just as Dan comes in and Chloe assures him that he wasn't interrupting. Dan says that they have a double murder case, and a couple was found dead in a convertible. As Chloe goes, Marcus asks for a copy of the file.

Amenadiel says that he'd like to know what God's next test is, and wonders what he's supposed to do in-between tests. The barista has no idea what he's talking about and gets him a drink. Charlotte leaves with her coffee, and Amenadiel runs after her and calls "Mom!" He says that Lucifer told him that she used the flaming sword to go to another universe, and Charlotte has no idea what he's talking about. Amenadiel says that he mistook her for someone else, but Charlotte realizes that he knows Lucifer and asks Amenadiel what he meant about a flaming sword. The angel quickly excuses himself.

At the crime scene, Lucifer tells Chloe that Ella thinks that Chloe and Marcus banned. He insists that they are partners and nothing can come between them. Marcus walks between them and says that it's a different kind of case. The couple is propped up in the convertible, and Marcus says that he came there to see if his gut feeling was right. Ella tells Chloe that the victims are Robbie Matthews and Rachel White. They were drugged unconscious and then someone crushed their chests in. Lucifer suggests that Rachel had a jealous stalker, and Marcus asks which one of them was married. He says that in the 50s there was a killer named Clark Hoffman and he made his victims swallow their wedding rings. Clark killed seven couples in the 1950s, and the cop who solved the case was Marcus' old mentor. Marcus suggests that the killer is a copycat, and Chloe checks the couple's social media profile. Rachel was single and Robbie was married, and she goes to talk to Robbie' spouse.

Dan returns home with Trixie and finds a woman unconscious on the floor. There's a man passed out in Trixie's bed, and Maze is on the sofa with another woman. Dan sends Trixie out to the car and asks Maze what she was thinking. He tells her that it's not okay when she lives with a 9-year-old, and asks if she's going through something. Maze claims that she isn't and Dan tells her to clean up so he doesn't have to tell Chloe what happened. The demon threatens to tell Chloe that they had a guy killed, and Dan tells her to figure out whatever is going on with her.

At the station, Chloe tells Lucifer that Robbie's wife Emma just got brought in. Marcus asks to join the interrogation and Chloe agrees. Lucifer tells Marcus that there's only room for one immortal in Chloe's life. Marcus says that he had a change of heart about the whole "wanting to die" thing, and says that if Lucifer is just Chloe's partner then he has nothing to worry about.

In the interrogation room, Chloe questions Emma about how she's been harassing Robbie. She admits that she was upset after she found out Robbie was cheating on her. However, she insists that she would never have hurt Robbie and they chose to divorce amicably. Lucifer doesn't believe her, and Marcus asks her if she's ever heard of Clark Hoffman.

Outside, Marcus figures that Emma is telling the truth. Lucifer figures that she's lying, and Chloe agrees with him. Dan tells them that another couple was found dead holding hands at a cheap motel. Chloe says that they need Marcus on the case and walks off.

At the motel, Ella confirms that the victims are Mary Lee and Dennis Horn, and they were drugged unconscious and then beaten to death. The killer moved them there and staged the scene. Ella found a wedding ring in the first victim's stomach, and tells the others that the killer left no evidence. Lucifer asks Marcus what he thinks, and Marcus says that "we" got lucky capturing Cliff. He quickly says that he meant the LAPD, and Chloe heads back to the station to figure out the connection between the victims.


Marcus goes back to the bar and looks at the crime scene photos. Kay comes over and figures he never takes a rest, and Marcus says that crime never stops so neither does he. She sits down and says that Marcus comes there because he doesn't want to be alone. Kay suggests that sits alone because he doesn't think that he deserves the company, and Marcus explains about his case. She suggests that the Broken Hearts Killer goes to a lot of effort to make things just right.


Marcus calls Chloe and Lucifer in and says that he checked the motel security cameras from a week before. There's a car that belongs to Neil Berger, a former schoolteacher snapping photos. He's been spotted in front of the original killer's house, and the trio head there.

Amenadiel visits Linda at her office and tells her that Charlotte is back and doesn't remember what happened. He realizes that Linda has been treating Charlotte, and asks her to help him.

Neil is outside the house yelling at the owner, Joel, saying that a great artist lived there. The trio approaches him and he offers to take them on the Broken Hears Tour. Chloe plays along and Neil takes them on his tour.

Amenadiel says that he may have mentioned a few things that he shouldn't have, and figures that charlotte deserves to know the truth. Linda points out that Charlotte has been to Hell and back, and the truth nearly broke Linda. She says that if Amenadiel wants to help Charlotte then he'll stay away.

Neil talks about where Cliff was arrested. Lucifer figures that they should arrest him, but Chloe points out that they don’t have any evidence. Marcus figures that the more Neil talks, the more likely he'll give himself away. Chloe asks Neil about the new killer, and Marcus suggests that he's a cheap copy. Neil says that the new killer is very precise, interlinking the victim's fingers. Chloe identifies herself as a detective and Neil realizes that the interlinking fingers weren't mentioned to the public.

Marcus goes to the bar and looks at the table where he was sitting in 1958. A woman who looks like Kay comes up and asks if she can help him. She introduces herself as Maddie and explains that Kay was her grandmother. Marcus says that he knew Kay "back in the day" and he's older than he looks. Kay met her husband, Ray "Raids" White, who solved the case. Maddie points out that Cliff never revealed how he chose his victims, so Ray sat in the booth with his files. Ray died six years ago and Kay followed a little after. Marcus says that it sounds nice.

At the station, Lucifer suggests to Chloe that they find something more interesting to solve. Chloe figures that the case isn't over until Neil confesses, and says that Marcus isn't there. Lucifer says that they're still following Marcus' lead, and Chloe goes in to talk to Neil. He realizes that they think he's the copycat, and is thrilled that he's part of the investigation. Neil says that he owes Officer McMillan, who has leaked information to him over the years. Lucifer is happy to hear that Marcus doesn't know everything, and Chloe storms off.

Dan goes to the house and tells Maze that Trixie gave pot brownies to a teacher for Appreciation Day. The teacher was rushed to the hospital, and Dan tells Maze that things can't happen with Trixie. Maze challenges him and Dan tells her that she can't keep pulling stunts. Angry, Maze says that she'll move out because none of them want her there, and insists that she's not a babysitter or a roommate. She says that she's sick of Trixie, just as Trixie comes in and overhears her. Trixie runs off and Dan goes after her.

Chloe calls Marcus and tells her what they found out about Neil. Marcus asks Maddie if he can look at Raids' old files, and then tells Chloe to meet him there. Lucifer comes over and Chloe says that Marcus has a lead. When Lucifer complains, Chloe says that maybe it's best if she meets Marcus because they don’t' have time for Lucifer's ego when there's a serial killer on the loose.


After Ray arrests Cliff, Marcus goes to the bar to celebrate. Kay suggests that they go on a real date, and Marcus says that it's time for him to transfer out of state. He explains that he moves forward and never looks back, and a shocked Kay says that he's scared. If Marcus doesn't learn to open up then no one will ever love him. As Kay storms, Marcus mutters to himself that she's right.


Marcus and Chloe sit in the booth and Chloe discovers that all the original victims closed into the Dear Dottie radio show. The show went off the year years ago, and Chloe figures that the copycat is listening to a radio show to pick his victims. They ask Ella, who says that Chance's Chocolates brings together cheating couples. The host, Chance, brings in the victim and then calls the cheater claiming to be a chocolate and asks them who they should send free chocolates to. Both victims had a significant other who appeared on the show, and the addresses are bleeped out so they figure that the killer is someone who works on the show. Marcus immediately says that he and Chloe will pose as cheating lovers. As a disgusted Lucifer leaves, Ella points out that they'll need someone else.

Soon, Chance is interview Lucifer on the air. He figures that Lucifer is a jilted lover and goes to commercial. His aide, Brandon, drops off a sandwich and Chance complains that it's the wrong type. He then goes back on the air and invites Lucifer to talk about Chloe. Lucifer says that Chloe has been spending a lot of time with their new boss, and Chance calls Chloe posing as a chocolate store owner running a promotion. He asks who she wants to have her chocolates sent to, and Chloe says that she wants them to go to Marcus. Chance breaks in and asks what she likes about Marcus. Reading from a script, Chloe says that Marcus is handsome and brave, and they both care about the same things. Lucifer listens and Chance says that they'll get the package to Marcus before the end of the night. Once Chance hangs up, he discovers that Lucifer has left.

That night, Chloe goes to Marcus' house and he shows her his rock collection and the killer view. He offers her dinner, and Dan calls in on the radio from the surveillance van. Lucifer joins him and asks how he moved on from Chloe after he replaced him. Dan figures that Lucifer is jealous, and figures that Lucifer had nothing to do with why his relationship with Chloe ended.

Marcus serves dinner, and Chloe says that maybe they shouldn't do it. She figures that things could get weird, and Marcus points out that she asked him out first. Chloe reminds him that he turned her out, but she needs somebody who can let her in and doesn't know if that's Marcus.

A figure approaches the house, and Lucifer and Dan confront him. It's Chance's assistant Brandon, who says that he's there for the show. He films the angry spouse breaking it in and puts it unedited on his website. Dan realizes that he puts up the addresses and that the killer could be anyone.

The killer sticks a hose from a tank of knockout gas into Marcus's house. Meanwhile, Marcus admits that he's had walls up for a long time and runs when someone gets close to him. He wants to give Chloe the chance to get close to him, and she passes out. After a moment, Marcus passes out as well, and the killer enters the house carrying a sledgehammer. He gets Marcus and Chloe into position, removes his gas mask revealing that he's Joel, and prepares to swing. Lucifer arrives and grabs the sledgehammer, and Joel says that he did it for Lucifer because they betrayed him. He explains that he found Cliff's journals in the attic and he understood that he had to show the world someone can't just leave their spouse. Lucifer says that Joel doesn't get to decide who someone wants to be with, and realizes that he doesn't either. He knocks Joel unconscious and goes to Chloe.

Later, Amenadiel goes back to the coffee shop and watches Charlotte. She spots him and says that he's following her, and Amenadiel insists that it's a misunderstanding. Charlotte says that all she wants is the truth and asks how they know each other. Amenadiel tells her that she was his mother and invites her to sit down so he can explain.

Chloe returns home and finds the babysitter Olga there. Olga says that Maze said mean things to her and moved out. Once the sitter leaves, Lucifer comes to the door and admits that he's been acting insecure. He say that there's room in her life for all kinds of relationships, and tells Chloe to be careful. Chloe invites him to stay and have some coffee, but Lucifer has to oversee a bachelorette party at Lux. Once he leaves, Chloe calls Marcus and they set up a dinner date the next night. Marcus is at the bar and Maddie joins him in the booth. He says that he's going to go for it and explains that Chloe is the key to getting what he wants.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 20, 2018

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