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Scoobynatural Recap

Dean is fighting a dinosaur mascot in a pawnshop, and its eyes glow purple. Sam grabs it from behind and tackles it, and Dean pours holy oil on the mascot and sets it on fire. It blows in a burst of fluff, The owner Alan says that everything is fine as his neighbor Jay comes in, and the Winchesters say that the batteries were defective. The brothers talk privately and wonder what the creature is. Sam figures that they should do some digging, and Alan offers them anything they want. Dean and Sam leave with a TV and go back to the bunker.

Later, Sam tries to find lore on cursed objects that attack people. He doesn't come up with anything, and Dean shows him them his new Dean-cave. He turns on the TV and the screen flares with purple energy. The brothers are sucked into a forest... and turned into cartoons. Dean slaps Sam to prove that it's not a dream, and they see the Impala nearby. Sam points out that it's beyond weird, but Dean figures that it's case and they'll work it starting with driving.

The brothers drive to a nearby malt shop and spot the Mystery Mobile outside. They go in and Dean calls dibs on Daphne when he sees her dancing. Scooby is at a table drinking milkshakes, and the Scooby Gang join Scooby at the table. Dean points out that they do the same thing the Scooby Gang does, and the Winchesters go over to the gang. Fred invites them to join them and introduces the Gang, and they say that Scooby has been named the heir to a fortune left to him by a Southern colonel that he saved from a fish pond. Sam points out that the colonel is dead, and Dean calls him off and tells him to play along. His brother notes that there are no words in the newspaper, Sam says that they should be trying to figure a way to escape, and Dean complains that Daphne is settling. He figures that they have to play along to get out, just like the last time they were trapped in a TV show.

Fred is glad to accept the brothers as tagalongs, and they hit the road. Dean challenges Fred to a race to get to the mansion, and Fred leaves Dean in a cloud of dust when he goes early. As they drive down, a figure in a long coat watches them go.

When the Winchesters get to the mansion, Dean figures that Fred cheated. Sam tells him to get over it, and Dean realizes what episode of the show they're in. Inside, Cosgood Creeps, lawyer of the late colonel Sanders, says that he was instructed to play a record. Sanders notes each of his relatives--Cousin Simple, Nephew Norble, Sweet Cousin Malahyde, Cousin Slicker, and his friend Scooby. They will all receive a share of $1 million if they spend a night in the haunted mansion. Anyone who doesn't make it, their share goes to the others.

Once the record ends, Sam figures that it's illegal. Velma tells him that the house isn't really haunted and things like what they're going through happen all the time. When Sam starts to point out that they're in a cartoon, Dean shushes him and says that they're going to keep the Mystery Gang pure... and spend more time with Daphne.

Cosgood says that he'll come back in the morning and laughs evilly, and Dean tells Sam that the lawyer is the bad guy. He then invites Daphne to bunk together, but she says that boys and girls don't sleep together and the guys end up in a bedroom. Meanwhile, the girls get ready for bed and Velma dismisses Sam as a big lug.

A ghost floats through the hallway, laughing, and goes into Simple's. The temperature drops and Simple screams as he sees the ghost in the mirror.

Dean is eating and tells Sam that Simple will disappear and the Gang will realize that Cosgood is responsible. They hear simple scream and go to investigate.. Dean figures that the dummy bodies don't show up until later, and Sam points out that the corpse isn't a dummy. Everyone gets dressed and Fred is ready to investigate the mystery. The Gang goes to look for fingerprints, and Dean tells Sam that no one ever got stabbed in the back in a Scooby Doo cartoon. He vows to keep Scooby alive no matter what.

Velma insists that there's no such thing as ghosts, and the long-coated figure walks up to the window. he comes in and Fred tosses a curtain on top of him. Dean and Sam grab him and realize that it's Castiel. Castiel explains that he was looking for them at the bunker and got saw them on the TV. Then he was sucked into the episode as well. Sam figures that it's related to the pawnshop and the animated dinosaur,

As they try to figure out who killed Simple, the temperature drops and the lights go out. They hear Cosgood screaming, and the doors in the hallway slams hut. a ghost comes through one door and advances on them, and Fred leaps at it but goes through. The ghost slashes at the Winchesters and just misses, and then it walks through the wall. Velma insists that it went through a hidden door, and they go into the room to find a decapitated Cosgood. The Gang walks off and Dean figures that it's their kind of ghost and the cartoon is haunted.

Fred suggests that they split up to search the house for clues. The Winchesters disagree, and dean figures that they have to follow Fred leads so nobody gets hurt. Velma comes onto Sam and the two of them go up to the attic. Castiel gets stuck with Shaggy and Scooby.

In the attic, Velma keeps talking about Sam's shoulders. He tells him that he and his brother hunt ghosts and they've saved the world. Velma insists that monsters are crooks in masks, and spots a clue. There's a chest filled with toys that aren't covered in dust. Sam finds ectoplasm, and the toys rise out of the chest in a cloud of purple energy.

As the search the study, Daphne tells Sam that she looks for guys wearing an ascot. Dean notices a book that isn't painted into the cartoon. He adjusts it and they drop through a trapdoor. Dean finds the ghost and they all run as it comes after them.

Castiel, Shaggy, and Scooby notices the temperature drop, and turn to see the ghost behind them. Castiel is unimpressed until the ghost comes after him, and everyone runs. They duck into a room and slam the door shut, and the windows frost over. the ghost breaks in and knocks Fred unconscious. The ghost levitates the Gang against the wall, and Sam and Dean grab iron candlesticks and hit the ghost. It disappears and Shaggy falls as the trellis he's hanging on breaks. Scooby grabs him and Castiel dives down and grabs Scooby by the tail. Shaggy breaks his arm when they hit the ground, even though he's never broken his arm before.

As the Gang make a sling for Shaggy, the Winchesters tell them that they're facing a real ghost. The gang starts considering the afterlife and how they've been wasting their lives chasing real estate developers. Dean points out that they've fought lots of psychos and they're heroes. He says that they'll take down the ghost together, and Sam gets their weapons from the Impala. Dean warns that the Gang can't use guns, and tells them to build a trap.

Inside the house, Daphne covers all of the exits but one with salt. Then they'll drop the coconuts onto the ghost, sending it down a soap suds slide into a washing machine where they'll lock it in with iron chains.

Castiel, Scooby, and shaggy go to lure the ghost. It follows them in and the trap goes off. However, the coconuts go through it and send Scooby, Shaggy, and Castiel down the slide into the washing machine. Dean goes to Plan B, and everyone runs off. The Ghost chases after the rest of the gang, but Dean throws books at it and then drops it down the trap door. It lands in the salt circle that they made for it, and Dean demands to know what it really is. The ghost finally turns into a small boy, and he says that he didn't want to hurt anyone but the bad man--Jay--makes him. when the boy died, his soul was tied to his pocketknife. Jay slipped it into the stuffed dinosaur and the boy possessed it. He just wants to see his dad again.

The Winchesters promise to free the boy to pass on if he frees them. all of the Gang are having nervous breakdowns, and the brothers ask the boy for a favor. They tell the gang that Velma was right and it wasn't a real ghost. Dean invites the Gang to unmask the ghost, revealing that it's Cosgood creeps. Sam blames it on wires, projectors, and dummies filled with corn syrup. Cosgood was trying to get the money for himself, but it's all Confederate dollars and worthless. Shaggy's arm heals and they go the malt shop to celebrate. Dean tells Fred that he's not so bad, and tells Daphne that they'll never know what could have been. Castiel hugs Shaggy and Scooby, and thanks them for showing him the strength of laughter in the face of danger. Velma kisses Sam and walks off., and the boy drops his disguise as Cosgood and returns them to the real world.

Dean says that it was the coolest thing that ever happened to him, gets a blowtorch and a sledgehammer, and destroys the TV. The pocketknife is inside the TV, and the boy's ghost appears. He asks about Jay, and Sam says that they'll take care of him. He destroys the pocketknife with the blowtorch and the boy disappears.

The next day at the pawnshop, Alan prepares to sign over the shop to Jay because he's too old for the crap. Sam, Dean, and Castiel come in--Dean wearing an ascot--and tell Alan not to sign. Sam explains that Jay has been using a personal ghost to scare the neighbors and drive down the rights so that they'd be desperate to sell. when the brothers got nosy, Jay planted the pocketknife in the TV. Jay says that they're lying and no one will believe them, and Sam explains that they hacked his financials. the police arrive to arrest Jay, who complains that he would have gotten away with it if not for those meddling kids. Dean looks into the camera and does the Scooby voice for the ending, and a disgusted Sam and Castiel walk away.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 30, 2018

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