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Necromancing the Stone Recap

On Waverider, fog fills the hallways and Sara walks through the mist. A child runs behind her into the messroom, and when Sara comes in, the child says that Sara thought she forgot about her.

Sara wakes up from her nightmare, and Ava asks if she wants to talk about it. Ava says that she called out "John" in her sleep, and Sara explains that it's demonologist John Constantine. She admits that they slept together in 1969, but it was three weeks ago before she had a girlfriend. Ava is touched that Sara thinks that she's her girlfriend, and Gabriel interrupts to say that Sara is needed on the bridge.

The team meets on the bridge and notes that the time rips are getting worse. Wally figures that it's worse than Flashpoint, and Sara says that they're going to do their repairs in teams. She notices that Mick is gone, and Wally whisks him in at super speed after dressing him since he sleeps in the nude. Sara divides up tasks among the team, and Mick refuses to bring in Laika. Ray says that he can use Mick's help reforming the Fire Totem, and Sara says that Nate and Wally will go to Billings 1997 while she gets Einstein from the ice Age. She winces at a sudden noise in her head, and dismisses it as nothing, and the others leave on their assignment.

In the lab, Ray says that they need Big Bang heat levels to reignite the Fire Totem. Mick dresses beer as Ray says that they'll use cold fusion to generate the necessary heat, and then complains that he's bored and walks off.

Sara tries to contact John through Gideon, and hears the same noise again. She goes to the lockbox holding the Death Totem and opens it, and Sara's spirit from her death steps out, dressed as Black Canary. She says that Sara could use the Totem to banish the girl from her dreams and bring back her sister. Sara says that she's no Totem Bearer, but Black Canary tells her that the six Totems need six Totembearers and Sara was born to wield death. After a moment, Sara reaches for the Totem.

Zari and Amaya return from their mission and find Mick dozing. Gideon reports that all of her internal monitoring systems have been rendered, and they go to the lab. Ray is badly beaten and they realize who did it is on the ship. They take him to the medbay and have Gideon work on him. Mick and Amaya go to repair the ship while Zari stays with Ray. She tries to contact Sara, and Gideon tells her that she never left the ship.

Amaya and Mick finds a white-haired Sara. Mallus speaks through her, saying that Sara is lost to them. She knocks Mick's fire gun out of his hand and shoves Amaya back, then easily subdues both of them. Amaya tries to get through to Sara's spirit, who is trapped in Mallus' dimension and can hear Amaya's voice. When Sara calls to Amaya, Mallus says that Amaya can't hear her and that Sara has become a monster.

Mick and Amaya continue fighting but the possessed Sara knocks them down, breaking Amaya's leg, and prepares to kill them. Wally whisks them both back to the med lab and when Nate arrives, they compare notes.

Sara locks down Gideon, and a hologram of Ava appears. She realizes that Sara has changed, and Sara walks through her. Ava goes to the medbay and demands an explanation, and they tell her that Sara has bonded with the Death Totem. Amaya figures that they need to find John so he can save Sara. Gideon reports that the Nostromo self-destruct sequence has been activated. The medbay doors seal, trapping the Legends inside.

As the Legends argue, Wally vibrates his hand through the lock and says that he'll take out Sara at superspeed. He runs to the bridge but there's no sign of Sara. Jesse steps out of the shadows and Wally figures that she's not real. She talks about the first night that she said she loved him, and Wally says that he couldn't understand how she was attracted to him. Jesse says that he's a speed junkie with a drug addict for a mother, and that's why it didn't work out between them. Wally tells her that she can't hurt him and he's glad that she broke his heart. He traveled because of her, found inner peace, and made new friends. "Jesse" reverts to Sara, takes out a gun, and hits Wally despite his speed. She then telekinetically knocks him unconscious and walks off.

In New York City in 2018, Ava and Gary go to a hotel looking for John. They hear screams and go in, and find John chasing a chicken with the help of Mrs. Veras. Gary helps him and together they manage to grab it. Ava explains why they're there, and John tells Mrs. Veras that they'll have her son married soon. She leaves with the chicken, and John figure that Mallus' power is growing. He admits that he gave Ray instructions to kill Sara if she became dangerous, and Ava explains that Mallus has possessed Sara. John explains that the lost tribe of the Zambesi sided with Mallus, while the other five tribes imprisoned Mallus.

Mick figures that Wally is dead, and Nate goes to find him. Zari suggests that she decouple the jumpship from Gideon's mainframe so that they can leave.

John figures that Sara's soul is trapped in Mallus' realm, and he always has a link to Sara's stole. He prepares to invoke the Egyptian ferryman of the dead, and Ava says that she and Sara have a strong metaphysical connection. John says that they both have tastes in damaged women, and Ava insists on going with him to the realm of Mallus. John tells her to take his hand and begins the ritual, and Mallus speaks, furious that John is entering his realm. A wave of mystical feedback sweeps over John and Ava.

Nate finds Wally and calls the others, Zari goes to the jumpship and tells the others to meet her there. As she prepares to smash the mainframe panel, her brother Behrad steps out and says that he can't sleep. He asks Zari to read her to the story, and Zari figures that he's not real. Behrad insists that he's real, and starts reciting his favorite story. Zari joins in with him, crying, and then says goodbye and turns away from him. She smashes the panel and there's a burst of energy. Sara attacks her and Zari knocks her back with a blst of wind. Undeterred, Sara teleports behind her and grabs her by the throat, and Zari tells Sara to fight Mallus.

Nora appears to Sara's spirit and says that no one can fight Mallus forever.

Sara's body snaps Zari's wrist and knocks her out.

John goes through a mystic tome and tells Ava to loosen up. He assures her that she has nothing to be jealous about between him and Sara, and Ava admits that she's a little jealous. John tells her that Sara is worth it, and Ava focuses on finding Waverider. Gary has an idea: he suggests that the Legends are like his D&D group, and they were trapped in the Tomb of Ruination. To defeat the evil stalking them, they need one of the Six Swords.

Amaya figures that they need a Totembearer to defeat Sara. Either Nate or Mick have to wield the Earth Totem. She says that a righteous warrior has nothing to fear, and they figure Nate is the only choice.

Gary admits that his D&D group died a hideous death because they split up, and figures that the Legends will be fine as long as they stick together.

Nate goes off to get the Earth Totem after Amaya kisses him.

Gary figures that they need to home in on one of the Totems, and John prepares a spell to locate the Death Totem.

Nora insists that she's never been sweet, and says that the darkness has always been in both of them. A vision of past Sara appears, killing a man when she was a member o the League of Assassins. His daughter--the girl Sara saw earlier--runs to her father and takes his hand. Nora tells Sara that "once a killer, always a killer."

Nate goes to the study and picks up the Earth Totem. Something moves in the shadows, and he sees Sara's body.

Sara cries, and Nora tells her that she can't erase her past so she might as well embrace it. She says that the sixth tribe wielded the Death Totem to protect Mallus from the other five tribes, and Sara was born to wield the Death Totem for Mallus.

Amaya and Mick find Zari and call Nate. Nate warns them that Sara found him, just as he comes to his grandfather Henry.

When she loses contact with Nate, Amaya figures that the Fire Totem is their last chance to defeat Sara and they head to the lab.

Nate figures that "Henry" isn't his grandfather, and Henry says that Nate convinced him that he couldn't be with his wife and son in 1976. He tells Henry that he's a disappointment to his father and hits him repeatedly, telling him that he's not worthy of Amaya's love.

Mick, Amaya, and Zari go to the lab and get the Fire Totem. Amaya says that Mick is the only one who can wield the Fire Totem, and Mick is a good man no matter how he tries to hide it. Mick wonders what happens if she's wrong, and Amaya tells him that it's one way to find out.

Sara is beating Nate when John, Ava, and Gary arrive through a time portal. John immobilizes her long enough for Ava to hit Sara's body with the holy water. Mallus lets Sara speak in the voice of Astra, the girl who died during his exorcism. She says that Mallus will release her from Hell but John has to sacrifice Sara. When Ava tries to interfere, Mallus blasts her and Gary away. John tells Astra that he'll do it and offers his hand, and after a moment she takes it. He wields the sacred cross and commands Mallus to free Sara, and Sara's body levitates him into the air, choking him. John tries to take out his flask but drops it.

Mick reluctantly puts the Totem necklace on, and it glows with fire.

The Death Totem around Sara's neck glows, and she releases John and runs off.

Mick summons fire in his hand and stares at it, and then throws the fire at Sara's body as she comes in. She tries to hold it back and Mick throws another fireball into her. Ava and the others run in, and Sara's spirit hears Ava calling her name. Nora asks Sara's spirit if Ava knows who she really is, and says that the Totem's power is within her. Sara has to choose a life with them without regret, or the half-life she's living.

Ava tells Sara that she's the strongest person she's ever met and never backs down. She begs Sara to come home to her, and in Mallus' realm Sara's spirit clutches at her chest. On Waverider, Sara's body levitates into the air.

Sara's spirit tells Nora that she won't be a demon's lackey and bring more death into the world. Nora says that she could have everything, but Sara walks away.

After a moment, Sara's body reverts to normal as her spirit comes back. She tells Ava that she helped her again, and Ava admits that she had a little help as John lights his cigarette from Mick.

Later in the study, Sara and John share a drink and Sara suggests that he join the Legends. John admits that it's tempting, and says that he would have traded Sara for Astra if he believed Mallus would keep the deal. He says that he prefers to walk the path alone so he doesn't have to share with anyone how lost he is, and advises her not to hurt Ava. Sara admits that she's afraid of doing so.

Sara goes to the medbay where Ray is recovering, and apologizes to all of them. None of them know why Mallus showed them people from their past, and Sara suggests that they broadcast their deepest secrets. Zari and Wally go to recouple the mainframe, and Sara goes to her quarters where Ava is waiting. Sara says that death has always been part of her, and tells Ava that she is wonderful. She admits that she's never been so happy in her life, but doesn't deserve Ava. Sara refuses to hurt Ava and turns away, and Ava portals out.

Gary is running his D&D group and talks about the true battle is just beginning.

Sara finds a piece of paper beneath her pillow. It says that it's the spot reserved for the girlfriend of Sara Lance.

Gary tells his D&D group that they will have to be at full strength and asks John if he's ready to join their mission. John assures him that for the night he's all Gary's and tosses the 20-sided dice into the air.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 26, 2018

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