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A Dark Knight: That's Entertainment Recap

Interim mayor Holden Pritchard calls the major citizens of Gotham to his house and talks about the future of Gotham. Gertrude Haverstock, the chairman of the moral society, says that the citizens are upset at the gunfights and battles in the streets. Pritchard cuts her off and says that he and the commissioner have been working to improve the city. The lights go out and the security chief, Wyatt, says that they're looking into it. The room temperature drops and the group watches as Mr. Freeze breaks in through a window. Mad Hatter and the others cut off their escape, and take their prisoners out to the van where Jerome, Firefly, and Oswald are waiting. Jerome isn't interested in Pritchard's offer of money, and Oswald says that he's with Jerome 100%. Jerome complains that nobody knows how to have fun anymore, and Scarecrow douses one of the guests with his gas. She goes into hysterics and her face contorts, and Jerome says that it's time for the city to stop taking itself so seriously.

Alfred takes Bruce to the garage, wishes him a happy birthday, and gives him a present. He remembers Bruce at his 7th birthday obsessing about a wagon, and Bruce opens the present to find a car fob. When he pushes it, one of the cars starts up. Alfred points out that it's matte-black and bulletproof, and Bruce hugs him.

At the station, Jim tells Harvey that Jerome has kidnapped the mayor and commissioner. Oswald calls Jim and asks to talk out back. Jim goes to the back door and lets Oswald in, and Oswald asks what Jim is doing about Jerome. He insists that Jerome has to be stopped, and explains that Scarecrow has made a gas for Jerome. Jerome hasn't shared all of his plans with anyone, and scares Oswald enough that he came to Jim. Jim figures that Oswald doesn't like the competition, but Oswald insists that Jerome is a maniac while Oswald is an honest criminal. Harvey cones down and Oswald ducks out before Harvey sees him.

At the Gotham Music Festival, Jerome comes on stage and clubs the singer to death with the mike stand. Firefly makes sure that the audience doesn't leave, and his men bring up the prisoners. As his men fasten the prisoners to chairs, Jerome points out that there are two empty chairs. He explains that his men have put explosive collars on the prisoners, and he'll kill them unless Jim brings him Jerome/.

A crime lord, Zhang, comes to Sirens and tells Tabitha that her disrespect will no longer be tolerated. Tabitha points out that Zhang's brother abuses the staff and refuses to pay his tab. Barbara comes in and her assassins come in and kill Zhang and his men. As Zhang crawls toward his gun, Lelia stabs him to death and then tells Barbara that she needs to continue Ra's' legacy. Barbara agrees and Lelia asks if she's ready.

At Wayne Enterprises, the lights flicker and a ball rolls down the hallway. it explodes, freeing the guards, and Mr. Freeze and Scarecrow go into a lab and tell the scientists to make more laughing gas.

The police pull up outside the concert and hear Jerome and his men playing music. Jim steps forward and demands to check on the hostages. Jerome refuses and Jim tells to ask Pritchard how they deal with terrorists. The villain explains that it's a dead man's trigger, and Jerome says that they're for Jeremiah and Bruce. Jim offers himself in lieu of Bruce, but Jerome triggers the bomb on the commissioner's neck, killing him.

Alfred serves Bruce a birthday cake, and Selina comes in and blows out the candles. The butler leaves them, and Bruce thanks Selina for visiting him on her birthday. Selina says that she just happened to be there, and says that she knew that Bruce's drinking and partying was an act. Bruce tells her that he isn't so sure. Jim and Lucius come in and turn the TV on to where Jerome is calling for Jim to bring him his hostages. Jerome blows up another prisoner, and Alfred warns Bruce that Jerome can't be trusted. Selina agrees, but Jim and Lucius says that they have a plan. They have a disruptor that will block Jerome's switch, as long as Bruce can get close enough. Bruce immediately agrees and they take off.

Lelia takes Barbara to the house that Ra's owned, and says that there is a door that hides secrets. There is no key, and Barbara's hand glows. The lock on the door glows, and Barbara touches it. The door swings open, revealing a collection of antiquities inside. There is a painting of Ra's with a woman in Elizabethan garb, and Barbara says that she's always known that she was meant for. The League assassins each drop to their knee, and Barbara says that she's home.

The snipers assume position and Harvey monitors them.

Jim, Lucius, and Bruce go to see Jeremiah and ask him to help. Jeremiah refuses, and Bruce introduces himself and asks what he's been working on. The man says that he's been working on a compact power source, and Bruce says that they hope to get rid of Jerome so that Jeremiah can work in peace. Bruce tells Jeremiah that maybe by facing Jerome, he can show the people of Gotham that standing up to terror is the only way to take its power away. Jeremiah agrees, and Harvey calls Jim and tells him that Mr. Freeze and Scarecrow are manufacturing poison gas.

Harvey and several unis go to WayneTech and find the frozen guards. They find one scientist laughing hysterically, and Harvey is forced to knock him unconscious. The head scientist says that they made them take the gas and then took it.

Jim and the others return to the concert and Jerome invites Bruce and Jeremiah up. They go up to the stage, and the snipers prepare to fire. When Bruce is close enough, Jim orders the snipers to fire. However, Jerome's men take out the snipers before the snipers can fire, and Jerome says that he had his men take the best vantage points the night before.

Oswald and the other villains go to a blimp hangar, and Scarecrow doses the co-pilot with fear gas. Hatter hypnotizes the captain, and Oswald realizes that they're drawing the biggest crowd to the concert to gas them. Scarecrow says that Jerome knew Oswald went to Jim, and they knock him out, ties him up, and put him on the blimp.

Barbara goes through Ra's' journals, and Tabitha points out that Ra's has brainwashed the League. She says that Barbara has changed, and reminds her that Barbara begged her to partner with her. Barbara says that her servants will teach Tabitha a lesson, and the assassins drag Tabitha out.

Jerome complains that Jeremiah was the favorite and got adopted by rich folks, while he was dragged to the circus by his mother. He says that Jeremiah is as crazy as he is, unfastens Jeremiah, and tells him to stop fighting his nature. Jerome hands the knife to Jeremiah and invites him to take his best shot. When Jeremiah charges at Jerome, Jerome punches him unconscious.

Harvey arrives and tells Jim that a load of chemicals are on their way. Jim tells his men to evacuate the area and then informs Lucius that he's going to kill Jerome once and for all.

Harvey and his men go to the sniper positions and gun down Jerome's men. Jim shoots Jerome in the shoulder, and Firefly shoots at Jim. Jim takes cover, and Bruce breaks free and fights Firefly. Jerome tries to trigger the bomb on Pritchard, only to discover the switch isn't working. Bruce knocks Firefly out and Jerome runs into the crowd, and the blimp arrives overhead.

Oswald wakes up tied to a stanchion. The hypnotized captain is piloting the blimp, and the chemicals are ready to release. The captain points out the lever he needs to pull, and Oswald breaks free. When he tells the captain to turn the blip around, the captain draws a gun, aims it at Oswald, and says that he can't.

Jerome tells his men to get into position. Jim goes after Jerome, and tells Harvey not to shoot the blimp down because it will release the chemicals.

Oswald calls Jim and says where he is, and Jim tells him that he needs to steer the blimp to the river. Jim points out that Oswald can't run an empire in a city of lunatics, and finds Oswald standing on the edge of a building. Jerome says that the blimp is beautiful and prepares to call the captain. Jim shoots the phone out of Jerome's hand, and Jerome says that it's too late. As the captain reaches for the lever, Jim shoots Jerome and he falls off the edge.

Oswald runs forward and fights with the captain to stop him from pulling the lever. He finally knocks the hypnotized man out, then grabs the wheel and steers the blimp toward the window.

Jim runs to the edge of the building and sees Jerome hanging onto a pipe a few feet down. Jerome asks if Jim will pull him up or let him fall, and Jim reaches for Jerome's hand. Laughing, Jerome pulls his hand back and says that he'll outlive Jim because his philosophy will go on. He tells Jim that he'll be seeing him soon and falls to his death, laughing.

People gather around Jerome's body. Jim and the others arrive, and Jim orders everyone to get back. Bruce offers to fund Jeremiah's work with a grant, and Jeremiah thanks him. Once Bruce leaves, Oswald calls Jim and asks for someone to get him off of the blimp. Jim wonders how they should bring it down, tells Oswald that they'll get the standby pilot, thanks him on behalf of Gotham, and hangs up.

Lelia and the Assassins take Tabitha out, and Lelia tells Tabitha to leave the city. Tabitha attacks them and they soon overwhelm her and kick her to the ground. A man watches from his car down the street, and Lelia tells Tabitha that they next time they'll kill her. Once the women leave, the man and several others come over. The leader says that they serve Ra's even after his death, drug Tabitha unconscious, and drag her away.

Jeremiah returns to his underground home and pours himself a drink. He sees a present on the table and opens it. Inside is a jack-in table with a tag saying that it's from Wayne Enterprises. Jeremiah opens it and finds a box. It pops open, revealing a jack-in-the-box clown that sprays gas in Jeremiah's face. Jerome's recorded voice says that Jeremiah will be his ultimate revenge. he explains that the gas was a special mixture to set Jeremiah free. Jeremiah's skin turns white and he starts laughing as Jerome's voice tells him to burn it all down.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 14, 2018

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