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The Thanatos Guild Recap

Four Years Ago

Thea gets into Malcolm's car, and he says it would be unfortunate for both of them if someone knew where he was. Malcolm asks why Thea reached out to her, and she says that she doesn't anyone hurt because of her. Her father says that he'll teach her to be strong in body and soul because that's what every father wants for his daughter.

Present Day

At a manor, a group of assassins present themselves to their leader, Athena. Athena tells them that Malcolm was going to lead them into the realm of Thanatos and a new golden age. But he lost his soul and before he gave up his life, he made sure their journey could not commence until his beloved was ready. Athena tells Nyssa to step forward, and Athena tells her that they have cleansed themselves of her father's sins. Nyssa holds up a detonator, and the Thanatos assassins attack her. She fends them off and sets off the explosives in the roof, and escapes in the confusion.

In Star City at the bunker, the team is throwing a goodbye party for Thea. Thea tells William to watch out for Oliver when she goes, and thanks Oliver for doing it. She admits that she thought Oliver would be against her going, just as Felicity and Roy come over. Roy invites them to visit once they figure out where they end up, and Thea admits that they don't know where they're going yet. Meanwhile, Quentin tells Diggle that Laurel is as messy as his Laurel but a better cook. Quentin says that Laurel says that she's trying to be better. Oliver comes over and asks where they are with the SCPD, and Quentin says that Dinah and Curtis are creating a list of crooked cops. However, he figures that Diaz may have corrupted the DA's office as well. Diggle tells Oliver to spend some time with Thea while he deals with Diaz as Arrow. Quentin excuses himself and Oliver says that now that it's just the two of them, he doesn't think that it should be just Diggle.

At the Ramirez apartment, Dinah and Curtis find one of the crooked cops that beat Roy. Curtis suggests that they crash the going-away party, but Dinah tells him to focus on the crooked cops. She suggests that Hill knew about the corruption, and says that the next cop is Nick Anastas. All of Anastas' stats check out. Zoe comes in from school and goes to her room to do homework. Curtis figures that Rene will come back soon. Anastas calls to tell Dinah that they have a murder case, and she quickly leaves while Curtis continues checking police records.

Thea and Roy drive out of Star City, and Roy says that he doesn't want to jinx it. the car goes out of control when someone shoots a tire with an arrow. An assassin drops down and prepares to shoot them, but Nyssa arrives and kills the assassin. She tells Thea to come with her, and warns that she can't escape being the daughter of the Demon.

Nyssa, Thea, and Roy go to the bunker and Nyssa says that Malcolm formed the Thanatos Guild from disbanded League assassins. His second in command, Athena, took charge. The Guild wants Thea because Malcolm discovered a map that led to something powerful. He wanted Thea to be at his side when he unearthed it, and Athena believes that That knows where the treasure is. Thea isn't interested, but Nyssa warns that she can't deny he father's legacy. Malcolm had an associate with a woman in Star City, and she doesn't care for Nyssa. However, she wouldn't deny Malcolm's daughter. Thea agrees to go with Nyssa to talk to the woman, but then she's done.

Dinah and another cop, Drake, check the dead drug dealer. Hill arrives and says that she'll take over the investigation, and the dead man was part of a sting that was above Dinah's pay grade. Dinah tries to leave with some evidence, and Hill calls her on it. As Dinah goes, she texts Curtis to check on Hill.

Nyssa takes Thea to the club that the woman, Tigressa, owns. They go over and Nyssa introduces Thea. Tigressa says that Athena isn't the leader that Malcolm hoped Thea would be. she says that Malcolm made sure that only Thea could unlock the treasure, and writes down the map's location. Tigressa explains that she rejected the League a long time ago, and warns that if Thea finds the treasure she may not be grateful. As the women go, Nyssa says that they should contact Oliver.

Arrow, Speedy, Nyssa, Spartan, and Roy go to the warehouse at the address. They set off a trap and narrowly avoid it, and Nyssa figures that they're close. Nyssa sets off a bomb with magnetic powder attracted to the same metal that Ra's put his relics in. The powder indicates the spot in the floor where the box is hidden, and they realize that its lock is encrypted. Tigressa's corpse drops down from the ceiling, and Athena steps out and tells them to hand over the box. More Thanatos assassins drop in and Athena tells them that if they stay their blood will be shed.

Nyssa tells Speedy and Roy to escape, and Nyssa, Spartan, and Arrow attack the assassins. Assassins cut off their escape and they fight. Arrow takes down his opponents, while Athena takes Speedy and Roy down. Speedy sets off a trap, firing arrows from the walls and killing most of the assassins. The team escapes back to the bunker, and Nyssa says that she'll take the box away. She tells them that she'll find someone to open the box, but Thea warns that Nyssa can't go out on her own. Thea warns that Nyssa can't take it on her by own, and Felicity can open the box. Roy and Oliver remind Thea that she wants nothing to do with Malcolm's legacy, and Thea says that she needs them to trust her.

Dinah and Curtis break into the police evidence locker and Curtis hacks the lock. She goes in while Curtis stands watch, and Anastas comes in and asks what Curtis is doing there. Curtis reminds him that they met through Dinah, and he's meeting her there for dinner and got lost in the building. Anastas offers to show him around, and Curtis glances back at Dinah and then goes with Anastas. Dinah finds the drugs she tried to take earlier from the crime scene.

Nyssa calls Oliver "husband", and he points out that Felicity doesn't like her saying that. She says that Thea must find her own truth, and Oliver says that Thea shouldn't be charged with righting Malcolm's wrong. Nyssa figures that Thea owes Malcolm a debt for his sacrificing his lie to save her, but Oliver tells her to never lecture her about what he owes her sister. Felicity figures out how to unlock the box and invites Thea to open it. Nyssa knows the numbers to begin the sequence that unlocks the box, and Thea unlocks the box. Inside is a scroll, and Nyssa grabs and opens it only to discover that there's no writing on it.

As Felicity checks the paper for invisible ink, Roy irritably walks off. Felicity suggests that there's nothing on the paper and they're wasting their time. She uses a scanner on the paper to duplicate it digitally, and tells Nyssa not to distract her. Nyssa doesn't take the hint and calls Felicity "sister wife".

Thea finds Roy, who wonders why she thinks that it's her responsibility. She says that Malcolm died for her and she feels like she can't run away from it. Roy figures that they're running toward something, and points out that she keeps finding excuses to stay. Thea assures him that Roy is her future, not the map.

At the Helix HQ, Dinah and Curtis assemble a board with photos of their suspects. Dinah figures that Hill is dirty, and Curtis warns that he doesn't know if the drugs are Diaz's. The analysis shows that it's Vertigo, and it isn't Diaz's drug of choice. Curtis figures that means Hill isn't involved with Diaz.

Oliver tells Thea that the team will stop Athena and Thea can go with Roy. Thea points out that Oliver was going to retire but hasn't, and Oliver admits that he doesn't know why he came back. Now William accepts the idea that he's Arrow, and Oliver doesn't want to give it up. Thea tells him that being Arrow makes him feel complete, and Thea hopes that she'll be the best version of herself as well. Diggle and Felicity spot the Thanatos assassins at the city gas plant, and Oliver figures they're going to use the plant to leverage them into giving up the map. Thea refuses to let them hold the city hostage and asks if she's going alone.

The team goes to the plant and Overwatch detects an energy spike indicating that they've activated the bomb. Thea calls on Athena to come out if she wants the map, and Athena and the assassins step out. Athena says that the map is meaningless without spilling Thea's blood. She attacks Thea and they fight, while the others take on the assassins. Athena tells Thea that Malcolm was ashamed of Thea's weakness

Overwatch locates the bomb and directs Roy to it.

Athena cuts Speedy's cheek and says that Malcolm failed to teach her how to be strong.

Roy is unable to defuse the bomb. Felicity tells him that he needs an electrical arrow to short out the bomb, and Arrow shoots one to him. Roy sees Thea fighting and tries to go to her, but an assassin intervenes.

Athena knocks Thea down and says that she's won. Thea threatens to burn the scroll, and when Athena goes for it Thea stabs her in the stomach. Nyssa arrives and they realize that Athena has slipped away. Thea says that she would have burned the map, and realizes that the blood from her cheek has brought out the hidden writing on the paper. Nyssa realizes where it leads to.

At the bunker, Felicity says that Malcolm used bleeding-edge technology to create the map.. The maps show ley lines that intersect on three spots on map. Nyssa says that there are three Lazarus Pits. Disgusted, Thea walks off and Oliver advises Roy to give her some space.

The next morning, Curtis goes to the situation and finds Anastas. He asks the officer out on a date and Anastas agrees. Once Anastas goes, Dinah comes over and Curtis says that he's getting back in the saddle. She tells Curtis that there aren't any Vertigo cases because Hill released all of the evidence. They figure that Diaz is pushing Vertigo.

At the apartment, Thea apologizes to Roy for storming out. He wonders if she's going with him or Nyssa, and Thea tells him what she discussed with Oliver. Thea figures that she could right her father's wrongs, and Roy tells her that he'll go with her so that they're together.

That night, Oliver says goodbye to Thea and tells her to call him. Roy says that he'll keep her safe, and Nyssa says that Thea needs less protection than Oliver thinks. She then annuls their marriage with a traditional dagger, wishes Oliver well, and gets in the car with Roy. Thea tells Oliver that he shouldn't string Diggle along. They hug and Thea assures Oliver that he'll always be with her.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 30, 2018

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