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A Dark Knight: Mandatory Brunch Meeting Recap

Bruce goes to St. Ignatius and enters the headmaster's office. The headmaster is staring out the window, and Bruce asks if Jerome has been there. The man says that he spoke with Mad Hatter, who "convinced him to give the name of Xander Wilde, a boy who graduated from St. Ignatius ten years ago. The headmaster turns, revealing a bomb strapped to his chest, and says that Mad Hatter had a message for Bruce.

Jim and Harvey pull up outside the school and go in.

The headmaster says that Mad Hatter is depending on him to detonate the bomb. Jim and Harvey come in and Jim shoot the clock near the headmaster, breaking the ticking clock that is compelling the man. However, the headmaster hears his ticking pocket watch and blows himself up as the others take cover.

Jerome assembles all of his villains for a mandatory brunch meeting at Oswald's estate, and says that he came up with a plan to turn Gotham into a madhouse. He needs their help, and Scarecrow confirms that his preparations are coming along. Jerome tells Freeze to get a lab, and all they need is Hatter to return with some important information. Firefly wonders how he plans to take over the underworld, and Jerome tells them that he just wants to paint the town crazy and then they can do what they want. Hatter comes in and Jerome invites him to sit.

At St. Ignatius, Bruce tells Jim that he doesn't know who Xander is. Alfred has arrived and admits that he knew Bruce was going after Jerome. Jim says that he'll press charges against Bruce if he interferes again. Once Jim and Bruce leave, Harvey comes out and says that Xander was a child prodigy and now he's a structural engineer. The two men go to get Xander.

Jerome takes the elevator up to Xander's office, takes out a shotgun, and says that he has an appointment. The receptionist runs and Jerome goes up to Xander's office. The head of the company, Allan Hayes, is holding a conference when Jerome comes in and demands to know where Xander is. Hayes says that Xander never comes in and he's only communicated with him via a proxy. Jerome demands to know where the proxy is, and Allan says that he'll tell hm.

Jim and Bruce arrive and see the people running. Jerome comes down and takes cover, and Firefly provides him with cover so that he can escape. When the police arrive, they take away the bodies and Harvey confirms that Xander never met anyone at the company. Jim figures that it's personal and notices Xander's initials on a photo of Wayne Plaza that Xander constructed.

At his new club, Riddler steps out on the stage and begins his riddle show. He calls up Lars, a former member of the Street Demons, and explains the rules. If Lars answers his riddle and stumps him with one of his own, he leaves with the prize. Riddler recites his riddle and Lars fails to solve it. The Narrows audience chants for Riddler to spin the Wheel of Misfortune, and Riddler obliges. It comes up "rabid sack of rats", but Lee comes in and says that it's over. Riddler tells the audience that Lee wants to shut them down, and they boo her. Lee goes up on stage and says that she'll beat Riddler. If she wins then Riddler shuts the place down.. and he accepts the challenge.

The proxy, Ecco, comes home and Jerome greets her. She knew that Jerome would come there eventually and says that she'll never tell him where Xander is. When he puts a knife to her face, Ecco points to an empty cage, says that's how she's going to transport him, knocks him out, and calls someone to say that she has him.

Oswald finds Butch at a bar and says that Jerome has plans for Gotham. he figures that Jerome will flame out and he'll reclaim the underworld, and could use Butch at his side. Butch says that he's his old man, and warns Oswald that he's not the man he was. Oswald points out that they were friends, and Butch grabs him and says that Tabitha will never love him. He throws Oswald to the floor and tells him to get out.

Jim and Harvey go to the manor to check Thomas' records. Alfred finds Thomas' notes with an address where Thomas met with Xander, and Jim figures that Xander is hiding from Jerome.

Jerome wakes up in a cell and chuckles. He sees a surveillance camera and laughs, addressing Xander. Xander is in a control room watching as Jerome says that he loves him. An alarm goes off and Xander switches to a camera showing Jim and Harvey driving up. They find a block of steal with a door and a camera, and Jim identifies himself and asks to see Xander. Xander opens the door remotely and they go in. Ecco takes them to Xander and explains that Xander values his privacy. When they enter Xander's control room, they realize that he's Jerome's twin.

Xander says that his birth name is Jeremiah, and Jim solved her murder. He thanks Jim for doing so and for putting Jerome in Arkham. Jerome never spoke of Jeremiah after Jeremiah left the circus, and they hid him away to protect him from Jerome. His brother tormented him, and his uncle took him to St. Ignatius. Jeremiah got a new name and a new life, but knew that one day Jerome would come for him. He says that he is safest there in his home, and the proxy's name he gave to Hayes was a fake. Jim figures that he's lying, pointing out that the monitors in the room are turned off. He turns one on and brings up the image of Jerome in his cell.

Lee tells Riddler to get on with the show, and he gives her his riddle. She doesn't know the answer but says that Riddler will tell her because deep down he wants to. Riddler tells her that Edward is gone, and insists that Lee lied to him. Lee says that he gave her the answer: "a promise". Riddler confirms that she answered correctly but assures her that she won't stump him.

Jim demands to see Jerome, and Jeremiah says that he can hold Jerome and make sure that he never escapes. An alarm goes off, revealing Hatter, Ecco, and Scarecrow. Jim figures that they followed Jerome, and the power goes out. Jeremiah refuses to abandon Ecco, and Jim says that they'll rescue her after they get Jeremiah out. Agreeing, Jeremiah tells them that he designed the place as a labyrinth and they should stick close to him. They hypnotized Ecco finds and attacks them, dragging Jeremiah away.

Ecco takes Jeremiah to Jerome, but Harvey finds them, aims his gun at Ecco, and tells her to let Jeremiah go. She shoves Jeremiah into Harvey and attacks him, and Jim knocks her out from behind as Jeremiah runs off. The detectives go after him but lose him in the maze.

Jeremiah comes to the exit but Jerome, Hatter, and Scarecrow are waiting for him. Jerome says that they still think the same and he paid attention when Jeremiah drew his mazes. He tells Scarecrow and Hatter to find Jim and Harvey and kill them. Once they leave, Jeremiah tells Jerome that he blames him for everything that has gone wrong in his life but he was born bad. Jerome says that Jeremiah lied about his threatening him, and Jeremiah admits that he was right that Jerome was a killer. His brother says that their mother deserved to die, and Jeremiah turned his family against him. Jerome tells Jeremiah that he's going to have one bad spray.

Hatter and Scarecrow find the detectives, and Harvey charges at them before Hatter can hypnotize him.

Jerome says that he's going to kill Jeremiah, but first he's going to drive him mad along with all of Gotham. Hatter and Scarecrow run past, and Jerome grabs Jeremiah as a shield when Jim and Harvey arrive. Jim figures that Jerome won't kill Jeremiah, and Jeremiah runs out with his allies. By the time Jim and Harvey get outside, the villains have disappeared.

Riddler tells Lee to present her riddle. She gives an easy riddle and the answer is "I love you". Riddler can't say the words to provide the answer, and she challenges him to say it if Edward isn't there. he refuses and Lee says that he loses. The audience cheers Lee, and Riddler turns away.

Oswald returns to the bar with a man carrying a barrel. Butch grabs him, and Oswald says that the drum contains water from Slaughter Swamp. Once they find Strange, they can convince him to reverse Butch's transformation. Butch agrees but warns Oswald that he'd better deliver.

After the show, Riddler stares at the Wheel. Lee comes in and tells him that he set up his club in the Narrows because he wanted her to come. She says that the people came for his money, and she can give them what they want if he helps her. Riddler wonders why he should help her, and Lee says that he loves her all along. He grabs her and puts a knife to her throat, insisting Edward was the one who loved her. Lee tells him to kill her if it's true, but Riddler can't do it. She says that they can beat his record of robbing three banks in one day and kiss him.

Jim and Harvey take Jeremiah to the station and Jim tells the officer that Jeremiah is Jerome's twin. Jeremiah thanks Jim for saving his life and goes with Harper into protective custody. Jim wonders how Jerome plans to turn Gotham mad,

Jerome is playing Russian Roulette with his manservant Carl and finally complains him. Oswald brings Butch in and says that he'll make a welcome addition to the team. Freeze brings in a test subject, a businessman, and Scarecrow sprays him with the chemical that he's developed. The businessman gasps and then starts laughing uncontrollably, his mouth pulling up into a rictus as he laughs until his eyes bleed.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 7, 2018

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