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Goon Struck Recap

Peyton is in her office hearing a councilman arguing that humans and zombies don't mix. The union rep defends the bus driver Otto Harrison they want fired, pointing out that there's no evidence that the driver is a zombie. Peyton tells the councilman that he's arguing discrimination and it's not how Seattle operates. As they leave, Peyton asks Harrison to stay and asks if he's getting enough to eat. Harrison says that his family are barely getting by on the brain tubes, and Peyton takes down his address and says that she'll get extra rations delivered.

Don E and Major are driving out of town and Don E complains that they've been on the road for hours and he needs a brain snack. There's a woman screaming in the trunk, and Don E turns up the radio to drown her out.

At the morgue, Clive says that the four newest bodies--three zombies and one human--were stuffed into the trunk of a car at the wrecker. A French inspector, Enzo Lambert, is there and figures that the bodies were moved from the original crime scene. Clive and Ravi aren't impressed with Enzo, who figures that the human was collateral damage. He says that his Fillmore-Graves men will come shortly to retrieve the three zombie bodies. Once Enzo leaves, Clive says that one of the dead men is Gordie Schultz, a "goon" hockey player who they were able to identify from his missing teeth. Gordie was a member of a minor league team that was booted out of town when Seattle became a zombie town. Clive says that Gordie's from Canada and leaves.

Major and Don E stop at a gas station so Don E can get some food. Inside, the clerk asks to see Don E's ID if he wants to buy booze. He goes back to the car and says that he's set. As they drive off, the clerk comes out with a baseball and glares at them.

Clive and Olivia go to the hockey rink and ask his teammates if they knew anything about Geordie off the ice. They admit that he kept to himself and was a great teammate. Olivia grabs a stick and wants to get out on the ice. She gets in the face of one player, just as the coach calls them out to the arena. As they go, Olivia figures that they know something and gets an idea.

The team takes to the rink and play against the fans for appreciation day. One mother asks Clive which one is his, and he points out Olivia. She's slamming into players, pins one player--Levon Patch--to the wall, and asks him what kind of trouble George was into. Ravi arrives in response to Clive's text so that Ravi can see Olivia plays. One player challenges her to a fight, and Olivia says that he's gutless as she skates around him. Ravi takes photos of her as she slams into Levon again and gets a memory flash of the player beating Geordie right before another player slams into her.

Back at the station, Levon says that he and Geordie got into a fight three years ago when they were on rival teams, but once Geordie joined up they were best friends. Levon wonders how they knew about the fight, and Clive claims that they had witnesses. The player writes down a note saying that he's a zombie and says that he knows how eating brains works. Clive says that three zombies were killed with Geordie, and Levon tells them that it's New Seattle he lives in and it doesn't matter what he thinks.

Eton tells Chase and his team that General Mills has been promoting a "Seattle solution. The officers tell a distracted Chase that he has the situation under control and asks if there's anything else. One man asks if Chase has captured Mama Leone, and Chase remembers the past.

Chase takes Mama Leone through the zombie jail and she sarcastically says that Chase is the George Washington of the undead. He says that maybe she'll wake up because the power grid is down and there's no one alive to wake up.

Chase says that he's captured Mama Leone but it's bad optics to kill a little old lady. Enzo says that an example has to be made and the others agree.

Mama Leone tells Chase that he's having a public relations problem. She says that he should focus on saving human lives, and she broke the law to help families. Mama Leone tells Chase to save it sometime and then passes out from the drugs they give her.

Chase says that Mama Leone is in prison and that's where she'll stay.

Major and Don E check into a motel room and Major checks the news to see if anyone is reported missing. Don E takes the girl, Sloane Mills, out of the bag and is unimpressed when she reminds them of who her father is. When Don E prepares to shoot her, Major tells him to put away the gun. Sloane complains that her wrists hurt and asks Don E to untie her. Once he does, she punches him in the face. Major focuses on a story about the clerk saying that Don E went zombie on her. There's footage of him going berserk and pounding on the dividing glass, and Sloane realizes that they're zombies. Major asks Don E what he did.

Furious, Major tells Don E that they have an hour before Don E's smuggling contacts show up, and the police are looking for them. Sloane asks for some of Don E's whiskey, but he refuses. Major lies down to sleep until the smugglers arrive.

In the morgue, Olivia is giving Ravi hockey tips. She gets a flash of Blaine shooting another man and then shooting Gordie, and tells Ravi what she saw. Olivia goes up and tells Clive, and he has Blaine brought in. He warns that they still need proof and the interrogation is going to be a slog. Olivia paces around and Clive tells her to stay in the game.

In the interrogation room, Olivia says that she Blaine murder two men. Blaine says that his whereabouts are none of their business, and he figures that she had a vision and it's not admissible. Olivia threatens to beat him and Blaine gives them his alibi.

Major wakes up and realizes that the smugglers were supposed to be there two hours ago. Don E has dozed off as well, and Sloane has escaped. He goes to the bathroom and finds Sloane on the floor not breathing. She OD'd trying to get high, and Major administers CPR. There's a knock at the door, and Major scratches her arm to turn her into a zombie. Sloane comes back to "life" after a minute, and Major looks at the door.

Olivia continues to taunt Blaine, and Clive has Blaine walk him through the night of the murders. He mentions that he was at a laundromat, and Clive notes that they never mentioned a laundromat. Olivia talks to Clive in the hallway and figures that the dead men were Mama Leone's muscles. Clive warns that it's dangerous information, and says that he'll send a CSI unit to the laundromat to canvass. If they can link Blaine to it and establish it's the scene of the crime, they have a case. Enzo comes in and says that he's confirmed two Dead Ender terrorists committed the murders. Olivia punches him repeatedly and says that they have the killer, and Enzo warns that she'll pay for it.

Back in the interrogation room, Olivia asks Blaine what he did with Mama Leone. She starts to rage out and Clive comes in and tells her to calm down. She gets another vision of Patch telling Gordie to calm down because Mama Leone gave him permission. Once she leaves, Blaine tries to go and Clive tells him that he's staying.

Olivia goes to the arena locker room and tells Levon that Blaine killed Geordie. She figures that he and Georgie worked for Mama Leone and asks if she's okay. Olivia wonders why Blaine went after Mama Leone, and Levon says that Blaine is working for Fillmore-Graves.

Back at the station, Olivia finds Peyton there. Clive explains that Fillmore-Graves called the mayor's office and said their investigator solved the case, and demanded that they release Blaine. Olivia is ready to fight, and Clive holds her back. He tells her that they lost and she should go home. As Peyton signs the paperwork, she sees an officer escort a woman in. The officer, Harris, says that there was a bus crash and lots of fatalities. The driver was a zombie and started eating the brains, and the woman shot him in self-defense... and killed the driver.

Later at the morgue, Peyton comes to see Harrison's body. Ravi assures her that it wasn't her fault, and Chase comes in and demands a report. The coroner explains that Harrison passed out at the wheel and that caused the crash. When he woke up, his hunger overwhelmed him and after killing one passenger, the woman gunned him down. Peyton explains that the brain tubes are watered down and Harrison was giving his tubes to his family. Chase's aide warns that every new zombie strains their resources, and Chase needs to make an example of Renegade before DC nukes them out of existence.

At the restaurant, Blaine tells Turner that the police are still putting the screws to him. Don E and Major emerge from crates of iced brains and Major admits that everything didn't go according to plan. Missy emerges from another crate, eating one of the brains, and starts talking in French.

Major and Don E take Sloane to Fillmore-Graves, and Chase tells her how she can function as a zombie. They've provided her with a place to live but her actions will be monitored. Sloane says that her father General Mills will nuke the city when he's found out what they've done. Unimpressed, Chase points out that the general won't as long as his daughter is there and sends her away.

Later, Major sees Chase drinking in his office and goes in. Chase congratulates him on fulfilling his mission, and Major tells him that he has to do what he has to do. Afterward, Chase goes to the jail, has Mama Leone thawed out, and tells her that she's been found guilty of creating new zombies and she'll be publicly executed for her crimes. He assures her that her death will be painless and leaves.

The next day, the Peacekeepers prepare the guillotine. Don E stops to watch for a moment and then leaves.

At the morgue, Olivia wonders why they bother solving crimes when they live in a dictatorship. Ravi figures that Blaine will eventually pay for his crimes. Peyton comes in and tells them that Fillmore-Graves is going to execute someone and didn't announce it.

At the guillotine, people yell that Chase is a monster and should let Mama Leone go. Chase insists that the penalty for breaking laws is severe, and other humans demand that Fillmore-Graves kill Mama Leone. Don E is selling brain bites, and Levon watches from the crowd. Olivia pushes through the crowd with Ravi and Peyton behind her, and Chase tells the people that the creation of new zombies stops. Major is standing guard, and ignores Olivia when she calls to him. The Peacekeepers put Mama Leone in place, and she looks at Olivia and shakes her head. After a moment Olivia nods, and the Peacekeepers execute Mama Leone. Major turns and looks at Olivia, who glares at him. She sees Levon and tells him to gather the rest of Mama Leone's organization because they're going to pick up where she left off.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 27, 2018

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