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Orange Is the New Maze Recap

Maze is rampaging through her apartment looking for something when Lucifer comes in. She explains that she forgot her knife, and can't find it. Maze tells Lucifer that she's done with Earth and wants Lucifer to send her back to Hell. He points out that Chloe almost died the last time he took someone to Hell, and doesn't want anyone to get hurt. Lucifer suggests that she blow off some steam and take a weekend in Catalina, and Maze warns that he's going to regret his decision. As they face off, Chloe comes in and Lucifer tells her that Maze was just leaving. Chloe asks why Maze hurt Trixie's feelings, and says that she's doing it to herself. Maze takes offense and leaves, and Chloe suggests that he go to talk to her. Lucifer figures that she needs space, just as Marcus comes in. He says that they were at the beach, and Chloe says that they were investigating a murder case and was going to tell Lucifer. Lucifer quickly excuses himself, and Chloe tells Marcus that she was concerned about their workplace relationship. Marcus says that he's all in.

Charlotte meets with Linda and tells her about Amenadiel. Linda insists that she doesn't know him and Charlotte figures that Amenadiel is nuts. He said that he could fill in her memory gap and Linda advises Charlotte to forget about it. Charlotte persists and says that Amenadiel told her that Lucifer was his brother and she's his stepmother. She wonders if she would marry someone and forget about it, and tells Linda that Amenadiel cared about who she was. Charlotte is sure that Amenadiel believes he was telling the truth, and decides to dig into his story.

Lucifer and Chloe go to the beach and Chloe figures that Maze is spiraling out of control. Lucifer says that she just needs to blow off some steam, and they come to the corpse. Ella tells them that he has multiple stab wounds and no ID, and Chloe admits that there was no earlier beach murder. She says that she and Marcus had a date, and Lucifer half-heartedly congratulates her. Ella talks about the corpse's earlobes and notices a security camera nearby. Chloe goes to check the security footage, and Ella hugs Lucifer and tells him to let it out. Lucifer tells her that's enough, and Ella says that what he and Chloe have is on another plane. Chloe calls them over to check the footage, and they watch as it shows Maze taking her knife out of the dead man's chest and then glaring up at the camera.

Back at the station, Lucifer tells Chloe that he can't find Maze at her usual spots. Chloe advises him not to jump to conclusions. Lucifer explains that he refused to take Maze home and figures that she's trying to manipulate him into doing it. Marcus comes over and asks for updates, and Chloe says that the victim is an ex-con, Mike Blitz. There's a bounty on him, and Maze brought Mike in once before. Marcus says that Chloe's ex-roommate may not be what she thinks she is. Chloe assures him that she won't take it personally, and Lucifer says that he's going to take it personally and try tracking down Maze. When Chloe says that she's going to Mike's last place of employment, a winery named Monte De Oro, Marcus offers to go with him. Lucifer hastily says that he wants to make sure Maze is guilty and insists on going with Chloe.

As Lucifer and Chloe drive to the winery, Lucifer asks Chloe if the beach date was a date date and starts undermining Marcus. He says that Marcus is older than he looks, and Chloe refuses to discuss it with him. Chloe tells him that she's not sleeping with Marcus and then says that it's none of Lucas' business.

At the winery, Chloe and Lucifer meet with the owner, Margo Channing. She brings in Zack Moore, the winery foreman and Mike's supervisor. Zack says that Mike never gave them any trouble, and they didn't know he was an ex-con. A woman matching Maze's description came looking for Mike, and took off on his trail. When Zack told Mike about it, he freaked out. Lucifer and Chloe go to Mike's trailer and see a can of green tea coconut water like Maze drinks.

Linda calls Amenadiel in and complains that he ignored her advice. He figures that he owed Charlotte answers, but Linda warns that now Charlotte has more questions. Amenadiel points out that she decided not to discuss it with Charlotte just like she decided they were over. Linda concedes and asks if he's doing it for Charlotte or himself.

Ella finds Marcus and Chloe holding hands in Marcus' office. Dan comes in and says that he hasn't found any leads among Mike's associates. Lucifer comes in and Chloe offers him her seat. Dan asks if they'd be shocked if Maze did it. Maze comes in and says that she did it. Chloe starts reading her her rights, but Maze isn't interested and invites them to arrest her. Maze takes out the knife and puts it on the desk, and Marcus has Dan take Maze away.

After Maze confesses on video, Chloe tells Marcus that something doesn't feel right. Marcus asks if there's something going on between her and Lucifer, and points out the bullet Lucifer gave to her. The captain isn't impressed and says that Chloe is going to have to find the real killer.

Chloe and Lucifer go into to talk to Maze and Chloe points out that Maze doesn't have a motive. Maze says that she's just evil, and Lucifer refuses to take her home. The demon figures that she'll end up in prison and that's close enough to Hell. Chloe turns the conversation to the crime, and points out the discrepancies in Maze's story. Even Lucifer realizes that Maze is lying, and refuses to punish the innocent. Charlotte offers to draw up the arrest warrant for Maze. As Chloe goes to get the paperwork, Charlotte talks to Lucifer privately. She says that she met his brother Amenadiel and Lucifer readily admits that Amenadiel is his brother. Lucifer inadvertently calls her "Mum" and tries to leave, but Charlotte demands the truth. He tells her who he and Amenadiel are, and Charlotte died and went to Hell. Then Lucifer's mother took over her body, vacated it, and Charlotte came back to like. Charlotte stares at him in surprise, and Lucifer tells her that if she has any follow-up question then she can ask Amenadiel.

Ella visits Maze in her cell and says that she's there to support her for helping Ella's brother. The tech doesn't believe that Maze isn't guilty, and says that she has faith in her. Maze asks her to give her a hug, and Ella hugs her through the bars. She goes back to the station and confirms that the DNA on the can were inconclusive. Chloe's prints were on the can, and Lucifer figures that someone broke into the apartment and stole the can and the knife. Ella mentions that Maze hugged her.

Maze uses Ella's stolen security badge to get into the file room. An officer comes in and asks if she's supposed to be there, and Maze flashes the badge. The officer wants her to sign out, and Maze offers him a hug and chokes him unconscious.

Ella, Lucifer, and Chloe find the unconscious officer. Lucifer insists on helping Maze since someone is manipulating her. Chloe goes to Marcus and says that Maze wanted to get arrested so she could get to the file room and take the booking sheet from Mike's recent arrest. The corner with bail bondsman Barry Hill's name and address is on it. Chloe figures that since Barry hired Maze to hire Mike, he either set Maze up or knows who did. Marcus congratulates Chloe and asks if they're okay. As they start to kiss, Lucifer comes in and tells Chloe that duty calls.

Maze goes to Barry's address and finds him at the bowling alley across the street bowling with his team. She steps out onto the alley and figures out who Barry is. Maze tells him that he's coming with her, but Barry tells her to get out of the way and let him bowl. She goes behind him and kicks him to disrupt his shot, then slams his head into the ball return ramp. The ball comes back and Maze pulls him away just in time.

Charlotte tells Amenadiel that Lucifer told her everything. She says that she doesn't want to believe Lucifer and asks Amenadiel what her husband's name is. Amenadiel says that it's "God... frey", and Charlotte wants him to tell her the truth. The only thing that feels real is that she was in Hell, and if it's all true then she's insane.

Maze tosses Barry over the bar and says that he called her to track down Mike. She asks why he set him up, and Barry says that corporate guy who worked for Sebastian Corp. paid him to set up Maze. Someone shoots Barry in the back, killing him.

The next morning, Chloe and Lucifer find Barry's corpse at the bowling alley and call Ella in. Ella says that a sniper killed Barry from across the street. Barry's teammates testified that Maze was with Barry and couldn't have taken the shot, and they figure that the killer was one of Maze's ex-bounties. The partners question Maze's ex-bounties, most of who are in tears. However, they all like her. Marcus and Dan watch through the one-way mirror, and Marcus figures that Lucifer will always be in the way. Dan warns that they're a package deal and Marcus says that he'll just get rid of Lucifer.

One more ex-bounty comes in and says that Maze changed his life by scaring him straight. He worked at Monte De Oro but it was too good to be true and Maze taught him to walk away from things too good to be true. Chloe figures that Margo and Zack framed Maze and head for the winery.

Margo is sampling wine when Maze throws a knife through her glass and steps out of the shadows. The owner runs, grabbing a bottle as a weapon. Maze follows her and says that he tracked down someone called Sebastian and his rich mother was Margo. Margo yells that Sebastian died in a prison fight, and she had Maze framed so she'd suffer like Sebastian did. Maze steps out and casually avoids the thrown bottle, and says that she's just a big bad evil demon did. She takes out a knife and prepares to kill the woman who framed her, but then takes cover as Zack shoots at her with a shotgun.

Chloe and Lucifer arrive at the winery and hear the gunshots. As Zack moves in on Maze, Lucifer steps out, bends the barrel, and punches Zack unconscious. Maze grabs Margo and puts a knife to her throat. Chloe arrives and tells Maze that she's no killer, and Maze says that she destroys everything and everyone around her. The detective says that Trixie loves her and Maze is the best babysitter she ever had. Chloe tells Maze that she's a good friend to her and to Trixie, and begs Maze to put down the knife and let her help her. Maze says that Chloe is the reason Lucifer won't take her home, tosses the knife into Margo's foot, and walks away past Lucifer.

That night, Amenadiel takes Charlotte to Lux and tells Lucifer that they have no choice. The brothers say that they're there to make things right by helping her move forward. Charlotte says that things can't get any crazier, and Lucifer reveals his wings. Amenadiel figures that they've broken Charlotte, and after a moment of staring she realizes that it's all true and breaks into tears. Laughing, she realizes that she's not crazy.

As Marcus leaves the station, Chloe comes over and tells him that she and Lucifer are good partners and friends. She doesn't want to lose that, but it's also unfair to ask Marcus to deal with it. Chloe kisses Marcus on the cheek and asks if he wants to take her home. Lucifer comes out and Chloe tells Marcus that she wants him to take her home. Lucifer watches as they go.

Later, Lucifer is playing the piano in his apartment. Maze comes in response to his request, and Lucifer apologizes for thinking she was manipulating him. He asks if they're good now, and Maze tells him that everything that happened showed her while she has to go back. Caring about humans always goes wrong, and she doesn't want to be tortured. Maze begs Lucifer to take her home, and he says that he can't because he can't lose her as well. When Maze wonders who else he's lost, Lucifer says that Chloe rode off with Marcus and seemed happy. He wishes that he knew if Marcus' intentions are pure, and says that feelings and humans suck. Maze realizes that Lucifer only cares about her when he doesn't have Chloe, and is angry that no one puts her first. She says that none of them deserve her and leaves.

Maze goes to the bus station to take a bus. Marcus comes up and says that they should work together. When Maze wonders why she would, Marcus tells her that he can help them both get what they want.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 27, 2018

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