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Riley + Airplane Recap

The Past

Jack and Matty are set up in an apartment, and Jack comes out wearing chaps and no pants. Matty comes on him until he backs off, and she tells them that they have to move.

Soon, Jack is chasing their target as he runs off. Jack finally brings the man down and Matty tells him tht they have to roll.


Mac goes to the USC Shoah Foundation with the photo of a camp prisoner that his father left him. the curator, Ruth, warns that the archive has thousands of entries but agrees to try. Mac gets a text from Phoenix summoning him.

Mac arrives late at the war room and Matty tells them that they got a lead on Emil Beck. Jack says that Emil Beck is a tech turned traitor who stole 300 gigs of intel and fled the U.S. Matty explains that Emil has eluded capture for years, but the last night he was pulled over in Arkansas for a broken taillight. The dashboard cam showed the driver killing the officer but the drive is wounded in the process. They figure that Emil will get sloppy now that he's wounded. Riley finds Emil via facial recognition in Atlana, and the team head there.

En route, the team discovers that the locals have put a BOLO out on Emil. They study the photo and figure that Emil bandaged his gunshot in the arm, and Riley is checking for break-ins at vets and robberies. she finds a break-in at a drug store, but the surveillance photo reveals that the robber is owen Palmer. They figure that Emil is hiring criminals to do his dirty work, and if they capture Owen then he'll tell them where Emil is. Riley tracks Owen's phone to is home and the trio breaks in. Owen's cellphone is on the counter charging, and the trio wait in the car for Owen to return. Riley keeps getting texts and Jack tells Mac that she's dating a new guy. He figures that Riley isn't discussing the guy because there's something horrible with him, and Riley points out that Jack threatened one of her boyfriends when she was 12.

Owen returns

and sees that someone has broken open the door. The agents approach him and he runs, and a truck cut him off. The Coltons get out, guns drawn, and recognize the trio. Mama says that they're chasing a felon who gunned down a police officer, and believe that Owen can lead them to him. Mac explains that they're in over their heads over with Emil, and Mama seemingly agrees. Once they leave, Jack and Mac figure that Mama is up to something.

The agents take Owen into his house and Owen feigns ignorance. Jack draws his gun and prepares to shoot, and Riley hacks Billy's cell phone and gets everything they know about Emil. She sends it to Matty and Wilt, and Owen refuses to tell them anything figuring that he'll just get a year. Jack points out that Owen stole drugs for a man who is a traitor, making Owen a traitor and subject to execution. Owen breaks and says that Emil contacts him via the Dark web, and he was supposed to put the drugs into a gym bag and drop them at the lost and found at Village Fitness two years away. Mac ties Owen up with Venetian binds, Riley gags him, and they shove him in a closet.

Wilt checks the data Riley sent him, and tells Matty that he entered the U.S. on a fake ID and thend rove east and was pulled over by the officer. It took him 13 hours to get to Arkansas when it's a seven-hour drive, and Wilt pinpoints the are where Emil would have had to stop. Matty remembers that there's something in the area not on a map and goes to make a call.

The agents arrive at Village Fitness and Mac shows him a photo of Emil and asks if he's there. Mac claims that they're process servers, and the trainer Darryl calls over Cindy to ask if she's seen Emil. Cindy says that Emil got his bag from lost-and-found and then walked off. She says that Emil's mother and girlfriend stopped by to get the bag, and the agents realize that it's the Colters. The trio goes outside and spots the Coltons driving to a nearby building. Mac uses a car antenna to rig to start a nearby police motorcycle.

Emil is tending his wound when he hears a police siren. He looks out and sees the abandoned motorcycle. Frank and Billy break in a few minutes later, but Emil is already running. Jack grabs him, and Jesse tasers Jack. When Mac comes over, Billy tackles him and Frank grabs Riley. as they fight, Emil steals the Coltons' truck and drives away. Emil arrives and Mama complains that her children were acting unprofessionally. She says that Emil ran because of their trick, and the Phoenix agents ask the Coltons to back off. The Coltons refuse and Mama suggests that they work together. Mac reluctantly agrees and Jck insists that they're still in charge.

Mac calls Matty and gives her the news, and Matty says that as long as the Coltons help them then she'll make sure they get their payday. Riley and Frank track the Lojack the Coltons put on the truck, and Matty wants them to send Owen to Phoenix. Mama points out that Owen has an outstanding warrant in Las Vegas, and insists that Billy go with him. Matty agrees to let Billy go with Riley, and they head out while the others go after Emil. Matty then takes Deputy Director Lawrence Rowell's call and asks if the DOD operates an off-the-book intel facility in Arkansas. She figures Emil broke in and took something big.

Mac, Jack, and the Coltons drive to the truck's location, but Emil has rigged the gas tank and it blows up. Mama spots skid marks nearby and figure Emil stole another car and the dashcam in the truck took video. Mac grabs a nearby metal pipe and then sprays the burning truck with anti-freeze fluid, and Frank gets the laptop from the truck and downloads the footage. Emil is wearing a tux, and Frank downloads the footage to get the plate of the stolen car.

Riley and Billy boards the plane with Owen, and Riley's phone rings again. Billy asks how she met her new boyfriend, and Riley says that his name is Riley and they met on-line. She admits that they haven't met in person because she's busy with her job, and Billy tells her that she's not actually dated. He figures that all they've done is get together a few times for a movie at home, and Billy says that he was raised to give flowers. Billy says that Riley has trust issues and needs a man she can count on. Riley tells him to dial down his cockiness, and Billy sys that all she has to do is look through his phone, well aware that she hacked it.

The agents and the Coltons trace the car to a manor holding a charity event. Frank confirms that a shell company owns it, Matty calls and tells them that 72 hours ago the DOD discovered a security flaw in the software that regulates most planes. They were working on a patch when Emil broke into the facility and stole the software that lets him overheat any plane's engine and knock it out of the sky.

Mac checks the area and discovers that every entrance is guarded. When he comes back, Jesse says that she used the satellites Matty loaned them to discover there's no entrance in. Mac says that they'll walk in as guests, and Jack goes over and asks two men what their suit sizes are. He takes their suits and ties them up, and jack discovers that the pants are too short for him. Matty tells Mac to send him a picture of Jack in his too-small suit, and they go in.

Mama drives up to the front gate in a van, saying that she has refrigerated buttermilk pies that are thawing out. While she argues with the guard, Mac and Jack sneak in and go to the party. As they look around, Mac tells Jack that if he keeps withholding his approval then Riley will choose between Jack and her boyfriend. Mac figures the new guy won't last anymore, and tells Jack that Billy was looking Riley over. Jack is less than thrilled, and Mac warns that Riley was looking at Billy the same way.

The agents spot a guard at the base of the stairs, and figure that Emil is upstairs with the manor owner selling the software. Mac calls Mama and confirms that Frank has hacked into the security system. Frank calls the guards to the front entrance and the guard moves off. Mac and Jack go upstairs and find the room where the deal is going down. Emil is selling the software to the buyer, who wants proof. The traitor agrees and intercepts the software on Owen's plane. The door is reinforced steel and Mac uses Jack's cummerbund and a nearby bust to make a battering ram to knock down the door. Jack takes on the buyer's guard and draws a gun on Emil, and Mac is unable to stop the virus that Emil uploaded. Mac realizes that it's the plane that Riley and Billy are on.

Owen dozes off and snores. A lot. The attendant comes over and says that there's a call for Riley. It's Mac, who explains what Emil did. The only person who can stop the plane from crashing is Riley. Riley gets her carry-on laptop and gets Billy's credit card. She tells him that she needs to get online and hack the plane's control system, and advises Billy not to panic. The plane shakes and everyone puts on their belts. The temperature controls on the engines go offline so that the engines overheat, and they only have five minutes left.

Wilt and Matty listen in as the captain reports that the engines are overheating. Mama worries about her son and Mac tells her that it's up to Riley.

Riley loses the connection on the airplane wifi, and comes up with a plan. She tells Billy that she's going to reboot the plane's computer, and says that it should reboot before they hit the ground as long as they're above 20,000 feet. Riley shuts down the computer and the plane plummets out of the sky. The pilot calls in their location and the attendant tells everyone to brace.

As the Coltons worry about Billy, Matty tells the agents that the plane has gone off the radar. She tells Jack that she doesn't know if Riley's got it.

Billy takes Riley's hand and she squeezes it. The plane computer comes back online and the pilot pulls up just in time. Matty notifies the others that the plane is back on the radar, and Jack says that he wasn't worried. Jesse hugs him and says that she won't tell anyone that he was scared.

As Riley stares in shock, Billy asks what he can do to thank her. Owen has slept through the entire time, and Riley says if Billy shuts him up then they're good.

Mama tells the agents that things get out of hand every time her family works with them, but she makes bank. Mac says that they have to take Emil in but will make sure that the Coltons get paid.

When they land, Riley turns Owen over to the Federal agents. Billy rolls in a cart of drinks that the attendants left them in thanks, and gives Riley a rose. They share a toast to still being alive, and something unexpected.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 31, 2018

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