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Brainless in Seattle (2) Recap

At the Scratching Post, a zombie slips in and eats scraps of brains from the tables. Two off-duty Peacemakers come over and confront the zombie, and Russ Roche breaks his arm and says that they're from Fillmore Graves.

The next day, Olivia and Clive are running stakeout on the incinerator, keeping an eye out for Bruce. Under the influence of the rom-com brain, Olivia writes in her diary about her life and about the new love of her life, Tim.

At Fillmore Graves, Major and his recruits are suiting up when Chase comes in and complains that no one has found the camera phone video of Jordan turning Tucker into a zombie. Major says that they're going to start hitting Dead End territory, and as Chase leaves Jordan mutters that they've got it. He comes back and tells her that the only reason she's not dead is because the Dead Enders don't know what they have. Major points out that they have video of a zombie soldier scratching a human, and it's American's worst nightmare.

That night, Tucker goes to a bar and the bartender, Pop, tells him that he can't be there. Tucker's friend Mace comes over and convinces Pop to make an exception, and then all of them leave. Tucker and Mace talk about old times, and Mace says that Tucker always took care of him. He then gives Tucker a gun and tells him to do it again. Once Mace leaves, Tucker goes out into the back, looks at the video, and tries to kill himself but can't.

Blaine and Don E call Tanner in and complain that he left the back door unlocked. Don E wonders if they should fire Tanner, but Blaine says that he's cheaper than paying a regular employee. Once Tanner leaves, Blaine apologizes for being on loose-lip brains and can't help himself. He tells Don E that he turned one of Renegade's customers into a human so he could eat his brain and find Renegade. Don E figures that they can make billions from the zombie cures, and Blaine reminds him that Don E works for him. Blaine says that he needs all zombies on deck and Don E cheerfully eats part of the brain.

The next day at the morgue, Ravi examines the skulls they took from the incinerator and identifies their owners. All of them were from outside of Seattle, from wealthy families, and contacted Bruce through the same message board. When he turns on the computer, he discovers that Olivia has posted a Missed Connection to Tim. She's said that she'll be at the next Human-Zombie life and wants to spend her life decomposing with him. Ravi and Clive tell her that it's desperate, not romantic. Clive figures that since Bruce used the same message board, they should make up a fake rich contact to get Bruce's attention. Ravi has already made up a fake ID for himself as a rich doctor wanting to return to England.

Michelle comes in and says that Clive texted her that he took her coffee cup. Olivia slips Clive a cup and he plays along as best he can. Once Michelle goes, Complains that Olivia is still trying to set him up.

Blaine is telling his restaurant guests about the brains and being completely honest about what they're ordering when Jason comes in. Chase comes in and Blaine has a vision of Renegade at a laundromat telling a refugee to be quite as FG soldiers come in. Blaine then goes in the back and tells Don E about his vision, and Tanner says that a FG kid came in and beat up a zombie kid. Don E and Blaine don't care.

Angus, now "Brother Love", is holding a service preaching against Fillmore Grave. Tucker is out walking and sees the church. He comes in as Angus tells his congregation that Fillmore Graves wants them to starve while they live in their ivory towers. Tucker joins in with the others as they all shout amen.

At her apartment, Olivia is stress-cooking when Peyton comes in. Olivia worries that Tim won't come to the Scratching Post the next night, and Peyton reminds her that if Tim is there then it's fate. Peyton insists that she and Ravi are just friends, and realizes that Olivia didn't tell Clive that Dale is cheating on him.

That night, Clive and Olivia continue their stakeout. Ravi hasn't heard from Brue, and Olivia figures that they need expert advice. She goes to Renegade, who says that the coyotes like Brue are looking for desperation. Olivia figures that she can write that kind of letter, and Renegade says that she's been watching Olivia for years. One day she woke up from the hunger and a guy called and said he could feed her for a price. Renegade had a vision of a homeless kid, and realizes that the man feeding her was murdering kids. She tries to stop it and told the police everything, but Lt. Suzuki didn't believe her. Three days later her husband Max was murdered, and Olivia was there when they took out the body. Renegade shut down and didn't do anything to stop the zombie conversion, and she started helping to feel of use.

Major, Fisher, and Jordan go to the bar and offer Tucker's friend $1,000 for the phone. Mace says that Tucker stole the phone and asks Jordan how touch she'd be without a gun. When he rides Jordan, Fisher gets in his face and Major tells him to back off. Major asks for the phone number so they can trace it and offers $500. When Mace continues riding Jordan, Major shoots up the bar and the humans quickly hand over the number.

Olivia writes a new letter and Bruce responds. Ravi gets into character and Bruce Skypes in. He admires a statue on Ravi's shelf, and then tells Ravi that he'll give him a place to bring the cash. Olivia and Clive go upstairs and discuss Ravi's acting talent or lack thereof. She suggests that Clive should break up with Dale, and Clive tells her that his relationship with Dale is none of Olivia's business.

Major and his squad trace the phone to the church and spot Tucker working outside. He runs inside and they follow, demanding the phone. The congregation surrounds the Peacekeepers, ad Tucker hands over the phone. The parishioners start hissing and echo Angus' words, and Angus steps out and asks what devils are disturbing the House of God. Major recognizes Angus, and Angus says that he Angel of Chaos is there. He says that Major stormed the gates of Hell liberating zombies, and tells Major that they'll pray that he finds his way back to his people. However, if Major ever comes back in uniform, he'll knock his skull off of his body.

Clive, Olivia, and Ravi drive to the rendezvous and Clive tells Olivia that she's still mad. Ravi would rather they focus on him, ad Clive assures him that he'll be there with a SWAT team. They settle on a code word, "pickles", in case Ravi gets in danger. Ravi goes in and talks to Clive over his hidden radio, and Clive tells him to stop talking. Olivia thinks that it's all romantic, and Bruce greets Ravi. Ravi takes out an envelope of money, and Bruce draws a gun on him. The police tackle him and confirm that the gun he has is the same one that was used to kill Annie. He also has burn scars on his hand matching the writing on the incinerator, tying him to the murders.

As the trio leaves, Clive congratulates Ravi. Michelle joins them in the elevator and Olivia quickly leaves with Ravi, claiming that they lost the car keys. The elevator goes up part way and gets stuck, and Clive figures that Olivia set the whole thing up.

Back at the morgue, Olivia wonders if Clive is settling. Clive comes in and Olivia says that the elevator meet cute was too much. Olivia has no idea what he's talking about and figures that fate had a meet-cute intended for him. She confesses that she saw Dale kissing another guy at the Scratching Post, and Clive says that they're in an open relationship. He admits that he's not the open relationship type, but he's in love and will try anything to make it work. However, hearing about the other guys is a shock. Olivia suggests that Michelle can help him work through it, and Clive tells him that it's too soon.

That night, Jordan and Fisher take Major to the Scratching post for human-zombie night. Major goes to the head and Don E tells them what brains they have.

At the restaurant, a customer asks Blaine for brain recommendations. Blaine has a vision of Renegade scratching a refugee and sees the laundromat name in the background. The customer asks where Blaine gets his brains, and Blaine tells him that he's the head of a criminal enterprise and has to do something terrible to a nice old lady.

Blaine and Dino go to the laundromat and gun down Renegade's guards. They then take Renegade to Chase's office and dump Renegade on his desk. Once Blaine and Dino leave, Chase contemplates Renegade.

Olivia, Peyton, and Ravi arrive at the Scratching Post and find Major, who says that he's been dosed with wrestler brain. She says that she has a new boyfriend and says that she has to go to Tim. Olivia enters the bar and spots Tim. She goes to him and they kiss, and Major sees her and says that he's glad that she's happy. He laughs hysterically as Ravi and Peyton watch.

Major goes over to Olivia and says that he hated the way they left things after their fight. He insists that he cares about her and always wants them to be friends, and Olivia tells him that he's the best. Major asks what Tim is like, and Olivia admits that she knows nothing about Tim except his name and his height. She figures that she should learn more about him and goes over to where Tim is sitting. Tim wants to kiss but Olivia says that they should chat. He describes that a friend took him to the church and he's realized that humans are their natural food source. Olivia realizes that Tim is a supremacist, says goodbye to him, and goes over to be with her human friends.

The DJ announces the human-zombie dance off and everyone participates. Olivia figures that she's looking in the wrong place as she dances with Ravi. Once he's done, Peyton tells Ravi that he was really brave. Major and Peyton dance, and Olivia figures that if they're her soulmates then she might be the luckiest person in the world.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 20, 2018

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