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The Devil Complex Recap

In the Lighthouse, a figure in a spacesuit materializes out of nowhere and walks off.

Fitz is working on compressing the Gravitonium, and tells Jemma that he doesn't know how to do it. They discuss wishes and Jemma wishes that they had a honeymoon. She turns and the spacesuited figure grabs her by the throat and tosses her across the room. Fitz attacks it and it knocks him back, but Jemma grabs a gun and "kills" the manifestation.

Mack and Elena work on Elena controlling the prosthetic hand with her mind. She winces in pain and says that she doesn't need anything fancy, and Mack tells her to heal why they do the fighting. Mack assures her that they'll protect her--even from herself--because that's what family does.

Fitz explains that the Gravitonium from Deke's device was compressed and he can't duplicate the compression. He hopes that Deke has insight into how it works. Deke stares at him until Fitz slams his hand on the table to get his attraction. Fitz warns that more anomalies could appear, and Jemma says that the astronaut isn't her greatest fear. Her husband insists that he can figure it out eventually, and he needs to see Hall's original notes. As Fitz and Jemma go, Deke tells them to be careful and fumbles through an explanation for his concern. Once they leave, Daisy assures Deke that they'll be fine. He says that he was moved by their nuptials and wants them to last. Daisy gets a hit on Hale and sends Coulson the coordinates.

In her car, Hale is on the phone saying that they're close. They come to a barricade and someone tosses a gas grenade into the car. Hale and the driver pass out from the fumes, and Coulson, Melinda, and Piper drop the cloaking to reveal that they landed the Zephyr in the limo's path. Coulson congratulates Piper on redeeming herself and they take off.

Deke finds a masked Fitz welding and tells him that the others got Hale. He offers to help, and "Fitz" knocks him unconscious and removes the welding apron, revealing the suit that the anomaly is wearing.

The team takes Hale to an interrogation room and Coulson says that he's not there to torture her. He asks why she declared war on his people, and Hale points out that she's just trying to bring a terrorist group to justice. She has orders not to let them escape by any means, and apologizes for cutting Elena's arms off. Hale apologizes for her overzealous underling, and points out that Daisy shot Talbot in the head. Coulson insists that it wasn't Daisy, and hale says that she's trying to prevent their extinction.

Fitz tells Daisy that he can't find Hall's notes, and Daisy says that they didn't scan his notes into the system. He snaps from lack of sleep and wonders what he's missing, and Daisy notices that they've lost the camera feeds from Level 10. She offers to go check it out and tells Fitz to take it easy. Once Daisy leaves, Fitz tries to work out the Gravitonium compression. The anomaly--Leopold--comes in and says that he's on the right track. Leopold says that there's work that needs to be finished, and explains that he's there to do what Fitz is unwilling to do.

Mack and Jemma prepare to move Elena to a safe floor, but she insists that she's an agent and doesn't need them to protect her. An armed supermech bursts in and tells them not to move.

Leopold reminds Fitz that Fitz destroyed his world, and insists that he's real. Fitz insists that Leopold isn't him, but Leopold points out that they're the same. The anomaly says that plans are already in motion, and Jemma screams in the distance as a gunshot rings out. Fitz goes to investigate.

Hale warns Coulson that he doesn't understand the forces at play, and refuses to tell him why she needs the Gravitonium. She says that charisma and empathy will only get Coulson so far, and she does what is necessary. Hale offers to show him what they're up against, and asks Coulson to come with her. He refuses and she says that he's underestimating her.

Piper tells Melinda that the limo drive is too heavy to move. They go to the cargo bay and Melinda orders Creel to get out of the car. Creel gets out and removes his mask, revealing that he transformed into steel. He advises Melinda to listen to Hale, and reveals explosives strapped to his chest. The agents call Coulson in, and he assures Piper that it wasn't her fault. The Superior enters the Zephyr and greets Coulson.

Fitz goes to the medbay and finds an injured Mack. Jemma and Elena explain that he was wounded when the supermech opened fire before they took it out, and they realize that it isn't an anomaly. Fitz tells them that Leopold is there.

The Superior says that he has redefined what humanity means in his new form, and insists that he will ensure the planet's survival for generations. Hale is an important part of that, and he tells Coulson to bring Hale to him or Creel will blow the Zephyr out of the sky.

Fitz blames himself for not shutting down the rift sooner, and Jemma suggests that Leopold isn't his greatest fear but hers. She tells Fitz to focus on what Leopold wants, and remembers that Leopold was in charge of Inhuman experimentation. They realize that he's after Daisy, and Fitz goes to find her.

Daisy is checking out the surveillance cameras and discovers that there's nothing wrong with them. A supermech grabs her from behind and knocks her unconscious, and then carries her off.

Coulson brings Hale to the Superior and says that the Superior is the one who programmed the LMD to shoot Talbot. Hale doesn't believe them and offers to help Coulson understand if he comes with her. Coulson agree to go with her as long as his people get away unharmed. Melinda talks to him privately and warns that it's a trap. She accuses him of turning his back on them, and then tells Hale that Coulson is all hers.

Daisy wakes up strapped to a table, and Leopold examines her. He advises her to make herself comfortable as she realizes that he's an anomaly. Leopold insists that he's the "real" Fitz, and says that his Inhuman work took threats off the speech and helped people to understand what they face. He explains that he's going to restore her powers and starts cutting out the inhibitor.

The Superior tells Coulson to put a hood on, and Coulson tries to warn Creel. He figures that when the superior lost Aida, he lost the ability to make convincing LMDs. Coulson figures that the Superior isn't the one calling the shots, and Hale says that they have the Superior's head in a jar as they fly off in the Quinjet.

Daisy warns Leopold that her powers could destroy the world, and he suggests that the rift destroys the world and her powers are necessary to save it. He figures that her powers can compress the Gravitonium and seal the rift. Fitz arrives and tells Leopold to stop, and Leopold tells him that he's doing what needs to be done.

Mack stands guard and Elena says that nothing can happen to her because they saw her future self. he warns that the future isn't set and they can still lose her, and Elena figures that if she dies then it breaks the loop. Jemma asks if Fitz or Daisy have checked in, and tells Mack to stay with Elena before running out.

Leopold says that he programmed the robot to keep the others at bay while he removed Daisy's inhibitor. He insists that he's right, and tells Fitz that he is weak. Together they can fix the rift if Fitz will finish what they started. Daisy wonders who Fitz is talking to, and Jemma comes in. She realizes that Fitz is alone and has been Leopold all along. Jemma tells him to put the scalpel down, and Fitz looks around and realizes that no one but Daisy and Jemma are there. He stares at the scalpel in his hand, and Jemma tells him that it was him all along reprogramming the robots and keeping the others occupied. Fitz realizes that it was his plan all along to isolate Daisy. Jemma says that they can work all of it out, but Fitz tells her that there's no turning back.

The supermech brings Deke in and trains a gun on Jemma, and Fitz says that "Leopold" programmed it to keep her from stopping him. He insists that the science is sound and there are always risks, and Jemma warns that potentially paralyzing Daisy and destroying the risk are massive risks. Undeterred, Fitz prepares to remove the implant. he admits that he doesn't want to do it but he has to, and Daisy screams in pain. As Fitz pulls out the implant, the base begins to shake as Daisy's powers come back.

Daisy tells Fitz that she will never forgive him. He jabs her in the leg with the scalpel, figuring the adrenalin will jump-start her powers. Fitz then talks her through compressing the Gravitonium and inserting it into the sphere. Daisy does so and Fitz surrenders. She then sends the sphere into the rift, sealing it for good.

Jemma asks the imprisoned Fitz how long he's been seeing Leopold. He admits that he's been hearing Leopold for a while but only started seeing him recently. Jemma says that Leopold isn't Fitz, but he insists that it is. Fitz says that he doesn't deserve forgiveness, and Jemma wonders if he deserves her. He says that the worst part is that he still believes it was the right thing to do. Jemma tells him that if they plan to change the timeline then they have to make harder choices, and doesn't know what that makes them. Fitz doesn't know where they go from there and turns away.

Later, Deke finds Jemma and asks how she's doing. she admits that she doesn't know how to process it, and feels like she's losing Fitz. Deke sits down with her and says that she knows Fitz better than he knows himself. Fitz is complicated and stubborn, and describes Fitz in detail. Jemma wonders how he knows it, and Deke explains that his mother used to talk about her parents the same way. He insists that Jemma can help Fitz and he knows that they're going to be okay, and repeats her words about taking small steps I the right direction. Jemma realizes that Deke is their grandson and then collapses, coughing.

Hale meets with her superior, Qovas, who says that she must prove to the Confederacy that she deserves their support. She says that she has the final piece and it's all within reach. Qovas says that if one faces failure, they drink the Odium, but she won't need it if her resolve is strong. he says "Hail Hydra" and leaves.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 24, 2018

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