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A Dark Knight: The Sinking Ship the Grand Applause Recap

One of the two men watching Martin reads a comic as Martin finds notes on his pad telling him how to escape. Martin shows a drawing of a toilet to his guard, and the man tells him to go to the bathroom. The boy goes to the kitchen first and turns on the gas, then flushes the toilet and sits down. The guards smell the gas and go to the kitchen to investigate. Martin's next note says to plug his ears. Riddler fires a rocket in through the window, detonating the gas and killing the guards, and then comes in and tells Martin that Oswald sent him to rescue him.

At the club, Sampson tells the Narrows people that he collects protection as his men beat one resident. A hooded Lee watches from the crowd as Sampson guns down the man.

In his office, Jim tells Harvey about how Falcone knew that someone brought Pyg to Gotham. He figures that the person who told Falcone has evidence showing Sofia's involvement, and Jim insists that he didn't know about it unit later it was over. Jim offers Harvey his badge and says that needs to know that he can count on him. Harvey takes the badge and agrees to help Jim take down Sofia, but then Jim will have to pay for what he's done. He says that he knows an ex-Falcone assassin, Scandinavian Skinner, who might spill the beans and goes to talk to him alone.

At the manor, Bruce hears someone moving in the kitchen and investigates. He finds Selina going through the cans and she complains that there's no food. Selina admits that she needs help, and explains that she stole and fenced something and needs to get it back, so she needs money. She doesn't want to get Barbara involved, and admits that she stole it from Roland Charles. Selina insists that she didn't know Ivy was going to kill Roland, and Bruce goes to get some cash.

At Arkham, a guard gives Oswald a message and recites a riddle. Oswald realizes that the answer is "knuckle sandwich", and the guard punches him.

Harvey goes to a candy store and meets with the Skinner: Agnes, the diner owner. She says that she's retired, but Harvey asks for someone who reported to Falcone when Falcone was down south. Harvey threatens to tell Agnes' kids about how she used to skin people alive, and Agnes agrees to help. She tells Harvey that Falcone only trusted Penn, but Penn has vanished.

Sofia learns that Martin is gone and tells Victor to go to Arkham and kill Oswald. Victor readily agrees and asks if she minds if Headhunter tags along. Sofia agrees and leaves.

Harvey goes to Arkham and discovers that Oswald is in the infirmary. A guard takes him there and he asks about Penn. A nurse screams that they have guns, and Harvey draws his gun and goes to investigate. Victor and Headhunter are walking down the hall. They draw their guns and say that they're not leaving without Oswald. The alarms go off and guards arrive. Victor tells Harvey that they'll be back, and they leave as the guards yell that Oswald has escaped. Harvey hears gunshots and looks out to see Riddler and Oswald deriving off.

Bruce and Selina go to the fence's shop and Selina points out that Bruce has changed since the club. She doesn't want to hear what he has to say, and the fence Floyd comes out. Selina asks him for the stuff he sold him the other day, and Floyd knows that she tried to break in and steal it. She offers him double as two men move out of the shadows. They attack and Bruce and Selina defeat them. Floy grabs a gun and disarms Floyd with her whip, and Bruce punches him unconscious. Selina gets the stolen goods and Bruce tosses the money at Floyd before leaving.

Riddler tells Oswald that he knew Sofia would send her hitmen, and assures Oswald that Martin is safe. Oswald says that they need a power base so that they can kill Sofia, and Riddler takes him to Lee's office. She draws a gun on Riddler, who pretends to be Edward and notices her crippled hand. Lee tells him what happened and Riddler announces that Oswald can't help. Oswald comes in and says that he let Riddler out, and warns that Sofia will have turned her mansion into a fortress. Riddler tells him that he's going to have Freeze freeze Oswald in a block of ice and then they'll use him as a Trojan horse. Lee says that she'll gladly shoot Sofia, but Riddler doesn't believe him. Oswald suggests that they offer Sofia muscle, and Lee tells Riddler that Grundy misses him.

Following Lee's directions, Riddler goes into the tunnels and calls to Grundy. Grundy steps out of the shadows and Riddler tells him that they need Grundy for cannon fodder. Grundy grabs him by the throat and says that Riddler isn't the only one who got hurt. He says that he's not Grundy and Riddler isn't the man who helped him.

Oswald and Lee wait for Riddler, and Oswald figures that Riddler has betrayed him. She tells him to calm down and they will make Sofia pay. Oswald says that he can' wait and leaves.

Jim and Harvey walk down the street to find Lee to learn where Oswald is, and see Oswald coming out of the building. He demands to know why they're there and tells them that Martin is alive. However, he refuses to bring out until Sofia is dead, and Jim figures that they want the same thing. Oswald tells him to let him do what he does, but Jim says that he needs Penn to get evidence on Sofia. Furious, Oswald realizes that Penn was working for Sofia and vows to kill him, Jim offers to let Oswald walk away if he helps them, and Harvey points out that Sofia's people will soon track him down. Oswald tells them where they can find Penn at a spa. Jim thanks him for his help and offers his hand. Harvey arrest Oswald and says that he didn't agree to look the other way. As he leads Oswald away, Lee watches them.

As Harvey and Jim put Oswald to their car, Victor and Headhunter step out. They figure that Penn is important, and Jim and Harvey open fire. The two hitmen take cover and shoot back, while Lee gets in the car and drives off with Oswald. Victor and Headhunter leave, and Jim figures that they need to get to Penn before the hitmen do.

At the club, Barbara is sitting and taking pills for her migraines. Tabitha comes down as Grundy drags Riddler in and greets Barbara. He explains that Riddler is working for Penguin, and he brought Riddler there so that Tabitha could kill him. Grundy tells Tabitha that he's going to find a way back to the old version of himself, kicks Riddler, and goes. Barbara gets another headache but insists that she's fine. She tells Tabitha that they'll send Riddler to Sofia, and she'll torture him to get to Oswald. Once she does, she'll kill Oswald and they're heroes.

Victor and Headhunter tell Sofia what happened, and that Jim is looking for Penn. Sofia orders them to find Penn before Jim does, and find Oswald as well.

Lee takes Oswald to Freezes' hideout and says that she needs Oswald to get to Sofia. Freeze comes in and points out that Oswald didn't get him the equipment he needs to reverse his condition. Lee tells him that if he delivers Oswald to Sofia then he can name his price. Freeze gives Oswald a timer to thaw out when the time is right and then freezes him.

Back at the manor, Bruce asks Selina if she's going to return the stolen jewelry. She asks Bruce to do it, and Bruce realizes that why she really came to him. Bruce tells her that she didn't kill Roland, but Selina figure that there's nothing she can say. He tells her that sometimes that's enough.

The Dentist tortures Riddler but he doesn't talk. Sofia says that she'll do worse, and Riddler asks her a riddle and laughs. She jabs a scalpel into Riddler's leg, and he says that he's trying to tell her but she's too stupid to figure it out. Freeze brings Oswald, frozen in a block of ice, and tells Sofia that he wants $100,000. She agrees and Victor tells Sofia that he found Penn. Sofia tells Headhunter to take Riddler to the docks and kill him, while she and Victor go to get Penn.

Jim and Harvey go to the "resort" where men dress up as babies. Penn tries to sneak away but the partners spot him and take him away.

Freeze's device thaws Oswald out and he draws a gun on Dentist. Oswald demands to know where Sofia is and pistol–whips the torturer. He then calls Lee and says that Sofia is on her way to stop Jim, and they'll meet at the resort to kill Sofia again. Once he hangs up, Oswald sees Riddler's hat and demands to know where he is. Dentist explains that Headhunter and his men took Riddler to the docks to kill him.

Penn explains that Falcone asked him to keep an eye on Sofia. She found out so he made a deal with her: his life in return for information on Oswald. Sofia also had Penn put her in touch with Pyg, and he told Falcone right away. Sofia and her men arrive and a shot takes Jim in the stomach. The officers take Penn to cover and Jim tells Harvey to get Penn out. He figures that the cops will arrive soon and he can hold off Sofia's people until then. Harvey reluctantly leaves with Penn, and Jim runs out, opens fire on his attackers, and ducks into a kitchen.

Sofia's men open fire on him and Jim takes two of them down. Sofia shoots Jim in the shoulder and he discovers that he's out of bullets. Jim runs off and Sofia follows him.

Harvey gets outside as Lee arrives. She tells Harvey to take her car, and he warns her that Jim is badly hurt. Harvey drives away as Victor and Headhunter fire at him. The police arrive and the hitmen go to get a milkshake.

Sofia shoots Jim again and says that he's a disappointment. His gun lands on the floor and he tries to get it, and Sofia shoos him again. She says that it was about Jim's pride and arrogance, and admits that she killed her father because he disappointed her. Sofia tells Jim to beg her for his life and her forgiveness, and they'll start over. Jim advises her to go to hell, and Sofia prepares to shoot him. Lee arrives and shoots her from behind, and then shoots her in the head. Jim goes into shock as Lee tends to his wounds.

Sofia's men take Riddler to the pier and prepare to kill him. Riddler yells at them to do it, and Oswald arrives and kills both men. Oswald says that he failed to kill Sofia, and if he had waited for her to return than Riddler would have died. Riddler is surprised that Oswald gave up his revenge for him, and Oswald says that he trusts him. After a moment, Riddler puts away the gun he took from his would-be killers and they agree they never want to see the pier again.

That night, Jim wakes up in a hospital bed and finds Harvey sitting at his side. Harvey explains that Lee kept Jim alive until the medics got there, and Sofia is in a coma. Jim says that he's going to confess everything after he recovers, and Harvey tells him that no one would benefit from that. Jim would feel better about himself but the GCPD loses its heroes. He tells Jim to live with his guilt just like he did because it's what the city needs. Jim asks where Lee is, and Harvey says that she went to the Narrows to deal with unfinished business.

At Cherry's, Lee walks in as her people capture and beat Sampson. She tells them to hold his hand, takes out a hammer, and shatters it.

At Sirens, Barbara continues to suffer from headaches. Tabitha tells her that they have to act, and Barbara screams at her to shut up. Once Tabitha leaves, Barbara looks at her hand and realizes that it's glowing, and sees Ra's walking toward her.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 23, 2018

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