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Divination Recap

At a divining parlor in Chinatown, a fortune teller does a reading for a woman, Susan. The fortune teller, Irene Huang, says that there'll be a wind out of the east and Susan has mourned her husband Henry long enough. Susan leaves and Irene does another reading for a client. His boss texts him for an update, and then asks where she is. Irene doesn't know what he means, and the client takes out a gun and says that she does. The fortune teller offers to call her and goes to a drawer to get a phone. She tries grabs a knife and tries to run, and the man shoots her dead.

Cameron meets with Jonathan in prison and says that they're getting closer to find the Sorceress. he notices a bruise on his brother's arm, and Jonathan says that he did an inmate a favor to get the information about the museum break-in. Cameron reminds him to keep his head down, but Jonathan says that it was a one-time thing. Kay calls Cameron about the murder.

Cameron and Kay arrive there and Kay says that it was a contract killing. She says that the victim was a psychic and that's why she brought in Cameron, and he explains that there's a centuries-old rivalry between magicians and psychics. Mike explains that Irene was an actress turned fortune teller, and Cameron says that Irene did hot readings of clients. There's no hidden camera for Irene to watch her clients, and Kay finds Irene's earpiece from where it fell off when she died. They figure that someone witnessed the murder, and Cameron insists that he and Jonathan told their audience that it was a track. Kay points out that he sounds judgy, and Cameron sees the mirrors. He goes into a hidden room and says that Irene and her confederate used the mirrors, but the confederate left. There's eyeliner on the peephole, and Kay figures the confederate was a woman. There are no computers, and Cameron says that Irene was doing cold readings. There are letters and a purse with a license for woman, Vivian Song.

The police find another fortune teller who might know something. The man, Harry Chou, says that he read Irene's chart and saw that death haunts her. He says that the envelopes all have names on them, and one of them is his. It's a list of clients, and they figure Vivian knew she wasn't coming back. Kay gets an idea and puts a BOLO out on Vivian as a possible suicide risk.

That night, the police find Vivian on a bridge preparing to jump. Cameron, Kay, and Mike arrive and the psychiatrist won't make it into time. The magician tells Mike that he needs a tether, and Mike gets a rope from a fire truck. Meanwhile, Kay talks to Vivian and says that she knows about Irene. Vivian says that Irene is dead because of her and there's only one way to stop him. Meanwhile, Cameron and Mike climb out on the support under Vivian. Cameron hooks the rope to the structure and says that Gunter created a flying routine for him. When Cameron had to improvise, the harness he made broke and he spent a month in the hospital.

Kay asks for details about the killer, and says that it isn't the way to stop him. Vivian realizes that Kay lost someone close that she felt responsible for, and she feels that she has to help people like Irene. Irene starts to turn around but a helicopter beam catches her in the eyes and she falls. Cameron is hanging from the side of the bridge and catches her, and the police applaud.

The next morning at the FBI HQ, Kay and Cameron question Irene. She says that Mille Mackenzie wants her dead. He was her client in Hong Kong and had Irene do readings for his business deals to figure out if it was an auspicious time. Miller dealt in international real estate, and he became obsessive so she read. Her best friend Irene helped her, and Vivian worked as a psychic in secret. Cameron invites her to stay at the Archive, and Vivian "reads" him and says that Cameron didn't have a home growing up so it's home to him. He describes how Vivian cold-read him but Kay isn't convinced.

Kay and Deakins try to bring up information on Miller but discover that it's restricted because of his connections to Counterintelligence. Undeterred, Kay makes a call to a guy she knows in Counterintelligence.

At the Archive, Vivian does a reading for Dina to keep her mind off of what happened. Gunter and Jordan watch, and Gunter wonders why Dina is falling for the act. Jordan says that people hope, and Gunter tells him that hope is for the weak. After Dina leaves, Gunter notices Vivian staring at him. She says the year 1967 and that his father's name was Peter. Jordan tells Gunter that he didn't give Vivian any information, and Vivian says that she sees Gunter's secret self. He insists that he doesn't have any secrets.

Cameron comes in and Vivian says that Dina told her Gunter's father's name. She offers a free reading to Cameron, and he says that he makes his own destiny. However, he agrees anyway and Vivian asks for his birthdate. Vivian makes a chart from the information and says that there's a darkness in Cameron and it's growing, pulling him away from people that love him. Cameron says that it isn't true, and Vivian agrees. He admits that he gave her the time when his brother was born, and Vivian realizes that Cameron is worried about Jonathan.

An inmate, Winslow, introduces himself to Jonathan and says that his friend needs kidney dialysis and they transfer him to a medical hospital once a week. Winslow says that his friend could slip away but he's cuffed to his bed, and Jonathan refuses to help him. The other inmate tells him to think on it and walks away.

Kay meets with contact, Special Agent Greene and he suggests that she join Counterintelligence. She says that she's happy where she is, and says that Miller's name came up in a murder investigation. Greene abruptly says that Miller's name came up because he's sometimes associated with real estate launderers, and walks off.

Cameron tells Vivian that Jonathan is in trouble because of him, and can't tell when he's lying. She tells him how to spot when Jonathan is lying, and Kay comes in and asks who Miller really is. Vivian says that Miller is an illegal arms dealer, and he had her read her enemies so he could sell guns to dictators and terrorists. She tells Kay that her notes are at the parlor and they could provide evidence against Miller. It's too dangerous for Vivian to go, so Kay and Cameron head there.

Jonathan is walking back to his cell when Winslow and two of his men grab him. Winslow says that no one says no to him, and they break Jonathan's rib as a threat.

Kay and Cameron go to the divining parlor and they go to Vivian's desk. The hidden notes are missing, which means the assassin got them. The uni on guard says that no one has been there, and Kay borrows a pen from him and writes down her phone number. As they leave, Kay shows Cameron a note saying that the uni is the assassin. They take cover as he opens fire on them, and when he tries to run Kay draws a gun on him. Greene puts a gun to the assassin's head and tells Kay that it's his case.

At the FBI office, Greene tells Kay and Deakins that he was running an operation on their suspect. He has a team of agents undercover posing as weapons buyers, and every time they're about to make a deal, Miller pulls out. Quincy Jones, the assassin, was hired through the Dark Web. Greene wants Vivian to go back to Miller because he'll only make the deal if Vivian says that it's safe. Kay realizes that Miller sent Quincy to bring Vivian back.

Kay goes to the Archive and tells Cameron and Vivian what's happening. Vivian figures that it's the only way to put Miller behind bars, and she wants to make her own destiny. She agrees to do it no matter how dangerous it is, and says that Miller is paranoid. Vivian warns that she can't make the universe give her auspicious signs, and Cameron says that he'll handle it.

When Jonathan is taken to the infirmary, a guard handcuffs him to the bed and leaves. Jonathan quickly picks the lock and then frees Winslow's friend Ethan Dollar. The guard comes back and discovers Jonathan is apparently hiding in the bathroom. When he goes in, Jonathan drops down from the ceiling, locks the bathroom door, and Dollar runs off. Jonathan then handcuffs himself back to the bed.

Greene comes to the Archive and Cameron explains that they're going to show Miller the right scenes he needs to see to make the deal. Dina explains that they'll control the lobby of Miller's favorite hotel, will need lots of undercover agents and fish. Cameron tells Greene that one of his agents will need to pose as Quincy to deliver Vivian. He'll need to be an expert at sleight-of-hand to swap out Miller's personal Mahjong tiles. Kay admits that Cameron is the only one who can do it. Miller calls Quincy's phone asking for an update, and Greene gives the phone to Cameron. Cameron tells Miller that he has the psychic. Once he hangs up, Miller tells his people to kill "Quincy" once they have Vivian.

At the hotel, Kay tells the team that Miller will arrive in 30 minutes and will go to a room for a reading with Vivian. Greene says they have the room wired and agents will move in if anything goes wrong. When Miller makes the sale, they'll grab him.

Gunter poses as Miller's hired chauffeur and drives him to the hotel. Vivian gives the team signals signs to read, and Gunter times the green lights to match Miller's lucky number. When Miller goes in, Jordan poses as a bellboy and takes him past tanks with lucky fish. Dina takes over as the concierge, dressed in lucky red, and Miller changes rooms to 2058. The room's door is the wrong color, and Cameron has Dina try to convince Miller to take 2028. Jordan removes the red door from 2028 and they reattach it to 2058, while Dina stalls Miller long enough for them to make the switch.

Cameron arrives at 2058 with Vivian and the guards frisk Cameron for weapons and take his cellphone. Miller hugs Vivian and says that he needs her. Cameron switches Miller's Mahjong tiles and Vivian glances at him. Miller prepares to kill Cameron, saying that he killed Vivian's friend. Vivian asks him not to kill Cameron because she doesn't want another death on her consciousness, and Miller agrees to spare him... and then knocks him unconscious.

Greene complains to Kay that they're blind, and Kay insists that Cameron will come through.

Cameron wakes up and feigns unconsciousness, while Vivian uses the fake tiles to perform a reading. She says that it's an auspicious time for her, and Miller is unaware that all of the tiles are the same. Miller tells Vivian that his men will handle the transaction and they're going back to Hong Kong. Vivian has no choice but to agree, and Miller tells his head bodyguard to go to the buyers in 2011, kill everyone, and take the money. He also says to kill Cameron once he leaves. Once everyone leaves, Cameron slips away. The bodyguard and his men come back and see an open window, and the bodyguard tells his men to check the other rooms.

Cameron runs back to the FBI's room and says that Miller's men are coming. The agents arrest them and Kay calls Dina to tell her to slow Miller down and he has Vivian.

Dina enters the elevator on the 10th floor and sees the gun in his jacket holster. The elevator stops on the wrong floor, and Mike gets in posing as a tourist. The elevator reaches the lobby and the FBI arrives and trains their guns on Miller. He grabs Vivian as a shield, and he says that he'll use everything he has to find once his lawyers get him released. Vivian grabs the gun and struggles with Miller, and he shoots Vivian in the stomach. Cameron tells her to hold on but she dies.

After the police take Miller away, Vivian emerges from the sheet. Gunter made a prop gun and Jordan switched it.

Winslow tells Jonathan that Dollar is heading to Mexico. Jonathan says that there won't be a next time, but Winslow just smiles and walks away.

At the Archive, the team celebrates and Vivian tells Gunter that Dina told her peter's name. Jordan complains that Vivian came clean, and Vivian tells him that Gunter sees him as a son. Kay gives Vivian her WITSEC package, and Cameron says that he was right about Vivian making her own fate. She points out that "Vivian" is dead and she has a new life, and as she goes, Vivian tells Cameron that if anyone can change Jonathan's fate it's Cameron.

Later, Cameron goes to prison and Jonathan claims that he wasn't doing a favor. Cameron admits that he put him in an impossible position but he will always be there for him. He asks if Jonathan is okay, and Jonathan claims that he's fine. Jonathan drops the climb that he's rolling, losing his focus, and says that nobody is perfect... even him.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 2, 2018

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