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Sins of the Father: The Book of Redemption Recap

Two-Bits is on a street corner selling DVDs, and sees a dealer and a girl nearby on a corner. the dealer watches as the boy walks off, and the girl takes some of the drugs she bought and flares briefly. A van pulls up and ASA operatives tase the girl, toss her in the van, and drive off.

Thunder walks to a building, rips through the fence, and goes inside. She smashes her way into a room and finds dozens of pods inside. Each one holds a teenager wired up. Thunder finds a control monitor and realizes that they're alive. She starts to smash one open, but then stops and runs out.

Anissa returns home and tells Jeff that Gambi discovered the bodies of the kids that were abducted 30 years ago, and she decided to check it out on her own. The girl admits that she should have told Jeff btu didn't, and Jeff is shocked to realize that they're alive.

At Club 100, Lala is reading a book on the Egyptian dead and meets with his formerly dead cousin Will. Will warns that Tobias won't be happy when he comes back and discovers that Lala has taken over The 100, and Lala says that he'll kill Tobias if he comes back. He tells Will that he lacked discipline and that's why he killed him. Will points out Lala's thugs at the door and asks him if they have it coming… and disappears because only Lala can see him.

Lala goes over and asks his men why they're not out on the streets, and they say that Black Lightning destroyed the Green Light. Their boss tells them to get out and get creative, and one dealer says that nobody wants the old drugs after they have Green Light. He tells Lala that he's losing it talking to himself, and Lala grabs his ear and rips it off. When the dealer goes for his gun, Lala grabs it and shoots him dead, and the other men say that they'll sell whatever Lala wants. As they go, Will appears to Lala only and tells his cousin that he's always killing people just like he killed him. Lala tells him that everything he did he did to himself, and says that Will's mother hasn't been the same since Will "disappeared". Will disappears in a puff of dust, and his tattoo appears on Lala's chest.

Thunder takes Black Lightning to the building and they discover that the cylinders are gone. There are traces of large objects being dragged out, and ASA operatives open fire on them. Black Lightning deflects their bullets with an electrical force field and Thunder knocks several of them off the catwalk. She joins her father and together they out the remaining operatives. an alarm goes off and the vigilantes run out.

Later at home, Jeff tells Anissa about Gambi's history with the ASA. The ASA put Gambi there to report on their illegal human experiments to make the black docile. The vaccines inadvertently gave a few kids powers, and Gambi reported the kids to the ASA. Anissa defends Gambi and points out that he used his leverage of the program to make the ASA stop. She insists that Gambi cares and tries to make things right, but Jeff tells her that there are some things that can't be made. Anissa says that they need to find the kids and they need Gambi's help, but Jeff refuses to work with someone he can't trust.

The next morning, Two-Bits comes to the Pierce house and says that he needs to talk. Jeff invites him in and Two-Bits says that he saw one of Jeff's students using Green Light before she was abducted. He describes the student burning before they took her, and gives the address where it happened.

A man, Steven Conners, comes into club 100 with his bodyguards. Lala greets him and says that he needs him to front him $2.5 million in drugs. Conners says that the offer is tempting but wonders how he can trust him. He points out that Lala disappeared and reappeared, and people only want Green Light. Lala figures that people need to get something to get by, and hands Conners his mother's address. He says that he's putting up his mother's life as collateral and invites Conners to check it out and make sure that it's legit. Conners agrees that they have a deal as long as everything turns out valid. as they leave, Will asks Lala if he's really going to put his mother up and Lala ignores him.

Jeff tells Jennifer to stay home from school that day and won't explain why. when Anissa comes in, and Jennifer tells her what Jeff said. Once she leaves, Jeff asks Anissa to stay with Jennifer because it might not be safe for her. As he goes, Anissa tells him to be safe.

A girl is looking for her abducted friend, Neema, and goes into the tailor shop to put up a flyer. She says that Neema was on Green Light and the police don't think that it's worth their time, and Gambi says that he'll put the flyer up.

Jennifer complains to Anissa that powers have already ruined her life, and she doesn't want to be a superhero. Anissa insists that it's a blessing from God, and Jennifer wonders if it's a curse from the Devil. She starts to walk away and Anissa tells her that people are dying and they have powers and a responsibility. Jennifer isn't interested and Jennifer tells her that she quits on everyone she's close to, including Khalil. Furious, Jennifer's eyes glow for a moment and her hands flare with energy. Lightning surrounds her for a moment, burning a nearby couch, and Anissa realizes that Jennifer is just like their father.

Jeff goes to Lynn's lab and tells her what he's learned. Lynn figures that ASA is replicating the Green Light experiments from 30 years and tells Jeff to see Gambi because he needs his help. Jeff refuses and says that he might be able to track the current of the pods with his powers. He tells Lynn that Two-Bits tracks any trucks coming into and out of Freeland, and explains about his electrical vision. Lynn wonders if he can see through clothing, and Jeff eyes her, chuckles, and leaves.

Gambi returns to his shop and Martin and two of his men come in. Martin tells him to come with them, and Gambi draws two guns on them. The ASA head says that if Gambi doesn't come with them, his man on the street will open fire on pedestrian. Gambi claims that he doesn't care about random people, but finally gives in and lowers his guns. The ASA men take Gambi away.

Jeff goes to Jennifer's room and asks if she's okay. Jennifer admits that she isn't and Jeff promises her that she'll live the life she wants to live. However, he says that she has to learn to control her powers so no one gets hurt. As Jeff hugs her, Jennifer asks how he uses the bathroom in his suit and they both laugh.

That night, Black Lightning finds Two-Bits and finds him smoking drugs. The vigilante shocks the drugs out of Two-Bits' hand, says that he's making him a better man, and asks him about the truck. As Two-Bits says that some military trucks were driving around but never left Freeland. A woman tries to drop a microwave on Black Lightning, and she apologizes but says that the reward is too much. She tries again and misses, and Black Lightning tells Two-Bits to be a better man before slipping away.

Black Lightning takes to the rooftops and tries to spot the pods' electrical current. He sees Malik getting a corner boy's take and walks off.

Martin's men beat Gambi until he tells them to stop. He then says that they know Gambi broke into the building and later Black Lightning showed up, which means that Gambi knows how to contact Black Lightning. Gambi insists that he doesn't and Martin has his men waterboard him.

Malik hands off the money to two men driving by. Jeff comes up and asks Malik to attend the Freeland's mentorship program at Garfield, but Malik says that he needs the money for his grandmother. The principal says that if Malik agrees then he'll find a way to get them the money they need. Malik tells him that he's good and walks away.

The ASA men wake up Gambi and Martin admits that he's a tough old man. He wonders why Gambi stayed in Freeland and helped raise Jeff, the son of the man who was investigating them. Martin wonders why, but Gambi says nothing and Martin tells his men to bring Jeff in.

Anissa takes Jennifer to Lynn's lab and Lynn puts the girl through a MRI scan. The machine apparently malfunctions, and Lynn has Anissa and Jennifer switch places. As Jennifer gets out, Anissa apologizes for what she said earlier and Jennifer tells her that it's tube. The machine has no problem scanning Jennifer, and Lynn has the girls switch back. The machine displays an energy flare-up again, and Lynn tells Anissa that it's not a malfunction. Jeff takes electricity from the source and channels it through his body, but Jennifer's cells are creating pure energy.

Jeff waits in his classroom for Malik. The boy finally comes in and Jeff tells him that he'll be personally mentoring him. He says that he's glad that Malik came and has him recite the school's mantra. As they begin the teaching, Malik apologizes for shooting Jennifer with fake blood and Jeff says that he knows he's sorry. The two ASA men come in and tell Jeff that if he'll come with them if he wants to see Gambi again. Jeff gives Malik a poetry assignment and the two men take him away.

The men take Jeff to where Gambi is and say that Gambi didn't tell them anything. They tell Gambi that they'll blow off Jeff's head if Gambi doesn't tell them where Black Lightning is. Jeff uses his powers to shut down the lights, and Gambi tackles one of the men, grabs his gun, and shoots the other man. Jeff helps Gambi up, and the older man collapses in Jeff's arms.

Jeff takes Gambi to his workshop and realizes that Gambi didn't say anything about him. Gambi tells him that Jeff and his family are the only ones who have ever been in the workshop, and apologizes for everything. As Jeff goes, Gambi tells him that the ASA is kidnapping kids again. He says that Jeff has to get his family out of the house and find the spotter: someone like he used to be. Gambi figures that there's someone identified in the community who identifies the kids with Green Light powers.

Lala meets with his dealers, and one says that his customers only want Green Light. When Lala tells him to leave, the dealer says that when Tobias gets back, he'll deal with Lala. Lala walks calmly over and the dealer draws a gun on him. Unimpressed, Lala tells the dealer to do it. He pulls the trigger but the gun doesn't fire. Lala tells him to get out of Freeland and the dealer quickly leaves. Once he goes, Lala tells the remaining to dealers that they have two weeks to move the drugs. Will asks Lala how he knew the gun was going to misfire, and Lala says that he didn't.

Jeff takes his family to his childhood home and explains that no one knows he owns it. Anissa realizes that's where Alvin was murdered, and Jeff tells them that they'll be there a while.

Martin goes to where the pods have been moved and he thanks Kara--his spotter--for bringing him Neema. He tells her to keep her eyes open for other kids, and says that Jeff is Black Lightning. Martin points out that he's been hiding under Kara's nose, and asks if she can take him down. Kara assures him that she can.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 28, 2018

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