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Bring 'em Back Alive Recap

In the apocalypse world, Dean and Ketch come through the rift and find themselves in a winter landscape. Ketch realizes that Dean doesn't know where they are and points out that they only have 24 hours until the rift closes. Dean admits that they're in a different spot then when he came through before. Ketch says that can help find Jack and Mary, and Dean points out that Mary will probably kill Ketch if she sees him Dean finally concedes that having backup would be useful, and they continue on to a bridge. An angel patrol comes across with four hooded prisoners, and the commander proclaims a sentence of death on the humans for fomenting rebellion. They kill the first human, and Dean prepares to fight them, but Ketch warns that it's not smart. The angels kill one human and move onto the next but the commander stops his lieutenant and Dean realizes that it's Charlie.

The commander says that Charlie is with the inner circle of the Resistance, and says that Michael will want her for interrogation. Charlie threatens him, and the commander grabs her by the throat. Ketch holds Dean back, and the angels fly off with their prisoner.

Castiel arrives at the bunker and Sam tells him what happened. They go to Gabriel's room where Gabriel is crouching in a corner, and they help the archangel to the bed. Sam tries to get through to Gabriel, but he doesn't respond. He takes out a vial with Gabriel's grace that Ketch brought, and offers it to Gabriel. Gabriel refuses to open his mouth, and Castiel says that some coercion may be necessary. Gabriel jumps away from them.

In Heaven, Lucifer is playing solitaire when Jo comes in and he tells her to pitch in ad stay by his side. Jo says that he should be out commanding the angels, and Lucifer says that he's there available to be worshipped. The angel says that they came there to help the angels, just as Dumah comes in. Lucifer asks if Jo should pull her weight and keep him happy, and Dumah says that couple issues aren't her area. She says that the few angels they could spare are scanning the planet for Jack, and warns that they don't have the manpower. Lucifer insists that Jack is a priority, and Dumah quickly agrees. Once Dumah leaves, Lucifer complains that the angels wouldn't treat God like that. He insists that they treat him like God, and Jo tells him to act like God first and walks out.

Asmodeus tells a demon that the disappearance of Gabriel is unacceptable. He says that they're blood brothers, and dismisses the demon.

Dean and Ketch continue through the forest and Ketch hides behind a tree to practice stealth. He suggests that Dean should try it, and wonders if Dean is looking for Charlie for personal reason. Rather than answer, Dean says that they should pick up the pace.

A few steps later, Dean turns and discovers that Ketch has disappeared. A Hunter comes out and shoots Dean in the shoulder, and he collapses to the ground. when dean tries to crawl away, the Hunter grabs him and figures the angels will pay double for him. As he zip-ties Dean's hand, Ketch jumps him and asks where he was taking Dean. As the Hunter rolls over on Ketch, Dean fires a warning shot. When the Hunter doesn't talk, Dean kneecaps him and the slaver says that he was taking them to the silo a few miles away. Dean pistol-whips him unconscious.

Castiel goes to Gabriel's room and finds it covered in Enochian. Castiel calls in Sam and says that the writing is Gabriel's story of his life since he supposedly died. The story says that Lucifer skewered a fake Lucifer and the real one disappeared. No one thought Gabriel was alive, and he had no obligation to anyone so he moved to Monte Carlo and shacked up with porn stars. Eventually Gabriel was captured and delivered to Asmodeus, and Asmodeus grew strong feeding on Gabriel's grace. Castiel suggests that Gabriel isn't talking to them because he can't, but Sam suggests that Gabriel has chosen not to because he thinks that it's safer.

Lucifer puts on a suit and sunglasses, takes the throne, and listens in on everyone's prayer. He's disgusted by all of the whining, and hears a priest beginning an exorcism. on Earth, Father Davis and a young priest are exorcising and calling upon Michael for protection. The demon taunts Father Davis, and Lucifer appears and interrupts. He says that the demon is a minor player, Anthony, not Satan, and Anthony says that he's just having a little fun. Lucifer evicts the demon with a finger snap and introduces himself. When the younger priest says that Lucifer is the Best, Lucifer says that God made him a fall guy and now he's running Heaven, and the priests try to exorcise him. The Devil snaps his fingers and disintegrates them.

Dean finally collapses from his wound, and Ketch finds black veins spreading from it.

Castiel tries to jolt Gabriel's mind into thinking straight. He warns Sam that Gabriel may be lost.

Ketch mixes an antidote and says that the bullet had a Men of Letters poison. He warns that if the antidote isn't administered then the victim dies a gruesome death, and puts the antidote on the wound.

Sam sits and looks at Gabriel, and starts to go. However, he turns and tells Gabriel that he has to dig out of the hole he's in, and says that neither of them is like their father. Sam says that he thought he got out but then his family needed him and Hunting is his life no matter how many times he fought it. He tells Gabriel that everyone needs him, including himself, and asks Gabriel to help them. Gabriel doesn't respond and Sam starts to go. The archangel speaks up and his eyes glow blue.

Asmodeus realizes where Gabriel is.

As night falls, Dean and Ketch continue and Dean finally calls for a break. Ketch insists that Dean must rest, but Dean says that they're running out of time. He takes a few more steps and collapses, saying that they'll take a five-minute break. Ketch sits down and points out that rescuing Charlie may be impossible. He suggests that they go home, get reinforcements, and come back. Dean says that angels will kill Charlie, and finally tells Ketch that Charlie was like family and she was butchered when they couldn't get there in time. He admits that he failed Charlie, and Ketch says that he understands. Dean asks Ketch what his secret story is, and Ketch admits that he had people die but he didn't try to save them because of duty. He then says that rescuing Charlie might wash some of the stain off of his hands and offers his hand to Dean. Dean continues on and Ketch follows him.

The angels continue interrogating Charlie, who tells them to bite her. The commander punches her unconscious and tells his angels to kill her.

Castiel returns to Gabriel's room and watches as Gabriel recovers his grace. Asmodeus calls Sam and says that he knows they have Gabriel and he wants him back. The demon gives Sam one chance to return him, and warns that if Sam resists then he'll reduce the bunker to ashes. Asmodeus gives him ten minutes to decide and hangs up.

Lucifer complains that nothing in the universe is worth his talent. He tells Jo that he is going to find his bliss through fatherhood. Once he finds Jack, they'll combine their powers and creates people who worship him. Jo tells him to make Heaven right and create angels, and give the existing ones their wings back. Lucifer admits that he can't do it, and Jo tells him that Lucifer is afraid of looking into Jack's eyes and seeing nothing but contempt. She says that Lucifer can't create anything and might as well go back to the cage. Lucifer grabs her by the throat and glares at her, but then releases her. Jo says that now he doesn't have her and walks out.

The next morning, Dean and Ketch find the silo, part of a slaver camp. The two men go to the fence and see the angel commander come out to face the prisoners. He says that the Resistance is being broken, and his men bring out Charlie. They tie her to a post and the commander sentences Charlie to death. An angel comes out with a sword and prepares to decapitate her, and Dean tosses a grenade into the compound. He and Ketch run in, gunning down the angels with holy bullets. The commander takes cover, and Dean unties Charlie and tells her to run.

Sam reinforces the bunker's warding, and Gabriel clutches at his head. The lights go out and the alarms go off, and Sam and Castiel go to the hallway where the glyphs are glowing. They enter the main room and demons attack them. Sam and Castiel manage to kill the demons, but Asmodeus steps out and blasts them both against the wall. Two more demons bring Gabriel out, and Asmodeus says that he'll have to punish him. Gabriel whimpers in pain and the demons haul him out. Asmodeus turns to Sam and Castiel and crushes them with his powers. Gabriel tosses away the demons and Asmodeus turns to him and says that he broke him. The archangel glares at him, his eyes glowing, and heals himself. Asmodeus throws a bolt at him, and Gabriel easily deflects it. He burns Asmodeus alive with a gesture.

As they head back into the forest, Dean tells Charlie about his world and his Charlie. He asks where Jack and Mary are, and Charlie says that she heard that they were fighting in Dayton. They reach the rift and Charlie stares in surprise.

Sam and Charlie tell Gabriel what has been happening with the alternate universe, and that they'll need Gabriel's help to fight the alternate Michael. Gabriel thanks them for the rescue but says that he's not a team guy so he's leaving. When Sam objects, Gabriel points out that he figures the Winchesters can save the world again. Castiel tells Gabriel that he can't turn his back on humanity, and Gabriel points out that God did the same. With that, he disappears.

The rift starts to close, and Ketch tells Dean to go through and bring back anyone he can. Meanwhile, he'll stay and find Jack and Mary. Charlie wants to stay as well to defend her home, and tells Dean to get a way to take down Michael and bring it back. Dean says that he doesn't want to lose her again, and Charlie tells him that it's not his call. After a moment, Dean gives a gun to Charlie. An angel patrol arrives, and Dean goes through the rift while Ketch and Charlie open fire.

The rift closes and Dean tells Sam and Castiel what happened. They explain about Asmodeus' incursion and Gabriel killing him, and that Gabriel left. Sam admits that they used Gabriel's grace to heal him and he's gone, and they can't open the rift again. Furious, Dean says that he should never have come back and curses. He tells the others that every time they get close, it falls apart. Castiel insists that they'll find Gabriel, and Dean says that they'd better.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 13, 2018

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