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The Word of Rao Recap

Anda comes into the Voice's chamber and he tells her that she's to prepare for the Nova Cycle. The Voice puts on his mask and says that they shall use the ceremony to boost the faith of the Rankless, and he will walk among them and show that the Light of Rao can heal all wounds. They go out on the balcony, the Voice opens the shields letting the sunshine in, and he says that Kandor will be reborn.

In the streets, two armor-clad Sagitari go into the communication hub. When the Sagitari on guard object, the other newcomers knock them out and their leader, the Commander, tells them to go to work.

At the Fortress, Val warns Seg that there's nothing else they can do for Rhom. He says that she only has a matter of hours, and Seg tells Adam that he and Kem will have to tell Ona that her mother is dying.

At the Military Guild, Jayna tells Lyta that she's to attend the After-Action review, and reminds her daughter that she disobeyed a direct order. Lyta insists that the rest of her squad is alive because she protected them, but Jayna doesn't want to hear it. She warns her daughter that being in command means having to answer for one's decisions, and Lyta tells her that she wanted a mother, not a teacher.

Adam and Seg return to the El house and Seg sees a Sagitari watching them. When he turns to face him directly, the figure slips away and Seg warns Adam that they're being followed. Once the two men move on, the figure--a woman--says that she has a visual.

Dev-Em meets Lyta before the review and says that he told the board that she's a good commander. He tells her that it's more than loyalty, and the board calls Lyta in.

The Voice and his entourage enter the underdistrict and come to an injured resident. One man yells "tyrant", and the lead Acolyte says that the Sagitari who abused them will be punished. The Voice goes to Daron's office and says that someone must take responsibility for the abuses before he begins the ceremony. He says that it must be someone in high authority.

Lyta tells the board that the leadership was unaware of the variables that took place during the riot. She explains that the Rankless became volatile and arresting Kol-Da stopped the riots. Tribunal soldiers come in and arrest Lyta, and Daron tells her that she is accused of treason for conspiring with Black Zero.

At the bar, Seg, Adam, and Kem look at Ona sitting in a corner and wonder how to break the news to the girl. Adam goes to smoke, and Seg approaches Ona. Ona insists that Rhom will be fine and she has been praying for her. Kem comes over and tells Seg that the Voice announced that Lyta is responsible for the rioting.

Seg goes to the Guild to talk to Lyta. The guards stop him and Seg reminds them that he's not Rankless. Dev-em comes over and demands to know what his feelings are for Lyta. Seg refuses to say, and Jayna comes in and pins Dev-Em and then tells him to go. She then tells Seg to stay away from Lyta, and says that he's the reason Lyta has been accused of treason and tells him to stay away.

Nyssa is trying dresses when Seg comes in and she removes her dress. He says that he needs her help getting the charges dropped against Lyta, and she doesn't deserve to die for a crime she didn't commit. Nyssa asks for the real reason, and Seg says that he and Lyta are old friends. She still doesn't believe it, and Seg says that he loves Lyta. Nyssa says that she suspected, and they can move forward now that he confirmed his feelings. Seg asks if she will help.

Jayna and Daron review Kol-Da's recorded testimony, saying that the man she killed was a terrorist and had a body bomb. Daron tells Jayne that the autopsy confirmed the body bomb and Lyta is clearly aligned with Black Zero.

At the bar, Adam asks Seg what he's going to do. Seg says that they'll give Rhom to the Council so they'll see what really happened. Adam tells him that he'll go to the Fortress and tries to stop Seg, and Seg punches him and runs off. The woman following him knocks him out and removes her mask.

Jayna goes to Lyta's cell and says that she came to help. She assures Lyta that she's her daughter and a Zod, and Zods are not traitors. Jayne believes that Lyta is there protecting Seg, and tells her to give up Seg and end it. Lyta asks Jayna to trust her, and Jayna demands to know what's really going on. Nyssa comes in and tells Jayna to leave, saying that she's Lyta's advocate.

Seg wakes up and two come in. One woman removes a bug from a tube and puts it on Seg's forehead. It crawls into his nose and he screams.

Nyssa says that Seg sent her there, and she doesn't know where he is. Lyta realizes that Nyssa knows about her and Seg, and Nyssa asks if Dev-Em knows. She says that her future with Seg is already guaranteed and they have a child, and warns that Lyta is embroiled in a political witch hunt. Nyssa urges Lyta to have faith in her because Seg does, and asks Lyta to tell her about Kol-Da.

Seg growls in pain, and Commander comes in and says that's enough. They extract the bug and Commander says that the bug won't cause any permanent damage. He explains that it was a test and doesn't work on Sentries, and asks Seg what he knows about Brainiac. Seg asks who he is, and says that he has to leave because someone's life is at stake. Commander tells him that the faster Seg helps them, the faster he can help his friend. Seg figures that they're Black Zero, and Commander laughs and says that they wouldn't waste time fighting the Voice if they knew about Brainiac. Black Zero has provided him and his men with some resources, and Commander says that to protect Krypton he needs to know what Rhom was doing. Seg says that Rhom uploaded information to Brainiac, and Commander warns that Rhom isn't his friend anymore. He explains that if he can tear Rhom open, he can access the Sentry's memory. When one man, Tak, jams a taser into Seg for his impertinence, Commander breaks his neck and repeats that no one harms Seg unless he says.

Kem and Ona are walking down the street to Mama Zed, who greets them. She tells Ona to sit down while she makes her specialty. Mama realizes that Kem hasn't told Ona about Rhom, and Kem worries that Ona will end up like him. The older woman tells him to tell Ona to never give up hope. Kem goes over and sits with Ona, and Ona realizes that Rhom isn't coming home. He admits that she isn't and says that he's sorry, and tells Ona that he'll look after her and never let anything bad happen to her. Ona asks if they're going to go to Nova Cycle so she can do something for her mother, and Kem assures her they will.

Nyssa goes to Daron and asks what he offered Kol-Da to lie. Daron says that Lyta is a traitor and his hands are tied. He has been preparing for years to ask Jayna for her support, and Nyssa says that Seg is in love with Lyta. They need Seg to influence the Rankless and unite Kandor. If Lyta dies, then they lose their power. Unimpressed, Daron says that Lyta must die and Nyssa storms out.

Commander's people take Tak's corpse out, and Commander says that their existence is at stake. Seg realizes that he knew Val, and Commander says that his history with the Els is complicated. He says that if they find the Sentry then they can protect Krypton. Seg suggests Commander prove that he's trustworthy by breaking Lyta out of Fort Rozzz, and Commander agrees and goes to ready his men.

The Rankless prepare for Nova Cycle at the Offerings Altar. Ona wants to give an offering to the Voice for the ceremony to help Rhom get to Rao. She goes through the crowd and crawls up on the altar by the Voice. Kem steps forward and explains that Rom lost her mother, and asks the Voice to show everyone that Rao loves her. The Voice takes Ona's offering and says that Rhom may find Rao's light in a higher place as her daughter will on Krypton. He announces that Ona will service as a novice Word of Rao, and everyone cheers. Ona asks Kem what he thinks, and he says that her mother will be proud. The acolytes take Ona away.

Adam returns to the Fortress and Val says that he lost contact with Seg. The hologram explains that his Nubots have entered Rhom's cortex. If they get in then they can sift through the updates Rhom sent. The power surges through Rhom, and Rhom says that they have to stop Ona. She dies, and Val says that the Nubots severed her link with Brainiac, killing her. Adam says that they have to tell Seg if they can find him.

The woman, Sevi, comes in and releases Seg, and starts to led him out. He steps on a shock prod, lying on the floor, triggering it and knocking her out. As he takes the keys to the manacles, she revives and attacks him. The two of them fight and they knock over the container holding the bug. It crawls out of the jar, and Seg grabs it and shoves it into Sevi's mouth. As she lies gagging, Seg grabs a rifle and runs out.

Nyssa approaches Jayna and tells her that Lyta is the first Zod accused of being a traitor. If Jayna pledges her loyalty to Daron to overthrow the Voice, then they can save Lyta. Jayna points out that Daron will be a new tyrant, and Nyssa asks her what her honor is worth if she sacrifices Lyta to obtain it.

Commander goes back to the chamber, and Sevi runs in screaming in pain. He knocks her out and orders his men to find Seg.

The acolytes call upon the Rankless to pray to Rao. Ona emerges wearing an Acolyte's robes, and she recites the Nova cycle prayer.

Jayna sits next to Lyta.

Seg climbs up out of the sewers.

The Voice says for Nova Cycle to begin.

Later, the Voice goes to his quarters and looks at Ona's offering. It animates and jabs into his arm, and the Sentry spreads through his body in a matter of seconds.

Seg climbs out onto the ice plain and heads off, blood dripping from his hand.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 12, 2018

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