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The Kennedy Curse Recap

Wallingford, Connecticut: September 17, 1934

At a boarding schooll, two students are walking to class, and one of them, Lem Billing, points out that the fire alarm went off the previous night. The other one, Jack, says that it had nothing to do with him. A professor, Greer, invites Jack into his room and takes a gun out of his drawer. Before he can shoot, Garcia bursts in and shoots Greer dead.

Lucy wakes up and Jiya tells her that the fever dropped. She explains that Lucy was stabbed with a knife with 17th century germs, and Wyatt went on a mission while Lucy was recovering. Jiya says that Flynn is with Wyatt and things should go fine. She knows about Wyatt and Lucy getting together in Hollywood, and Lucy says that she didn't know Jessica was alive when they did. Lucy says that it's what Wyatt always wanted, and they're still friends. Jessica is in the kitchen making tea when Lucy comes in and sees her, and starts to leave. Wyatt's wife invites her to sit down and have some tea, and talks to Lucy about how she's a historian. Lucy explains that she taught before the missions started, and Jessica says that she and Wyatt met in high school. She asks if Lucy is married, and Lucy explains that she was engaged once but not married, and says that it's complicated. Jessica talks about how she and Wyatt were counselling in her reality but not his.

The Lifeboat returns, and Wyatt gets out and says that things got messy without Lucy. Sleeper agents started shooting at them and they couldn't shoot back because there were kids. Wyatt says that they had to leave Garcia behind and they'll get him back after they deal with their situation. They bring Jack out of the Lifeboat and Lucy realizes that he's John F. Kennedy. Denise arrives and wonders what they were doing, and Wyatt says that they had to take John with them rather than leave him for Rittenhouse. They'll recharge the Lifeboat, take John back, and pick up Flynn.

John wakes up and asks who they are, and Wyatt claims that they're private security hired by John's father to protect him. John wonders why Greer tried to kill him, and Lucy says that Greer was trying to kidnap John for ransom, and Wyatt and Rufus saved him. She says that John's father is on his way, and tells him to make himself comfortable. The team leaves, locking the door behind them.

Wyatt asks if Lucy is fine and tries to make small talk. She brings up John's mistress, and Wyatt explains that he didn't have a choice. Jessica arrives and asks if she's interrupting something, and Jessica goes to get John some food. Denise joins her and says that the bunker is getting crowded, and figures that Lucy is having trouble dealing with the fact that Carol tried to have Lucy hung as a witch. Lucy refuses to discuss it, and takes a sandwich to John. When she goes in, she discovers that John has slipped out through an air vent and calls to the others.

The others arrive and Denise confirms that the guards didn't see Kenned. Lucy worries that if they don't return John then it will alter the timeline. Wyatt says that he'll need a car and have to search or John, while Rufus and Jiya check the surveillance camera. Jessica insists on going with Wyatt, pointing out that Lucy goes with them and she's a teacher. Wyatt agrees to take her with him, and Lucy insists on going as well. Jiya reports that the nearest building is a gas station two miles away, and the trio head out.

John arrives at the gas station and takes in the 21st century technology. He asks the clerk if he can use a pay telephone to call his father, and the clerk gives him his smartphone. John finds a magazine saying that it's 2018, and realizes that he's in the future. A car pulls up outside, and John hides behind a shelf. A customer, Kayla, asks if something is wrong, and John realizes that it's not the team. John tells the customer that he's having a strange day, and asks if he can hitch a ride with the customer and her friends. He doesn't know what "Uber" is, and the customers agree to take him to Palo Alto where they're going. John realizes that he's in California, and an intrigued Kayla says that he can come.

In the bunker, Jiya and Connor figure that they must find Kenned because in their timeline, he became President. Rufus points out that they could alter history, but Jiya reminds him of how her vision came true.

Lucy, Wyatt, and Jessica arrive at the gas station. Jessica wonders why they don’t tell the truth, but Lucy says that they're trying to keep a low profile. The clerk comes over and claims that he hasn't seen John. Wyatt flashes his Army ID, and Lucy sys that John is his brother and is off his meds. Jessica chips in, explaining what medicine John is on, and the clerk says that John left with some kids heading to Palo Alto. He identifies their vehicle and the trio leave.

As the kids drive off, John is surprised that the multi-racial group all go to the same school together. Kayla asks what his deal is, figuring that he's in some kind of trouble. John says that people kidnapped him and kept him in some kind of underground bunker, and the police can't help. He clutches at his stomach and Kayla says that they need to get him to a hospital.

Rufus calls the trio and says that John drew out of range. Jessica figures that he'd go to a bar, but Lucy says that John was in and out of hospitals all of his life and he probably went there. Wyatt isn't so sure, but Jessica agrees with Lucy and they drive there.

Annie and Carol tell Nicholas that the team brought John to the present, and Lucy wasn't involved. Carol says that John had chronic health issues so they should search every hospital in the city and take him out. Nicholas agrees and Annie says that she'll handle it. He tells her to take out Lucy and her friends as well.

Denise is driving out on the street searching for John when a man breaks her window, gets in, and drugs her unconscious before driving off.

Connor figures that they need drones and goes to call Denise. Jiya and Rufus discuss whether there's a higher power, and Jiya figures that she's having her visions for a reason. Rufus disagrees, saying that his mother thought that bad things happened for a reason, and he was the one who took them out of a bad neighborhood. Connor comes back and says that he couldn't reach Denise and no one has seen her.

Carol has Denise brought to her at a warehouse and says that she cares about Lucy. She explains that she didn't want Lucy to be Rittenhouse, but she couldn't give Lucy up for adoption. Now she can't protect Lucy anymore and Rittenhouse will have her killed, so she needs Denise to keep Lucy off the missions. Denise says that Lucy will never go along with it, and Carol tells her to think about it or she'll have the agent killed.

Lucy, Wyatt, and Jessica go to a hospital and Jessica talks about how Wyatt got a concussion surfing in Hawaii. Jessica never left his side.

Kayla checks on John and says that he looks better. She says that her brother is having a party that night and she has to go, and wanted to make sure he was okay. John warns that what he has to say is crazy, and explains that he woke up that morning in 1934. Strangers kidnapped him and brought him to 2018. John says that he needs to find a time machine, and realizes that there's one at the bunker where he was locked up. He asks Kayla for her help.

The trio check at the front desk, and the receptionist says that she told his aunt that they'll have to wait. Wyatt gets John's room from the nurse list and they go there. They see Annie entering John's room, and she discovers that John is gone. When Wyatt goes in, Annie attacks and disarms him. The two of them fight and when Jessica and Lucy come in, Annie takes Lucy hostage. She says that Lucy might not matter to him now that he has his wife back, and Lucy tells Wyatt to shoot. He doesn't, and Annie shoves Lucy at Wyatt and runs off. Jessica watches as Wyatt looks intently at Lucy, and a security guard arrives and tells Wyatt to drop his gun.

The guard takes Wyatt away to the police, and Lucy grabs a paper clip and slips it to Wyatt. Outside, Lucy tells Jessica that they've done it before, and Jessica says that she's worked out that Lucy and Wyatt are involved. She figures that she's not the one Wyatt should be getting a second chance with, and asks Lucy to tell him that she said bye. Lucy tells Jessica that when they went to 1962, Wyatt has tried to save Jessica several times in the past but it didn't work. He says that Wyatt never stopped loving her, and all he wants is to show her that. Wyatt, having slipped his handcuffs, pulls up in a SUV and tells them to come with him. Jessica gets in the SUV with Lucy and they drive off.

Kayla takes John to the party at her house, and tells her friends what John said. She figures that since her mother is a psychiatrist and will arrive in the morning, she can analyze John. When John comes over, Kayla suggests that they wait until the morning and John agrees.

Carol meets with Denise, who says that she never got over a school shooting in 2011 and yanked her children out of school. Her son was angry at her decision, and she gave in and let go. Carol realizes that Denise is stalling and that she's been chipped. Denise says that someone should be there any minute, and Carol has her henchman knock Denise unconscious.

The trio continue driving and searching, and Jessica suggests that they check Instagram and see if John shows up in a picture of the party. Lucy has Rufus check and Jessica glances at him.

Kayla takes John to her bedroom and he finds a book of poetry. He talks about how he reads books while he's sick in bed, and Kayla says that John looks like the real JFK. She brings up a photo on her iPad, and it says that he's the president of the United States. John says that his brother Joe was supposed to be president, and Kayla brings up information on Joe. John reads how Joe died during World War II at age 29, and Kayla says that it's the John curse. People think that the John family was cursed because so many of them died young. John reads about his family history, and how he was shot and killed by an assassin.

Rufus and Jiya find John on Instagram and send the address to the field team.

Connor finds Denise in a car outside of her home. Her daughter comes out and Denise says that she'll be there in a minute, and tells Connor that Carol wanted to remind her that they both have families to lose.

Kayla shows John a half dollar coin with his profile on it, and he drinks and tells her to leave her alone.

The trio arrive at the party and they split up to look for John. Wyatt finds John in Kayla's bedroom and says that they have to go. He insists that they're trying to protect John, and the boy says that he wants to go home. As they go, John runs off... and the image on the coin changes to Nixon.

John runs through the party and finds Annie, and asks her for help. She draws a gun and prepares to kill him, Wyatt shoves John out of the way and shoots, and Annie grabs Kayla as a hostage and fires back. Once she gets to the door, she releases Kayla and runs. John takes Kayla outside, and she realizes that everything John has been saying is true. He thanks her for her help and says that she gives him hope for the future, and the agents take him away.

Back at the bunker, Rufus advises John not to tell anyone about time travel. He agrees but hesitates to enter Lifeboat. John says that he knows about his siblings' deaths and his own assassination, and Rufus tells him not to go to Dallas in 1963. Lucy assures him that he's going to make the world a better place, and John wonders if he was a good president. She tells him that he was one of the greatest, and John gets in the Lifeboat with Wyatt and Rufus. Denise and Connor come in and Denise tells Lucy that they need to talk.

Once Denise explains what happened, Lucy wonders if Carol was telling the truth. The agent figures that Carol was telling the truth and suggests that Lucy stay off the missions. Lucy refuses to let others risk their lives to stop Rittenhouse when she won't. Denise tells her that she'd be proud of Lucy if she was her daughter. The Lifeboat returns with Flynn, and Denise tells Rufus that John died two years into office... in Austin rather than Dallas. Jiya figures that it was just meant to be.

Lucy bumps into Wyatt in the hallway, and he thanks her for convincing Jessica to give him a second chance. She says that he deserves to be happy, and they both say that they have no regrets. They go, unaware that Flynn has been listening in. Flynn follows Lucy to the kitchen where she's watching a movie, and offers her a beer. They sit and drink together, watching the movie.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 16, 2018

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