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Masking Recap

A man in a hoodie walks to a building near a church and climbs up to the roof. He then lowers himself down on a rope and tags the side of the building as the crowd watches from below.

In the archive, Cameron is working on an upside-down escape. Dina tells Gunter and Jordan to bring Cameron down, but he says that he's rusty and needs practice. Jordan monitors Cameron's vital signs and says that he'll pass out in 36 seconds. Kay comes in and says that a prisoner escaped from Rockland Prison and Jonathan was in the same room. Cameron escapes the chains and drops to the floor, and Gunter complains that he took too long. Kay asks if Jonathan said anything to Cameron, and Cameron insists that Jonathan wasn't involved. Jordan says that a street artist, Bishop, came up on his newsfeed. He's a hero to the people, and Gunter says that Cameron dislikes Bishop because Bishop painted Cameron's poster in Las Vegas. Cameron says that Bishop is a master of deception and he admires him, and they go to St. Mary's Cathedral where Bishop was tagging.

As the team walks down the street, Dina asks if Jonathan is all right. Cameron says that Jonathan says that he's fine, and is surprised that Dina is asking about him. Dina says that Jonathan broke her heart and wonders if he ever asks about her. Cameron says that Jonathan is probably afraid to ask and what he did, he can't take back. They arrive at the building where Bishop did the twelve-story mural, and Jonathan calls and Cameron tells him what happened. Jonathan complains that Cameron is focusing on Bishop instead of freeing him, and tells his twin brother not to rub it in his face. The police pull up to the church and they realize that someone stole the stained-glass window.

The next day, Kay and Mike question Reverend Marks about the robbery. She says that everything there is a historical landmark and she can't imagine why someone would do it. Since it's a national monument, the FBI will take the lead. Once Marks goes back inside, Kay sees a nearby giant industrial crane and figures that the thief used it... and distracted the crowd by making the sketch across the street.

At the FBI office, Cameron says that it's masking: creating a distraction by creating a better show. Kay figures the thieves knew that Bishop would be there, but Cameron says that Bishop isn't a criminal. He warns that no one knows who Bishop is, but gets an idea and says that Bishop had a rival, King Switch. King Switch has a gallery in Soho.

Cameron and Kay go to gallery and King Switch comes over and says that his days of infamy are over. Kay explains why they're there, and King Switch says that he doesn't mess Bishop anymore. It was fun and profitable for him but political for Bishop. Bishop got angry and became an anarchist when people stole his work and stole it, and he even threatened King Switch's life. When a rival artist named EPOK wrote a mural saying that Bishop's reign was over, EPOK disappeared without a trace. As they leave, they realize that someone just painted "King Switch" on King Switch's painting of himself outside. Before they can warn him, a bomb goes off in the gallery.

Back at the FBI, Kay tells Cameron that Forensics hasn't found Switch's body but that's not unusual given the force of the blast. Cameron is confused by Bishop's apparent change in philosophy. They go over all of Bishop's murals from the last three years, and each time his paintings have corresponded with robberies using the same MO. Murders took place during two of the robberies, and they figure that he'll pull two more jobs before he leaves New York. Cameron figures that the Sorceress was in the cities when the robberies took place and that they're connected. Kay warns that it's not enough to go on, and Deakins suggests that Cameron wants there to be a connection. Cameron asks them to let him run with it, insisting that it's a lead after months of nothing, and Deakins agrees to let him take it to Jonathan.

At the prison, Cameron shows his research to Jonathan. Jonathan warns that it's a hunch and says that he's trying to fit in. Cameron advises him not to fit in too much and brings up Dollar's escape. He figures that Jonathan did it despite his denials, and warns that if Jonathan gets caught then everything they're doing is for nothing. Jonathan tells him that the murals are out of order. He figures that they're coded messages and how Bishop talks to his team, and Cameron will need the whole team to decipher them. As Cameron leaves, Jonathan tells him that he hopes that he's right.

Later at the Archive, Gunter makes an autopen to while Jordan use software. Dina asks Cameron how Jonathan is, and realizes that he's lying when he says that his brother is fine. Cameron admits that he's worried that Jonathan is caught up in something.

The next day, Winslow approaches Jonathan and offers him a second chance to join his team. Jonathan says that he doesn't want any trouble, and Winslow says that they're good but it's a group of other prisoners that Jonathan has to worry about.

The team work out that the next heist will take in at 8:15 that night. Jordan figures out that the key is the shading, and Cameron figures that the image is the answer. Jordan aligns them on the computer, creating a 3-D image: the statue at Rockefeller Center. Cameron calls Kay and tells her the next target, and they go there. They find a fresh painting, and agents call to tell Mike that the thieves stole an antique watch from a penthouse a few blocks over. Kay spots a man in a hoodie walking away and tackles him, and arrests him. Cameron calls and they realize that the kid they captured is decades younger than Bishop.

The agents take the kid, Mekka, in for questioning. They know the paint on his shirt matches the painting on Rockefeller, and figure that he's working for Bishop and that makes him an accessory. Mekka refuses to say anything.

Dina visits Jonathan in prison and she says that she's worried about him. She wonders why he helped Dollar escape, and Jonathan says that Cameron wears rose-colored glasses. He tells Dina that he's alone in there and he can either do what he's told or fight, and he doesn't want to risk it all on a fight. Jonathan just wants to get out and make things right, and offers his hand to Dina. Dina takes his hand and tells him to hold on.

Kay goes to the Archive and tells Cameron that they had to let Mekka go. She figures that Mekka doesn't know. The sightings of the Sorceress were false alarms, and Cameron figure sit will rush Jonathan. Kay assures him that they'll capture the Sorceress eventually, but they still need Cameron's help to find the killer. He tosses out some of the swag that he has with his name on it, and wonders if Mekka is next to be killed after Switch.

Mekka goes to his home and finds a tag of him across the street, with blood-red paint on it. He goes to the FBI, unaware that Cameron made the tag. Mekka says that a man claiming to be Bishop approached him and proved who he was with his tagging. Bishop gave Mekka the painting next to the church, and told him to do it. Then Bishop sent the next tag to Mekka at Rockefeller, but Mekka kept an eye out for the thieves.

Kay and Mike meet with Cameron and tell him what Mekka said. They figure that Bishop used Mekka to create the distraction and three other graphic artists to rob the target. Bishop gave Mekka his own personal tag to put up, and they realize that Bishop is arranging a personal meeting with Mekka and wants to make sure that he's meeting with the real Mekka. Cameron says that he can impersonate Mekka.

The next day, the team goes to the meeting site. Gunter has put the tag up, and gives Cameron a can of compressed air to blow away the graphite dust he covered the tag with. Kay confirms that they have a tac team nearby, and tells Cameron to say the word as soon as he sees Bishop. Cameron apologizes for hitting a rough spot, and Kay tells him that he did fine.

Cameron goes to work revealing the fake tag on the rooftop, and three hooded men drop down and demand to see his mark. Cameron masks what he's doing with his body, and reveals Mekka's tag. Dina tells Cameron to give them a better show, and he lights the compressed air with one of his cigarette lights to distract them when they move in. The graphic artists parkour off, and Cameron hesitantly follows them. The FBI team loses them when they go across the rooftops, and Cameron tries to describe where they are. The graphic artists jump across a gap, and after a minute Cameron jumps across and comes up short, grabbing the ledge before he falls.

Cameron manages to pull himself up and collapses in exhaustion on the roof. he then goes into the building and finds the walls adorned with Bishop's work. The head graphic artist, Frait, tells Cameron that the FBI got wind of them and Bishop is shutting down the team, and it will be the last time they meet. They remove their masks to meet face to face, and Cameron finally removes his mask. Bishop turns and he realizes that it's Cameron, and Cameron realizes that it's Switch. The artist figures that Cameron is working for the FBI, and tells his men to toss Cameron off the roof.

Cameron tells them that his dad taught them more than just magic.

One of Winslow's men attacks Jonathan and he fights back.

Cameron fights back against the graphic artists. They run off, and Kay tells him over the earbud that they're coming. She and Mike run in.

Jonathan takes a candy bar from the pocket of his attackers, sits back down, and eats.

Bishop draws a gun, and Cameron asks what happened to him. The artist insists that it's not about the money, and now he's building something new. Bishop says that he's returning the stolen items. The FBI break in and when Cameron turns back, Bishop is gone. There are dozens of sketches, and the FBI figures that they indicate dozens of plans. Kay talks to Cameron, who is staring at one of Bishop's sketches. She says that all of the stolen items were stashed in the building, and wonders what Cameron is thinking. Cameron wonders what Bishop meant and figures that they're missing something. Kay says that the stolen watch was made in 1913, the same year that the stained-glass window was built., and tells Cameron to take the win. Cameron gets an idea and walks off.

Later, Cameron visits Jonathan and Jonathan anticipates that Cameron is going to admit that he was wrong. He assures Cameron that it's okay and he can't make clues appear out of thin air. Cameron agrees with him and slides him an envelope.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 9, 2018

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