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Hollywoodland Recap

Behind the Hollywood sign in 1941, a Rittenhouse agent Calhoun tells his son Lucas to stick to the plan and remember his training. They hug and then Calhoun leaves in the Mothership.

Months later, Bob is directing a movie. Lucas comes over and tells him that they're shutting down his production and pulling his leads for a television show. His father comes over and tells Lucas that he's done well, and Nicholas has marked up all of their parts. Lucas asks what they can do.

In the bunker, Jiya has a vision of Rufus shooting a musket and killing a man. She collapses and Denise runs over to check on her. Once Jiya recovers, she and Rufus tell Denise and Connor what has been going on. Jiya says that she didn't want to tell them for fear they'd let her go, and points out that there's no doctor with experience in time-related illnesses. Connor agrees with her, and Jiya says that she's not sure if she's having hallucination. She starts to walk off, and the alarm goes off. Jiya tracks the Mothership to LA in 1941 and Lucy says that she knows what Rittenhouse might be up to.

Lucy and Denise go to the prison and discover that a prisoner stabbed Garcia. Garcia says that he killed his attackers, and asks if they can do it without him. He refuses to help unless they get him out, and Denise says that she'll get him to a more secure position. Garcia isn't interested in anything but freedom, and says that Rittenhouse will keep sending killers until he's dead. Lucy agrees to get him out if he tells them what Rittenhouse is doing in 1941. She figures that he'll agree since he needs them more than they need us, and Garcia offers to draw it for them.

The Lifeboat arrives in 1941 and the trio steals some clothing. Garcia found a drawing on a Rittenhouse agent in 1941, and Lucy figures that he's not playing them. The drawing matches a Paramount studio sign, and they figure that Rittenhouse went there. The trio sneaks in and figures that the Rittenhouse sleeper agent is hiding in plain sight. A guard comes over and asks for their IDs, Rufus claims that he's Langston Hughes there to see the studio president Barney Balaban. The guard takes them there and the secretary says that they don't have an appointment and Rufus says that he has a script, and Lucy and Wyatt are his musical actors. Balaban comes in and Rufus complains about his treatment. The CEO invites him in to talk about his project, and starts bouncing ideas off of him.

Wyatt brings up the name Rittenhouse and says that they can do a secret time-altering cabal movie. Balaban figures that they're overdone and wants something new but the same. Hedy Lamarr comes in and tells Balaban that she can't do the picture. He offers to get her a new writer and introduces Rufus. Lucy recognizes Hedy, and Balaban says that he'll see her that night at William Randolph Hearst's Hollywood manor. The producer takes a phone call and mentioned that RKO 241 was stolen. He excuses himself to deal with the emergency and leaves.

Outside, Lucy tells Wyatt and Rufus that "RKO 241" was the only copy of Citizen Kane. She remembers that Hearst wanted to kill it. As they break into a costume shop to get better clothes, Lucy tells Rufus that Hedy was a scientist as well as an actress, and she developed what would become wifi but let the patent elapse.

Lucas shows his father the stolen films and says that he has a good life there. He invites Mr. Calhoun to stay there with him, but Mr. Calhoun tells his son that they have work to do.

Denise tells Jiya that she has a doctor coming to see her. The agent isn't interested in Connor's opinion, and Jiya explains that her father had back pains and died of pancreatic doctor after a doctor diagnosed him. She doesn't want to see a doctor, but Denise assures her that they'll make her better.

The trio goes to the party in their new costumes, and Hedy arrives and sees them going in. She comes over and says that she wants to talk to Rufus' poetry. Hedy leads them in past the guards and asks Rufus to recite one of his poems. Rufus recites TV theme lyrics and Hedy tells him that they were awful. She knows that Rufus isn't Langston and asks who he really is.

As Wyatt and Lucy walk around the party, Lucy spots Hearst. Hedy and Rufus come over and Rufus says that he told her that Welles sent them to recover Citizen Kane. She says that Welles screened it for her as well and is glad to help them. Hearst is leaving with Lucas, and Hedy says that he's making a movie called Jurassic Park. As Wyatt and Lucy follow them, Balaban comes over and asks them to perform a song. Lucy has no choice but to agree and performs. After a few false starts, Lucy sings the song with some prompting from Wyatt. She gets into it and wraps up as Wyatt smiles and she looks at him.

Rufus and Hedy go to the room next to where Lucas and Hearst are meeting. Hedy makes a funnel to channel the noise. Meanwhile, Lucas tells Hearst that he'll give him the film in return for one column in his papers. Hearst agrees and Rufus meets with the others to tell them what happened. Lucy figures that if Rittenhouse can print their propaganda in Hearst's paper then they can rewrite history as it happen. The exchange is at 10 the next morning on Stage 14. Hedy pulls up in a limo with her friend George Antheil and offers them a ride.

In the bunker, Connor tells Denise that Jiya is in with the doctor. He says that he could have given Jiya the prognosis himself, and explains that they had two Lifeboat pilots come back with the same symptoms. The Lifeboat isn't equipped for more than three people, and one pilot died and another one is suffering from severe schizophrenia. Rufus doesn't know, and Connor says that no can come from Jiya knowing because there's nothing any of them can do.

Hedy invites the trio to stay with her. She has her friend George make some drinks, and he talks about Hedy's inventions. Rufus admits that he's a scientist, and Hedy and George take Rufus to their workshop to see what they've been working on. Lucy and Wyatt go out to the pool and Lucy explains that George is Hedy's partner and a composer, and has a crush on Hedy. Wyatt talks about some men find beautiful women with brains intimidating, and admits that Lucy isn't hideous. Lucy says that she doesn't think of herself that way, and Wyatt says that he took the assignment because it's dangerous. After Jessica died, he stopped caring but not anymore. Lucy says that she felt the same way when she thought Wyatt was dead. They go to their guest bedroom and kiss.

The next morning, Wyatt assures Lucy that the sex between them was great. She wonders if it's an HR issue, and he suggests that they keep it a secret. Rufus comes in and quickly excuses himself, and Wyatt figures that he'll keep their secret.

Jiya tells Denise and Connor that the doctor said there was nothing wrong with her. Even the heart murmur that she had as a child is cured. Jiya is still having the visions, and wonders what happened to her on the Lifeboat.

As Wyatt and Rufus watch Lucas' office, Rufus asks Wyatt if it's happening. Wyatt tells him to be cool, just as Lucy joins them. Lucas comes out of the building and walks to Studio 14. The trio follows him and Lucas turns the reels over to one of Hearst's men. A guard sees them and comes in, and Lucas shoots him in the chest. Wyatt returns fire and goes after Lucas, and Rufus runs over and grabs one of the film canisters. As Lucas prepares to shoot him, Wyatt shoots Lucas and kicks away his gun. They go back to where Lucy is tending to the guard, and Wyatt says that they can't be there when the authorities arrive. Lucy reluctantly goes with them.

Denise goes to the prison infirmary and points out that Garcia is a terrorist and it's not easy to get him out. She says that they need his intel of the sleeper agents and slips him a piece of paper. Denise says that it's a bad idea and leaves.

Rufus meets with Hedy on set and gives her the film canister. She figures that they're not Welles' people, and Rufus says that he's a fan. Rufus tells Hedy to not let her patent expire and leaves.

Wyatt and Lucy hotwire a car and prepare to drive to the prison. He says that it was nice to see her happy and they start to kiss. Rufus comes over and tells them that Hedy has the canisters, and they leave for the prison. They arrive at the prison that night and dig out a brick in Garcia's future cell.

Garcia goes back to his cell and removes the package from 1941. Inside it is a key and a gas mask. The alarms go off and gas filter in, and Garcia puts on the mask and walks out. He strolls past the guards as they pass out.

The Lifeboat appears in the bunker and later, Rufus asks Jiya how she's doing. She says that she's never been healthier, and Lucy and Wyatt tell Denise that they stopped Rittenhouse and dropped off the package. Garcia comes in and Wyatt tells Denise to keep him on a leash. Lucy talks to him privately and says that Garcia is on their side, and says that now they have each other. Wyatt assures her that they're together, and gets a text and says that he'll be back. Rufus calls her over and says that in the new timeline, Hedy and George still owned the patent and got $30 billion. She owns a tech company.

An alarm goes off and Denise warns that someone has broken in. They got to check it out and discover that Wyatt broke out.

Wyatt goes to a bar and approaches the bartender. it's Jessica, and he hugs her as she stares at him.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 26, 2018

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