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My Really Fair Lady Recap

At a theater, stage manager Nellie is on the phone and says that she made one minor change the musical, Dead, and the contract allows it. Now all of the characters who had AIDS have a zombie virus. A man comes up and says that he has to go to his job because it pays the rent. The show begins with Nellie taking the man's part. The show continues and when it ends, the relatively few people in the audience applaud.

Later, Peyton is going through the files on the people who died in the bus crash. She offers her condolences to a woman, Wendy, who asks if there was a dog on the bus. Wendy that she and her ex-husband had a fight, and he got on the bus with their dog Ajax. Now her son will have to grow up without a dog or a father.

Levon and Liv meet with three humans to film a documentary showing that humans and zombies can work together. They point out that Liv is a cop, and figure that she betrayed Mama to Fillmore graves. Liv says that she'll take Mama's place, and they warn that Mama had a network. after what chase did to Mama, the three of them are all that are left.

At the station, Cavanaugh tells Clive that he's closed a case. Clive stands around, bored, and Michelle comes over and asks how he learned to be a cop. When he mentions L.A. Confidential, Michelle invites him to watch it at her place and he accepts.

Ravi and Liv are doing autopsies on the victims of the bus crash, and Ravi asks if Liv is doing okay after Mama's execution. Peyton comes in and asks Liv if she can eat the ex-husband's brain and find out where the dog is. Liv agrees and mentions the name of the victim, Denny Minnis. Ravi warns that Denny was a heroin addict, and Peyton refuses to let Liv get hooked. Once she leaves, Liv asks if there are any brains that she can eat. Ravi finds her one and Liv makes brain rolls.

At Romero's, Blaine finds Don E with Tucker. Don E found Tucker dumpster-diving, and Blaine tells him to get his rations. Tucker recites from Angus' gospel, and Blaine orders him out at cleaver edge.

At home, Ravi and Major are eating lunch. Ravi explains that no one got murdered so he's having a me-day at a spa. Major offers him some brain paste on a bagel, and Ravi swoons at the taste. he realizes that he's on his monthlies and when Major mentions Peyton, Ravi gets an idea.

Later at the morgue, Ravi is eating a brain when Liv comes in singing and asks if he's ready for the sexual harassment seminar. In the class, Johnny Frost shows the class a video of his harassing a co-worker. Liv, Ravi, Clive, Michelle, and Dale are all there. Johnny has Clive walk them through the protocol for dating a co-worker, and Liv sings along as Clive and Dale exchange looks... and Michelle notices. The reporter ends up calling up Liv to act out in a scenario, and she acts out "Inappropriate Sue" and feels up Johnny. Once he complains, Liv figures that he's got it and does the "scene" again. everyone applauds, and Ravi runs over to a garbage can and vomits.

Liv takes Ravi home and he says that he ate the brain of a heroin addict. Major is there, and realizes that Ravi ate the brain to impress Peyton. Liv orders Ravi to give Major his wallet so he doesn't do anything dumb, and says that she's going off to save the world.

Levon continues filming the undergrounders in their hotel room making plans. Liv comes in and says that the show must go on. Levon explains that one of their coyotes shipped five humans in before sea, and they've lost their means for getting them out. Their trucker friends bailed before smuggling them out, and the humans will die if they don't rescue them. Liv asks them what Mama would have done, and Levon films her as she says that they save the people or die trying… and asks Levon if he got it on her first take.

Later, Levon films Liv and asks her how she's holding up. She tells him that if the footage ends up in the wrong hands then they could all get executed. Liv films Levon and asks why he's doing it, and he says that he's a filmmaker. Mama got a friend back to his family, and Liv realizes how she can pull it off once she gets props and costumes.

Peyton goes to the house at 2 am and Major says that he has work and Ravi needs someone to watch over him because he ate a junkie's brain. Major explains that Ravi did it for her, and Peyton goes to the bathroom where Ravi is holed up. She calls through the door but gets no answer, and goes in to discover that Ravi has climbed out the window.

Ravi goes to the Scratching Post and tells Don E to get him some smack. Don E takes him to Blaine, who realizes that Ravi is an addict. She gives him some brain paste to eat so he'll get over the current brain, and Ravi says that he can handle it if she's with him.

The next day, Clive offers to go with Cavanaugh on a case. Cavanaugh tells him to enjoy his down time, and Michelle walks by. Clive talks to her privately in an interrogation and she says that he was going to cheat on his girlfriend with her. He says that they're in an open relationship once she became a zombie, and says that he loves her. Clive says that he hasn't even played the field yet, and apologizes to Michelle. Michelle says that they're good but she's looking for something real and it's not her scene. Dale is watching through the one-way mirror.

At home, Peyton holds Ravi as he goes through withdrawal. He still refuses to eat the brain paste, and has a vision of the dog. Ravi tells Peyton that he knows where it is.

The undergrounders meet at the hotel room and find a cast list and costumes waiting for them. Liv tells them to find their roles. When one of them objects, Liv grabs a gun and yells that cops are coming. Everyone ducks for cover, and Liv says that if the audience believes it then they will. Everyone takes their scripts and Liv says that her role will challenge the audience. They realize that they're going to hijack a truck, and they start to get into their roles with some prodding from Liv. The two men, Baron and Stan, take out their guns and get into it.

That night, the stolen truck rolls up to the gates at the docks. Suki, the third undergrounder, is driving and Baron is riding shotgun. The guard tells her that she has to shut down the engine because he didn't receive word of a driver change. Levon is hiding on the underside of the truck. Baron secretly reads Suki Liv's script and the guard finally lets her by. Levon sneaks out dressed as Peacekeeper. Meanwhile, Liv posing as a human goes to the security guard Wilson's office and asks to use his phone because her boyfriend tossed her out of the car. Levon sneaks by on the cameras as Liv calls Peyton and asks for a ride.

Levon looks for the cargo container and runs into a Peacekeeper on patrol. He bluffs and moves on.

Liv chats with Wilson, keeping him distracted. She claims that she was in The Lord of the Rings, and it turns out that Wilson is a huge fan of the movie.

The Peacemaker comes over and Levon is forced to knock him out.

Wilson asks Liv to speak with an American accent. He says that he should get back to work, and Liv takes out a flask and asks if he wants to do some shots.

Levon finds the cargo container with the five humans and sneaks them back to the truck. Liv sees them on the security cameras and continues to flirt with Wilson to distract him. When the phone rings, Liv kisses Wilson to keep him from answering it. The truck drives off, and Wilson answers the phone. His boss yells at him, and when Wilson turns back he realizes that Liv has slipped away.

The next morning, the undergrounders wait for Liv. Baron wants to see if Liv will show up. She arrives and prepares to scratch the humans. Levon warns that if he films it then there's evidence of her committing a capital offense. Liv turns on the camera and then scratches each of the humans. Cured of their ailments, they thank Liv. A man and his daughter pull up and meet with the woman who was one of the five.

Wendy brings her son to get Ajax from Peyton.

Ravi, back to normal, hears the doorbell ring. it's Peyton, who stares fondly at him. After a moment they kiss.

Blaine goes to the well, tossing brains down and still believing that Angus is there. He gets a call that he's needed at Romero's to deal with a sit-down strike. When Blaine gets there, he tells them to go to a soup kitchen. None of them move, and Blaine realizes that one of them is Angus. Angus congratulates Blaine on his success, and all of his worshippers chant with him. Blaine asks his father what he wants, and Angus says that his one solace was when he was fed. Now he wants Blaine to feed them once a week. Blaine realizes that he doesn't have a choice and Angus tells him that he forgives him. Disgusted, Blaine says that he will kill him and make it hurt, calling his father a child-abusing son of a bitch. Angus says that the Lord will shine his light on Blaine, who walks off. As Blaine goes, he tells Don E to find Dino, who was the only who knew where Angus was, and to serve the flock the cheap stuff.

Levon visits Liv and gives her a flash drive with the emails of candidates who want to get into Seattle. He tells her to pick three and take her time, and assures her that she's got it. Liv reviews the files and realizes that they all deserve help and she has to decide who lives and who dies. She turns off the lights and leaves.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 10, 2018

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