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Guest Starring John Noble Recap

Nate calls the team to the bridge and says that someone stole the jumpship. They realize that Amaya is gone, and Zari checks the jumpship log to confirm that Amaya went to 1992 Zambesi. The ship shakes from time turbulence, and Gideon says that Rip is sending an urgent call. He tells the Legends that Grodd is going after Barry, but not Barry Allen..

At Occidental College in 1979, Barack Obama is working on his paper when Grodd breaks into his dorm room.

Waverider continues shaking, and Sara sends Nate and Wally to convince Amaya not to alter history. Zari offers to find a temporal loophole. As the three of them leave, the rest of them go to save Obama.

Grodd chases Obama out of the dorm, grabs him by the throat, and lifts him up into the air.

Nora says that the cage is finally breaking and Mallus is coming. Damien, looking on, is less than thrilled to watch as his daughter transforms into Mallus' form.

As Grodd chokes Obama, Mick arrives and blasts the gorilla. Ray blasts Grodd with his shrink ray.

Nora regains her human form, and Damien holds her. He says that Grodd's mission must have failed and it gives them a chance to figure out what Mallus really means. Nora says that they will live as gods, and Damien hastily says that it's what he wants and prepares to go. His daughter says that he won't see her later because she'll be consumed when Mallus arrives, and Damien hugs her and agrees

Ray puts the shrunken Grodd in a jar and they go back to Waverider.

Nate and Wally go to Zambesi and Amaya finds them. She says that she's there to prevent the genocide of her people, and she doesn't blame Nate for Kuasa's death. Amaya blames the warlords and tells them to stay out of her way.

Rip and Sara shake hands with Barry and then memory-flash him.

Nate realizes that they're screwed no matter what they do.

Damien arrives at the college and tells Rip and Sara that he's there for his daughter and he needs their help.

On Waverider, Mick inscribes a mystical circle to contain Damien using John's spell. Damien gives them the Water Totem as a gesture of good faith and then completes the circle for Mick and Ray. He explains that Nora dies when Mallus escapes, and they both want to stop Mallus. Sara tells Mick to kill Damien, and Ray tells them that Damien really loves Nora. Rip and Ava suggest that they imprison Damien, and Sara tells Mick to stand down.

Nate and Wally go to the village and everyone applauds as the 1992 Amaya steps out. Sighing, Nate realizes that it means that Amaya comes back to Zambesi and they don't become a couple. 1992 Amaya gives the Spirit Totem to her daughter, Esi. A young Kuasa comes in and says that her mother Esi isn't coming. 1992 Amaya apologizes to the villagers for her daughter rejecting her destiny, and Nate and Wally follow their Amaya out. She says that Esi never bonded with the Totem and that's why she the warlords destroyed the village. Amaya hopes that once she convinces Esi to become a Totem Bearer, she'll protect the village and everything will change. Wally warns that they can't change history, and Nate says to screw history. He tells Amaya to talk to Esi while he and Wally meet with the older Amaya.

Ava asks Sara if she's okay. Sara tells her that the hardest thing she ever did was let Damien live, and she's wondering why she should spare him. Ava says that it's for the good of the mission, and admits that she's there because of Rip. Sara points out that Rip lied to her, and Ava says that she's prioritizing the mission over her personal issues. Her ex insists that there's more to the story and Ava deserves to know. Rip comes in and asks if everything is good with Ava. She says that it is, and Sara tells him that they're not going to take Damien to the Bureau. Sara leaves to get some advice.

Sara meets with Obama and describes her situation. He figures that her ex is clinging to rules and regulations, and suggests that the Bureau isn't best equipped to stop a demon. Obama says that it requires a much more unorthodox approach, and Sara wipes his memories again.

Back on Waverider, Sara tells Damien that she doesn't believe that he's changed. However, she'll work with him to defeat Mallus but afterward she'll kill him. Damien immediately agrees and Sara breaks the circle so that they can shake on the deal.

Damien warns that Nora has gotten more powerful since they fought in Victorian London. He says that Nora won't listen to them, Ray suggests that he fly into Nora's ear and pretend to be Mallus. Mick is watching Lord of the Rings, which feature actor John Noble. The team goes to the production and find Noble's trailer. Ray poses as a PA and gives him some script rewrites. The new dialogue is the words they want "Mallus" to say to Nora.

Esi stares up at the sky, and Amaya approaches her posing as a distant cousin. Her future daughter says that her mother is the great Amaya, who has protected their village their entire life without doubting or wavering. Amaya tells her that every Totem Bearer has felt that way, and Esi has the power of her ancestors. She says that trouble is coming and Esi needs to protect her people, and Amaya helps her up.

Nate tells Wally to steal the Spirit Totem. Wally warns that Amaya will cause more harm than good, and promises to stop Nate if he takes it too far. Nate enters Amaya's tent and finds the 1992-Amaya asleep, and tries to take the Totem. She wakes up and tackles him, and he reminds her of who he is. Nate shows her photos of the two of them together, and 1992-Amaya wonders how it's possible. He says that he's there to make sure Esi takes the Spirit Totem, and Amaya tells him that Esi doesn't know what she wants. Nate says that if Esi thought Amaya was in her corner than she'd accept the Totem and be unstoppable.

Damien teleports back to Nora, who wonders why Mallus is imprisoned. She accuses Damien of failing on the mission, and Atom flies into Nora's ear and plays his recording of Noble's voice. "Mallus" tells Nora to go to Waverider with Damien and get the Totems. Damien plays along, warning that they're outnumbered, but Nora insists and they use the Time Stone to teleport onto Waverider. Atom flies out and enlarges, and Nora realizes that they've betrayed her. She's trapped in the magic circle, and Mallus takes control of her body and screams his fury.

Nora is unable to break through the circle, and Damien admits that he failed Nora by being a terrible father. He was obsessed with world domination and died, leaving her alone as a child. Damien begs Nora to not let Mallus take her away from him. Mallus says that Nora is long gone, and she freely gave her soul and her flesh. The demon says that one more alteration to the timeline and he's freed.

Ava and Rip watch Nora on the monitor, and Ava asks him why he picked her. She says that she knows that she's a clone, and Rip says that she's special. He erased her memory because he thought it would be easier, and tells her not to lose focus. Ava realizes that she isn't the first Ava, and asks Rip how many. He finally says that she's the 12th, but says that she's exceptional. Ava doesn't want to hear it and walks out.

Sara finds Damien, who says that Nora is gone. He says that he didn't understand the pain of losing a loved one when he killed Dinah, and he'd take it back if he could. Damien points out that Sara has made herself over, and reminds her that she didn't kill her team because of love. Without it, people like them are left alone in the darkness.

1992-Amaya gives the Totem to Esi. Amaya and Nate watch, and Nate says that they'll stay there to help her fight the warlords. He explains that 1992-Amaya doesn't remember him or the Legends because Amaya erased her memories. Amaya figures that erasing her memories of Nate was the only way she could protect her people.

Wally returns to Waverider and tells the team what Rip and Amaya are doing. Zari reports that the village has to be protected or Mallus is freed. Sara says that they have the six Totems and the only way to kill Mallus is to let him out. She'd rather fight Mallus then a friend, and reminds them that he first time the Death Totem betrayed the other Totem bearers. Damien says that he'll wield the Death Totem because like Sara, he came back from the dead. Rip figures that Sara wouldn't trust Damien, but Sara tosses Damien the Death Totem and says that it's their only chance. Ava objects, saying that the Bureau won't stand behind her. Rip tells her that it's time to let the Legends be the chainsaw, and Ava considers it his resignation. As Sara goes after Ava, Damien contemplates the Death Totem.

Sara confronts Ava, who says that all she has is the rules. When she says that the rules are all that she has, Sara says that Ava has her and kisses her. Sara then admits that she loves her, but Ava says that there is no "her" to love and portals away.

Amaya and Nate watch as Esi prepares to face the warlords. Wally and Ray come out and Wally explains that they're there to help them and create the Anachronism, release Mallus, and kill him. They return to the ship and explain their plan to Amaya and Nate. Nate and Ray take the Earth and Water Totems, respectively, and they prepare to battle Mallus when the last Anachronism appears.

The spirit of Nora appears to Damien and says that she's not dead yet. She's still fighting against Mallus' possession, and admits that she made a mistake. Nora begs Damien to stop Nora from taking her. Sara comes in and the spirit disappears, and Damien says that they should do it before it's too late.

The Legends take Nora to the sacred hut in Zambesi where the Totems are strongest. The warlords attack outside, and Esi prepares to fight them. Amaya tells the Legends that Esi's got it. Rip is on Waverider and reports that the historical records show that Zambesi is destroyed. The records say that an angry gorilla destroyed Zambesi, and they realize that Damien released Grodd from the jar. Damien says that he needs history to run its course.

Grodd rampages through Zambesi, and Esi tells 1992-maya to go while she deals with the villain. 1991-Amaya agrees and goes with the villagers, and Esi draws on the strength of a gorilla to fight Grodd.

As Amaya prepares to go to her daughter's age, Damien blasts her through the side of the hut. Nate promises Amaya that he won't let Esi die and goes to the battle.

Damien says that he's going to take whatever chance is necessary to save Nora, and incapacitates Wally. Zari and Sara attack Damien, who warns them that he's unstoppable. He knocks the Legends away and says that he wants to kill the warlords to save his daughter.

Esi fights Grodd and he knocks her away. Grodd takes control of her, and 1992-amaya attacks him. He knocks her away and Nate arrives, using the Earth Totem to send Grodd flying away. 1992- Amaya remembers Nate and says that she didn't take him for a Totem Bearer.

Damien frees Nora and says that he'll find her, and tells her to go. Nora runs out, and Ray tries to summon the power of the Water Totem. Nothing happens and he charges Damien, who immobilizes him with his powers. Sara stabs Damien in the back and Ray grabs the Death Totem.

As Nora runs away, she collapses as Mallus takes over.

Damien says that he won't let Mallus take Nora, and Sara tells her that Nora is already gone.

Mallus is free and takes full possession of Nora. Damien and the Legends run out and see the transformation. The now giant-sized demon flies into the air.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 6, 2018

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