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The Resurrection and the Light: The Book of Pain Recap

Tobias looks at his healing burn injuries in a mirror, and then goes to meet with Martin at a NSA facility. Martin welcomes him back. He says that Tobias is important to them now that Lady Eve is gone, and now there's a vacancy. Martin explains that years ago, they developed a chemical that would make the citizens of Freeland docile so that they could control them. It didn't work, and gave some of them metahuman abilities. All of the ASA's subjects died before they became fully operational, and the ASA created Green Light trying to perfect the serum. The yields are better but the survival rate isn't, so Martin needs Tobias to find Black Lightning. Black Lightning is a product of the vaccine but lives, and Martin needs him for research purposes. Martin tells Tobias to bring Black Lightning to him alive, and says that he finished the project Tobias was working on before he got hurt. Khalil walks in and Martin reminds Tobias that he needs Black Lightning alive.

Lynn calls Jeff and asks him to come over. When he arrives, he finds Lynn in lingerie. She claims that there was a spider, and they kiss. Jeff sends sparks through her body and she says that she likes it when he does that.

After sex, Jeff asks Lynn what happened. She says that she figures that after everything that they've been though, she feels closer to her than ever. Lynn tells Jeff that she loves him and has loved him for a long time, but she doesn't think they should say anything to the girls. She wants them to be sure before they tell them, and Jeff agrees.

Dwayne comes to see Tobias at his penthouse, and Tobias thanks him for saving his life. However, Tobias points out that Dwayne left Tori to die. When Dwayne says that Tobias would have died if he had gone back for him, Tobias chokes him, tosses him to the floor, and Syonide shoots Dwayne dead.

Jeff is driving to school and sees Khalil walking down the street. He pulls over and asks Khalil if he's coming back to school, and Khalil says that he isn't. When Jeff tells him not to abandon his education, Khalil starts to walk off. Jeff asks what kind of procedure got him back on his feet, figuring that someone pulled the strings to make it happen. He wants to make sure that Khalil isn't being taken advantage of. Khalil tells him that he's walking and no one is taking advantage of him, and says that Jeff doesn't care about him. He points out that Jeff disappeared when he couldn't walk, and wouldn't let Jennifer near him.

At the workshop, Jeff tells Gambi and Anissa that Khalil is walking. Gambi says that it's million-dollar technology, and Jeff figures that the ASA is responsible. Anissa determines from the newspaper archives that 43 kids have gone missing. Gambi only saw 36 pods, meaning 7 are dead. The tailor figures that catching Martin is the best way to shut the project down. Jeff figures that Khalil can lead him to Martin, and Gambi plans to talk to Hidalgo. He warns that Martin will be watching Jeff and looking for Thunder.

Lynn is checking Jennifer and says that having superpowers doesn't have to change her life. she's made a little progress in locating the gene causing her superpowers, and suppressing it is the first step.

Jeff goes to Khalil's apartment and talks to his mother. She says that Khalil is in California, and Jeff says that he saw Khalil that morning. Mrs. Payne is surprised and shocked when Jeff tells her that Khalil is walking. She says that a hospital administrator, Mr. Martin, told them that Khalil was chosen for a pilot program. There was a risk of infection and Mrs. Payne should stay away from her son. Jeff asks for Mr. Martin's number and Mrs. Payne goes to get it.

Gambi goes to Hidalgo's basement and aims one of his guns at him. Hidalgo insists that he can't tell Gambi what he wants to know, and Gambi says that he's going to put a target on him so every person he double-crossed can find him. He demands Martin, and gives Hidalgo 48 hours to come through.

Jeff checks on Jennifer and says that he saw Khalil earlier and he's walking. Jennifer wants to find him, but Jeff tell her that Khalil isn't the same person. He figures that Khalil has gotten involved with the people looking for superpowered kids, but Jennifer figures that Khalil wouldn't hurt her. Jeff tells her to stay away from Khalil, and Jennifer tells him that she'll be glad when Lynn "fixes" her. After Jeff leaves, Khalil texts Jennifer asking her to meet him, and she leaves.

Downstairs, Jeff asks Lynn if she's working on a "cure" for Jennifer's powers. He complains that Lynn is treating Jennifer like she's sick, and wonders how Lynn could do it without talking to him. Jeff says that it's good that they didn't tell the girls they're getting back together and storms off.

Jennifer goes back to the Pierce house and climbs out on the roof, and finds Khalil waiting for her. He shows her how he's walking again, and says that he's been feeling bad about the way things ended between them. Khalil tells her that he didn't know when he couldn’t walk, and reveals his spinal implant. He explains that he's the first person to get it, and says that his new dreads are because of pills they gave him to help with the regeneration. Khalil starts to kiss her and Jennifer moves away and asks how they picked him for the procedure. He wonders if it matters, and Jennifer says that it might. Khalil figures that her attitude is coming from Jeff, and starts to walk off. Jennifer insists that it isn't true, but Khalil says that he's better without her, casually leaps off the roof, and disappears into the darkness.

Later, Khalil goes to Tobias. Tobias tells him to go back to Garfield and their job is to catch Black Lightning. The crime lord says that Black Lightning beats up bad guys who hurt people, so Khalil will go into Garfield and draw Black Lightning out. Tobias knows that Khalil tried to get Jennifer back, and tells him that Jennifer and Garfield belong to the past. Khalil agrees and Tobias warns him that if he screws up then he'll rip his implant out and shove it down his throat.

In his office, Lala meets with two of his dealers. he says that they'll move the second dealer to a less lucrative spot to send the message, and tells the first dealer that when it bets people up it destroys the morale and endanger loyalty. Lala picks up the phone and a voice says, "The Devil deals the cards." Once Lala hangs up, he walks out without a word.

Hidalgo calls Gambi and says that he has what Gambi wans, and invites him to come there. Once Hidalgo hangs up, he turns to where Lala is standing holding an assault rifle.

Lynn makes cake for Jennifer, who asks about the procedure that she's developing. Her mother says that there's nothing wrong with Jennifer and wants to give her options, and warns that she doesn't know how long a cure would take or if it would be safe.

At the workshop, Anissa suggests that they track electrical surges to determine where the ASA is keeping the pods. she contacted a former Garfield student who reported electrical surges three years ago that disappeared at the same time that mobile solar panels were developed. Gambi says that he's meeting with Hidalgo and will show them how to search for rooftop solar panels. A police report comes in that Garfield is under attack. Gambi warns that Black Lightning is still wanted by the police, but Jeff heads out with Anissa.

Khalil overturns a bus and walks into Garfield. He attacks anyone who get sin his path, firing darts from wrist gauntlets. Jennifer tries to stop him, saying that it isn't him. Khalil says that it is him and he has to do it, and tells her to run. Kara helps evacuate the students, and Black Lightning and Anissa arrive. When Jennifer runs up to them, Black Lightning tells her to go as well. The vigilantes split up and Jennifer goes back.

Thunder finds Syonide in a room holding a gun on some students. The assassin orders the students to run and shoots at Thunder, who ignores the bullets and creates a shockwave that knocks Syonide down. Syonide attacks her with batons and the two women fight. The batons shatter on Thunder's arm, and they continue fighting as Jennifer watches from the door. Energy crackles between her fingers.

Black Lightning finds Tobias and blasts him. Tobias shrugs off the blast, just as Gambi brings up the internal cameras and warns Black Lightning that Tobias is wearing some kind of protective suit. Gambi warns Black Lightning not to fight hand-to-hand, but the hero charges at Tobias. The two men fight.

Thunder and Syonide spar back and forth and Thunder knocks Syonide down. Syonide gets up and kicks Thunder as she regroups. Meanwhile, in the hallway Jennifer tries to control her energy and runs off. Thunder finally manages to knock Thunder down, and Gambi tells her that Black Lightning needs her help.

Black Lighting and Tobias continue fighting, and Black Lightning takes Tobias down. Khalil arrives and throws a locker at Black Lighting. The hero dodges and Gambi tells Black Lighting to zap Khalil and knock out his implants. Khalil shoots a dart into Black Lightning's neck, and Black Lighting pulls it out... and discovers that his powers have stopped working. obis grabs him from behind and Khalil punches Black Lightning dead. Furious, Tobias knocks Khalil back and prepares to remove Black Lightning's mask. Thunder arrives and knocks them down, and Syonide opens fire on her. The hero shields her father's body and the villains run off, and Jennifer runs up as Thunder realizes that their father doesn't have a pulse. Jennifer shocks Jeff, and Gambi tells her to do it again. She does so and Black Lightning's heart restarts.

Later, Gambi has Jennifer and Anissa bring Jeff to a cabin in the woods. Lynn arrives and tends to Jeff, while Gambi has them destroy their phones and cloaks the place against surveillance.

Kara tells Martin that some of the students heard that Black Lightning is dead. Furious, Martin tells her to find Black Lighting's body and bring him Thunder, dead or alive. He insists that the experiment cannot fail and walks off.

Syonide brings a hooded Lala to Tobias and removes his hood. Tobias asks if he believes in the resurrection, and Lala draws a gun. Tobias says, "The Devil deals the cards" and orders Lala to sit down. He then thanks Lala for killing Hidalgo, and says that once they kill Martin they'll own the entire organization. Tobias asks Lala if they should begin, and Lala agrees.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 11, 2018

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