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Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Brain Recap

Liv and Levon meet Stan at the motel and discuss who to bring into Seattle. Levon says that Mama's guy at Zombie Services went AWOL, and he provided Mama with fake IDs so the new zombie could get brain tubes from Fillmore. Stan mentions Brother Love, who gets brains for zombies pro bono.

At a bar, Seth is drinking and looks around the bar at girls with his wingman Max Roberts. Max gives Seth advice on picking up women, and they spot a woman across the bar. Seth says that she goes to his gym and he's in love with her. Max finally agrees that they should go over and talk to the woman and her friend, and gives Seth a scarf to wear. The two men go over and Max gives Seth tips on picking the women up. Max talks up Seth, and Seth tells the woman Amanda that they go to gym together. Max hits on her, while Amanda's friend tries to hit it off with Seth. Amanda invites Max to touch her stomach and test her build from the gym.

The next morning, Amanda gets up after sex and discovers that Max is dead.

Later, Clive, Ravi, and Liv arrive at the hotel and check the crime scene. Clime has discovered that Max ran a web site about how to pick up women, and was a wingman-for-hire. Clive points out that Liv is tanning and dying, and she says that she's getting with it. Ravi figures that Max was poisoned, and Liv thinks that Amanda is the killer.

At the morgue, Liv removes Max's brain and Ravi confirms that the stomach lining shows no sign of poisoning. Liv eats Max' brain to get a vision.

Dino is at a bar working as a bouncer, and tosses a drunken Fillmore Graves Peacekeeper out. Don E attacks Dino by surprise and attacks him with a wakizashi. When Dino wakes up, he discovers that Don E has decapitated him and puts his head on the bar. Don E warns that Blaine is pissed because Dino got Angus out of the well, and says that he's going to box Dino's head up and mail him to Gwyneth Paltrow.

Clive calls Amanda in and tells her that Max was poisoned. Liv is acting like Max and suggests that they had a ménage a trois. Amanda is shocked that they think she killed Max, and Liv tells her that Max was a chubby chaser. Clive calls Liv aside, and Liv says that she's undermining Amanda's confidence. He tells her to knock it off. They go out into the hallway and Ravi tells them that Max was poisoned with a toxic chemical absorbed through the skin. Max's condoms were poisoned.

Major meets with Chase, who says that General Mills hasn't threatened to nuke Seattle since they smuggled his daughter into Seattle. Chase says that there's a brain shortage and their own men are skimming brains and selling them on the black market. He wants Major to find out, and Major says that Russ Roche is involved. Chase tells Major to buddy up with Russ and find out who is calling the shots. As they talk, Chase checks the office for bugs but refuses to explain further.

Clive brings in Zoe Ward and asks her if she sent Max a threatening text. She says that she did, saying that Max was a vile creature. They talk to other women who say the same thing, but admits that Max was amazing in bed. Zoe admits that she's a zombie, and her friend slept with Max and then he ghosted her. She says that they saw him at the night one club, and Liv gets a vision of a Peacekeeper named "George Marsh" telling Max to get him out of the mess or they're both going down. Once Zoe leaves, Liv tells Clive about her vision and then leaves to "tap some ass".

Liv--after removing her dye and makeup--and Levon go to the theater and Liv admires Levon's butt. She apologizes for coming on strong and explains whose brain that she's on. They go in and discover that everyone is gone. The Teachings of Brother Love is a brochure on the floor, and there's writing about humans giving themselves up to zombies for food. Tucker and Angus come in, and Angus introduces himself as Brother Love. He admires her zombie complexion, and Liv says that they have zombies that can't get brains through normal channels. Angus says that they get brains from donors, stray brain tubes, and a free meal at Romero's each week. He says that Blaine is his son and points out to Liv that he's single.

The next day, Liv and Clive go to Fillmore Graces, and Liv remembers banging Chase. Chase notices them, and Clive says that they're getting the runaround trying to find Marsh. When Chase says that he'll have Marsh in the next day, Clive points out that he can't be more than 25 minutes away but Chase insists that he'll have to wait until the next day.

Later, Clive is at the morgue on Tinder. Peyton comes in and sees what he's doing, and tells Ravi. Clive doesn't have any matches, and Ravi says that he'll take him out that night as his wingman. The detective finally agrees, and tells Ravi not tell liv they're going out.

That night, Clive and Ravi are drinking at the bar and two women come over. Ravi insists on buying them a drink, and introduces Clive as a homicide detective. Clive dully says that he's riveting, and the women's boyfriends come over to pick them up. Once they leave, Liv joins them and says that they're going to get some nasty. Clive drinks heavily and takes Liv's hat, and hits on a woman. Liv and Ravi watch as more women join the woman Clive is with. He shows them a photo of Dale. Liv comes over and tells them to put out or get out, and Clive says that he's going to be honest. Disgusted, he leaves and Liv goes to get some D.

Liv arrives at Levon's apartment and asks if he's "down to duck". He warns that it's not a good idea, and says that he's not hooking up with her while she's on Max' brain. Liv says that she's barely interested in him, and he calls her a drive.

Clive goes to a woman's apartment and she lets him.

The next day, Chase tells his staff that a newspaper is pushing Mama as a martyr, and Chase as a tyrant. Harris wonders why Major is there, and Chase says that Major gets stuff done so he outranks all of them. He orders everyone but Major out, and asks him how he's doing with Russ. Chase tells Major to take Russ's unit down to the newspaper and shut them down.

Clive gets dressed, and says that he's running late. He tells the woman that he's never done it and asks how much, and she signals $500. When Clive gets to the station, Cavanaugh asks him why Liv texted "down to duck" to him. Dale comes to Clive's desk and says that she tried to call him, and she was worried. She suggests that they establish some ground rules like staying overnight, and Clive says that there was no emotions involved. Dale says that she hasn't had sex with anyone yet, figures that they're really doing it, and walks away.

Liv and Chase go back to Fillmore Graves to talk to Marsh. She realizes that Clive is wearing the same clothing from the night before, but he doesn't want to talk about it. Chase and his men bring in the semi-frozen Marsh and Chase explains that Marsh has been frozen for several weeks. Liv tells Marsh about her vision, and Marsh says that he's not saying anything while he files an appeal. Chase explains that Marsh illegally turned a human into a zombie through sexual contact, and Clive figures that Marsh hired Max to be his wingman. Marsh refuses to say who the woman was, and Chase gives her name: Huma Kattan. As Liv leaves, Chase tells her that she's looking good.

At the newspaper, Major and his unit come in and tell the editor that the newspaper has been closed down for the public good. When Rachel on taking her work, Russ fires several shots into the air. She picks up her computer anyway, saying that Major is the Chaos killer, and Major shoots it out of Rachel's hands, smiling as Russ looks on in appreciation.

At the station, Clive and Liv try to find Huma. There's no record of her, and Clive figures that Huma went to Zombie Services to get an ID so she could get brain tubes. Liv suggests that they go during lunch, and then goes to Levon's room and says that she knows how to get brains for the underground. Levon lets her in and she says that Max's brain has worn off, and explains that she can steal what they need to create fake IDs. He warns that it's dangerous, and Liv admits that she's embarrassed about her behavior the night before. Levon says that he can role with the occasional lousy brain, and hoped that the first time with her would be special. They kiss and Levon realizes that she's still on Max's brain.

Later, Liv and Clive go to Zombie Services and Liv offers zombie-friendly doughnuts to the workers. As Clive talks to the clerk, Jill, Liv notices the ID-making equipment. Jill takes them into the back to find Huma's file, and warns that they're not filed. As Clive goes through the files, Liv steps out and then comes back in, saying that lunch is over and they need to hurry. Jill comes back in with the new zombie files for them. Once she leaves, Clive finds Huma's file and discovers that it. They figure that Huma got Marsh put away, and then changed her name and went after the guy who taught Marsh how to seduce her. As Liv leaves with the doughnuts, the guard asks to have one more doughnut. Clive realizes that something is going on and tries to stop the guard from opening the door, but Liv opens the box and offers the guard doughnuts. Outside, Liv tells Clive that it's better if he doesn't know what she's up to. Once she's alone, liv removes the ID equipment from her hat.

Clive brings Zoe back in and she claims that she changed her name when she became a zombie. The transcript from Marsh's trial say that Huma wanted to get with a zombie and become one. Clive confirms that Zoe works at a place with access to the chemicals, and says that she wanted a normal life. Zoe says that she wanted a normal life and Marsh took that away from her, and Max went on the stand and humiliated them. She tells them that her life was over when she met Max.

Baracus and Peyton meet with Chase, Major, and Russ, and the mayor says that shutting down a newspaper could cause riots. Chase points out that there haven't been any riots and nobody cares. Peyton points out that autocrats shut down the press, and Chase admits that he is an autocrat. He says that democracy doesn't work when they're sitting on a powder keg, and he wants to save lives. Peyton points out that the Peacekeepers terrorized the staff, and Russ dismisses it as fake news. He claims that they didn't shoot up the place, and Major supports his story. Peyton stares at Major in shock.

Peyton returns home and calls to Liv, but gets no answer. She finds her in her room making fake IDs on her computer. Peyton wonders what she's doing.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 17, 2018

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