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Black Jesus: The Book of Crucifixion Recap

At the new ASA facility, the doctor tells Kara that one of the subjects is unstable, but they should return to normal now that they're in a given location.

Thunder and Black Lighting break into the building and take out the guards, and Gambi directs them to the pods.

Kara tells the pods monitored 24 hours a day and she'll need more subjects if they lose one more.

Black Lightning comes to a shielded door that he can't see through, and Gambi insists that the energy source he detected is on the other side. Thunder breaks down the door and they find dozens of the pulse weapons but none of the kids. Gambi says that the ASA must have found the way to cloak the pods' energy signature, and he'll need a day to work out a way around it. Before he goes, Black Lightning blasts the weapons.

As Kara goes to her car, she reports that most of the subjects are stable. She's told that one of the ASA armories was blown up, and insists that Jeff isn't Black Lightning. Despite that, her superiors tells her to dispose of Jeff.

When Jeff and Anissa return to the workshop, Gambi says that he'll ping the pods to locate them. Distracted, Jeff walks out and Anissa advises Gambi to get medical attention for his injuries. She asks what happened, and Gambi tells her to ask Jeff. He warns that the ASA is after all of them and advises Anissa to trust her instincts. Gambi says that protecting people is in her blood and everything she needs is already inside of her.

Cayman and his lieutenant Glennon meet Kara under a bridge. She tells them that what they need is in a nearby garbage can. There is a bag of drugs inside, and Kara that Jeff is the target.

At home, Anissa asks Jeff what happened to Gambi. He says that Gambi was tortured by the ASA, and admits that he isn't sure if he can trust Gambi. Anissa suggests that they should get along if the ASA are hunting all of them, and Jeff tells her that he doesn't know if they can.

In the ASA lab, an alarm goes off on one of the subjects. The doctor determines that the subject isn't viable and confirms that they're dead.

The next day at school, Jeff greets the students. Anissa and Jennifer arrive and greet their father, and he tells Anissa to keep an eye on Jennifer and remember that he loves her. In class, Jeff is meeting with a class when the police pull up. They open up Jeff's car and the students gather at the windows to watch as the police search it. They find a package of drugs and go in to search Jeff's office. Jeff comes in and Cayman says that they found Green Light in his car. Glennon finds a packet in Jeff's desk and Cayman arrests Jeff. The officers draw their guns when Jeff objects, and he raises his hands and says that he's complying.

The police lead Jeff out and Jennifer runs up. Jeff says that it's a misunderstanding and tells Jennifer to calm down. Once she calms down, Jeff asks her to call Lynn and tell her what happened. The students stand in front of the door, blocking the officers' exists, and Jeff tells them to do what they're supposed to be doing. Their leader, Tavon, finally agrees and students step aside. Anissa runs over and Jeff tells her to get back into the school and take care of everyone. She backs way and the police take Jeff away as Kara and the students watch.

At the station, Bill sees the officers bringing Jeff in. Cayman says that he's doing Bill's job, and Bill demands to see the search warrant. Cayman shows it to him and Bill confirms that it's legitimate, and Cayman says that Jeff has been dealing drugs from the school. The deputy chief warns Bill that he doesn't want to see anything happen to him and leaves.

Kara has the students return to their classes and announces that she'll keep staff informed to Jeff's situation. Once she finishes, Kara establishes an encrypted link on her computer and informs the ASA that Jeff is in custody and she's sending a collection team from the Institute to take him to a black site to verify that he's Black Lightning.

Jeff goes through processing and the officers cuff him. When he objects, they punch him and Jeff just manages to control his powers. They have him strip and then search him.

Lynn goes to the station and asks to see Jeff. The desk sergeant confirms that she's Jeff's ex-wife and says that Lynn can't see Jeff. Bill talks to Lynn privately and she warns that something bad could happen to Jeff in jail. She says that she doesn't trust Bill but Jeff does, and she goes to interview defense lawyers.

Anissa goes to the shop and Gambi says that he didn't expect the ASA to frame Jeff out. He warns her not to go in using her superpowers, and explains that an ASA collection team equipped to neutralize his powers will take him to a black site, confirm that he's Black Lighting, and then kill him. Gambi says that they have to prove to the ASA that Jeff isn't Black Lightning.

Jeff is taken to an interrogation room and handcuffed to the table. Bill finally comes in and uncuffs Jeff, and whispers that they're on tape. He asks what Jeff's connection is to Lala, and Jeff says that he was a student when Jeff was a teacher. Jeff took advantage of their relationship to make Garfield off-limits, and he insists that he's being set up. Bill wonders who would want to, and Jeff claims that he doesn't know. Cayman comes in and says that he has a transfer order from the federal authorities to move Jeff.

The reporters interview citizens to get their reaction to Jeff's arrest. Lynn watches and then calls Bill, who explains what's going on. She calls Gambi and tells him that they're moving Jeff, and Gambi warns Anissa that they're using untested tech that might not work. Anissa assures him that she won't make any missteps.

At the safehouse, Jennifer wonders why Jeff can't blast his way out. Lynn tells her that they can't punch their way out of every problem, and that it's okay to be strong and scared at the same time. Crying, Jennifer wonders what happens if Jeff never comes home and Lynn assures her that he will.

The officers clear all for the prisoners out of the holding cell except Jeff. Bill comes in and says that the transfer orders are top-secret. Jeff claims that he doesn't know what's going on, but Bill doesn't believe him but says that he'll help him anyway. Bill goes back to his office and calls Glennon in, and says that he's learned that Glennon was recently paid off. However, Bill says that he doesn't want hi.

Kara monitors students who have ingested Green Light for unusual abilities.

Thunder goes out on the streets with Gambi's hologram projector, and he tells Thunder to get attention and then he'll turn the projector on to show an image of Black Lightning. She goes out in the public to get everyone' attention, and the news picks it up. Kara turns on the TV, and then Gambi drives by in his van. Gambi hacks the power grid, making it look like Black Lightning is using his powers, and then turns on the hologram. Thunder and "Black Lightning" run after the van, and Thunder blasts a van aside to keep it from getting between her and the hologram. Kara watches as the two vigilantes run down the screen, and then contacts the ASA and tells them that Black Lightning has been sited even though Jeff is in jail. She insists that Jeff isn't the target, and the ASA tell her to do her job.

The next day, Bill tells Jeff that Glennon admitted to planting evidence and Jeff has been released. Cayman comes in and tells Bill that he's flushed away his badge, and Bill walks out. Cayman goes after him, and Bill slams him against the wall and says that Glennon told him everything about Cayman. Bill tells Cayman that he left the paperwork in his house and puts him under arrest.

Jeff returns to the safehouse and his daughters hug him. As they get out some ice cream, there's a knock at the door. It's Gambi, and Jeff thanks him for his help. Gambi figures that the ASA are confined for now, and Jeff warns that he might not be able to forgive him. However, he also can't forget what Gambi has done for him and his family. Jeff wants to find a new balance, and asks Gambi to help him find the missing children.

The news reports that Jeff is freed, and Cayman and his cohorts have been arrested. Bill gives a statement saying that the corruption in the police department is finally being dealt with, and he's embracing his role as Deputy Chief.

Gambi leads the Pierces in saying grace, and then they sit down to eat pizza.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 4, 2018

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