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The Good, the Bad and the Cuddly Recap

Mallus lands nearby and says that his name is "Malice". He tells the Legends to hand over the Totems or he'll lay waste to the world, and the Legends fire blasts of elemental energy at the demon. Sara calls everyone to move back and asks Rip to bring Waverider, but he says that he'll delay Mallus. Rip goes to the engine and removes the time drive, and Gideon warns that the odds of survival are almost 0%.

Wally tries to hold Mallus in place while the others retreat to Waverider. Once they're in, Wally joins them.

Rip walks to the field with the time drive, remembering the Legends and his family.

Gideon gets visuals on Rip and explains that Rip removed the time drive. When it goes unstable, it will destroy Mallus. The AI says that there's another time drive in the jumpship, and Wally and Zari go to get it. Sara contacts Rip, who says that the explosion will only delay Mallus rather than destroy him, but it will buy them enough time to get away. Gideon warns Sara that the time drive is reaching critical and Zari has finished repairs. Sara orders Gideon to take them away, and Waverider flies off as the time drive explodes.

On Waverider, Mick and Ray drink and the team mourns Rip's death. Amaya says that they failed, not the Totems, and Nate asks Sara what the plan is. She says that they'll hide with the Totems in Salvation, Nebraska, in the Old west.

Sara goes to the lab where Damien is imprisoned and tells him that she's going to let him live with the knowledge that he destroyed his daughter. Ray comes in and Sara tells him not to anything stupid, and orders everyone else to the fabrication room. Once she leaves, Ray admits that he's probably going to do something stupid but it could fix everything and get and get Nora back.

The Legends go into Salvation ad Sara says that they need to get their heads on straight first. They go into the saloon and drink, and Sara figures that only Amaya and Zari were born to use the Totems. Jonah comes over and the Legends realize that he's the town sheriff. Sara assures him that they're there to avoid trouble, just as men ride into town shooting guns. Jonah and the Legends go out to confront them, and discover that it's Blackbeard, Julius Caesar, and Freydis. The Legends realize that Mallus sent them because he was weakened in his fight with Rip. They say that Mallus will spare them if they hand over the Totems, but the Legion refuse and Freydis says that they'll march an army on them the next day at noon and take the Totems.

Ray and Damien board the jumpship, and Nate comes over and says that he knows that Ray rerouted the time drive so the jumpship works. Ray punches Nate, apologizes, then gets into the jumpship and prepares for launch. He tells Damien that they're going back to right before Mallus took over Nora, even though meeting themselves is dangerous.

Nate goes back to the study where Amaya is meditating, and tells Sara what Ray did. He realizes that Amaya is on a vision quest, and she says that she's going back to meet her ancestors, the original Totem bearer. Amaya thinks that they need to know how to use the Totems, and it's up to her to find a way to stop Mallus. Nate tells her that they decided to save her village, not her, and drinks the root. Together the two of them go on the vision quest.

Amaya and Nate find themselves surrounded by the original Totem bearers, who are holding hands and moving in a circle. Each Totem releases a burst of energy, forming into one beam. The two Legends snap out of their vision, and Amaya realizes that the Totem bearers defeated by Mallus by acting together.

Zari is relaxing in her quarters when Gideon tells her that she has a visitor. Jonah comes in and says that Sara thought Zari could use a hand. She's using a computer program as a temporal beacon, trying to find allies. Jonah tells her that the Legends have a knack for making friends, and figures that she'll get a response. They bet and shake on it. Nate calls over the intercom and says that they have a code 113, and Zari sends the signal.

On the bridge, Amaya tells the others that they've been using the Totems wrong. She figures that destiny has brought them all together, and Sara reluctantly agrees.

The Legends go outside of Salvation and form a circle, and Amaya leads them through the ritual to create a champion. Sara refuses to use the Death Totem, but Amaya says that they'll need it to kill Mallus once and for all. They join hands and imagine a perfect warrior, and they share their thoughts. The Totems form a beam and a deformed creature forms in beam. Mick burns it and Ava, Helen, Jax, and Kuasa arrive via a time portal in response to Zari's signal.

Damien and Ray arrive in Zambesi just as Damien betrays the Legends. Ray says that they have to knock Nora out, and they see her run out of the hut

As they walk into Salvation, Kuasa says that she was given the opportunity to fight with her grandmother, the defender of Zambesi. When Jonah says that he had hoped for some real warriors, Helen draws her sword on him. Sara tells Jax that it's good to see him, and Jax wonders what happened to Ray.

Ray and Damien punch Nora, but she shrugs off the blows. Damien shoots Nora with the nanite gun, and she collapses. She asks why Damien killed her, and he says that he couldn't let her become a monster like him. Mallus' essence flows out of Nora and into Damien, and Damien says that he was counting on it. Nora reverts to normal and Damien tells Ray to get her out. Damien begins to transform.

In the saloon, Amaya says that the Kuasa with them is the one before the war when she was still good. Jax tells Mick that it's been five years for him and he's had a daughter, and Mick offers a toast.

Ray takes Nora back to Waverider and revives her. She's furious that Ray didn't stop Damien, and he stops her from going to her father.

Jonah shows Helen how to shoot, and she explains that the Legends inspired her. Sara says that they need to teach them the Totems, and Ava tells her that they're there to help the legends, not replace them. She figures that they're the people to wield the Totems, and Sara agrees. Ava asks if Sara what she meant when she said that she loved her. Before Sara can answer, Ray and Nora come in and Ray explains that she's no longer a demon. He explains that Damien sacrificed him for Nora. Mallus' armies ride into town and Sara tells the Legends and their allies that today is the day they earn the name "Legends"... and wonders how they sneak out the back.

Sara goes out the front and confronts the gathered armies of pirates, Vikings, and Romans. She holds up the Totems and tells them to get out of town or get hurt. The armies attack and Ava rides up, picks up Sara, and gallops down the street to where the Legends are waiting. Some of the soldiers go into the saloon, and Caesar confronts Mick. Mick breaks his nose.

On the street, the Legends fight Mallus' armies and Blackbeard disarms Amaya. Nate tosses her a sword and she gets the drop on Blackbeard, who runs off.

Wally saves Jax and takes him outside, then takes out the armies at superspeed. Helen drops dozens of soldiers, while Jonah and Zari prepare explosives. They move clear and Jonah shoots the dynamite, taking out the remaining soldiers and knocking himself and Zari down.

Mallus animates the soldiers' corpses, and Helen tells the Legends to make their champion while they buy them time. The Legends go into the saloon and prepare the ritual.

The reanimated soldiers attack the Legends and their remaining allies, then kneel. Mallus flies in and lands.

The ritual begins and the Legends imagine a light of pure goodness. Nate thinks of something cute and cuddly. Beebo jumps out of the saloon and the Legends realize that it's Sara and the others. Beebo attacks Mallus and smashes him across the field, and Mallus blasts him back. The two creatures fight and the others tell the Legends not to give up. Beebo tosses Mallus aside and leaps on him, and then kicks him away. Pressing his advantage, Beebo motions Mallus to attack. They crash together and Beebo grabs Mallus and slams him down to the ground.

The others run over and find a vast crater filled with blue fur. The six Legends recover, and Ray tells Nora that Damien was a good man. Sara says that Rip would be proud, and everyone cheers and hugs.

Later, the time Bureau arrives and memory-zaps all of the soldiers, then returns them to their own times. Amaya gives the totems to Kuasa and asks her to keep them safe until she finds new bearers. Caesar vow vengeance, while Freydis is in shock after seeing her "god> Ava tells Sara that she'll see him and takes the three leaders away.

Jonah gives Zari his hat to remember him by, and Zari says that it's weird but sweet. Ray runs up to Nora as the Time Bureau takes her to prison, and asks to speak to her alone. He tells her that he found Damien's time stone on Waverider and tells her not to waste her second chance. Amaya tells Zari that she's found a home, and it's time for her to go home. She glances over at Nate, and then says that the Legends are her family but she has another family waiting for her and they need her more.

Nate and Amaya go to Zambesi 1942 and Amaya says that she'll miss Nate. He tells her that she won't remember anything and takes out the memory-zapper, and Amaya says that if she forgets then she'll lose the only part of Nate that she's allowed to keep. They kiss and Nate says goodbye, and walks back to the jumpship. Amaya watches as Nate flies away, and then goes to her village.

The Legends go to Aruba in 2018 to relax, and Mick complains that they all came with him. Sara says that she and Ava had plans, but for now she's busy fixing the remaining Anachronisms. Gary shows up dressed as Constantine, and John shows up with him. He dumps a demon head on the beach and says that Mallus wasn't the only thing that got out.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 13, 2018

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