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Funeralia Recap

At an art gallerygala in Portland, Rowena gets a call from the Winchesters. The brothers and Castiel explain that they're summoning their most powerful allies to go to the apocalypse world, but Rowena says that she's working on a project of her own. Dean says that the world is in danger, and Rowena wishes them luck and hangs up.

Rowena approaches Elizabeth Mahler and says that she saw her in the newspaper. Elizabeth doesn't want to talk about the unpleasantness, and a tango starts up. Rowena grabs her bodyguard Bernard and starts dancing as everyone looks on. In mid-dance, Rowena casts a spell and Elizabeth bursts into flames. The guests run screaming as Rowena smiles in satisfaction.

In the kitchen, Dean tells Castiel that they need to come up with ideas to track Gabriel down. They fail to come up with anything and Dean grabs a beer. Castiel suggests that Heaven might help them, and admits it's a desperate plan since the angels want to kill him. Dean doesn't think that it's a good idea after what happened with Donatello, but Castiel insists that it's something they have to try. Sam brings in a newspaper article about Elizabeth's death, and they figure that Rowena was involved. Dean complains that Sam gave her the page of the book, and Sam says that he'll deal with it. Once he does, dean tells Castiel to try the angel thing.

Castiel goes to the park at the gateway to Heaven and finds an angel, Indra, there. Indra wonders if they're going to fight, and Castiel says that he doesn’t want to. Indra is drinking, and offers to fight if Castiel wants. Castiel points out that Indra has an important responsibility, and Indra chuckles at the idea of Castiel talking about responsibility. He tells Castiel that it would be okay if Castiel killed him, and invites Castiel to go to Heaven and see what's wrong, and wishes him luck

Castiel goes to Heaven's throne room, and Dumah and two other angels approach him. He says that there are events unfolding on Earth and Gabriel is alive. Castiel explains that he needs to find Gabriel before the alternate Michael invades Earth to subjugate or destroy it. He talks about Jack, and the power surges around them. Dumah tells Castiel that maybe they can help each other.

The Winchesters drive to Portland and Dean warns Sam that they he has to be ready for a murderous Rowena. The reaper Jessica appears in the back seat and then teleports onto the road ahead of them. Dean recognizes Jessica from when he died, and Jessica explains that Death told her to keep an eye on them. She assures the Winchesters that she's been hovering around them invisibly and seen everything. Jessica says that four people in Portland have died outside of their assigned times because Rowena has become powerful enough to do so. Sam refuses her help and Jessica says that she'll be around and disappears.

Rowena is sitting in at her desk and complaining that she's become sentimental. She ignores another call from the Winchesters and figures that they're on their way, and tells Bernard that she's capable of anything as her eyes glow with power.

The next day, the Winchesters arrive at the art gallery and Sam hacks Elizabeth's emails. She was the CEO of a pharmaceutical company, and they sold thousands of improperly labeled drugs. People died as a result, and Elizabeth's lawyer got her off on a technicality. There are faint scorch marks indicating a second person near Elizabeth's ashes, and Sam realizes that it's what's left of a reaper. Dean has an idea and goes outside with Sam. he calls to Jessica, who appears. Sam figures that she's there because of the dead reaper, and Jessica explains that Rowena is changing people's fate and reapers as well when they show up. The ripple effect from one person dying before their time effects the fates of hundreds of others, and usually the reapers have to conduct a mass kill-off to wipe the board clean. Billie won't let the reapers interfere directly, and all of Rowena's deaths in Billie's notebooks indicate that Sam always kills her.

Castiel waits in the throne room and the power surges over and over. Dumah and her angels finally come in and she tells Castiel that once he finds Gabriel and brings him to Heaven, they'll help Castiel save Earth. He points out that he can't find Gabriel, and Naomi comes in and says that they can't help him,

Sam determines that James Melford, the CEO of the pharmaceutical company, is the only high-ranking member of the company still alive. Jessica appears and says that Melford's time of death has shifted to that moment.

Rowena and Bernard catch up to Melford in his back yard and Bernard stabs him. Rowena tells him that he's finally helping someone else, and sees Martin, the reaper assigned to her. The reaper says that Death doesn't negotiate with witches, and Rowena burns Melford and the reaper with magical fire.

Sam and Dean arrive at Melford's estate and find his ashes. Rowena calls them and asks if they'll leave her alone, and sys that it doesn't involve them. She says that she'll text them an address to meet them, and they can believe her or not. Once she hangs up, the brothers figure that it's a trap but go anywhere. Meanwhile, Rowena says that she'll convince them to stop or they'll stop them, and asks Bernard if he's ready

Castiel tells Naomi that he was relieved when he heard that she was dead. He points out that she stole his memories and threatened to tear him apart, and Naomi refuses to apologize. She says that she had angels spread the word that she was dead while she recovered. Naomi then explains that every angel in Heaven is living battery, and the power surges are what happens when there aren't enough angels. She says that there are only a handful of angels left, and tells Castiel that they can't help him because none of them can leave. They need Gabriel to keep heaven running. Without him, Heaven will crumble and all of the souls entrusted to their care will fall back to Earth.

Rowena and Bernard meet the brothers at a bar, and Sam asks her if she was playing him the entire time. She explains that she's using her power to right wrongs, and the company CEOs hurt thousands of people. Sam asks why she's killing reapers, and Rowena says that she's doing so to get Death'a attention. She blames herself for leaving Crowley so he went down the path to Hell. The Winchesters warn that Billie is concerned, and Dean explains that Sam kills her in every version of Death. Sam says that it's not going to happen and tries to handcuff her, and they realize that it's an astral projection.

The real Rowena leaves with Bernard, and Sam and Dean go after her. Bernard stays behind and attacks Dean, knocking him to the floor. Bernard says that Rowena didn't have to cast a spell to get him to protect her, disarms Dean, and chokes him Dean slams a vase into his head, and the two continue fighting.

Rowena runs out into the alley and Sam catches up to her and tells her to stop. He says that he understands what she's doing but she' messing with the machinery of the universe. Rowena says that she can't stop and he'll have to shoot her, and after a moment Sam fires. Rowena stops the bullet inches from her and lets it drop to the ground. She teleports behind Sam and knocks him unconscious with a spell.

As Dean fights with Bernard, Jessica appears and tells him that he has to hurry. She reminds him that she can't interfere, and Dean manages to choke Bernard unconscious. He then runs out to the alley and finds Sam's gun, but no sign of Sam or Rowena.

Rowena takes Sam to her apartment and ties him up. Sam tells her that the power is driving her insane, but Rowena says that the power showed her that it's taken everything from her. She doesn't know if she can be redeemed but she has to try. Rowena figures that if Sam is dead then she can't be stopped and Death will have to grant her an audience. She takes a knife and cuts her palm, and uses her blood to prepare a spell. When Sam says that she doesn't have to do it, Rowena reminds him that he would do anything for family and she's the same.

As Rowena slams her hand into Sam's chest, casting the spell, Billie appears. She warns Rowena that she's upsetting the natural order, and refuses to bring Crowley back. Billie refuses to give into blackmail and tells Rowena to kill Sam. Sam says that he knows how much Rowena wants her family back, but says that it's not her anymore. Rowena tells him that what she did was her choice, but Crowley didn't have a choice. She turns and blasts Rowena with all of her power, but it has no effect. Billie tells Rowena that she can see that Rowena wouldn't kill Sam, and says that sometimes life is unfair and sometimes they lose things. Some things can't be fixed and they have to live with that. Billie tells Rowena that she won't take her and that Rowena knows how her story ends. Dean breaks in, and Billie says that she'll see him soon and disappears.

Castiel and Naomi leave Heaven and Naomi asks Castiel to tell Gabriel what is happening if he finds him. He says that they will find a way to fix it, and Naomi warns that it may be something that can't be fixed. She says that everything ends, but until then the gates of Heaven are closed.

Sam and Dean drink some beers, and Rowena apologizes to them for Bernard's "enthusiasm". She says that feels tired and weak, and wonders what she's done. Sam points out that she had a chance to kill him and didn't, and figures that's progress. He tells her that what happened with Crowley isn't his fault, and Dean says that he made his own choices just like the rest of them. Sam assures Rowena that she's still the deadliest witch around and they might need her help to save the world. Rowena wonders if she can still be redeemed, and Sam tells her that Lucifer is back. She admits that she's horrified and scared, but points out that Lucifer isn't the one that's going to kill her. Sam suggests that maybe they can change her fate, and Rowena considers helping them.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 20, 2018

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