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House of El Recap

In the Fortress, Adam tells Seg that the cape belongs to Seg's grandson. Adam explains that Seg's grandson sent him there because he can teleport across the universe with a Zeta Beam. However, there's only one passenger per ride and it's temperamental. Adam points out that that he teleported to the Fortress and asks Seg to trust him. Seg says that he can't help Adam, and Adam suggests that they figure it out together. He warns that Brainiac is coming and tells Seg to get his ass out of his head, and Seg angrily shoves him away and goes to deal with someone. Adam asks if he can get a ride back to the city and they depart in the skimmer.

As they head back to Kandor City, Seg explains that he's going to see Daron, the city's chief magistrate. They arrive and walk through the streets, and Adam suggests that Seg use Daron to get access to the city's sensors and see what is coming there. Seg says that he plans to get revenge, and Adam advises him not to consider it until he sees if Adam is telling the truth. The Kryptonian tells Adam to find kem and have him set him up with a chance of clothes.

As Seg walks away, two guards grab him. He shoves them away and runs, and they chase after him. Seg hides behind a crate until one of them goes past, but the other one grabs him when he comes out. after a brief struggle, the guard subdues Seg and leads him off.

The guard takes Seg to Nyssa and she orders the guard to leave. She tells Seg and the Voice ware waiting for Seg, and tells him to get cleaned up. Nyssa gives Seg clothing with the sigil of House Vex.

Nyssa takes Seg to where Daron and the Voice are waiting. Nyssa takes the blame for Seg's tardiness, and the Voice peers at Seg for a moment. Daron explains that each face on the mask symbolizes one of their gods. He talks about how Rao formed the stars and planets, the most important of which became Krypton. Doran says that the only thing protecting them from the planet's environment is the force dome, and order protects the dome. he asks Seg if he plans to follow in his parents' footsteps, and Seg says that won't. Daron tells him that the Investiture Ceremony will be held the next night and then Seg officially becomes a Vex.

In the barracks, the guards arm with new weapons, and Commander Quex tells Lyta that there's a new offensive against Black Zero in the Rankless neighborhood. Quex isn't interested in sorting out the terrorists from the Rankless and walks away. Lyta talks to Dev-Em, who says that Black Zero has new martyrs since Charys and Ter are dead. He figures that Seg is a traitor as well, and doesn't care about the Rankless since Black Zero killed his family.

Lyta meets with Jayna and warns that the new initiative against the Rankless will only breed resentment. She points out that a Rankles saved the Voice and reminds Jayna that she gunned down the Els. Jayna insists that it was her duty and asks why she defends the Rankless. Lyta insists that there's another way, and her mother says that she neither has the right nor the rank to question the initiative. Jayna tells her to focus on staying alive, and walks off.

Seg meets with Lyta and says that he can't forget that Jayna killed his parents. He wonders what he should do next, and Lyta tells him that he needs to be true to himself. Seg goes to Daron's office and says that he wants to perform traditional funeral rights. Daron points out that they tied as enemies of the state, and talks about losing his parents when he was younger. He says that Seg reminds him of Val, and suggests that they talk about the history between their two houses. Daron tells Seg that he admired Val and they were close once, but what Val was doing threatened their whole way of life. He developed an advanced computer system but refused to say where it was, and claimed that he detected a presence light-years away collecting world. Val said that it would eventually come for Krypton. Daron believe that he was wrong, and Seg notices a comput pad monitor on Daron's desk. Seg asks Daron to let him continue his earlier world with the Science Guild and serve Kandor the way that Val did.

At the tavern, Adam tells Kem that Seg will pay for his new clothing and a drink. Seg comes in with the pad and Rem talks to him away from Adam. He asks what's going on, and Seg admits that Adam's stories might be true. He asks Kem to trust him and then tells Adam that he's a member of the Science Guilt with unlimited access to their databases. Seg tells Adam that he has two hours to find proof of Brainiac and then Seg will finish what he set to do.

In the barrack, Lya approaches Quex and he says that LKyta should have come to him. She challenges him to a Kandorian duel, and the victor will assume command of the division. She leaves with dev, and Dev warns that the fight will be to the death. Before she can explain, Jayn orders Lyta into her office. She asks what is going on, as Lyta's mother, and Lyta points out that Jayna doesn't believe she's capable of being a warrior. Jayna assures her that it isn't true, but Lyta says that it is but it won't stop her. Her mother prays for her and Lyta walks away.

Kem checks the database and tells Seg that there's nothing in space. Adam says that it might be wrong and tells him to check again, and tells Seg to think about what he's doing. Seg says that he's done talking, and Kem warns that he's throwing everything away. His friend says that he has nothing left and leaves, and Kem tells Adam that they need to find a way to prove what Adam is saying or Seg will get himself killed.

Seg buys a knife from a sreet merchant and slips it up his sleeve.

Seg goes to the Vex quarters and Nyssa approaches him. She says that Daron has a flair for the dramatic, and Seg asks him why she chose him. She shows him his parents' ashes, and Seg warns that she could be arrested for having them for the funeral rights. Nyssa tells him that everyone has the right to say goodbye, and Seg thanks her as he walks away.

Seg returns to the underdistrict and goes to his family's home.

Adam has Kem check for meteorological anomalies, and finds a meteor shower in the Outlands. The earthman says that they have to check it out, and Kem warns that it's illegal and expensive. Adam insists and Kem says that ther eis a way but it will cost Adam his cap.

Dev finds Lyta and tells her that she's hidden the truth that she's not Sagitari from everyone. He tells her that she's a warrior and always has been, and walks out.

Rhom and Ona, mother and daughter, arrive at Seg's doorstep to pay their respects. The Els looked after Ona when Rhom worked nights, and Ona offers Seg a memorial stone. He thanks them for their respect.

Lyta and Quex meet to fight in the training room, and Jayna explains that Jo-Mon, the ancient warrior, fought each of his detractors in a battle to the death. Jo-Mon's victories ushered in the first golden era of peace. The two warriors fight Quex lands the first blow. They struggle and Quex throws Lyta into the wall.

Seg flies to the Fortress and looks at the cape slowly fading away as history changes. He notices the dust covering an inscription, and wipes it away. It says that the blood of House El will forever bind them, and Seg cuts his hand and lets the blood drop onto the surface. The S symbol glows and a nearby monitor lights up. A projection of an interdimensional void appears on the ceiling, and a hologram of Val appears. He greets his grandson and explains that he's a computer copy of Val. Val knew that he had a responsibility to Seg and left the program to guide and educate his grandson. Seg says that the time may have arrived and Val tells him that they'd better get started.

Kem takes Adam to a street merchant, and the merchant demands Adam's watch and cap. He then takes Kem and Adam to the work crew.

Val tells Seg about the achievements of their house, and says that their greatness lives on in Seg. He says that Seg must pass their greatness on to future generations, and Seg asks him about Brainiac. Val created the most incredible technology that let him enter the interdimensional realm that he titled the Phantom Zone. He used it to travel through space and found countless races threatened by Brainiac. He returned and tried to warn the Council, and was declared a traitor. Seg promises that he will finish what he started, and Val ells him to do something about the House of Vex situation first.

Lyta and Quex continue fighting, and Quex takes Lyta down. She gets back up and manages to take him down, and then snaps his neck as he asks for mercy. Lyta declares that they never ask for mercy and walks away.

Back in Kandor City, Seg goes to the Investiture Ceremony an hour early. Daron and Nyssa come in, and Seg says that there won't be a ceremony. He refuses to wear the sigil of House Vex, takes out the knife, and cuts the sigil off of his tunic. Seg tells Daron that he would rather die Rankless, and the Voice comes in. He says that it is acceptable and Seg will wear the sigil of the Science Guild. The Voice tells Seg to leave them. Once Seg does, Daron asks the Voice to help him understand. The Voice says that's how to control Seg and leaves.

Adam and Kem go out on the ice plains and check where the meteors came down. Kem figures that it's time to go, but Adam finds rocks and scorch marks showing that something crashed there. They find it and stare in shock.

Daron tells Nyssa that the urn she gave to Seg was a nice touch. He points out that it was Nyssa's suggestion, and she tells her father to be patient. Seg trusts her now, making their failed plan worthwhile.

Lyta meets with Jayna, who warns that Rao won't help Lyta if she risks the lives of her squad protecting Seg. She then appoints Lyta the leader of Fourth Squad Sagitari and reminds her of her responsibility to serve the Voice of Rao. Jayna and the other officers salute Lyta, and Jayna whispers to her daughter that it only gets harder.

Adam and Kem go to the El house and show Seg the debris that they found. Brainiac sends them as forward scouts to planets that he plans to conquer, and Adam warns Seg that Brainiac is already there.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 29, 2018

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